Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 148
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 84 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


A.I. Voicebot.png

A.I. Voicebot: Asiabots Ltd.'s Voicebot is AI-powered software for answering phone calls and providing 24-hour customer service every day. Voicebot features natural language processing and a human-like voice engine that can understand sentences and provide answers.

Amdocs Content Cloud.png

Amdocs Content Cloud: Telecommunications companies and video service providers can use Content Cloud from Amdocs to access content from major and indie studios and to monetize preprocessed video-on-demand assets. The platform is geo-redundant and hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Anjana Data.png

Anjana Data: Anjana Data is an innovative and disruptive data governance solution designed to help enterprises implement data strategies in the multi-cloud era. This app is available in English and Spanish.

Apptimized SafeBox.png

Apptimized SafeBox: Use SafeBox from Apptimized to carry out software experiments away from your production systems. Test and run legacy, suspicious, unknown, or contaminated software with the secure, centrally managed, and fully isolated SafeBox.

AQ Data Prophecy.png

AQ Retail Data Prophecy: AQ Retail Data Prophecy tracks customer interaction with products in retail environments, helping brands learn customer preferences and gather strategic data such as age and gender. This app is available only in Italian.

ASISYS educational system.png

ASISYS educational system: ASISYS is an e-learning system that uses elements of AI to analyze test results and user feedback, then compare that knowledge profile to other users and propose a personalized lesson plan. This app is available only in Czech.

Aspen ProMV.png

Aspen ProMV: Aspen ProMV uses multivariate analysis to help industrial companies find the real underlying sources of variation in their production processes. This yields operational insights and can predict plant performance at different operating points.

Cleareye Trade Finance.png Trade Finance: Through advanced AI techniques and intelligent extraction of document information,'s ClearTrade improves the efficiency of trade finance operations and sanction screening, enabling banks to rapidly launch products and minimize risk.

Cloud Hub.png

Cloud Hub: Cloud Hub from atwork lets users keep track of upcoming changes, planned maintenance, and other important announcements from Microsoft message center for administrators. Cloud Hub can be pinned to the app bar in Microsoft Teams.


CloudKnox: CloudKnox is a multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud entitlements and permissions management platform. CloudKnox's comprehensive visibility, automated remediation, and continuous monitoring of permissions protects cloud resources and identities.

Contrast Protect.png

Contrast Protect Azure Sentinel Solution: Contrast Protect seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Azure Sentinel to grant additional security risk visibility into the application layer. Embedded and automated runtime protection capabilities continuously monitor and block attacks.


Corelight for Microsoft Azure Sentinel: Corelight's network detection and response solution provides a Corelight data connector, workbooks, and queries for Microsoft Azure Sentinel. This enables incident responders and threat hunters to work faster and more effectively.


Decentriq: Confidential Computing: Decentriq is made for industries that need to securely share sensitive data. The platform utilizes technology based on confidential computing, which ensures that all data passed through is secure and encrypted end to end.


I-Fresh for Dynamics 365 Business Central: Fruit and Vegetable Software: Made for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, I-Fresh from Axians Business Solutions includes functionalities for batch registration, packaging, scanning, and taring, making repacking and production more efficient. This app is available in Dutch and English.


I-Make for Dynamics 365 Business Central: Production Software: Made for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, I-Make from Axians Business Solutions includes functionalities for calculation, stock management, and shop floor control to support production in metalworking and equipment construction. This app is available in Dutch and English.

InfiniteGraph for Linux.png

InfiniteGraph for Linux: This offer from Objectivity provides an InfiniteGraph image for Linux on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. InfiniteGraph is a graph database and analytics platform for deep link analysis, graph queries, and complex queries at massive scale.

InfiniteGraph for Windows.png

InfiniteGraph for Windows: This offer from Objectivity provides an InfiniteGraph image for Windows on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. InfiniteGraph is a graph database and analytics platform for deep link analysis, graph queries, and complex queries at massive scale.

Invo Connect.png

Invo Connect: Integrated with Microsoft 365, Invo Connect simplifies retrieval and storage of company information, and it provides users with access to all documents in SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive for Business directly from Outlook. This app is available only in Norwegian.

JetStream DR for AVS.png

JetStream DR for Azure VMware Solution: JetStream DR for Azure VMware Solution provides a software foundation for real-time replication of virtual machines directly to Azure Blob Storage, offering cost-effective disaster recovery and agentless continuous data production.

LAMP (stack) Ubuntu.png

LAMP (stack) Ubuntu 20.04.02 LTS: This image from Ntegral provides a LAMP stack on Ubuntu 20.04.02 LTS. The latest versions of Apache2, MySQL, and PHP are included and optimized for production applications and workloads.


