Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 183
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 140 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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IAM Cloud - Cloud Drive Mapper.png

IAM Cloud - Cloud Drive Mapper: Help your business adopt Microsoft 365 cloud storage by mapping your local network drives to OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online with this offering from IAM Cloud. Available as an annual SaaS-based subscription, this solution offers secure, direct access without synchronization challenges.

Jupyter Hub for Data Scientists Using Python and R.png

Jupyter Hub for Data Scientists Using Python and R: Data Science Dojo offers this optimized Microsoft Azure virtual machine instance of Jupyter. It provides researchers an easy, responsive, and collaborative coding environment using Python and R for machine learning. Jupyter is a free, open-source, interactive web tool used for scientific computing.

Martello Vantage Dx.png

Martello Vantage Dx: Vantage DX is a single platform digital experience monitoring suite designed to optimize Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams user experience for today’s hybrid work environment. Enable your IT team to quickly analyze, prioritize, and resolve performance and service issues across your organization.

Mattermost 6 on Ubuntu 20.04.png

Mattermost 6 on Ubuntu 20.04: Ntegral offers this Microsoft Azure virtual machine image as an open-source alternative to Slack and Microsoft Teams. This self-hostable online chat service with file-sharing, search, and other integrations has no usage limits.

Nebula Cloud High Performance Computing on Azure.png

Nebula Cloud High Performance Computing (HPC) on Azure: Designed to reduce cost and save time through collaborative access to simulation, data analytics, and Microsoft Azure high-performance computing resources, Nebula Cloud helps enterprises deploy and scale seamless solutions for the engineering community.


Optimiza-AGMpro: AGMpro by Optimiza enables corporations to conduct virtual general assembly meetings for their shareholders and authorized attendees in an easy, secure, and efficient manner while being mindful of privacy and governance requirements.

Postgres Pro Enterprise Database 10 .png

Postgres Pro Enterprise Database 10: This image offered by Postgres provides an enhanced PostgreSQL-based database management for heavy enterprise workloads on an Azure virtual machine. It contains an up-to-date version of Postgres Pro Enterprise Database 10.

Postgres Pro Enterprise Database 11 .png

Postgres Pro Enterprise Database 11: This image offered by Postgres provides an enhanced PostgreSQL-based database management for heavy enterprise workloads on an Azure virtual machine. It contains an up-to-date version of Postgres Pro Enterprise Database 11.

Postgres Pro Enterprise Database 9.6 .png

Postgres Pro Enterprise Database 9.6: This image offered by Postgres provides an enhanced PostgreSQL-based database management for heavy enterprise workloads on an Azure virtual machine. It contains an up-to-date version of Postgres Pro Enterprise Database 9.6.

Practice Sync.png

Practice Sync: Practice Sync from TribeDev synchronizes data from practice management applications to Microsoft SharePoint Online environments. It creates a consistent, integrated list of clients that can be used for automation, document integration, and much more.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.png

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7: This image offered by provides a minimal version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7. All RHEL 7 minor versions, from 7.7 to 7.9, are available and contain just enough packages to run within Microsoft Azure, bring up an SSH Server, and allow users to log in.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.png

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8: This image offered by provides a minimal version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8. All RHEL 8 minor versions, from 8.0 to 8.5, are available and contain just enough packages to run within Microsoft Azure, bring up an SSH Server, and allow users to log in.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.0.png

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.0: This offer from provides a minimal Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0 image based on the official RHEL 8.0 Binary DVD ISO image. It contains just enough packages to run within Microsoft Azure, bring up an SSH Server, and allow users to log in.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.1.png

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.1: This is a ready to use minimal Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1 image based on the official RHEL 8.1 Binary DVD ISO image. No separate RHEL8 subscription is required as the image is integrated with the Microsoft Azure-hosted RedHat Update Infrastructure (RHUI).

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.2.png

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.2: This offer from provides a minimal Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2 image based on the official RHEL 8.2 Binary DVD ISO image. It contains just enough packages to run within Microsoft Azure, bring up an SSH Server, and allow users to log in.

