Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 76
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 97 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


Ansible AWX alternative to Ansible Tower.png

Ansible AWX (alternative to Ansible Tower): This virtual machine (VM) provides a web-based Ansible Tower environment using AWX. Use the VM as your web-based CI/CD platform for a single-user or multiuser environment.

CentOS 76.png

CentOS 7.6: This offer from Skylark Cloud contains a prebuilt virtual machine image of CentOS 7.6. CentOS is a popular Linux distribution, derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux, that's used by organizations for development and production servers.

CentOS 80.png

CentOS 8.0: This offer from Skylark Cloud contains a prebuilt virtual machine image of CentOS 8.0. CentOS is a popular Linux distribution, derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux, that's used by organizations for development and production servers.

ClearSkie SaaS NG SIEM.png

ClearSkies SaaS NG SIEM: This security information and event management platform helps organizations improve their detection of, and response capability against, targeted attacks, data breaches, and suspicious or malicious user behavior.

Cornerstone MFT Server - PAYG Edition.png

Cornerstone MFT Server - PAYG: Cornerstone's managed file transfer solution provides enterprise-class high availability while integrating with authentication systems, and it meets or exceeds security and compliance standards.

dataFEED edgeConnector Siemens.png

dataFEED edgeConnector Siemens: Softing's dataFEED edgeConnector Siemens is a containerized SIMATIC S7 connectivity module that adds OPC Unified Architecture Server functionality. The software can run as an Azure IoT Edge module.

Enterprise Enabler 10.png

Enterprise Enabler 10: Enterprise Enabler from Stone Bond Technologies allows customers to easily build integrations across different modalities, including ETL (extract, transform, load), enterprise application integration, enterprise service bus, and data virtualization.

IPM+ Enterprise Energy Management Platform.png

IPM+ Enterprise Energy Management Platform: IPM+ from Vigyanlabs helps enterprise customers rapidly enable software-based energy metering and energy savings in their personal computing environments. IPM+ consists of energy management and endpoint optimization modules.

LAPS for Azure.png

LAPS for Azure: SEVA from Synergix supports password rotation for multiple local accounts on Windows, Unix, and Mac devices. This offer is based on a Windows Server image and consists of PowerShell scripts that securely deploy resources in your Microsoft Azure subscription.

Openjdk 11 with CentOS 77.png

OpenJDK 8 with CentOS 7.7: This virtual machine offered by Skylark Cloud contains OpenJDK 8, an open-source implementation of Java Platform, Standard Edition, on CentOS 7.7.

OpenJDK 8 with CentOS 77.png

OpenJDK 11 with CentOS 7.7: This virtual machine offered by Skylark Cloud contains OpenJDK 11, an open-source implementation of Java Platform, Standard Edition, on CentOS 7.7.

Oracle Database

Oracle Database Enterprise Edition: Oracle Database 19c Enterprise Edition is an affordable, full-featured data management solution that's ideal for midsize and enterprise companies. This bring-your-own-license image contains Oracle Database

Oracle Linux.png

Oracle Linux: The Oracle Linux operating system is engineered for open cloud infrastructure and delivers performance, scalability, and reliability for enterprise workloads and traditional enterprise applications.

Panzura Mobile Server 3.1.png

Panzura Mobile Server 3.1: Panzura Mobile Server, a hybrid cloud data management solution, enables global enterprise customers to consolidate their data islands into a single source of truth on Microsoft Azure.

Pyramid 2020 Ubuntu.png

Pyramid 2020 Ubuntu: Pyramid 2020 enables business users to perform high-end analytics and data science without IT help, on any browser or device. Nontechnical users can benefit from stunning visualizations and guided analytic presentations. This offer comes with Ubuntu V4.

Pyramid 2020 Ubuntu.png

Pyramid 2020: Pyramid 2020 enables business users to perform high-end analytics and data science without IT help, on any browser or device. Nontechnical users can benefit from stunning visualizations and guided analytic presentations. This offer comes with Windows Server 2016.


RayVentory: Raynet's RayVentory is a portable application for centralized and decentralized scanning and data capture in your IT landscape. RayVentory can scan operating systems, Oracle databases, VMware's vSphere server virtualization platform, and more.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux- SAP, HA, Update Services.png

Red Hat Enterprise Linux - SAP, HA, Update Services: This pay-as-you-go image of Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP includes high-availability and update services. Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides you with the tools you need to deliver services and workloads faster and easier.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux with HA add-on.png

Red Hat Enterprise Linux with HA add-on: This pay-as-you-go image of Red Hat Enterprise Linux includes access to high-availability add-on repositories. A full set of versions is available via the Microsoft Azure command-line interface.

