Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 92
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 89 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


365 Plus.png

365 Plus: Conzultek's 365 Plus is a comprehensive support service that helps you get the most out of your Office 365 and Microsoft 365 investment. Maximize users' productivity with anytime support, usability reporting, and more. This app is available only in Spanish.

AppMarket Ecosystem Edition.png

AppMarket Ecosystem Edition: Created by AppDirect, AppMarket Ecosystem Edition makes it easy to launch a commerce-enabled marketplace to not only sell your own offerings, but also enable third-party developers and ISVs to offer software that extends and enhances your products.


AppRemo: AppRemo from SystemEXE Inc. is a tele-workflow system that digitizes, automates, and visualizes the flow of documents in your organization. This app is available only in Japanese.

Aucerna Execute.png

Aucerna Execute: Aucerna Execute is a web-based capital management and well delivery planning platform that features integrated budgeting, capital forecasting, capital tracking, AFE management, operational scheduling, well data lifecycle management, and readiness workflows.

Aucerna PlanningSpace.png

Aucerna PlanningSpace: The Aucerna PlanningSpace cloud platform enables energy companies to execute an ongoing business plan, providing instant data from all departments, spontaneous collaboration, and feedback loops that minimize risk and exposure.

BeyondInsight SQL-Free.png

BeyondInsight SQL-Free: BeyondInsight SQL-Free delivers the same benefits of BeyondInsight but provides a more cost-effective option for those who wish to use an external database. It can also be deployed as a multi-role appliance for granular, distributed functionality and enhanced scalability.

BigID Data Discovery and Cataloging.png

BigID Data Discovery & Cataloging: BigID uses advanced machine learning and data intelligence to help enterprises better manage and protect their data; meet data privacy and protection regulations; and leverage robust coverage for all data across all data stores.

Bookado for Teams.png

Bookado for Teams: Bookado for Microsoft Teams integrates with your enterprise calendar to display all rooms and desks in order of their availability. Simply choose your location and time directly in Teams, and book rooms ad hoc or in advance.

BOSNET Distribution Management Systems.png

BOSNET Distribution Management Systems: Need to simplify your distribution systems and boost sales? BOSNET automates, accelerates, and improves the efficiency of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies, driving transformational change in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Clinical AI for Payers.png

Clinical AI for Payers: Jvion CORE helps payers solve for unforeseen member risk, costs, and utilization by providing accurate identification of member health and utilization risks.

CloudConnect for Healthcare.png

CloudConnect for Healthcare: CloudConnect from Forsyte I.T. Solutions accelerates cross-organization collaboration by providing cross-platform address book synchronization and Microsoft Azure guest account management in an easy-to-use interface.

Controlled Document Manager.png

Controlled Document Manager: Circle T Industries Pty Ltd.'s Controlled Document Manager is a central repository for controlled documents such as organizational policies, procedures, standards, and work instructions. The solution ensures controlled documents are current, readily accessible, and well maintained.

CUBIKA Conver - Intelligent Enterprise Chatbot.png

CUBIKA Conver - Intelligent Enterprise Chatbot: Powered by Digital Dialogue’s Thai NLP engine and framework along with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, CUBIKA Conver is an AI-powered chatbot solution. It can understand users on an intent-based level and provide appropriate responses to help users accomplish their goals.

Cynaptx Virtual Career Fair using Microsoft Teams.png

Cynaptx Virtual Career Fair using Microsoft Teams: Built on Microsoft Teams and running on Microsoft Azure, Cynaptx Virtual Career Fair enables universities, companies, government bodies, and event management firms to conduct career fairs virtually. Manage your booths and conduct unlimited meetings, interviews, and chats.

Digital Asset Manager.png

Digital Asset Manager: Integrated with Office 365, Digital Asset Manager from Circle T Industries Pty Ltd. centralizes the storage, processing, and sharing of digital content such as images, videos, and rich media content. Ensure your digital assets are discoverable, relevant, productive, and trusted.

Digital Concierge.png

Digital Concierge – The Conversational Bot for All: Emtec Inc.'s Digital Concierge is a conversational chatbot that integrates with Microsoft Teams and enterprise applications to eliminate silos. Digital Concierge can be used for internal and client-facing organizational functions, including HR, finance, operations, and IT.