Relay Listener Service.png

Relay Listener Service: BlueJeans provides this pre-installed Relay Listener on Microsoft Azure. The listener service is a server that controls your endpoints on your behalf. It connects to the hosted Relay server and sends network and calendar information to your endpoints.

SCONE Confidential PySpark on Kubernetes.png

SCONE Confidential PySpark on Kubernetes: The SCONE Confidential PySpark on Kubernetes virtual machine by Scontain contains all the tools and images you will need to run distributed tasks on large datasets while protecting your Spark application code and data.

smapOne no-code app builder.png

smapOne no-code app builder: Empower employees with the smapOne no-code app builder and transform time-consuming analog processes into efficient, digital data collection and documentation applications. The tool is designed to maximize ROI and save time and money.

SQLite Server.png

SQLite Server: This image offered by Cloud Infrastructure Services provides SQLite Server on Ubuntu Server 20.04 on an Azure virtual machine. SQLite is a lightweight, command-line and cross-platform relational database management system.

Starburst Enterprise - Distributed SQL Engine.png

Starburst Enterprise - Distributed SQL Engine: Starburst Enterprise on Microsoft Azure is a data consumption layer that unlocks siloed data by providing fast access to any data source using an open source, distributed SQL query engine. It allows you to conduct holistic data analytic queries without moving your data from its source.

StreamSets DataOps Platform.png

StreamSets DataOps Platform: Eliminate blind spots and control gaps in your data pipelines with this end-to-end data integration platform by StreamSets. The unique architecture and intent-driven design of this solution offers a single pane of glass and helps you manage and monitor data across hybrid and cloud environments.

Swisscom CMP Mobile Demo Kit.png

Swisscom CMP Mobile Demo Kit: This demo kit from Swisscom enables you to manage all your IoT devices — local, global, or remote — from anywhere at any time. Integrated alarms and triggers provide quick, continuous insights into all your IoT SIM cards, costs, and devices.

Ubuntu 21.04 LTS.png

Ubuntu 21.04 LTS: This image from Tidal Media is preconfigured with Ubuntu 21.04 LTS to provide you with a platform for building an infrastructure of connected applications, networks, and web services across different workgroups and datacenters.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

App Modernization to Azure- Proof of Concept Services.png

App Modernization to Azure: Proof of Concept: In this offer, atSistemas will replatform your existing applications using Microsoft Azure Services and help accelerate your organization's digital transformation. Consultation, cost analysis, and an execution plan will be provided.

App Security for Azure DevOps- 2-Week Implementation.png

App Security for Azure DevOps: 2-Week Implementation: Cognizant will help Microsoft Azure DevOps customers implement static and dynamic application testing along with software composition analysis to detect security vulnerabilities at code level and at application runtime.

Avanade ai.RETAIL FY22 .png

Avanade ai.RETAIL FY22: This AI-powered solution from Avanade will ensure retail businesses using Microsoft Cloud for Retail can extract clear and measurable business metrics from their data. Drive your business toward growth and profit by optimizing your supply chain.

Azure Application Modernization- 1-Month Proof of Concept.png

Azure Application Modernization: 1-Month Proof of Concept: BCS Technology will build a tailored solution using your organization's data, infrastructure, and business objectives as guiding principles. Leveraging their expertise in Microsoft DevOps and Microsoft Azure they will help you gain increased scalability, security, and cost reduction with this proof of concept.

Azure Cloud Adoption- 3-Month Implementation.png

Azure Cloud Adoption: 3-Month Implementation: Cloud adoption requires strong leadership and change management. Let the team of multidisciplinary experts from Business & Decision optimize your Microsoft Azure cloud journey and unlock the value in your digital assets.

Azure Cloud Migration- 1-Week Implementation.png

Azure Cloud Migration: 1-Week Implementation: In this offer, Softronic will analyze and strategize a cloud migration plan that is least disruptive to your current operations, and then they will help move your applications, data, and workloads to Microsoft Azure.

Azure Construction Services- 10-Week Implementation .png

Azure Cloud Management Services: 10-Week Implementation: Colorkrew, formerly known as ISAO Corporation, will help your business optimize Microsoft Azure cloud sales and distribution, expenses, security, governance, subscriptions, and more. This offer is only available in Japanese.

