Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 156
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 127 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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AI Tele-Rehab.png

AI Tele-Rehab & RPM Solution- Post-COVID Care: The AI Tele-Rehab & RPM Solution running on Microsoft Azure delivers low-cost, all-in-one care tools to address the complex needs of patients with musculoskeletal, cardiology, neurological, and cognitive-impairment issues, along with COVID-19 complications.

Bluware Products and Evaluation Packages.png

Bluware Products and Evaluation Packages: Bluware's products help geoscientists realize the full value of seismic data – without the limitations forced by data size – so they can make faster and smarter decisions to reduce time to oil.

CentOS 8.4.png CentOS 8.4: This preconfigured image offered by provides CentOS 8.4 on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. The minimal CentOS 8.4 image, mainly used as a common base system, contains just enough packages to run within Azure, bring up an SSH Server, and allow users to log in.
Cloud Native In-memory Database.png

Cloud-Native In-Memory Database for Memcached: This image offered by VMLab, an authorized reseller for Websoft9, provides Memcached 1.6.9, an in-memory key-value store, on Ubuntu 20.04. Also included are NGINX 1.20 and Docker 20.10.7. Speed up your dynamic web applications by alleviating database load.

Cloud Native MQ.png

Cloud-Native MQ for Apache RocketMQ: This image offered by VMLab, an authorized reseller for Websoft9, provides Apache RocketMQ 4.9.0, a distributed messaging and streaming platform, on Ubuntu 20.04. Also included are NGINX 1.20, RocketMQ Console 2.0, OpenJDK 1.8.0, and Docker 20.10.

CORE Antivirus for Windows.png

CORE Antivirus: CORE Antivirus offers rapid performance with low resource consumption, detecting malware and blocking suspicious actions. The product can ask cloud services if a suspicious file is a threat (potentially zero-day malware) or not (potentially wrongly categorized).

Debian 10 Basic.png

Debian 10 Basic: Tidal Media provides Debian 10, a minimal Linux distribution, in this image optimized for automated use at scale. Cloud developers can rely on its speed, performance, and stability. The image will boot faster and require fewer security updates over time because it has fewer packages installed.


DTaaS - Datatrust as a Service: Designed for the ever-changing compliance environment, Sightline Innovation's Datatrust as a Service keeps your assets protected while enabling data collaboration, analytics, and auditable interoperability.

Java Runtime for Web App.png Java Runtime for Web App: This image offered by VMLab provides a one-click deployment of Apache Tomcat, an open-source implementation of Java technologies, on CentOS 7.9. Also included are JDK 1.7.0, OpenJDK 1.8.0, OpenJDK 11.0, NGINX 1.20, MySQL 5.7, phpMyAdmin 5.1, Docker 20.10, and Redis 5.0.
LAMP Stack Server (CentOS).png

LAMP Stack Server (CentOS): This image offered by Cloud Infrastructure Services provides a LAMP stack on CentOS Server 8.3. Included in the stack are Apache Web Server, MySQL Server, the phpMyAdmin administration tool, and Let's Encrypt, which lets you create SSL certificates for your web app using the LAMP command line.

LAMP Stack Server (Ubuntu).png

LAMP Stack Server (Ubuntu): This image offered by Cloud Infrastructure Services provides a LAMP stack on Ubuntu Server 20.04. Included in the stack are Apache Web Server, MySQL Server, the phpMyAdmin administration tool, and Let's Encrypt, which lets you create SSL certificates for your web app using the LAMP command line.

LearnersEDGE 360.png

LearnersEDGE 360: LearnersEDGE 360, a comprehensive set of modules from Peridot Systems, enables educators to consolidate and review school information, such as grades, schedules, rosters, assessments, test scores, attendance, and behavior.

MidVision RapidDeploy.png

MidVision RapidDeploy for MQ Advanced 9.X: This preconfigured image offered by MidVision provides RapidDeploy 5.0 and IBM MQ Advanced (9.0, 9.1, or 9.2) on Windows Server. RapidDeploy is deployment automation software. Install your software stack with just a few clicks, licensed and ready to go.