Riverbed SteelCentral Flow Gateway.png

Riverbed SteelCentral Flow Gateway: Riverbed SteelCentral Flow Gateway collects and forwards flow data from network devices and SteelFlow Net from SteelCentral AppResponse appliances to SteelCentral NetProfiler for hybrid flow analysis and reporting.

Riverbed SteelCentral NetProfiler.png

Riverbed SteelCentral NetProfiler: Use Riverbed SteelCentral NetProfiler and its full-fidelity flow monitoring to monitor and troubleshoot your network traffic. NetProfiler uses SteelCentral Flow Gateway for flow collection.

SBC SWe Lite Quick Launch.png

SBC SWe Lite Quick Launch: The Ribbon Communications Session Border Controller Software Edition Lite (SBC SWe Lite) with Quick Launch is a smart solution to secure and connect unified communications. It's certified for Microsoft Phone System Direct Routing and Skype for Business.

SoftNAS BYOL.png

SoftNAS: Buurst, formerly known as SoftNAS, offers a virtual storage appliance with enterprise NAS (network-attached storage) capabilities. Increase storage capacity, lower your costs, and achieve the availability you need.


SoftNAS BYOL: Buurst, formerly known as SoftNAS, offers a virtual storage appliance with enterprise NAS capabilities. Increase storage capacity, lower your costs, and achieve the availability you need. This is a bring-your-own-license offer.

SUSE Enterprise Linux 15 SP1 +Patching.png

SUSE Enterprise Linux 15 SP1 +Patching: This is a pay-as-you-go subscription of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 15 SP1 that includes patching only and no customer support. SLES simplifies multimodal IT, makes traditional IT infrastructure efficient, and provides an engaging platform for developers.

TIBCO Datasynapse GridServer.png

TIBCO Datasynapse GridServer: This deployment of GridServer from TIBCO consists of one combo manager (director and broker) and multiple engine hosts with auto-scaling. GridServer is a highly scalable software infrastructure that allows application services to operate in a virtualized fashion.

Titan FTP Server - CUCM Edition.png

Titan FTP Server - CUCM Edition: Titan CUCM Backup Server provides a reliable backup for Cisco Unified Communications Manager. The preconfigured and secure SSH/SFTP server runs on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. Simply create a user account on the Titan server and configure the CUCM backup service.

Titan FTP Server - CUCM Edition.png

Titan FTP Server - SFTP EditionTitan SFTP Server comes preconfigured and ready to run. Titan’s intuitive web-interface makes it easy to securely upload and access files in Microsoft Azure. 

US Medical IT Manage Services.png

US Medical IT Managed Services: Managed Services from US Medical IT offers help with Microsoft Azure technologies, including remote desktop solutions, dynamic scalability, load balancing solutions, data storage, and more.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure Free Edition.png

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure Free EditionVeeam Backup for Microsoft Azure Free Edition delivers Azure backup and recovery for up to 10 Azure virtual machines to protect your cloud applications and data. 

Veeam Service Provider Console.png

Veeam Service Provider ConsoleVeeam Service Provider Console comes packed with all the features and technology needed to launch and run a successful Veeam-powered service business. Features include customer onboarding and billing, license management, remote monitoring, and more.

VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management DEM- PAYG.png

VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management (DEM) - PAYGVIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management provides a comprehensive solution designed to manage all forms of digital evidence in accordance with the requirements of stakeholders in the criminal justice system. 

VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management DEM- PAYG.png

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube Premium - PAYG: EnterpriseTube Premium provides organizations with a secure, powerful, and easy-to-use branded enterprise video streaming platform and streaming video portal. The solution can be used on-premises or in the cloud.

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube Standard - PAYG.png

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube Standard - PAYG: EnterpriseTube Standard solves your growing live and on-demand video storage, hosting, managing, and streaming challenges using a responsive multilingual user interface.

Vormetric Tokenization Server

Vormetric Tokenization Server Vormetric Vaultless Tokenization with Dynamic Data Masking dramatically reduces the cost and effort required to comply with security policies and regulatory mandates like the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. 