Azure Data Platform with Center of Excellence- 12-Month Implementation.png

Azure Data Platform with Center of Excellence: 12-Month Implementation: Utilizing DevOps to combine multiple Microsoft service stacks such as Azure, Power Platform and Dynamics 365, the experts from ANS Group will model, optimize, and implement an effective, modern data platform solution for your business.

Azure IoT Fast Start- 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Azure IoT Fast Start: 4-Week Proof of Concept: This cost-effective offer from Mallow includes designing a minimum viable Microsoft Azure-based IoT solution, configuring it for a test group, and developing a roadmap for full implementation. 

Azure IoT Quick Check- 1-Day Proof of Concept.png

Azure IoT Quick Check: 1-Day Proof of Concept: Let b.telligent's proof of concept help your organization develop a rapid roadmap, including Microsoft Azure target architecture for common use cases, and get you started with a strategy to adopt the Internet of Things.

Azure Marketplace- 2-Day Onboarding Workshop.png

Azure Marketplace: 2-Day Onboarding Workshop: Are you looking to bring your solution to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace as a transaction-driven SaaS application? ADN will evaluate, optimize, and ensure your solution is scalable and performant to meet the growing customer base. This offer is only available in German.

Azure Sentinel Security Deployment and SOC Support Services- 4-Week Implementation.png

Azure Sentinel and SOC Support Services: 4-Week Implementation: Train your IT team to quickly identify and triage security alerts and proactively block threats using Microsoft Azure Sentinel and other support services in this implementation by Colorkrew, formerly known as ISAO Corporation. This offer is only available in Japanese.

Azure Virtual Desktop- 1-Day Workshop.png

Azure Virtual Desktop: 1-Day Workshop: Available only in German from Invenate GmbH, this offer will help you configure a secure, hybrid workplace and simplify the deployment of Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop. Enable your employees to access their familiar Windows 10 desktop and apps from anywhere.

Azure Virtual Desktop- 2-Week Implementation.png

Azure Virtual Desktop: 2-Week Implementation: In this offer by WSB Solutions, you will learn how to virtualize and optimize Microsoft 365 apps including Teams and OneDrive for enterprise for multiple users while retaining the ability to use 3D CAD and YouTube within the Azure Virtual Desktop environment. This offer is only available in Dutch.

AzureAD Tenant Consolidation- 1-Week Implementation.png

AzureAD Tenant Consolidation: 1-Week Implementation: Migrate and consolidate existing data from multiple tenants to a single, secure location in this engagement by Finchloom. Get the benefit of global scalability and resiliency with Microsoft Azure Active Directory tenant consolidation implementation.

Bechtle Azure App Modernization- 2-Day Workshop.png

Bechtle Azure App Modernization: 2-Day Workshop: Bechtle's hands-on workshop will help you navigate your application modernization and migration journey using Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework. A deep dive into Azure Kubernetes Service will also be provided.

Bechtle Azure DevOps Core Concepts- 1-Day Workshop.png

Bechtle Azure DevOps Core Concepts: 1-Day Workshop: In this workshop, Bechtle offers a deep dive into Microsoft Azure DevOps methodology and how it integrates with Jenkins along with expert assistance in building a CI-CD pipeline for Azure Kubernetes Service and integrating GitHub as a repository provider.

Causality 1-2-3- 3-Week Implementation.png

Causality 1-2-3: 3-Week Implementation: In this pilot solution, the experts from Agile Thought will help harness your data by utilizing Azure Databricks and Microsoft Cognitive Services to precisely identify data points that effect change and advance your desired business outcome.

Cloud Data Management Capabilities Accreditation Training- 2-Day Workshop.png

Cloud Data Management Capabilities Accreditation Training: 2-Day Workshop: TietoEVRY’s training will provide a comprehensive framework to effectively manage and elevate your organization’s data management practice by incorporating interactive and global guidelines. Streamline your adoption of Azure cloud and hybrid cloud ecosystems.

Customer Omnichannel Experience- 2-Day Workshop.png

Customer Omnichannel Experience: 2-Day Workshop: In this workshop by BitBang you will learn how to map your customer's journey and offer personalized experiences and services by integrating real-time data from CRM and other marketing tools with the analytical capabilities of Azure Data Lake.