Digital Currency on Blockchain.png

Digital Currency on Blockchain: Xooa's digital currency smart contract runs atop consortiums hosted on the Microsoft Azure Blockchain Service, adding features that make smart contract deployment easier and faster without requiring a deep understanding of blockchain or extensive DevOps efforts.

Dynamics 365 to Magento and Teams Integration.png

Dynamics 365 to Magento and Teams Integration: RoboMQ's Dynamics 365 to Magento and Teams Integration offering gives you the flexibility to decide your own triggers in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and what resulting actions will take place in Magento and Teams. Automate the product order management process with RoboMQ.

EazyStock - Purchasing and Inventory Optimization.png

EazyStock - Purchasing and Inventory Optimization: EazyStock from Syncron AB is an ERP add-in that automatically calculates your demand, reorder points, safety stock, and other inventory parameters to ensure you always have the right products on the shelf to meet customer demand.

elisa smart factory solution.png

elisa smart factory solution: Elisa Smart Factory collects machine, enterprise, and process data and turns it into actionable insights for factory management and operational teams. It shows process inefficiencies in real time, determines why they are happening, and suggests how to avoid them.

erwin Evolve.png

erwin Evolve: A full-featured, configurable set of enterprise architecture and business process modeling and analysis tools, erwin Evolve maps IT capabilities to the business functions they support and determines how people, processes, data, technologies, and applications interact.

FIS IST Switching and Acquiring Portfolio.png

FIS IST Switching and Acquiring Portfolio: IST/Switch from FIS is a high-performance credit and debit processing switch for all transaction-processing needs. The platform is one of the most widely deployed card payment switches, capable of linear performance levels benchmarked to volumes in excess of 10,000 TPS.

FIS Memento Enterprise Fraud.png

FIS Memento Enterprise Fraud: FIS Memento is a cross-channel solution that provides proven, real-time protection using a combination of rules, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and statistical techniques to detect and prevent fraud in banking and payment channels.


Foresight: Using machine learning algorithms, Analytikus LLC's Foresight provides an attrition risk score for every student. The predictive analytics solution also identifies the contributing factors or causes, enabling schools to design early retention strategies and reduce their dropout rate.

Haivision Kraken Transcoder.png

Haivision Kraken Transcoder: Haivision Kraken uses Microsoft’s global network of cloud regions and the public internet to distribute high-quality and encrypted full-motion video to multiple destinations for use in defense and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) applications.

HealFHIR for Payers.png

HealFHIR for Payers: The Interoperability and Patient Access rule requires payers to drive interoperability and provide patient access to health information. Sagitec helps payers be compliant with this mandate with HealFHIR, an infrastructure for provisioning and operationalizing the mandate requirements.

Healthcare Case Management on Blockchain by Xooa.png

Healthcare Case Management on Blockchain by Xooa: Xooa's case management smart contract allows non-blockchain developers to quickly and easily deploy blockchain applications built on Hyperledger Fabric that provide the APIs to manage and track patient conditions and vitals over time.

Healthy Heart - 12-Week Challenge.png

Healthy Heart - 12-Week Challenge: Available in English and Spanish, Healthper's Healthy Heart is a 12-week challenge designed to facilitate the journey to well-being and a healthier heart. The challenge features before-and-after assessments, biometric screening, trackers, goals, rewards, and more.

HERE Tracking - Asset Tracking.png

HERE Tracking - Asset Tracking: HERE Tracking - Asset Tracking provides real-time information on the status and physical location of your assets. Automate routine tasks such as check-in/check-out, generate alerts for assets leaving designated zones, and quickly locate assets.

HERE Tracking - Shipment Visibility.png

HERE Tracking - Shipment Visibility: HERE Tracking - Shipment Visibility provides real-time visibility across the supply chain. Ensure that deviations can be remedied immediately, traceability is not lost, and ETAs are accurate.

Incident Response 365.png

Incident Response 365: BulPros Consulting AD's Incident Response 365 uses Microsoft Teams as a central hub to facilitate real-time collaboration during incident resolution. Automate, unify, and speed up the incident management process with Incident Response 365.

indicda medicalONE.png

indicda medicalONE: DFC Systems Ltd.'s indicda medicalONE is a cloud-based medical speech recognition solution that complies with the requirements of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Available only in German, the indicda medicalONE service on Microsoft Azure is fast, secure, and flexible.

