Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 64
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 71 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


4Pointx IIoT Platform.png

4Pointx IIoT Platform: The 4Pointx IIoT Platform integrates with IoT sensors, plant automation systems, and ERP systems to provide a unified layer for performing shop floor analytics at scale. Build and deploy data-driven solutions while reducing costs and time-to-value.

Academic Leveling Courses.png

Academic Leveling Courses: Peregrine Global's academic services for higher education provide online courses for academic leveling and assurance of learning. Each course includes a pretest, four to six hours of instructional material, and a post-test.

Airline Maintenance Analytics (MARS).png

Airline Maintenance Analytics (MARS): GE Aviation's AirVault airline maintenance analytics connects the records and data of large, highly distributed global aircraft fleets by centralizing software configurations, administration, support, and computer processing.


Atomatest: Atomatest offers monitoring and test automation for business users managing technology stacks, ensuring the integrations and configurations that power an organization's marketing and sales work as expected.

AtScale Adaptive Analytics.png

AtScale Adaptive Analytics: AtScale Adaptive Analytics unleashes the power of data, enabling businesspeople and data scientists to make data-driven decisions quickly, easily, and at scale. Its AI-driven optimizer learns from user behavior and data relationships to improve data agility and performance.

Automatically scale Power BI Capacities.png

Automatically scale Power BI Capacities: PowerScalr enables you to easily leverage auto-scaling for Power BI Embedded. There are no complicated scripts or coding knowledge required, and you pay only for what you use.


Avatao: Avatao is an online security training platform that offers hands-on, job-relevant training exercises that enable developers to learn new skills, gain new insights, and practice new approaches in software security.

Black Pearl Mail - Next Generation Email Analytics, Signature Management, and Banner Messaging.png

Black Pearl Mail - Next Generation Email Analytics, Signature Management, and Banner Messaging: Black Pearl Mail provides a powerful enhancement to the standard email experience. With signature management, banner messaging, and email insights, Black Pearl Mail creates opportunities for dynamic and goal-oriented interactions.

Bluebird BOS EMM.png

Bluebird BOS EMM: Bluebird's BOS EMM provides management, configuration, and security for mobile devices in corporate-owned and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments. Configure, manage, update, and secure mobile devices, applications, and content with BOS EMM.

Containerize Any App On Azure.png

Containerize Any App On Azure: Evolute automates the initial container migration process and streamlines and optimizes subsequent application infrastructure maintenance, optimization, and management for an effective end-to-end application lifecycle experience.

Contiamo Datahub.png

Contiamo Datahub: Contiamo provides a fast and simple way to deliver and access data through powerful data virtualization and a robust data catalog. Features include one-click integration with most enterprise data sources, including MySQL, Postgres, and SAP HANA.

Cost-Performance Optimizer for Azure.png

Cost-Performance Optimizer for Azure: Serra Labs' Cost-Performance Optimizer incorporates innovative machine learning-based optimization techniques to significantly reduce Azure application resource costs and improve Azure application performance.

Counter Strike 1-6 Server for Windows 2016.png

Counter Strike 1.6 Server for Windows 2016: This virtual machine offered by Tidal Media Inc. will let you play Counter Strike on your own server, enabling team competitions, group missions, and other multiplayer action.

Diyotta Data Integration - Free Trial and BYOL.png

Diyotta Data Integration - Free Trial and BYOL: Diyotta is a cloud-based code-free data integration solution that enables enterprises to implement data lake and data warehouse platforms in cloud, multi-cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments. Efficiently integrate and manage ETL/ELT pipelines on Azure.

eyeDES Trading Surveillance.png

eyeDES Trading Surveillance: Features Analytics' eyeDES trading surveillance platform uses artificial intelligence to detect market abuse at any level and nearly in real time. Produce intelligent insights, understand market behavior, and detect violations with eyeDES.


FEFLOW: FEFLOW is an intuitive and comprehensive solution for groundwater and porous media modeling. Simulate processes involving fluid flow, groundwater age, contaminants, and heat transport under fully or variably saturated conditions from local to regional scale.

Fiix Software CMMS.png

Fiix Software CMMS: Fiix Software's CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) helps maintenance teams organize assets, manage work, connect to other systems, and make data-driven decisions. Easily scale across facilities and regions, and move from reactive to preventive maintenance.

