Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 84
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 95 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


A productive system for e-learning.png

A production system for e-learning: Available only in Arabic, this easy-to-use platform for teaching enables users to design their courses, organize them with related assessments, and publish them online for learners across the globe.

Argonaut Track & Trace by RedViking.png

Argonaut Track & Trace by RedViking: A distributed application, Argonaut Track and Trace coordinates bill-of-material, process, and specification data from external systems to ensure quality during the manufacturing of components throughout discrete manufacturing processes.

Arxus Cloud Custodian.png

Arxus Cloud Custodian: Arxus Cloud Custodian manages governance and monitors Azure using a cloud center of excellence (CCoE) model with a standardized roadmap approach. A three-stage implementation plan defines, launches, and manages your organization's governance rule set.

Ascend Unified Data Engineering Platform.png

Ascend Unified Data Engineering Platform: Evolving beyond traditional ETL, the Ascend Unified Data Engineering Platform revolutionizes how data teams build by introducing autonomous data pipelines that dynamically adapt to changes in data, code, and environment.


Astronomer: Astronomer allows users to easily run, monitor, and scale Apache Airflow deployments on Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service. The platform includes a full Prometheus and Grafana monitoring stack, user permission control, and a flexible logging system for full-text log search.

AutoCom VTC.png

AutoCom VTC: AutoCom is a mobility task management system that captures data from customers, suppliers, operators, and vehicles. Completed tasks are sent to customers as a packing slip for billing, all without paper and avoiding transcription errors. This app is available in Spanish.

BlueSky Data Analytics.png

BlueSky Data Analytics: BlueSky Data Analytics facilitates cloud cost management and IT budget predictability. Take control of your cloud environment with consumption reports and personalized alerts and recommendations. This app is available only in Portuguese.

BlueVoyant MDR for Microsoft Defender ATP.png

BlueVoyant MDR for Microsoft Defender ATP: BlueVoyant Managed Detection and Response (MDR) combines the power of Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection with a security operations team to identify, investigate, and remediate sophisticated cyberattacks.

Cloud Migration Accelerator.png

Cloud Migration Accelerator: Armeta Analytics' Cloud Migration Accelerator saves your business time and money by quickly moving your large data volumes to the cloud. Load hundreds of terabytes in days as it works with your existing ETL toolset, and keep your source systems and cloud data synced.


CloudUnit | Consultant Access: CloudUnit's Consultant Access managed service grants its consultants access to your Microsoft Azure environment, enabling them to perform numerous tasks, including assessment, optimization, recommendations, reporting, support, and the implementation of new services.


CO-NECT: CO-NECT is a free business-to-business ordering system that makes it easy to create documents and share history to help reduce human error and improve operational efficiency. This app is available only in Japanese.

COVID-19 Clinical Platform.png

COVID-19 Clinical Platform: The COVID-19 Clinical Platform monitors the spread of COVID-19 and treatment of cases. The platform offers diagnosis, case management monitoring from admission to discharge, daily monitoring according to WHO guidelines, and remote monitoring.

CR8 Continuous SQL to Big Data data streaming.png

CR8 Continuous SQL to Big Data data streaming: CR8 provides agentless continuous data streaming from SQL to SQL/NoSQL targets both on-premises and in the cloud. Unlock core business data and stream up-to-date data transactions from critical SQL-based systems to new technologies with CR8.

Critical Connect.png

Critical Connect: Running on Microsoft Azure, Critical Connect enables interoperability between different public safety land mobile radio (LMR) networks and between LMR networks and broadband push-to-talk (PTT) services.

Cubic Telecom PACE for Automotive.png

Cubic Telecom PACE for Automotive: This global solution for automotive fleets and IoT devices provides a platform for cellular and satellite device connectivity management and service enablement, limiting the costs to operate and support multiple connectivity and telemetry providers.

CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution.png

CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution: Core Privileged Access Security from CyberArk allows you to secure, control, monitor, and audit all privileged access to your organization's most critical systems and applications. Protect traditional and modern workloads by securing passwords, credentials, and secrets.

Data Logistics.png

Data Logistics: Available only in Spanish, Data Logistics is a fleet monitoring solution that provides performance and cost information for your business via big data and analytics. Artificial intelligence enables Data Logistics to provide recommendations on improvements based on real-time information.