Intelligent Intranet.png

Intelligent Intranet: Intelligent Intranet is designed to minimize the repetitious efforts typically required to maintain an intranet. Focusing on end-user experience and efficiency, Intelligent Intranet provides a cohesive platform to capture, store, and broadcast content across an organization.

IoT Go.png

IoT Go: Jointly developed by Microlink and Kuno Metals Industry Co. Ltd., IoT Go uses Microsoft Azure IoT to help manufacturing organizations understand the status of their assets and avoid unnecessary downtime. This app is available only in Japanese.


JumpSeat: JumpSeat helps organizations realize the value of their Microsoft investments by driving full application adoption. Its in-flight training provides real-time guidance on any web-based technology platform to help you unlock the full value of Microsoft SaaS solutions.

Keyless Passwordless Authentication.png

Keyless Passwordless Authentication: This passwordless authentication solution accelerates your journey to a zero-trust security model and digital workplace by enabling your employees to seamlessly and securely log in to any application with zero-knowledge biometrics.

Konfluence Data Platform on Azure.png

Konfluence Data Platform on Azure: KCS Inc.'s Konfluence Data Platform on Azure is a self-service data engineering solution that uses complex data and application silos with AI to empower organizations with deeper insights and facilitate smarter, data-driven decision-making.

Lab Management on Blockchain by Xooa.png

Lab Management on Blockchain by Xooa: Xooa's lab management smart contract allows non-blockchain developers to quickly and easily deploy blockchain applications built on Hyperledger Fabric that provide the APIs to manage and track laboratory tests and results.

Liquid Managed ExpressRoute.png

Liquid Managed ExpressRoute: Liquid Telecom's Managed ExpressRoute service connects customers to Microsoft Azure using Azure ExpressRoute. The service includes priority support, monitoring, and reporting for your organization's ExpressRoute circuit.

LTI Mosaic Lens.png

LTI Mosaic Lens: LTI Mosaic Lens is a self-service analytics platform enabling various personas (data analyst, data scientist, business analyst, and business user) in an enterprise to work toward meaningful insights and timely actions via AI assistance across the data-to-analytics value chain.

MattZero SaaS Management and Optimization.png

MattZero SaaS Management and Optimization: MattZero lets IT, finance, and team leaders view organization-wide SaaS usage, cost, and subscription information in one place. Available only in Portuguese, MattZero enables users to immediately find cost savings and provides a platform to optimize future spending.

Morfix Insights.png

Morfix Insights: Morfix Insights from Melingo is a natural language processing (NLP) system designed for the analysis of morphologically rich languages, particularly Semitic languages, such as Arabic and Hebrew.

Netgate pfSense Firewall VPN Router.png

Netgate pfSense Firewall/VPN/Router: Netgate's pfSense open-source firewall, VPN, and routing solution on Microsoft Azure provides dependable, full-featured network security in the cloud with no hidden fees, bandwidth restrictions, or user limitations.

Numerator Omnipanel.png

Numerator Omnipanel: Numerator Omnipanel from Market Track LLC maintains a growing omnichannel consumer purchase panel based on crowdsourced receipt scanning and opt-in email account linkage. The SaaS platform uncovers insights at the brand, category, and channel level to drive smart decision-making.


OCCUBEE: Developed by 3SOFT S.A., OCCUBEE leverages artificial intelligence to provide sales and demand forecasting for the retail industry. Build a competitive advantage by minimizing out-of-stock events and reducing overstocks with OCCUBEE.

Omega Voice.png

Omega Voice: Based on Asterisk, RHC Solutions' Omega Voice end-to-end PBX solution on Microsoft Azure includes back-office and call center extensions to increase users' mobility without losing access to their organization's phone system.

Omnichannel content and offering recommender.png

Omnichannel content and offering recommender: Available in English and Dutch, Building Blocks' Omnichannel Recommender connects to your data sources to match products and services with customers. Implement the personalized recommendations over multiple channels and deliver an exceptional customer experience. 