Nightfall DLP.png

Nightfall DLP Developer Platform: The Nightfall Developer Platform powers data classification and protection for any application. Configure detection and integrate with just a few lines of code, and seamlessly add data classification to your applications and workflows using Nightfall's modern REST API.


OpenCart Shopping Cart Solution: This preconfigured image offered by VMLab provides OpenCart, an open-source program for managing online stores, on CentOS 7.9. Also included are Apache 2.4, PHP 7.4, MySQL 5.7, phpMyAdmin 5.1, Redis 5.0, and Docker 20.10.

OpsRamp Digital Operations Platform.png

OpsRamp Digital Operations Platform: OpsRamp is designed to discover and monitor hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure in a single platform. Automatic monitoring simplifies IT operations management, while curated dashboards provide deeper cloud visibility.


ownCloud: This image offered by Niles Partners provides ownCloud Community Edition, an open-source software stack that gives you universal access to files, contacts, calendars, and bookmarks across all of your devices.

PHP Runtime with Laravel.png

PHP Runtime with Laravel Framework: This image offered by VMLab, an authorized reseller for Websoft9, provides a one-click deployment of the Laravel 8.44.0 PHP web framework on CentOS 7.9. Also included are Apache 2.4, PHP 7.4, MySQL 5.7, phpMyAdmin 5.1, Redis 5.0, and Docker 20.10.

Power IoT Lorawan.png

Power IoT Lorawan: Power IoT server from Pilot Things connects LoRaWAN sensors to Microsoft Power Platform to enrich mobile or web apps. Note: You must use a Kerlink Wirnet iSerie LoRaWAN gateway to build your private network and send the data to Power IoT server.

Ruby on Rails Server (CentOS).png

Ruby on Rails Server (CentOS): This preconfigured image offered by Cloud Infrastructure Services provides the Ruby on Rails web development framework on CentOS Server 8.3. SQLite3, Node.js, and Yarn come preinstalled.

Ruby on Rails Server (Ubuntu).png

Ruby on Rails Server (Ubuntu): This preconfigured image offered by Cloud Infrastructure Services provides the Ruby on Rails web development framework on Ubuntu Server 20.04. SQLite3, Node.js, and Yarn come preinstalled.

Tricentis Continuous Testing Platform.png

Tricentis Continuous Testing Platform: Tricentis' AI-driven continuous testing platform addresses agile development and complex enterprise apps, increasing software delivery speed, reducing costs, and improving quality.


TYPO3: This image offered by Niles Partners provides TYPO3, a content management system popular in Europe. TYPO3 is highly flexible because its code and content are operated separately. Use TYPO3 to build and manage websites of any size. More than 5,000 extensions are available for download.

Ubuntu 21.04.png

Ubuntu 21.04: This preconfigured image offered by Ntegral provides Ubuntu 21.04 on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. Optimized for production environments on Azure, this image includes the latest features available in Ubuntu 21.04.

Umbraco 9 on Azure.png

Umbraco 9 on Azure: This preconfigured image offered by Ntegral provides Umbraco 9 on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. Umbraco is an open-source .NET-based content management system. This image also includes Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS and Microsoft SQL Server Express.

Zscaler Digital Experience.png

Zscaler Digital Experience: Zscaler Digital Experience delivers monitoring for network and security teams, offering insight by measuring application performance, network and cloud path traces, and endpoint device metrics.

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(dot) NET App.png

.NET App Best Practices: 2-Week Assessment: In this offering, Insight technical experts will evaluate .NET solutions to determine how well they adhere to best practices while identifying areas for improvement. Make developer efforts within Microsoft Azure more productive.

5 Week iPaaS Assessment.png

5-Week iPaaS Assessment and Road Map: Discover the benefits of moving from an on-premises integration platform to Neudesic’s low-cost and highly scalable Microsoft Azure cloud Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) with this offering. Get an assessment and an architecture road map.