Forms On Fire - Mobile.png

Forms On Fire - Mobile: Digitize your forms and workflows with Forms On Fire's no-code cloud platform for desktop and mobile. Design signatures, connectors, tasks, and more using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Filezilla FTP Secured Server for Windows 2016.png

FileZilla FTP Secured Server for Windows 2016: This pre-configured virtual machine offered by Tidal Media Inc. contains FileZilla and Windows Server 2016 Datacenter. Powerful and reliable, FileZilla lets you transfer sensitive data using SSL/TLS encryption.

Hyper accurate indoor navigation via Interact Retail LED lighting.png

Hyper accurate indoor navigation via Interact Retail LED lighting: Interact Retail Indoor Navigation uses Signify's connected LED lighting and Microsoft Azure services to provide hyper-accurate device location (geo-coordinates) to a retailer's mobile app. This enables wayfinding, product pinpointing, and more.


InstantCMS: Mostly used for creating large portals, social networks, or dating sites, InstantCMS is a free open-source content management system that uses the PHP programming language and a MySQL database.


IntelliTrust: IntelliTrust from Entrust Datacard delivers high-assurance credential-based authentication to improve the security and productivity of enterprise workforces with passwordless SSO, proximity workstation login, and access to a large EMM ecosystem.

Kallidus Learn (LMS).png

Kallidus Learn (LMS): Kallidus Learn is a modern learning platform designed to make learning simple, fast, and effective. Combine classroom, online, mobile, and social learning into one scalable platform that meets your learning and development goals.


Luciditi: Luciditi enables the mutual identification and verification of people, organizations, and data in real time via desktop or mobile apps. Protect business and personal assets and reputation from a variety of impersonation fraud attacks before they happen.


LUiNa: Available only in Japanese, LUiNa is a SaaS solution that detects and predicts signs from time-series data accumulated by customers to help prevent asset failure.

Mainframe Migration to Azure - Progression.png

Mainframe Migration to Azure - Progression: Fujitsu America helps organizations seamlessly modernize their mainframes to accelerate digital transformation. Keep your business moving forward while moving from mainframe to Microsoft Azure.

MainStreamings Global Intelligent Video Delivery Network.png

MainStreaming’s Global Intelligent Video Delivery Network: With its AI technology created for streaming media, MainStreaming’s Global Intelligent Video Delivery Network enables broadcasters, media, and gaming companies to stream high-quality video to their audiences worldwide.

Migration from G Suite and between Office 365 tenants.png

Migration from G Suite and between Office 365 tenants: Migrate users and content to a new Office 365 tenant with no downtime or data loss. Consolidate your organization's Office 365 infrastructure and services, including Exchange Online, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Online.


MMCloud: Available only in Japanese, MMCloud is an IoT platform that collects, stores, and visualizes data to deliver real-time remote monitoring of industrial equipment. Improve equipment operation and employee productivity with MMCloud.

Modis Modern Analytics Platform.png

Modis Modern Analytics Platform: Powered by core Azure services, including Azure IoT Hub and Azure Data Factory, Modis' Modern Analytics Platform is a secure, scalable solution that offers ingestion, storage, and modeling with presentation layers.

Morphisec VDI Protection.png

Morphisec VDI Protection: Morphisec VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) Protection leverages moving-target-defense technology for a low-profile solution that helps secure your VDI without sacrificing any of its benefits. Protect your organization from zero-day attacks and other advanced threats.

OpenVINO Ready-to-Deploy AI Vision Module.png

OpenVINO: Ready-to-Deploy AI Vision Module: OpenVINO is a computer vision application that enables you to unlock insights with ready-to-deploy computer vision AI models. Accelerate time-to-production with a train-to-deployment AI model pipeline, object detection, and image classification.

Orixcom Managed ExpressRoute.png

Orixcom Managed ExpressRoute: ExpressRoute provides organizations with private, dedicated connections between their on-premises IT environment and Microsoft Azure regions, enabling clients to avoid the public internet and take advantage of stable latency and improved performance.

Plexure Personalised Retail.png

Plexure Personalised Retail: Plexure delivers customer engagement through personalization at scale, powering mobile engagement in 78 languages to more than 147 million users in 58 countries worldwide. Personalize your retail experience with Plexure.


PrestaShop: PrestaShop is a comprehensive e-commerce solution with all the features required to build an online store. Create an attractive website with a responsive design to enable customers to view your products and make purchases from all over the world.

Rancher Server.png

Rancher Server: Linnovate Technologies' single-node Rancher server helps you easily deploy, run, and manage multiple Kubernetes clusters across any infrastructure, enabling you to deliver Kubernetes-as-a-Service.