Docurain-Azure: Docurain on Microsoft Azure is a cloud service from Route 42 Co. Ltd. that enables you to insert data into your own form designed in Microsoft Excel and then output it in Excel or PDF. This app is available only in Japanese.

DoD Virtual Care Platform.png

DoD Virtual Care Platform: Doctors on Demand is an Australian healthcare technology platform for the provision of secure private video consultations that can be used for general practitioners, repeat prescriptions, psychology, occupational rehabilitation, and return-to-work counseling.

Dqlabs Lite.png

DQLabs Lite: an easy-to-use AI-augmented data quality platform designed to provide a simple way for organizations to handle data quality, governance, curation, and master data management issues.

DxEnterprise (BYOL).png

DxEnterprise (BYOL): DxEnterprise is a smart availability suite that orchestrates, administers, and provides real-time system and application health detection and automatic failover for SQL Server instances and SQL availability groups.

E-Audit Compliance by AGIT Development Center.png

E-Audit Compliance by AGIT Development Center: The E-Audit Compliance system monitors governance and risk management in compliance with government or internal regulations. Features include user management, document audit management, and audit reporting. This app is available in Indonesia.

Energy Efficiency and Eugenio.png

Energy Efficiency and Eugenio: Energy Efficiency from PTLS Servicos de Technologia e Assessoria Tecnica Ltda, a subsidiary of Logicalis, helps managers at retail and hospitality companies gain visibility into energy and water usage to predict related costs. The solution uses Eugenio, an IoT platform from Logicalis.

Engagement SDK.png

Engagement SDK: Xfinite Technologies' Mzaalo engagement SDK enables you to incentivize user actions within an application ecosystem using Mzaalo Coin, which can be redeemed for various digital goods, including coupons, offers, virtual products, and digital experiences.

Explora Process.png

Explora Process: Explora Process is a mining solution that uses big data to analyze any business process and represent exactly how it's performed. Identify process trends, patterns, weaknesses, bottlenecks, or inefficiencies in real time.

FileWall for Exchange Online.png

FileWall for Exchange Online: FileWall is designed to run in conjunction with Microsoft security solutions, such as Exchange Online Protection and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, ensuring protection against unknown attacks delivered via email attachments.


GeoPlataforma: GeoPlataforma enables users to easily visualize, analyze, and share geographic data. The platform generates a unique mapping repository to allow users to publish, process, and stylize cartographic information. This app is available only in Spanish.


GridFlow: GridFlow uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide distribution system operators (DSOs) with crucial information about the status of their distribution grid. This app is available only in Polish.

Interview Mocha.png

Interview Mocha: Interview Mocha is a skills assessment solution API platform that helps organizations hire job candidates faster. It empowers organizations to thoroughly assess employees and candidates, identifying and benchmarking their skills proficiency according to company standards.

JasperReports Server - Community Edition on Ubuntu.png

JasperReports Server - Community Edition on Ubuntu: JasperReports Server Community Edition is a powerful, flexible, and lightweight reporting server. Generate, organize, secure, and deliver interactive reports and dashboards to users with a web-based BI platform licensed under GNU Affero General Public License version 3 (AGPLv3).

Kriptos - Automatic Data Classification.png

Kriptos - Automatic Data Classification: Kriptos helps businesses locate critical information and prevent data leakage by automatically classifying documents using artificial intelligence.

Leave Request for Apps.png

Leave Request for Apps: Easy to use and configure, LTAPPS Software's Leave Request is an add-in for SharePoint Online that enables users to request, track, approve, and manage leave requests.


MinIo: MinIO is a high-performance distributed object storage system that is software-defined, runs on industry-standard hardware, and is open source under the Apache V2 license. The cloud-native object server is scalable and lightweight.

Modern WorkPlace PME.png

Modern WorkPlace SME: Aurera's Modern WorkPlace SME establishes a collaborative, flexible, automated platform that allows small and midsize enterprise (SME) employees to work from anywhere, anytime. This offer is available in French.

ModernWorkPlace Large Enterprises.png

ModernWorkPlace Large Enterprises: Aurera's Modern WorkPlace Large Enterprises establishes a collaborative, flexible, automated platform that allows employees in large enterprises to work from anywhere, anytime. This offer is available in French.