Advanced Performance Optimization.png

Advanced Performance Optimization: 2-Week Implementation: dataEx will review your indexing strategy, query scenarios, Microsoft SQL Server architecture, and data structure to provide improvement that impacts your transactional environment. This offer is available only in Portuguese.

Advisory for Azure archiving.png

Advisory for Azure Archiving: 2-Hour Implementation: Cloud Essentials will advise you on migrating to a Microsoft Azure data platform for archiving or email journaling. This initial advisory service will lead to recommendations for suitable Azure-based archive platforms and other services.

App Modernization 3-Day Assessment.png

App Modernization: 3-Day Assessment: BSH will help you choose, implement, and manage the optimal scenario for technology stack upgrades, new functionalities to your enterprise applications, and migrating on-premises apps to Microsoft Azure. Identify your goals and how to meet them. 

Application Modernization (4 weeks).png Application Modernization: 4-Week Assessment: Migrate to Microsoft Azure with confidence. adaQuest will get you ready to move your legacy applications to the cloud with insights on the business impact, anticipated costs, and technology benefits of modernization.
Application Modernization (5 Days).png Application Modernization: 5-Day Workshop: Application modernization is the refactoring, repurposing, or consolidation of legacy software programming to align it with current business needs. AccTech Systems, a 4Sight Holdings company, will build a Microsoft Azure-based modernization road map for you.
Application Modernization Process.png

Application Modernization Process: 10-Week Implementation: Leveraging its Modernization of Web Applications to Microsoft Azure advanced specialization, Centric has created a modernization process that helps clients evaluate and remediate their legacy technology.

Artificial intelligence pilot.png

Artificial Intelligence Pilot: 4-Week Assessment: T-Systems Magyarország Zrt's pilot project will make a jointly selected business process more efficient by involving artificial intelligence. This offer is available only in Hungarian.

Azure Active Directory B2C.png

Azure Active Directory B2C: 2-Week Assessment: Insight’s engagement helps lay the foundation and planning around Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C migration, guiding you through preparing for and understanding the full scope of Azure AD B2C as an identity solution. 

Azure App Migration.png

Azure App Migration: 1-Day Assessment: Telekom Romania will assess your applications’ readiness for migration and calculate service costs associated with the transition to Microsoft Azure. Multiple discussions and discovery sessions will take place.

Azure Cost Optimization.png

Azure Cost Optimization: 4-Week Assessment: Optimize your Microsoft Azure spending with adaQuest’s offering. Manage your cloud spending and increase organizational accountability with insights, analysis, and recommendations to improve the financial governance of your solutions.

Azure Data DevOps.png

Azure Data DevOps: 1-Week Maturity Assessment: An SDK expert on Microsoft Azure Data DevOps will assess the maturity of your company's Azure Data DevOps implementation and provide a road map to continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD).

Azure Data Platform.png

Azure Data Platform - 4-Week Custom Assessment: A Microsoft Azure data platform can be daunting given the multitude of tools available. Let SDK work with your company to design a data platform that meets your current and future analytic needs.

Azure Digital Twin Strategy.png

Azure Digital Twin Strategy: 1-Day Workshop: diva-e will perform an analysis of your system landscape in Microsoft Azure with reference to digital twin, the link between the shop floor (operating technology) and Azure (information technology). This offer is available only in German.

Azure Express.png

Azure Express: 4-Week Assessment: adaQuest will provide customers with a quick assessment of their Microsoft Azure capabilities and obstacles to cloud migration, then present recommendations for the next steps regarding cloud deployments, migration cost, and benefit analyses.

Azure Foundation Assessment.png

Azure Foundation Assessment: 4-6 Weeks: Perficient’s offering enables you to assess your cloud readiness, prioritize Microsoft Azure-ready workloads, and align your migration strategy by using the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework, enterprise scale, and other best practices.

Azure Foundations.png

Azure Foundations: 4-Week Assessment: Count on a proven methodology. Take advantage of the experience of adaQuest, a managed services provider for Microsoft Azure, and discover the possibilities for strategic digital transformation.