RevenueAi: RevenueAi is a predictive analytics solution that enhances your technology and harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to identify, predict, and capture missed charges and strengthen the integrity of your revenue cycle.

SCRAM Nexus.png

SCRAM Nexus: SCRAM Nexus integrates evidence-based practice into daily decision-making, guiding community corrections officers through their daily workflow. Empower your team with advanced reporting, rich visual analytics, and comprehensive supervision planning and tracking.

SkyBITS Data Warehouse Accelerator.png

SkyBITS: Data Warehouse Accelerator: SkyBITS automates data warehouse development and coordinates all involved processes in a single user interface. Build your enterprise data warehouse up to 80 percent faster than with handwritten code.

Smarter 365.png

Smarter 365: Smarter 365 by The Business Software Centre allows you to recognize and manage key cost-efficiency factors for Office 365. These factors include lapsed users, lack of training, or users being on the wrong subscription.


TalEction: TalEction, a talent learning suite and human capital management system, uses real-time data and AI algorithms to connect employer and employee digital twins for optimization of human resources.

Tempered Airwall Appliance v2.2.png

Tempered Airwall Appliance v2.2: Tempered Networks Inc.'s Airwall Appliance provides cloaking, secure connectivity, identity-based routing, and IP mobility. Protected systems are invisible and inaccessible to unauthorized systems. Note: This appliance works only with the Tempered Airwall Conductor.

Tempered Airwall Conductor v2.2.png

Tempered Airwall Conductor v2.2: Tempered Networks Inc.'s Airwall makes it easy to connect, cloak, and manage all your networked devices. The Airwall Conductor is the centralized orchestration engine that manages enforcement points (Airwall edge services) and their connected devices.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.png

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: This image offered by Skylark Cloud contains Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Ubuntu is a free and open-source Linux distribution based on Debian.

Upstream Security AutoThreat Intelligence.png

Upstream Security AutoThreat Intelligence: Upstream Security Ltd.’s AutoThreat collects, analyzes, and disseminates threat intelligence specific to the automotive industry, encompassing OEMs, smart mobility companies, service providers, and connected fleets.

Video Streaming Service.png

Video Streaming Service: Available only in Japanese, this video streaming service uses Azure Media Services to broadcast live local government meetings nationwide, playing an important role in distributing information to residents.


ViSL: ViSL provides templates to aggregate sign-in monitoring, file monitoring, and email monitoring for Office 365 and Azure Active Directory, and it displays the information as visualized reports. This app is available only in Japanese.

Visual Search from Particular Audience.png

Visual Search from Particular Audience: Keyword search is inadequate in instances when metadata doesn't exist. Particular Audience's Visual Search app gets around that with computer vision technology that allows shoppers to search a retailer's website by uploading an image or screenshot.

WellStack Cloud-Based Big Data Analytics Platform for Healthcare.png

WellStack: Cloud-Based Big Data & Analytics Platform for Healthcare: WellStack consolidates structured and unstructured healthcare data to deliver actionable intelligence and management tools to reduce risk and improve member and provider engagement and performance.


WellView: WellView is a comprehensive well information management solution for well planning, drilling, completion, testing, and workovers. The system helps reduce duplicate data entry and improve data quality in a collaborative environment.

WeWALK Indoor Navigation.png

WeWALK Indoor Navigation: WeWALK Indoor Navigation is an accessibility package to assist the visually impaired. Solutions Arikovani UK will set up indoor navigation (integrated with WeWALK smart cane) for your venue, enabling customer analytics, regular reporting, and more.

ZTZ Doc Creator - Claims.png

ZTZ Doc Creator - Claims: ZTZ Doc Creator uses artificial intelligence to assist law firms in the reading, review, and creation of new legal documents. This app is available only in Spanish.

Consulting services

APIMM Engagement 8-Weeks Implementation.png

APIMM Engagement: 8-Weeks Implementation: In this engagement, Wragby will implement its API Management & Monetization (APIMM) solution. Deployed using Microsoft Azure API Management, APIMM provides a single place for managing and monetizing your APIs.

App Modernization 4 Week Implementation.png

App Modernization: 4 Week Implementation: Motifworks will analyze your legacy applications and provide an architecture for modernization. Motifworks will run .NET applications in Windows containers using Azure Service Fabric, modernize the architecture, and deploy it to the cloud.

Azure Cloud Readiness Assessment 1-2-Hour Q-A.png

Azure Cloud Readiness Assessment: 1-2-Hour Q&A: This free cloud readiness assessment from Keyhole Software will cover five topics: infrastructure, application code, data, DevOps, and team maturity. This assessment will lay the groundwork for a plan to get to the cloud.