WEXAL for Azure Reverse Proxy Limited Edition.png

WEXAL for Azure Reverse Proxy Limited Edition: WEXAL for Azure Reverse Proxy Limited Edition is a dedicated reverse proxy instance that runs in front of the web server and boosts site speed using WEXAL Page Speed Technology.

Consulting services

2-Day Azure Security Workshop.png

2-Day Azure Security Workshop: Supremo offers two days of practical workshops addressing Azure security. Discover how to defend against hacker attacks while learning to configure and design access and to manage security mechanisms.

Advanced Security - 3 Week Assessment.png

Advanced Security - 3 Week Assessment: Xoriant Corporation’s three-week assessment in advanced security provides end-to-end security advice, policy compliance assessments, real-time monitoring, and rapid remediation to accelerate business safety outcomes.

App Migration 2-Day Assessment.png

App Migration: 2-Day Assessment: In this two-day assessment, Trivadis AG’s experts analyze your current application setup, evaluate the cloud-readiness of your application, and identify blockers. They then propose a cloud-architecture for your application and leave you with a detailed report and migration plan.

App Modernisation 10-Week Implementation.png

App Modernisation 10-Week Implementation: Servant offers 10 weeks of analysis, strategy, and implementation tactics, helping you build an app modernization strategy and choose the right options for your application estate. 

AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals1-Day Workshop.png

AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: 1-Day Workshop: Qualitia Energy’s workshop familiarizes you with Microsoft Azure and prepares you for the AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam.  

Azure Adoption Framework- 4 Week Implementation.png

Azure Adoption Framework - 4 Week Implementation: SNP Technologies' four-week program focuses on Microsoft Azure subscription management, role-based access management, policies, blueprints, cost management, and resource graphs. This allows customers to improve identity management, application logic, operations methodology, and other resources.

App Modernisation 10-Week Implementation.png

Azure Cloud Assessment 6-Week Assessment: Azure Cloud Assessment from Servent dynamically scans your existing on-premises IT environment and provides detailed reporting and analysis. The Azure Cloud Assessment creates an up-to-date inventory of your systems and a way to visualize the dependencies between these systems.

Azure Cost Optimization 6-Week Implementation.png

Azure Cost Optimization: 6-Week Implementation: Xoriant Corporation’s X·CELERATE cloud optimization lets you measure and monitor your Microsoft Azure instance. It helps reduce wasteful utilization while optimizing spend and lowering costs.

Azure Data, AI & ML Services- 2 Week PoC.png

Azure Data, AI & ML Services - 2 Week PoC: This SNP Technologies’ two-week program helps you implement a data-first strategy, take advantage of your data, and integrate with other advanced technologies to make better decisions more quickly.

Azure Jump Start.png

Azure Jump Start: T-Systems International helps you unlock Microsoft Azure, providing new innovations for your cloud business. This one-week assessment strengthens traditional IT to scale your cloud infrastructure faster and more efficiently – saving you time and money.

Azure Learning Initiative 1-Hour Briefing.png

Azure Learning Initiative: 1-Hour Briefing: Trivadis AG’s Azure Learning Initiative on-site and virtual one-hour briefing sessions employ learnings from Microsoft and Trivadis Azure curricula to come up with a needs-based proposal and learning plan designed for you.

Azure Red Hat OpenShift 4-Wk Implementation.png

Azure Red Hat OpenShift: 4-Wk Implementation: Shadow-Soft gets you up and running with a Red Hat OpenShift solution that automates container management and speeds development. It integrates directly with Microsoft Azure services to architect, implement, and integrate a unique solution that meets your requirements. 

Azure Security and Identity Assessment1 week.png

Azure Security and Identity Assessment: 1 week: SecureCom’s one-week security assessment leverages built-in Microsoft Azure intelligence plus SecureCom cloud security IP and expertise to provide recommendations about protecting infrastructure, data, and applications.

Azure Security Assessment 4-Week Assessment.png

Azure Security Assessment: 4-Week Assessment: Azure Security Assessment from Ward Solutions is a four-week technical security assessment that provides insight on security objectives, state of readiness, and recommendations on Azure security configuration.

Azure Security Audit.png

Azure Security Audit: This Azure security audit by Zure BV assesses your current Azure environment for security risks, documents these findings, and proposes controls and procedures for securing your environment – so you can focus on the most pressing threats.