Azure Governance.png

Azure Governance: 4-Week Implementation: Let Zure create tailored Microsoft Azure cloud governance documentation and educate your key personnel on it. Ensure your team understands the requirements of best practice Azure governance and how to mitigate public cloud risks.

Azure Landing Zone.png

Azure Landing Zone: 4-Week Implementation: This offering from Zure creates the initial Microsoft Azure landing zone blueprint at a subscription level with essential items and provides an excellent starting point for further improvements. Make Azure deployment and management easy and secure.

Azure Migration workshop.png

Azure Migration: 1-Day Workshop: Professional Advantage will provide analysis and road-mapping of your IT infrastructure designed to assist you with migrating your on-premises IT environment to Microsoft Azure. Learn the cost of migrating your IT infrastructure to Azure.

Azure ML Ops assessment.png

Azure ML Ops: 2-Week Operational Assessment: Developing a Microsoft Azure Machine Learning model is complex data scientist work, but so is operationalizing these models. SDK will develop a plan to operationalize your Azure Machine Learning models.

Azure Readiness Assessment.png

Azure Readiness Assessment for CMMC: 6 Weeks: For mid-market and enterprise companies with Microsoft Azure and/or Microsoft 365 environments seeking U.S. Department of Defense Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, CORTAC Group’s offering will help you prepare.

Azure Sentinel Monitoring.png

Azure Sentinel Monitoring: 5-Day Implementation: With vNext IQ’s offering, you will be able to monitor critical infrastructure (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) easily and import data from your Microsoft cloud services. Configure as many custom alerts as needed if a specified software is installed.

Azure Spring Cloud.png

Azure Spring Cloud: 6-Week Fast Start: Insight technical experts will help you modernize two Java applications by migrating them to Microsoft Azure Spring Cloud. Get a foundation for microservice-based applications with the benefits of a Kubernetes cluster without the complexity.

BI and Big Data strategy.png

BI and Big Data strategy: 4-Week Assessment: T-Systems will provide a data strategy that focuses on the architecture for collection and analysis of data assets, production of reports, and implementation of Microsoft machine learning solutions. This offer is available only in Hungarian.

Business Central on Azure.png

Business Central on Azure: 2-Week Implementation: Var Group’s service is aimed at companies that want to adopt a scalable cloud platform for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Var Group will support you with a team of Azure experts. This offer is available only in Italian.


CloudON (Azure Managed Service): CloudON from C & Thoth establishes a configuration strategy suitable for the customer's infrastructure environment and business goals. This offer is available only in Korean.


CODEX Data Culture Maturity : 4-Week Assessment: Naviz Analytics captures the voice of different personas within an organization. Naviz Analytics will build the synthesis of data culture, then help customers build data and analytics solutions on Microsoft Azure. 

Cost Saving and Optimization (1 week).png

Cost Saving and Optimization: 1 Week Assessment: IFI Techsolutions will discuss your goals and will perform an assessment on your infrastructure to help anticipate reduction in cost. Get a detailed cost savings report of discovered results and recommended actions.

Cost Saving and Optimization (2 weeks).png

Cost Saving and Optimization: 2 Week Implementation: IFI Techsolutions will provide a comprehensive cost assessment of your Microsoft Azure environment for cost savings and cost optimization.

Custom AI solutions.png

Custom AI Solutions for Business: Azure 8-Week Proof of Concept: deep_dive provides custom solutions through implementing data science and AI in Microsoft Azure and tackling business problems using Azure Synapse Analytics. Test your solution against previously established key performance indicators.

Customised advisory.png

Customized Advisory for Office 365 Backup: 2-Hour Implementation: Cloud Essentials will provide advice and help you prepare to implement Microsoft Office 365 backup and recovery. Identify your business requirements and learn the options available.

Cybersecurity Assessment.png

Cybersecurity Assessment: adaQuest will assist your organization with its security and compliance posture. Get insights, recommendations, and next steps with a strategic plan based on approaches recommended by Microsoft security experts to enhance your security posture.

Data analysis platform.png

Data Analysis Platform: 10-Week Proof of Concept: Nextscape will deliver a proof of concept of an integrated analysis platform centered on Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics. This service is available in Japanese.