Azure Foundations 10 Day Implementation.png

Azure Foundations: 10 Day Implementation: In this engagement, Long View Systems will conduct a workshop followed by the design of a working Azure environment to support the migration of defined workloads.

Azure Migration 3 Week Engagement.png

Azure Migration: 3 Week Engagement: Are you looking to migrate your servers to Microsoft Azure? Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting (DCAC) has access to a Microsoft program that will allow DCAC to migrate your systems to Microsoft at no cost to your company for the consulting services.

Azure Options for the Enterprise 1-hour Briefing.png

Azure Options for the Enterprise: 1-hour Briefing: This free briefing from Keyhole Software will help you understand your options in the wide world of Microsoft Azure. The briefing will be split into two parts: an instructional video and a consultation.

Azure Security 3-Week Assessment.png

Azure Security: 3-Week Assessment: In this assessment, Fujitsu Finland Oy will conduct security analysis and compare customers' Azure security policies to best practices. Customers will receive recommendations to minimize security risk for IaaS and PaaS features.

BCX Cloud Go-Go 4 Week M365 Implementation.png

BCX Cloud Go-Go: 4 Week M365 Implementation: In this implementation, Business Connexion Namibia Pty. (Ltd.) will migrate your environment to Microsoft 365, including Azure Active Directory, Azure Information Protection, Intune MAM and MDM policy setups, and device enrollments.

Capture and Consult Free 4-hr CAF Strategy Workshop.png

Capture & Consult: Free 4-hr CAF Strategy Workshop: A cloud journey can raise more questions than answers. This free workshop from Six Degrees Technology Group Ltd. will help your organization understand its cloud options, governance requirements, and more.

Cloud Backup Discovery 4-day Assessment.png

Cloud Backup Discovery: 4-day Assessment: Cobweb will recommend an appropriate backup solution for your environment and workloads. Cobweb's assessment will involve a one-day on-site engagement and three days for preparation, analysis, and report writing.

Database Modernisation Discovery 4-day Assessment.png

Database Modernisation Discovery: 4-day Assessment: Cobweb’s assessment enables businesses to address problems arising from legacy on-premises IT infrastructure, such as those with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008, by transitioning to Microsoft Azure.

Disaster Recovery Discovery 4-day assessment.png

Disaster Recovery Discovery: 4-day assessment: In this assessment, Cobweb will determine your disaster recovery goals, including recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs), in order to implement a disaster recovery solution based on Microsoft Azure.

File and Folder Backup 5-Days Implementation.png

File and Folder Backup: 5-Days Implementation: Matrix3D Infocom Private Ltd.'s implementation will holistically secure your business-critical data with backup architecture on Microsoft Azure.

IAM Support and Consulting ongoing 10 weeks impl..png

IAM Support and Consulting: ongoing 10 weeks impl.: In this engagement, Oxford Computer Group GmbH will provide consulting support for identity, access, and security issues in hybrid and Azure environments.

Infrastructure Modernisation 4-day Assessment.png

Infrastructure Modernisation: 4-day Assessment: In this assessment, Cobweb will determine your business transformation goals, review your IT infrastructure and applications, identify a desired future-state IT road map, and propose a new cloud solution design to enable you to achieve your business goals.

Innofactor Cloud Journey Step 1 One day workshop.png

Innofactor Cloud Journey Step 1: One day workshop: IT architecture has become the backbone of digitalization and a core requirement of sustainable innovation. Innofactor's workshop will help your organization take the next step in leveraging the cloud in your IT architecture.

Migrate NET Apps to Azure 80-hour Workshop.png Migrate .NET Apps to Azure: 80-hour Workshop: Keyhole Software's workshop will help you develop a road map to migrate on-premises .NET enterprise applications to Microsoft Azure. This workshop is intended for chief technology officers, directors, and architects.
Page Speed Booster for SAP Commerce 1-Day Imp.png Page Speed Booster for SAP Commerce: 1-Day Imp: In this implementation, team neusta GmbH's SAP Commerce experts will reduce your server load by integrating on-demand image processing in the cloud and optimized CDN delivery.
The Quadrical Ai Big Data Platform 8-Wk PoC.png

The Quadrical Ai Big Data Platform: 8-Wk PoC: This proof of concept from Quadrical Inc. (Canada) will use Azure Data Lake to provide you with a consolidated view of your business's data, along with schema validation and scalable infrastructure.

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