Onboarding Know-Your-Business.png

Onboarding Know-Your-Business (KYB): Manually verifying commercial and financial information for every new client could take a lot of time and resources. NeoCheck Onboarding KYB provides real-time, automatic verification via extensive databases of official international sources, business registers, and AML control lists.

Oracle Enterprise Virtual SBC.png

Oracle Enterprise Virtual SBC: Oracle's Microsoft Teams-certified Enterprise Virtual Session Border Controller (SBC) provides strong security, high availability, and interoperability for enterprise VoIP and unified communications networks.


Prodoscore: Prodoscore employee visibility software addresses employee performance, productivity, visibility, cloud tool adoption, coaching opportunities, and remote workforce enablement, providing enhanced analysis relative to human behavior in the workplace.

Protegrity Data Protection Platform.png

Protegrity Data Protection Platform: The Protegrity platform provides fine-grained data protection and controls through tokenization, encryption, pseudonymization, and masking for sensitive data and compliance. Accelerate analytics and facilitate enterprise cloud adoption and migration with Protegrity.

Pure Cloud Block Store.png

Pure Cloud Block Store: Pure Cloud Block Store is a software-defined storage solution that provides seamless data mobility across on-premises and cloud environments, delivering a consistent experience regardless of where the data resides. 

Radware Security for Azure.png

Radware Security for Azure: Radware Security is a fully managed service that integrates Radware’s cloud-delivered WAF technology, DDoS protection for application and volumetric attacks, advanced bot management capabilities, security analytics, threat detection, and real-time security feeds in a single portal.

RevvEdai.png Revv up Education with AI: Robonomics AI Pty Ltd.'s enables you to personalize learning for your students in class, online, and in blended environments. helps you understand each student’s strengths, weaknesses, and well-being and then curate your curriculum accordingly.

Sayint SaaS.png

Sayint SaaS: Sayint utilizes Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services to help organizations automatically analyze and audit calls. Transform customer conversations into valuable insights by capturing missed product upsell opportunities, reducing post-sale issues, and measuring compliance.

SO99 Demand Collaboration Hub.png

SO99+ Demand Collaboration Hub (DCH): Demand Collaboration Hub, part of the Service Optimizer 99+ product suite from ToolsGroup, lets all members of your sales organization submit, consolidate, and validate their periodic commercial forecasts.

Subrogation on Blockchain by Xooa.png

Subrogation on Blockchain by Xooa: Xooa's subrogation smart contract template allows non-blockchain developers to easily deploy blockchain apps built on Hyperledger Fabric. It runs on top of consortiums hosted on Microsoft Azure Blockchain Service.

Type Of Clouds Recognition API, Cloudaerias.png

Type Of Clouds Recognition API, Cloudaerias: Cloudaerias can identify the types of clouds in the sky from a photo. The cross-browser REST API gets a JSON input with a still photo, returns a JSON string that identifies clouds, and uses that information to help forecast weather.

Valtix Cloud Security Service NGFW and WAF.png

Valtix Cloud Security Service NGFW + WAF: Valtix simplifies network security for public clouds, automatically discovering your apps and enabling administrators to specify deep inspection policies within minutes. Valtix provides multi-cloud policies to lower your network security costs.

Voting on Blockchain by Xooa.png

Voting on Blockchain by Xooa: Xooa's voting smart contracts template allows non-blockchain developers to use distributed ledger technology to create an election or a referendum. With this template, organizations can quickly develop prototypes that can serve as the basis for enterprise production deployment.

XDEX Financial Record Network Pro Edition v1.0.png

XDEX Financial Record Network Pro Edition v1.0: XDEX is a blockchain-based shared data network for capital markets and financial services. It provides tools for companies and funds to manage their investment portfolio by storing complete records at the company, fund, and investor level.


zammo_ai: Zammo enables companies to create a branded, multichannel conversational AI presence, even if they have no coding experience or technical expertise. Zammo opens the door to voice platforms, chatbot channels, and more business opportunities.

Zap Automation.png

Zap Automation: Zap Automation from ZappyAI observes user actions to automate repetitive manual processes, saving time and money for IT managers, automation leaders, and process owners at banking and insurance companies.