Data Analytics Sprint.png

Data Analytics Sprint: 5-Day Assessment: dataEx will map your data analytical model at strategic, operational, and technical levels to create an analytical platform model, then identify your business needs and how to address them using Microsoft Azure. This offer is available only in Portuguese.

Data and Infrastructure.png

Data and Infrastructure: 4-Week Assessment: Streamline your move to the cloud. Get help from adaQuest in evaluating your overall infrastructure in relation to on-premises deployments and future cloud strategy. Learn about the business benefits, cost benefits, and technology benefits of migration.

Datacenter Transformation.png

Datacenter Transformation: 1-Day Workshop: IFI Techsolutions’ offering is focused on a readiness assessment of your environment, cloud strategy, and road map, defining best practices for migrating workloads to Microsoft Azure. Get the knowledge and skills to migrate with confidence.

Deploying Modern Workloads.png

Deploying Modern Workloads on Azure: 1-Day Workshop: Insight technical experts will help the client quickly ramp up on Microsoft Azure, Terraform, and GitHub by guiding them through educational content and hands-on labs. Navigate the structure of an Azure landing zone.

Environment Support.png

Environment Support and Monitoring: 4-Week Implementation: dataEx will help you ensure you get the maximum performance out of your Microsoft SQL Server. This will involve cloud backups, security tips, application hardening, alerts, monthly reports, and more. This service is available only in Portuguese.

Full cloud readiness.png

Full Cloud Readiness: 4-Week Assessment: In this assessment, T-Systems Magyarország Zrt will examine the dependencies between your company's applications and workloads and whether they're ready to move to the cloud. This service is available in Hungarian.

Java Application Modernization.png

Java Application Modernization: 3-Week Assessment: Insight technical experts will work with the client to develop a process to migrate Java applications to Microsoft Azure by delivering a formalized migration plan. Get better equipped to budget and plan for migrating.

Journey to cloud.png

Journey to Cloud:‎ 2-Week Implementation: dataEx will help you create a plan to migrate to Microsoft Azure, working with your IT department for efficient management and the optimization of all of Azure’s available tools. This service is available only in Portuguese.

Machine Learning.png

Machine Learning: 8-Week Implementation: dataEx will help you create a statistical and predictive/prescriptive machine learning model using Microsoft Azure. This offering includes a feasibility analysis to validate the data available. This service is available only in Portuguese.

Managed Services RISE.png

Managed Services RISE with SAP: 2-Week Assessment: Navisite’s offering gives you a new way of buying and consuming SAP services on Microsoft Azure. Navisite can help you navigate the options to get to S/4HANA and identify if RISE with SAP is the best licensing model for you. 

Microservice management platform.png

Microservice Management Platform: 2-Day Assessment: Chunghwa Telecom will introduce its microservice management platform, which can can assist in the deployment of cloud-native applications (including Kubernetes and Azure Kubernetes Service) on multi-cloud and local environments. This service is available only in Chinese.

Microservices (4 weeks).png

Microservices: 4-Week Implementation: Let Prisma Soluciones Tecnológicas specialists deploy, operate, and monitor a microservices infrastructure in your Microsoft Azure cloud to host your applications. Achieve operational efficiency, higher levels of security, and continuity of operations.

Migration and Modernization of SQL.png

Migration and Modernization of SQL Server: 4-Week Implementation: dataEx transforms the languages of certain databases into others, automatically, accurately, and with significant cost savings. Improve performance and adjust procedures. This offer is available only in Portuguese.

Migration Service to Azure.png

Migration Service to Azure: 4-Week Implementation: CEDI Consulting will migrate your on-premises environment to Microsoft Azure so you can ensure high performance, stability, and security for your cloud infrastructure. This service is available only in Spanish.

ML Brainstorm.png

ML Brainstorm: 1-Day Workshop: Oscore will host a guided brainstorm through the Microsoft Azure AI platform, Azure Machine Learning, and Azure Cognitive Services. This workshop is for decision makers who want a concentrated primer on AI/ML and the value it could unlock. 