Backup and Disaster Recovery 5 Day Assessment.png

Backup and Disaster Recovery 5 Day Assessment: TrimaxSecure Backup and Disaster Recovery Assessment helps you securely store data to ensure recovery of information in the event of a natural disaster or tampering. It evaluates the current capabilities of your environments and offers prescriptive recommendations.

Azure Support Services.png

Azure Support Services: Wintellisys provides 360-degree services for Microsoft Azure environments across production workloads, business-critical applications, and more. These services help customers analyze, plan, monitor, and govern.

Cloud Adoption Framework Landing Zone 1Wk Assmt.png

Cloud Adoption Framework Landing Zone: 1 Wk Assmt: Reply Ltd presents Cloud Adoption Framework Landing Zone’s one-week assessment, helping you get a quick start on deploying a comprehensive infrastructure. 

Cloud Readiness 3 Day Assessment.png

Cloud Readiness 3 Day Assessment: TrimaxSecure's Cloud Readiness 3-Day Assessment provides insight into the capabilities and efficiencies cloud technologies can offer your business. The assessment establishes a business case and roadmap for the transition of your infrastructure to the cloud.

Cloud Security 7 Day Assessment.png

Cloud Security 7 Day Assessment: TrimaxSecure's Cloud Readiness 7-Day Assessment provides a thorough, end-to-end security assessment of your Microsoft Azure infrastructure as well as an objective review and resolution of vulnerabilities to improve security controls and mitigate risk.

CMS Hosting & Management on Azure - 2 Week PoC.png

CMS Hosting & Management on Azure - 2 Week PoC: This two-week course through SNP Technologies provides the confidence to take the next step with SNP and Microsoft Azure and garner the benefits of platform as a service. It's ideal for organizations with CMS workloads on premises, on virtual machines, or on a hosting service that doesn’t scale to meet your needs.

Consumer IAM 3 weeks consultancy & implementation.png

Consumer IAM: 3 weeks consultancy & implementation: Procomix Technology Group offers guidance and technical support to help you use Microsoft Azure Active Directory identity features to deliver a smooth and secure experience for your consumers.  

Conversational AI 5-Week Implementation.png

Conversational AI 5-Week Implementation: Tech Mahindra's Consulting Services offers this five-week implementation for its conversational AI capabilities on Azure Cognitive Services.  They'll show you how to centralize customer communications and create self-service options that don't require IT intervention. 

Custom Azure App Implementation 8 Weeks.png

Custom Azure App Implementation: 8 Weeks: Custom Azure App Implementation, brought to you by Trigent Software Inc., helps you build scalable, reliable Azure apps. The Trigent team of experts will build your application in an agile fashion and complete the defined scope within eight weeks.

Custom Azure App Implementation 8 Weeks.png

Custom Azure App Proof-of-Concept 2 Weeks: Trigent Software’s architect, development, and testing teams will build your custom Azure proof-of-concept application in an agile fashion in two weeks. This offer includes documentation of requirements, boundaries of the application, and the Azure services that will be used.

Datacenter Transformation Azure 3-Day Workshop.png

Datacenter Transformation Azure: 3-Day Workshop: Sycor’s Datacenter Transformation Azure workshop series takes your digital estate and creates an individual cloud adoption plan – taking you from decision-making to required cloud IT-operations skills.

devops consulting.png

DevOps Consulting: 12-Day Assessment: Predica offers this 12-day consultancy-based program to help customers adopt an agile method of delivering projects and speed up the adoption of DevOps as a customer practice.

Free 5 Day Assessment Azure Operations Services.png

Free 5 Day Assessment Azure Operations Services: This offering from Zensar Technologies Ltd. helps you scope and review your cloud estate (Microsoft Azure and private cloud) and determine the impact on your business. ZenSar will then design and document the guiding principles needed to implement digital operations.

Azure Jump Start.png

Go2Azure Assessment: up to 3 weeks assessment: T-Systems Polska offers this IT assessment to evaluate the cloud readiness of your current IT environment, advise on migration strategy and roadmap, and provide insights into financial aspects of the migration project.