Consulting services

4 week Azure Readiness Discovery Assessment.png

4 week Azure Readiness Discovery Assessment: In this assessment, Umbrellar will analyze your cloud or on-premises infrastructure and run analysis tools in order to generate usage reports and determine which servers can easily be migrated to Microsoft Azure services.

AI-900 Azure AI Fundamentals- 1-Day Workshop.png AI-900 Azure AI Fundamentals: 1-Day Workshop: This workshop from Qualitia Energy will feature modules about conversational AI, computer vision, natural language processing, and Microsoft Azure Machine Learning. Because activities will involve working with data and running code, knowledge of programming principles will be helpful.
AI-900 Azure AI Fundamentals- 1-Hour Briefing.png

AI-900 Azure AI Fundamentals: 1-Hour Briefing: Qualitia Energy's free briefing will introduce AI fundamentals and Microsoft Azure services using AI. Before attending this briefing, participants should be familiar with computers and using a web browser.

AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Admin.- 1-Hour Briefing.png

AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Admin: 1-Hour Briefing: This free briefing from Qualitia Energy is for Microsoft Azure administrators who implement, manage, and monitor identity, governance, storage, or other resources. Topics will include identity, virtual networking, data protection, Azure Virtual Machines, and Azure Storage.

AZ-120 Plan and Admin Azure for SAP- 1-Hour Briefing.png

AZ-120 Plan & Admin Azure for SAP: 1-Hour Briefing: Qualitia Energy's free briefing will show IT professionals experienced in SAP solutions how to utilize Microsoft Azure resources, including virtual machines, Azure Virtual Network, storage, and Azure Active Directory hybrid identities.

AZ-204 Develop Solutions for Azure- 1-Hour Briefing.png

AZ-204 Develop Solutions for Azure: 1-Hour Briefing: Want to pass the Microsoft Azure Developer Associate certification exam? This briefing from Qualitia Energy will take participants through creating apps on Azure, implementing Azure Functions, developing message-based solutions, and utilizing various Azure services.

AZ-204 Develop Solutions for Azure- 5-Days Workshop.png

AZ-204 Develop Solutions for Azure: 5-Days Workshop: Qualitia Energy's workshop will cover Azure Functions, Azure Blob storage, Azure Cosmos DB, IaaS solutions, user authentication, and more. Participants should have one to two years of professional development experience in addition to experience with Microsoft Azure.

AZ-220 Azure IoT Developer- 1-Hour Briefing.png

AZ-220 Azure IoT Developer: 1-Hour Briefing: Intended for Microsoft Azure IoT developers, this briefing from Qualitia Energy will cover device provisioning at scale, message processing, device management, Azure IoT Edge deployment, and more. Software development experience is a prerequisite.

AZ-220 Azure IoT Developer- 4-Days Workshop.png

AZ-220 Azure IoT Developer: 4-Days Workshop: Qualitia Energy's workshop will introduce IoT solution architecture and Microsoft Azure IoT services, then deliver lessons spanning device communication, IoT developer tools, message processing, data visualization, Azure IoT Edge, and Azure Security Center.

AZ-400 Design Implement DevOps- 1-Hour Briefing.png

AZ-400 Design Implement DevOps: 1-Hour Briefing: Qualitia Energy's free briefing will focus on designing and implementing Microsoft Azure DevOps solutions. Participants should have fundamental knowledge about Microsoft Azure, version control, Agile software development, and core development principles.

AZ-400 Design Implement DevOps- 5-Days Workshop.png

AZ-400 Design Implement DevOps: 5-Days Workshop: This workshop from Qualitia Energy will be helpful for professionals who want to pass Exam AZ-400 Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions. It will cover Azure batch processing, scaling Git for enterprise DevOps, consolidating artifacts, and more.

AZ-500 Azure Security Technologies- 1-Hour Briefing.png

AZ-500 Azure Security Technologies: 1-Hour Briefing: This free briefing from Qualitia Energy will cover identity and security operations. Participants should have at least one year of hands-on experience securing Microsoft Azure workloads and experience with security controls for Azure workloads.