My Coach 365.png

My_Coach_365: Aurera's MyCoach365 accompanies organizations throughout their digital transformation by offering short Office 365 training tasks that are adapted to users' needs. Drive adoption of Office 365 in your organization with MyCoach365.

MYHSM- Payment HSM as a Service.png

MYHSM: Payment HSM as a Service: Payment HSM as a Service offers a suite of managed, PCI DSS, and PCI PIN-compliant subscription services for organizations that issue payment cards and process transactions. Accelerate your time to market and ensure PCI standards are met with MYHSM.

NBConsult Nokia Nuage SDWAN.png

NBConsult Nokia Nuage SDWAN: Increase security and lower costs by connecting branch offices, datacenters, and cloud environments with a solution powered by Nokia Nuage Networks and Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN. It's a secure, low-latency, cost-saving alternative to Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS).

Nerve Blue - Industrial Edge Software & Management.png

Nerve Blue - Industrial Edge Software & Management: Nerve Blue is an industrial edge software infrastructure that enables remote management and deployment of almost any production software. Applications can come in the form of Docker containers, Windows or Linux virtual machines, and CODESYS real-time controls.

NICE Trading Recording.png

NICE Trading Recording: NICE Trading Recording is a unified solution for regulated employee communications via turrets, mobile phones, PBXs, or unified communications platforms like Microsoft Teams. Apply the same archiving and retention rules to all communications to remain compliant.

Nokia 4G & 5G Private Wireless (NDAC).png

Nokia 4G & 5G Private Wireless (NDAC): Leveraging 4G LTE and 5G, Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (NDAC) is a high-performance, end-to-end private wireless networking platform integrated with Microsoft Azure. Drive digital transformation with reliable coverage, high data rates, and low latency.

Nuage SD-WAN 2.0 Azure Virtual WAN.png

Nuage SD-WAN 2.0 Azure Virtual WAN: Automate and optimize branch office and cloud connectivity with Nuage Virtualized Network Services (VNS), which features SD-WAN 2.0 integration with Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN. VNS provides end-to-end visibility and control across the enterprise network from a single network governance model.

NXLog Add-On- Microsoft Azure and Office 365.png

NXLog Add-On: Microsoft Azure and Office 365: NXLog's Microsoft Azure and Office 365 add-in can retrieve information about various user, admin, system, and policy actions and events from Azure and Office 365. It prints Syslog events, each with a JSON payload, to standard output for processing by NXLog.

Op Tracker.png

Op Tracker: Op Tracker is a turnkey geographic information system (GIS) solution for tracking harvesting equipment – feller bunchers, forwarders, harvesters, and skidders – and monitoring and quantifying equipment performance and productivity.

Open Banking.png

Open Banking: Open Banking from Confero provides payment, account, and access services that uphold Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), a European regulation for electronic payment services.

OpenText Content Server Power Automate Connector.png

OpenText Content Server Power Automate Connector: Power your content workflows and increase compliance across information silos with OpenText Content Server Power Automate Connector, which connects your OpenText Content Server to Microsoft Power Automate and more than 500 business applications.

OpenText Core Share Power Automate Connector.png

OpenText Core Share Power Automate Connector: Power your cloud collaboration with content workflows and secure centralized archiving with OpenText Core Share Power Automate Connector, which synchronizes OpenText Core Share with Microsoft Power Automate and more than 500 business applications.

OpenText eDOCS Power Automate Connector.png

OpenText eDOCS Power Automate Connector: Use OpenText eDOCS Power Automate Connector to connect OpenText eDOCS to Microsoft Power Automate and more than 300 business applications. Synchronize your apps with eDOCS to streamline content and increase compliance.

People Safety Badge and Eugenio.png

People Safety Badge and Eugenio: This solution helps safety managers in industries with hazardous work sites. Its tracking technology can detect workers' locations and alert them using vibration and lights if they are at risk. It uses Eugenio, an IoT platform from Logicalis.

Picturepark Connector for SharePoint.png

Picturepark Connector for SharePoint: Picturepark Connector for SharePoint brings Picturepark search to SharePoint. SharePoint users can comfortably work in an environment that's familiar to them and search and synchronize content with no previous Picturepark experience required.