Healthcare Cloud Protection & Azure Services.png

Healthcare Cloud Protection & Azure Services: Through its managed services, Project Hosts provides turnkey HIPAA and HITRUST compliance for healthcare organizations requiring a cloud environment. With Project Hosts, organizations can save time, effort, and money securing apps and workloads on Microsoft Azure.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions- 4 Week Implementation.png

Hybrid Cloud Solutions - 4 Week Implementation: This implementation offering from SNP presents a powerful, enterprise-grade hybrid cloud platform designed to unlock a new level of cloud capabilities for the enterprise. Over four weeks, you'll go from assessment to full cloud migration.

Increase Your Productivity with 2 Weeks Assessment.png

Increase Your Productivity with 2 Weeks Assessment: This assessment from Syntegra focuses on analyzing your current cloud consumption and identifying opportunities for optimizing resources and costs.

Infrastructure optimization 2-Weeks Assessment.png

Infrastructure optimization: 2-Weeks Assessment: Syntegra offers this two-week optimization evaluation geared towards customers already in the cloud. Syntegra will provide you with accurate analytics and powerful automation to optimize your resources easily, quickly, and reliably.

MariaDB, PostgreSQL & MySQL on Azure- 2 Week PoC.png

MariaDB, PostgreSQL & MySQL on Azure - 2 Week PoC: If your organization has databases on AWS RDS, on premises, or on virtual machines, engage SNP for a pilot deployment to Microsoft Azure. Let SNP demonstrate the performance, security, scalability, and cost savings for your use case.

Migrate Dynamics NAV to Azure 1 Hr Assessment.png

Migrate Dynamics NAV to Azure: 1 Hr Assessment: Meet with Syvantis Technologies’ Dynamics NAV migration team to explain the process of moving your Dynamics NAV system to Microsoft Azure.

Migration to Azure Lift&Shift 4-Wk Imp.png

Migration to Azure "Lift&Shift" 4-Wk Imp.: This engagement from Cloud Services is suitable for customers who are not yet in the cloud. You’ll move workloads to Microsoft Azure with speed and accuracy and ensure cost and performance optimization from the moment the migration is complete.

Mobile Azure DevOps 2-Week implementation.png

Mobile Azure DevOps: 2-Week implementation: This two-week consulting offering from Zure Oy helps you roll out automated mobile release pipelines with Microsoft Azure DevOps and Visual Studio App Center. Your team will learn how to automate mobile app UI testing against hundreds of real mobile devices and how Google Play and Apple iTunes app stores work.

Modern Data Platform BluePrint 5 Week Assessment.png

Modern Data Platform BluePrint: 5 Week Assessment: This tightly scoped five-week engagement from Productive Edge offers a detailed execution plan to build your next-generation data foundation with a focus on data governance, data lakes, machine learning sandboxes, and DataOps.

Motor Insurance Digitalization & Fraud Prevention.png

Motor Insurance Digitalization & Fraud Prevention: This one-week proof of concept is a combination assessment and workshop for simplifying the digitalization of motor insurance processes. The offering shows how to leverage Microsoft Azure technologies, including Azure App Service, Azure SQL, Azure Cognitive Services, and more.

OfficeTechHub Azure Subscription Management.png

OfficeTechHub Azure Subscription Management: This offer from OfficeTechHub is designed to manage a private Microsoft Azure customer subscription and link to Azure Lighthouse, which enables central management and maintenance of customer networks. OfficeTechHub also provides central automation and reporting.

Optimize Your Azure Environment 3-Day Workshop.png

Optimize Your Azure Environment: 3-Day Workshop: This three-day workshop from PC Connection, Inc., can help you understand how to optimize your current Microsoft Azure environment to improve performance, operational management, and efficiency.

Oracle on Azure 6-Week Implementation.png

Oracle on Azure 6-Week Implementation: Oracle on Azure from Servent is a framework to help you migrate any Oracle workload to Microsoft Azure. This six-week implementation offer helps mitigate migration pain points and realize the benefits of moving Oracle workloads to Azure.

Penetration tests 4-Wks Assessment.png

Penetration tests: 4-Wks Assessment: This PwC offer provides penetration tests of an internet-facing infrastructure and internal, cloud-based, or hybrid infrastructure. An Azure platform security configuration review and a manual verification of key hosts and services are also included.

Resiliency on Azure – 1 Week Scorecard Assessment.png

Resiliency on Azure – 1 Week Scorecard Assessment: Trusting your cloud platform and solution resiliency is key to migration and expansion to Microsoft Azure. Grow that trust by proactively engaging in this one-week assessment.