MigrationNinja: MigrationNinja from Forsyte IT Solutions efficiently and swiftly migrates mailboxes. Using Microsoft Azure datacenter security, MigrationNinja passes data through Azure as a copy to ensure no data is ever deleted from a tenant.

Moodle Server Ready.png

Moodle: Learning Management System: This offer from Linnovate Technologies provides a virtual machine with the Moodle learning management system. Designed to be responsive and accessible, Moodle enables easy collaboration, scheduling, drag-and-drop functionality, and more.

MySQL 8.0.2 on Ubuntu.png

MySQL 8.0.2 on Ubuntu 20.04.02 LTS: This image offered by Ntegral provides MySQL 8.0.2 on Ubuntu 20.04.02 LTS. MySQL is an open-source relational database management system well-suited to working with enterprise-scale applications on Microsoft Azure.


OMFLOW: OMFLOW is a flow engine with server and collector roles. The server is responsible for collecting and storing data and for flow execution. The collector is a flow that can be used as a server for distributed computing. Users can design apps or export, import, or download apps at any time.

Organizational Change Management.png

Organizational Change Management Software: Chama from iTalent Digital is intelligent change management software that promotes visibility, resource optimization, and data-driven insights across initiatives. Chama features an AI-enabled recommendation engine and uses Microsoft Power BI embedded analytics.


PhishHunter for Education: PhishHunter from Forsyte IT Solutions detects and prevents the spread of phishing attacks within Microsoft Office 365 environments. PhishHunter includes a customizable threat detection engine designed to monitor user logins, identify anomalies, and apply risk tags to accounts and sessions.

PostgreSQL13 on Ubuntu.png

PostgreSQL13 on Ubuntu 20.04.02 LTS: This offer from Ntegral provides PostgreSQL13 on Ubuntu 20.04.02 LTS. PostgreSQL13 is a relational database management system for enterprise-scale applications.

Red Hat AMQ.png

Red Hat AMQ 7.8: This offer from MidVision provides Red Hat AMQ 7.8 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Red Hat AMQ is a fast, lightweight, event-driven platform for building modern distributed applications.

Red Hat JBoss.png

Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7.3: This offer from MidVision provides Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) 7.3 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. JBoss EAP is an open-source Java EE-based application server runtime platform for building, deploying, and hosting Java applications.


Relab: Relab is a real estate solution for investors, developers, and property buyers. Its helpful tools include the Subdivision Feasibility Calculator, Advanced Search Insights, and Building Consent Insights.

Sarafan shoppable video.png

Sarafan: Shoppable Video Content: Sarafan's machine learning engine identifies objects and situations in video content and automatically matches them with relevant merchandise from selected e-commerce shops.


Smarteye: Smart Agriculture as a Service: Designed for the agricultural sector, Smarteye enables the visualization of high-value agronomic data and demonstrates how the use of IoT and analytics help farmers realize higher crop yields and reduce their environmental footprint.

Smart Procurement.png

Smart Procurement: The Smart Procurement dashboard from 7Experts will help you optimize your company's supply chain and consider all the variables that affect your business.

SPAI platform.png

SPAI platform for Health Systems: SPAI from Gynisus is a predictive analytics tool that integrates and connects hospital systems and data points to one centralized dashboard to reduce fragmentation and discontinuity of care.

STATE3 Online.png

STATE3 Online: You need to fully understand your technology ecosystem before you can improve it. STATE3 Online ingests key information about your company's technologies and infrastructure, then visualizes those components so changes can be understood and risks can be mitigated.

Strata Maverics.png

Strata - Maverics Identity Orchestrator: Strata's Maverics Identity Orchestrator consolidates management of policies and identities across multiple clouds. Maverics extends standards-based authentication from cloud identity systems to on-premises apps, providing sophisticated last-mile integration with no app rewrites.

Umbraco 9 on Ubuntu.png

Umbraco 9 on Ubuntu 20.04.02 LTS: This image offered by Ntegral provides Umbraco 9 on Ubuntu 20.04.02 LTS. Umbraco is an open-source .NET-based content management system that's easy to use and extend.

VoiceAi Connect Enterprise.png

VoiceAi Connect Enterprise: AudioCodes’ VoiceAI Connect creates a communication hub between any bot framework, any telephony system, and any cognitive speech service to support virtually any voice-bot use case.

VU Voice Recogn.png

VU Voice Recogn: VU Voice Recogn is a biometric platform for authentication based on three components of the human voice: tone, cadence, and volume. The technology complies with Microsoft Azure specifications to ensure integration.

Consulting services

Agile Work Management.png

Agile Work Management Software: 1-Hour Assessment: This assessment by Grant Thornton LLP demonstrates how tools like Microsoft Azure DevOps can transform your company’s risk and compliance program by capturing relevant risk, control, and test cycle data. Integration with Microsoft Power BI allows for robust reporting.