Prism: Prism is an app designed for timber cruising. Integrated with ArcGIS Online to maximize compatibility with other forestry management apps, Prism enables smart data collection and syncs data from the mobile app back to the office when within Wi-Fi, cellular, or satellite internet coverage.

PurposeGraph Privacy and Security Monitoring.png

PurposeGraph Privacy and Security Monitoring: Privacy vulnerabilities can cost millions of dollars and damage companies' reputations. oneDPO's PurposeGraph combats this, using artificial intelligence to identify privacy and security risks in your data lakes.

Risk Command.png

Risk Command: Risk Command from PwC is a proactive risk and compliance platform that helps customers close deals faster, inform their decisions on entering new markets, and respond more quickly to sanction screenings and due diligence testing inquiries from regulatory bodies.

RiskIQ Attack Surface Management.png

RiskIQ Attack Surface Management: RiskIQ enhances Microsoft Azure Sentinel with petabytes of external internet security intelligence collected by RiskIQ over more than a decade. Enrich your incident response and enable your security teams to identify and block new threat infrastructure.

Signly - Sign Language as a Service (SLaaS).png

Signly - Sign Language as a Service (SLaaS): Like a screen reader for sign language users, Signly's assistive technology delivers sign language translations that enable customers who are deaf or hard of hearing to understand web content.

Smarsh Enterprise Discovery.png

Smarsh Enterprise Discovery: Smarsh Enterprise Discovery helps clients mitigate risk and control the cost of managing large volumes of data related to litigation, regulatory requests, internal investigations, and audits.

Smart Building Platform.png

Smart Building Platform: Available in French and English, OpenField's data science and analytics platform enables a wide range of smart-building use cases. Asset managers and facility managers can use it to optimize space allocation, get occupancy metrics, and improve energy management.

Smarter 365 - for deployment and management MS MW.png

Smarter 365 - for deployment and management MS MW: Smarter 365 is a modern workplace solution that gives companies direct insight into costs and trends per user, team, and application. It also enables self-management of IT environments. This app is available only in Dutch.

Softline Total Voice.png

Softline Total Voice: TOTAL VOICE, a billing app for Microsoft Teams voice networks, is designed to help companies maintain expense control the way they did in the traditional digital and IP telephony era.

Spip powered by MIRI.png

SPIP powered by MIRI: This image offered by Miri Infotech launches SPIP, a content management system for web publishing, on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. SPIP features a simple interface and is freely distributed under the General Public License (GPL).

Suitecrm powered by MIRI.png

SuiteCRM powered by MIRI: This image offered by Miri Infotech launches SuiteCRM, a fork of SugarCRM, on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. SuiteCRM is based on the last open-source SugarCRM release and features additional modules.

SysMiddle - SaaS Integration Platform.png

SysMiddle - SaaS Integration Platform: SysMiddle, a business-to-business platform for systems integration, aims to reduce costs and multiply productivity for medium and large enterprises. Using SysMiddle, companies can connect APIs, ERP systems, and databases without having to write a line of code. This app is available in Portuguese.


TeleSlide: TeleSlide's web-based platform facilitates pathology education and remote consultation requests, enabling easy slide exchanges, remote diagnostic opinions, and collaboration between pathologists, teachers, and students.

The FUNecole eLearning Solution (K-6).png

The FUNecole eLearning Solution (K-6): FUNecole is a turnkey e-learning solution for developing and assessing K-6 students' knowledge of computer science, digital literacy, social emotional learning, and many other skills.

urmobo MDM.png

urmobo MDM: urmobo gives mobile device managers complete control over their equipment. Through urmobo, users can open calls, create usage profiles of mobile devices, and make apps and files available remotely.

Virtual SD-Edge (Open Secure Routing).png

Virtual SD-Edge (Open Secure Routing): Virtual SD-Edge delivers open and secure virtual routing and VPN functions, powering cloud connectivity networks and services for enterprises and managed service providers. Virtual SD-Edge enables cloud migration and multi-site, multi-cloud connectivity.


Wishibam: Available in French and English, Wishibam is a white-label omnichannel solution ideal for shopping centers and retailers with a network of stores. Wishibam features a picking app for managing online orders and a marketplace that automatically transcribes information about available products.