Security platforms and SOC 10 Wks Implementation.png

Security platforms and SOC <10 Wks Implementation: PwC Cybersecurity Technology Services offers to implement a security platform and configure security operations (SOC) on Microsoft Azure in less than 10 weeks. The offer includes analysis of current SOC services and security technologies, development of an SOC strategy, and more.

Security 7-Day Assessment.png

Security: 7-Day Assessment: Vorsite's cloud security assessment follows a proven process with the goal of providing an actionable Microsoft Azure security implementation plan. This seven-day program includes a roadmap to improve your platform security.

SMB Cloud Strategy CIO 2-Day Assessment.png

SMB Cloud Strategy: vCIO 2-Day Assessment:

This is a strategic consultation from Precision IT for small businesses aiming towards the public cloud. A virtual CIO from Precision IT will spend two days working with you on discovering your business and technical requirements. 

Azure Adoption Framework- 4 Week Implementation.png

SNP's Azure Governance Services - 1 Week Assessment: SNP’s Azure governance services empower IT teams to enjoy the full benefits of Microsoft Azure by addressing challenges like managing Azure cloud governance practices, identifying cloud governance priorities, and more. 

Thermal Sense 2-week Implementation.png

Thermal Sense 2-week Implementation: Tech Mahindra Consulting Services offers a two-week implementation of Thermal Sense Services using Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services. Thermal Sense Services is an automated body-temperature screening service with facial recognition, tailored to your environment.

UST SmartStart 8 Week Strategic Assessment.png

UST SmartStart: 8 Week Strategic Assessment: UST SmartStart on Microsoft Azure delivers a blueprint for automation adoption and ROI models to evaluate benefits. It also includes a detailed plan for automation implementation for a candidate process.

VDI on Azure 4-Week Implementation.png

VDI on Azure 4-Week Implementation: Servent offers a four-week implementation of VDI on Azure, which helps you build a virtual desktop infrastructure and desktop as a service landing zone to accelerate your migration to Windows Virtual Desktop.

Velocity Desktop - 3 day Standard Implementation.png

Velocity Desktop - 3 day Standard Implementation: This three-day implementation from Sol-Tec offers a tailored Windows Virtual Desktop environment in your Microsoft Azure tenant. It uses Azure pipelines to orchestrate the continuous deployment of IaaS Windows Virtual Desktop infrastructure.

Velocity Desktop - 7 day Premier Implementation.png

Velocity Desktop - 7 day Premier Implementation: Sol-Tec offers this seven-day implementation of a tailored Windows Virtual Desktop environment in your Microsoft Azure tenant. It uses Azure pipelines to orchestrate the continuous deployment of IaaS Windows Virtual Desktop infrastructure while also transferring your existing RDS environment to Azure.

Velocity Desktop - 7 day Premier Implementation.png

Velocity Migration Service - 4 Week Implementation: Begin or continue your cloud journey by moving existing applications and services to Microsoft Azure. Sol-Tec Cloud Migration Teams will migrate your servers, network, or data to Azure from on-premises physical or virtual environments or from any other public or private cloud.  

Well managed Azure DevOps 3 weeks implemenation.png

Well Managed Azure DevOps: 3-weeks implementation: Zure Oy presents Well-Managed Azure DevOps services to help your organization plan, develop, and release faster and get you to your full potential with Azure DevOps services. After an in-depth assessment, a best-fit Azure DevOps governance model is then identified and implemented.

Windows Virtual Desktop 2 Week Implementation.png

Windows Virtual Desktop: 2 Week Implementation: This two-week implementation features a turnkey setup to securely deploy and scale applications on Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) via Microsoft Azure. You’ll get a fully deployed and configured WVD in Azure, ready for use.

Windows Virtual Desktop 4-Wk Implementation.png

Windows Virtual Desktop: 4-Wk Implementation: The TrimaxSecure offer for Windows Virtual Desktop Implementation will provision your enterprise Windows desktop environments on Microsoft Azure so that your workforce can work from anywhere.

X·CELERATE IoT Solution 8 Week PoC.png

X·CELERATE IoT Solution: 8 Week PoC: This eight-week offering from Xoriant delivers analytics and dashboards for smart manufacturing, predictive maintenance, cold chain, asset tracking, or smart retail.

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