CyberProtect Microsoft Sentinel- 4-Week Implementation.png

CyberProtect Microsoft Sentinel: 4-Week Implementation: Fiserv will implement, configure, and optimize the full suite of Microsoft's security applications, including Azure Sentinel, and help take your cybersecurity, compliance, and threat eradication capabilities to the next level.

Cyberwar Training- 2-Day Workshop.png

Cyberwar Training: 2-Day Workshop: Using gamification and hands-on training, Awara IT will help your analysts identify and triage cybersecurity threats and alerts quickly and efficiently. This offer is only available in Russian.

Data Management Capability Assessment Model Accreditation Training- 2-Day Workshop.png

Data Management Capability Assessment Model Accreditation Training: 2-Day Workshop: TietoEVRY’s workshop will help participants understand the rationale behind DCAM and how to apply the DCAM scoring methodology to consistently evaluate and improve data and analytics management capabilities.

Document Processing- 10-Week Implementation.png

Document Processing: 10-Week Implementation: KABEL’s implementation is designed to help companies automate their data processing systems by using AI and Microsoft Azure Form Recognizer. Learn how to quickly extract text and structure from documents. This offer is only available in Spanish.

Elastic Engineering Managed Services for Azure Security- 4-Week Implementation.png

Elastic Engineering Managed Services for Azure Security: 4-Week Implementation: Rackspace's managed service will provide your organization with access to a team of Microsoft Azure security experts who will assess, implement, engineer, and manage your hybrid security and compliance challenges on an as-needed basis.

Elastic Engineering Managed Services for Azure VMware- 4-Week Implementation.png

Elastic Engineering Managed Services for Azure VMware: 4-Week Implementation: In this engagement, Rackspace will provide your organization with access to a team of Microsoft Azure VMware solution experts who will help optimize workloads and accelerate innovation across your Azure VMware environment.

Elastic Engineering Managed Services for Azure- 4-Week Implementation.png

Elastic Engineering Managed Services for Azure: 4-Week Implementation: In this implementation, Rackspace will provide your business access to a team of Microsoft Azure-certified cloud engineers who will collaborate with your IT crew to drive better business outcomes and shape your digital transformation.

Hybrid Datacenter with Azure Arc- 3-Day Workshop.png

Hybrid Datacenter with Azure Arc: 3-Day Workshop: T-Mobile Czech will bring the power of cloud-native resource management to your on-premises datacenters and edge with Microsoft Azure Arc. See the benefit of integrating your cloud resources into a single pane of glass.

Hybrid IT Service for Microsoft Azure- 4-Week Implementation.png

Hybrid IT Service for Microsoft Azure: 4-Week Implementation: Let Fujitsu expand your resources and accelerate your digital transformation journey by enabling a hybrid infrastructure. Learn how you can integrate and deploy workloads from your local datacenter to Microsoft Azure. This offer is only available in Japanese.

Industrial Production Control- 10-Week Implementation.png

Industrial Production Control: 10-Week Implementation: KABEL's implementation will help you gain real-time insights into the performance of your industrial production environment. Using technologies such as Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Storage, and IoT Hub you can automate and optimize your factory floor. This offer is only available in Spanish.

Intraselect CloudConnect- 1-Week Implementation.png

Intraselect CloudConnect: 1-Week Implementation: Deutsche Telekom, Europe's leading telecommunications provider, will offer a direct private connection - regardless of the public Internet - from the MPLS corporate network to Microsoft Azure for a fixed monthly price. This offer is only available in German.

Introduction to Azure Virtual Desktop- 5-Day Workshop.png

Introduction to Azure Virtual Desktop: 5-Day Workshop: Seamlessly scale your virtualization efforts by learning about the advantages of Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop's security features in this workshop by Invenate. This offer is only available in German.

Managed Defence & Response- 6-Week Implementation.png

Managed Defense & Response: 6-Week Implementation: ANS offers advanced managed detection and response (MDR) solutions and services for Microsoft security products. ANS will build, deploy, and operate all the tooling needed for the continuous optimization and development of your security and cloud environment.