Yetiforce powered by MIRI.png

Yetiforce powered by MIRI: This image offered by Miri Infotech launches YetiForce, an open-source customer relationship management (CRM) solution, on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. YetiForce integrates with maps, social media portals, and more.

ZEDEDA Edge Quick Connect for Azure IoT.png

ZEDEDA Edge Quick Connect for Azure IoT: ZEDEDA's Edge Quick Connect for Azure IoT allows customers to swiftly connect their edge devices to Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, improve device lifecycle efficiency, and monitor device status from any browser.


Zycada: Zycada enables a fast digital shopping experience by harnessing botnet technology. Bots act on behalf of the application to compute the right content at the right time, before the user requests it. This brings retailers increased customer engagement and sustained revenue lift.

Consulting services

ADLA to Azure Synapse Migration - 4-Wk Assessment.png

ADLA to Azure Synapse Migration - 4-Wk Assessment: Microsoft Azure Synapse offers many of the same benefits as Microsoft Azure Data Lake Analytics and a whole lot more. endjin's assessment will prepare organizations to migrate their workloads from Azure Data Lake Analytics to Azure Synapse.

Advanced DevOps Accelerator- 3-Week Implementation.png

Advanced DevOps Accelerator: 3-Week Implementation: In this implementation, Fujitsu will use its enterprise blueprint design patterns to accelerate your organization's adoption of Microsoft Azure DevOps, enhance product delivery control, and enable security features to protect intellectual property.

AI Fast Start- 2-Wk Proof of Concept.png

AI Fast Start: 2-Wk Proof of Concept: Insight's proof of concept is a deep dive into how AI aligns with your unique business environment. Insight's engineers, architects, and data scientists will tap into your data and reveal AI use cases that will improve long-term outcomes.

App Innovation with AKS - 2 Week Implementation.png

App Innovation with AKS - 2 Week Implementation: BrainScale's implementation using Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service will enable your business to take advantage of modern DevOps practices for the containerization of microservices.

Application Reliability 1-Week Workshop.png

Application Reliability 1-Week Workshop: KiZAN’s workshop will help you achieve the appropriate level of reliability for applications running on Microsoft Azure. KiZAN will review your architecture, assess the monitoring outputs of the app, and conduct rigorous stress testing and simulated failures to create a list of required enhancements.

Azure BC DR Jumpstart- 5-day Proof of Concept.png

Azure BC/DR Jumpstart: 5-day Proof of Concept: In this engagement focused on business continuity and disaster recovery, Insight will build and implement a proof of concept that includes Microsoft Azure backup configuration, Azure Site Recovery configuration for failover into Azure, and processes and documentation to use in further deployments.

Azure IaaS Jumpstart- 5-day Proof of Concept.png

Azure IaaS Jumpstart: 5-day Proof of Concept: Insight's proof of concept lets you quickly deploy a working Microsoft Azure IaaS environment that’s secure and suited to your business needs. Gain flexibility and reduce hardware investments with Azure IaaS.

Azure Kubernetes Service 'AKS' 3 Week Assessment.png

Azure Kubernetes Service 'AKS' 3 Week: Assessment: Using Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service, MILL5's engineers will assess your legacy application migration needs, evaluating your workflows and workloads. They'll develop a strategic plan to overcome your challenges and lead you to a cloud-native application implementation.

Azure PaaS JumpStart- 5-day Proof of Concept.png

Azure PaaS JumpStart: 5-day Proof of Concept: Transitioning to a service-oriented IT model, like Microsoft Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS), can reduce your hardware investments and capital expenditures over time. In this proof of concept, Insight will build a secure Azure PaaS environment so you can deliver cloud-based apps.

Azure Readiness- 7-Days Assessment.png

Azure Readiness: 7-Days Assessment: Discover what your business can achieve with Microsoft Azure. Through a series of internal workshops, GOBI Technologies will develop assessment reports, then present results and discuss strategy and proof-of-concept requirements with technical and business stakeholders.

Azure Security- 21-Day Security Assessment.png

Azure Security: 21-Day Security Assessment: Asseco Data Systems will guide you in assessing your organization’s risks and designing your security plan. Key focus areas, to be secured with Microsoft Azure tools, include Exchange Online Protection, email security certificates, and devices.