Navigate Cloud Journey.png

Navigate Cloud Journey: 3-Week Maturity Assessment: Devoteam uses the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure and a well-architected framework to assess your cloud maturity. Both your technological and non-technological challenges will be addressed.

Office 365 migration services.png

Office 365 Migration Services Using Azure: 4-Week Implementation: Cloud Essentials provides a fully managed, end-to-end migration solution with an experienced project manager. Get support and execution using Cloud Essentials’ secure, SaaS-based migration platform on Microsoft Azure.

Office 365 tenant migration.png

Office 365 Tenant Migration Using Azure: 4-Week Implementation: Cloud Essentials will provide pre-migration advisory and end-to-end cross-tenant migration services using Microsoft Azure, including coexistence capability and Azure Active Directory consolidation if required.

Onboarding and Migration.png

Onboarding and Migration: 4-Week Implementation: Prisma Soluciones Tecnológicas offers a cloud migration strategy to migrate data and applications from an on-premises architecture to Microsoft Azure. Select an architecture type according to your business needs.

Operation and monitoring.png

Operation and Monitoring: 4-Week Implementation: Get the support of a team of IT specialists from Prisma Soluciones Tecnológicas, who will carry out the development and implementation tasks of the agreed technology. The management components are hosted entirely on Microsoft Azure.


PredSell - Product Recommender: 4-Week Implementation: Predica will implement PredSell so you can generate personalized recommendations for your online store visitors. PredSell's recommendation engine is powered by user profiles, enriched data, and trending topics.

Quick Start.png

Quick Start: 2-Week SAP Assessment with Ensono: This engagement from Ensono can show how your SAP environment could look on Microsoft Azure. Ensono's no-obligation assessment will give you the answers you need in as little as two weeks.

Rapid ExpressRoute.png

Rapid ExpressRoute Implementation: Fast-track your Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute deployment with BUI. BUI's experts will establish the correct architecture for your needs and guide you through prerequisites, configurations, and design choices.

SAP on Azure Security.png

SAP on Azure Security: 10-Week Implementation: Wipro will implement a comprehensive security and compliance framework on Microsoft Azure to ensure layered protection for your organization's SAP workloads.

Security (3 weeks).png

Security: 3-Week Azure Sentinel Implementation: Metro Systems will implement Microsoft Azure Sentinel so your enterprise can benefit from its intelligent security analytics. An assessment and workshops are included in the offer.

Smart operations with IOT.png

Smart Operations with IoT: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Ordina will deliver a working prototype for your IoT use case. Ordina focuses on use cases for smart offices (measuring occupation, reservations, and carbon dioxide levels) and smart industry (automating asset tracking and detection of objects).

Standard Azure Landing Zone.png

Standard Azure Landing Zone: 2-Week Implementation: Are you struggling to get your cloud migration project off the ground? FX Innovation can quickly and securely build a landing zone to fast-track your Azure migration.

Synapse BI.png

Synapse BI Modernization: 10-Week Implementation: AccTech Systems, a 4Sight Holdings company, will migrate your business intelligence infrastructure to Microsoft Azure Synapse, optimizing your workloads and modernizing your data ingestion.


Vanguard Azure Security Assessment: 5 Days: Improve your Microsoft Security Score with Curatrix Technologies and its Vanguard IT service management. Curatrix Technologies will assess your Microsoft tenancy and security policies, then provide recommendations for optimization and cost management.

VMWare Horizon Cloud.png

VMWare Horizon Cloud on Azure: Managed Service Implementation: Gain the ability to connect your instance of Microsoft Azure to Horizon Cloud control plane and deliver virtualized Windows applications and desktops. VNEXT IQ will handle the configurations, setup, and deployment.

Workplace Modernization.png

Workplace Modernization: 4-Week Assessment: Streamline your move to the cloud with an assessment from adaQuest. adaQuest will examine your IT environment, determine what changes should be top priority, and develop a road map for your organization’s cloud journey.

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