Managed Detection & Response (MDR) Managed Service.png

Managed Detection & Response (MDR) Managed Service: Six Degrees’ Managed Detection & Response (MDR) service harnesses the power of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint security platform and Azure Sentinel to deliver a comprehensive solution that mitigates the risks of maintaining a remote workforce.

Managed Threat Detection Sentinel- Managed Service.png

Managed Threat Detection Sentinel: Managed Service: Orange Cyberdefense will use a log-based threat detection framework to monitor your IT environment. Experts will measure and mitigate your organization’s risk and attack trends over time by deploying proprietary methodology against your existing Microsoft Azure Sentinel platform.

Marketing Analytics- 8-Week Implementation.png

Marketing Analytics: 8-Week Implementation: Syntelli will make it easy for your marketing teams to launch and track effective campaigns and convert traffic to sales. Optimize marketing spend across channels and product lines using data science models based on Azure Data Factory, Databricks, and Microsoft Power BI.

Microsoft Azure Migration- 1-Week Proof of Concept.png

Microsoft Azure Migration: 1-Week Proof of Concept: New Charter Technologies will help you assess, plan, and migrate your on-premises, datacenter, private cloud, and/or hybrid infrastructure to Microsoft Azure. A detailed design, implementation plan and cost estimates are included in this proof of concept.

Microsoft Sentinel- 10-Day Proof of Concept Deployment.png

Microsoft Sentinel: 10-Day Proof of Concept Deployment: Transparity offers a base level deployment of Microsoft Sentinel to learn and improve your company’s security posture. Microsoft Sentinel is a cloud native SIEM and SOAR system that provides all-in-one alert detection, remediation, and proactive threat hunting.

Migrate Servers to Azure- 3- to 8-Week Implementation.png

Migrate Servers to Azure: 3- to 8-Week Implementation: Provisions Group will quickly assess, map, migrate, test, and cutover your workloads to a cloud-based environment in record time using Azure Migrate – the unified migration platform from Microsoft. Enhance security, simplify access, and be future-ready.

Move to Cloud- 4-Week Implementation.png

Move to Cloud: 4-Week Implementation: Get trained on how to migrate your existing servers to Microsoft Azure in this cost-effective and tailored engagement from Exakis Nelite. Remediation of compatibility constraints and assessment of business impact are part of this offer which is only available in French.

Occupancy Analytics- Half-Day Workshop.png

Occupancy Analytics: Half-Day Workshop: Sharp Peak Consulting will help gather, store, process, analyze and visualize occupancy data of any variety and volume using Microsoft Azure sensors, heatmaps and dashboards. Optimize your workspace, reduce operating costs, and achieve efficiencies quickly.

Scoring & Affinity- 2-Month Proof of Concept.png

Scoring & Affinity: 2-Month Proof of Concept: Turn raw data into valuable business insights in this offer by Cloud Value Equity GmbH. See how Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Purview work seamlessly together to enhance your organization’s data assets and improve customer experience.

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Health Catalyst Data Operating System


Intel Distribution of OpenVINO Toolkit

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Microsoft Azure Security Baseline: 4-Day Assessment

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Migration Assessment and Planning: 2-Week Delivery

Migration Configuration Management


NetBackup Recovery Vault



PerfectWatch for BitLocker

PISARA School Enrollment System

Postgres Pro Standard Database 10 (Container)

Postgres Pro Standard Database 10 (VM)

Postgres Pro Standard Database 11 (VM)

Postgres Pro Standard Database 12 (Container)

Postgres Pro Standard Database 13 (Container)

Postgres Pro Standard Database 9.5 (Container)

Postgres Pro Standard Database 9.5 (VM)

Postgres Pro Standard Database 9.6 (Container)

Postgres Pro Standard Database 9.6 (VM)

Puzzle - Clientele Solution


Real-Time Earth

Retail Image Analytics

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Templafy for Microsoft 365 & SharePoint

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Titan Live Video

UIBScm. RateGain Integration add-on

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WeSafe as a Service with Microsoft 365

WorkBoard for Strategy, Transformation & Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

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