Azure Sentinel JumpStart- 5-day Proof of Concept.png

Azure Sentinel JumpStart: 5-day Proof of Concept: Quickly enhance your security capabilities with this proof of concept from Insight. Insight's experts will deploy Microsoft Azure Sentinel, create a log analytics workspace to analyze your data, and connect up to three Microsoft data sources to your Azure Sentinel SIEM.

Cloud Disaster Recovery- 3-day Assessment.png

Cloud Disaster Recovery: 3-day Assessment: Atende's Microsoft Azure experts will evaluate your requirements, business needs, and goals, then provide disaster recovery options with estimated cost information.

Cloud Enablement Assessment- 5-day assessment.png

Cloud Enablement Assessment: 5-day assessment: This infrastructure assessment from Arxus, a Microsoft Azure managed services provider, will help customers optimize their application and server workloads while spotlighting the business and technology benefits of moving workloads to the cloud.

Cloud Financial Optimizer - 4-week assessment.png

Cloud Financial Optimizer - 4-week assessment: Over four weeks, PwC will assess your cloud efficiency across people, processes, architecture, and tools so you can identify waste reduction and optimization opportunities.

Connected Platform Detection Prevention- 5 Wk Imp.png

Connected Platform Detection/Prevention: 5 Wk Imp: Clients will work with Insight to customize and deploy the Insight Connected Platform, a centralized hub that ingests and triggers events from any data source. Key use cases include smart hand sanitization stations, portable virus testing centers, and contactless temperature detection.

Conversational Agent Fast Start- 2-week PoC.png

Conversational Agent Fast Start: 2-week PoC: Customers want faster response times, and conversational agents can help you meet this demand. In this engagement, Insight will use the Microsoft Bot Framework to prepare you to build, test, and launch a conversational agent.

Database Modernization Framework- 4-Wk Assessment.png

Database Modernization Framework: 4-Wk Assessment: Sword Technologies will help customers plan and implement a database migration to Microsoft Azure so they can modernize and optimize database services. The migration process involves a collection of best practices, Microsoft tools, templates, and data analysis.

DevOps Basic workshop on DevOps 1 day.png

DevOps: Basic workshop on DevOps: 1 day: Available in English or German, AS-SYSTEME's workshop will explore the organizational requirements for Microsoft Azure DevOps Services and discuss agility models and implementation possibilities.

Migrating services and apps to the cloud - 4h Workshop.png

Migrate services and apps to the cloud - 4h Workshop: In this workshop, PROGEL SpA will present an overview of Microsoft Azure, highlighting the processes, tools, and methodologies to migrate your application workloads. This offer is available in Italian.

Modern Data Warehouse in Azure Synapse- 2-Wk PoC.png

Modern Data Warehouse in Azure Synapse: 2-Wk PoC: Elitmind will assess the state of your organization's analytics, then design an architecture for your high-priority data challenges. This engagement is divided into two phases: a two-day workshop and a proof of concept.

New cloud security perimeter - 4h Workshop.png

New cloud security perimeter - 4h Workshop: PROGEL SpA's workshop will provide a detailed look at Microsoft Azure Security Center and present security best practices to help you make the most of Azure. This offer is available in Italian.

Sap On Azure- 3-Wk Assessment.png

Sap On Azure: 3-Wk Assessment: Accelerate application innovation with this engagement from NEORIS. NEORIS will provide a baseline for the construction of environments on Microsoft Azure so you can deliver embedded intelligence and data. This offer is available in Spanish.

Windows and SQL Migration- 4-Wk Implementation.png

Windows and SQL Migration: 4-Wk Implementation: 4MSTech will migrate customers' Windows virtual machines and Microsoft SQL Server databases to Microsoft Azure IaaS or PaaS. This implementation is intended for companies in Brazil that have large environments.

Windows Virtual Desktop - 2-Week Implementation.png

Windows Virtual Desktop - 2-Week Implementation: GOBI Technologies will implement and support a fully managed virtual desktop infrastructure on Microsoft Azure so you can reduce costs and increase security. This offer is designed for deployments with up to 50 users.

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