AZ-500 Azure Security Technologies- 4-Days Workshop.png

AZ-500 Azure Security Technologies: 4-Days Workshop: Qualitia Energy's workshop will center on identity and security using Microsoft Azure services. Qualitia Energy strongly encourages participants to arrive with AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate certification or its knowledge equivalent.

Development-EnterpriseMobilityApps- 8-WeekImp..png

Development-EnterpriseMobilityApps: 8-WeekImp.: In this engagement, KCS will develop a mobile application and provide the APIs to connect to the enterprise app. KCS will also deliver cloud-sizing and cloud-hosting services through Microsoft Azure.

DevOps with Azure 2 Weeks Implementation.png

DevOps with Azure 2 Weeks Implementation: After this implementation from IFI Techsolutions, your organization will have multi-stage CI/CD pipelines to production and projects that benefit from DevOps strategies.

DP-100 Azure Data Science Solution- 1-Hour Briefing.png

DP-100 Azure Data Science Solution: 1-Hour Briefing: Qualitia Energy's free briefing will involve training machine learning models. Participants should have experience writing Python code, understanding data science, and using libraries such as NumPy, pandas, and Matplotlib.

DP-100 Azure Data Science Solution- 3-Day Workshop.png

DP-100 Azure Data Science Solution: 3-Day Workshop: This workshop from Qualitia Energy is designed for data scientists with knowledge of Python and machine learning frameworks. It will involve running experiments, training machine learning models, and orchestrating operations with pipelines.

DP-200 Implmnt Azure Data Solution- 1-Hour Briefing.png DP-200 Implement Azure Data Solution: 1-Hour Briefing: In this free briefing for data professionals, data architects, and business intelligence professionals, Qualitia Energy will deliver lessons about numerous data platform technologies on Microsoft Azure.
DP-200 Implemnt Azure Data Solution- 3-Day Workshop.png

DP-200 Implement Azure Data Solution: 3-Day Workshop: Qualitia Energy's workshop will provide lessons on Microsoft Azure Batch processing, Azure Storage, Azure Databricks, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure SQL Database, and Azure Data Factory. Participants should come in with knowledge of Azure fundamentals.

DP-201 Design Azure Data Solution- 1-Hour Briefing.png

DP-201 Design Azure Data Solution: 1-Hour Briefing: Qualitia Energy's free briefing for data professionals, data architects, and business intelligence professionals will discuss Microsoft Azure data platform technologies, with a focus on architecture, security, resiliency, scale, and efficiency.

DP-201 Design Azure Data Solution- 2-Day Workshop.png

DP-201 Design Azure Data Solution: 2-Day Workshop: In this workshop, Qualitia Energy will delve into Microsoft Azure data platform technologies. Professionals taking this training should have technical knowledge of Azure fundamentals and of implementing an Azure data solution.

DP-300 Admin Databases on Azure- 1-Hour Briefing.png

DP-300 Admin Databases on Azure: 1-Hour Briefing: Qualitia Energy's free briefing will detail the role of a Microsoft Azure database administrator, how to implement a secure environment, how to optimize query performance, and how to set up a high-availability disaster recovery (HADR) environment.

DP-300 Admin Databases on Azure- 4-Day Workshop.png

DP-300 Admin Databases on Azure: 4-Day Workshop: This workshop from Qualitia Energy will help data professionals learn about administering data platform technologies on Microsoft Azure. Topics will include SQL server deployment, database configuration, security controls, and automation setup.

Hybrid Security with Azure 2 Week Implementation.png

Hybrid Security with Azure 2 Week Implementation: IFI Techsolutions will assess your organization's security landscape and help you adopt Microsoft Azure Sentinel. Azure Sentinel delivers alert detection, threat visibility, proactive hunting, and threat response across the enterprise.

Mexican Location- 4 Wk-Implementation.png

Mexican Location: 4 Wk-Implementation: This implementation package from BEST PRACTICES CONSULTING will add certain tax and sales functionalities to Microsoft Dynamics 365 that allow you to establish a company in Mexico. This offer is available only in Spanish.

SQL Transformation 1 Week Proof of Concept.png

SQL Transformation 1 Week Proof of Concept: IFI Techsolutions will develop a proof-of-concept environment to help you determine the right Microsoft Azure SQL service for your applications, taking into account capability, performance, security, and high-availability requirements.

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