AI Image Recognition.png

AI Image Recognition: 1-Day Workshop: Your organization can unlock new efficiencies in this workshop. Experts from Cluster Reply will enable your company’s digital transformation with the power of Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Azure Cognitive Services. 

Azure Cost Optimization.png

Azure Cost Optimization: 2-Day Implementation: Office Line's experts will help navigate cloud cost management and optimize spending with Microsoft Azure Advisor. This empowers customers to make data-driven decisions and build an efficient cloud usage experience for increased business performance.

Azure Data and Analytics.png

Azure Data and Analytics Framework: 4-Week Implementation: This consulting offer from Altis will help turn your data into meaningful, interactive business insights using Microsoft Azure services. Deliverables include end-to-end infrastructure setup for data ingestion, modeling, and analytics.

Azure Data Modernization.png

Azure Data Modernization: 10-Day Implementation: Ntirety will help migrate your legacy data to a secure modern data warehouse on Microsoft Azure. This service includes analysis and discovery, architecture planning, and integration with Microsoft Power BI, which offers robust analytics and reporting.

Azure Data Platform.png

Azure Data Platform: 1-Week Implementation: Innovate your business though digital insights with a highly scalable data platform foundation built on Microsoft Azure. Experts from Atea A/S will assist with integrating the data sources, workflows, and dashboards needed to create the required insights.

Azure Framework Review.png

Azure Framework Review: 4-Hour Assessment: Using the Azure Well-Architected Framework, nubeGo will deliver a step-by-step plan on how your company can build better workloads for the cloud with a focus on security, operational excellence, performance efficiency, cost optimization, and reliability.

Azure Governance.png

Azure Governance: 10-Day Implementation: Office Line will provide strategic direction and implement proper governance within your Microsoft Azure subscriptions. This will help allocate and adjust resources to ensure your company stays compliant with internal and external regulations.

Azure Kubernetes workshop.png

Azure Kubernetes: 2-Day Workshop: This course by diva-e Platforms GmbH teaches the principles of Kubernetes, specifically the use of Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service. Participants will receive hands-on experience in setting up and maintaining Azure Kubernetes Service in an application development environment.

Azure Migration.png

Azure Migration: 1-Day Assessment: DigiTech experts will offer a comprehensive pre-migration assessment and best practices for using Microsoft Azure Migrate, a centralized hub that helps organizations start, run, and track their migration.

Azure Stack Remote Patient Monitor.png

Azure Stack Remote Patient Monitor: 5-Day Workshop: In this offering, World Wide Technology seeks to modernize and optimize patient care. By analyzing and rationalizing various scenarios using Microsoft Azure Stack Edge, World Wide Technology will generate workshops tailored to each healthcare organization’s needs.

Azure TCO.png

Azure TCO & Cloud Enablement: 6-Week Assessment: This offering from MobiLab uses a metric-driven approach to help companies makes an informed decision to adopt Microsoft Azure cloud services. An assessment of clients' on-site infrastructure and total cost of ownership will be clearly defined.

Citrix on Azure.png

Citrix on Azure: 3-Week Implementation: Office Line will remotely deploy virtualized desktops and apps to help your company get custom Citrix on Microsoft Azure solutions. Optimize cost and productivity by deploying solutions such as Citrix Farm.


Cloocus and Windows Virtual Desktop: 3-Hour Workshop: This workshop from Cloocus provides knowledge and skills to accelerate designing and implementing an Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) infrastructure. Learn deployment and management options along with best practices.

Cloud Adoption.png

Cloud Adoption and Your Framework: 2-Day Workshop: Accelerate your Microsoft Azure adoption with this workshop from Fujitsu Finland Oy. Using a combination of Fujitsu’s Your Cloud Framework and Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), this workshop offers a comprehensive approach to cloud computing. 

Cloud Enablement Essentials.png

Cloud Enablement Essentials: 6-Week Assessment: Whether you are looking to improve your current cloud deployments or establish new workloads, this service from Experis Solutions will help you define an actionable path to a secure cloud infrastructure based on Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Journey.png

Cloud Journey: 4-Week Implementation: Kumulus experts specializing in Microsoft Azure DevOps and Azure Managed Services will help you migrate and modernize from on-premises to Azure with a customized cloud strategy. This offer is available only in Portuguese.

Cloud-Native App DevOps.png

Cloud-Native App DevOps: 1-Day Workshop: This hands-on workshop from Cluster Reply helps you dive deep into the technology behind cloud-native app development using Azure DevOps, Azure API Management, Azure Kubernetes Service, and more. Enjoy higher productivity, faster feedback response, and increased reliability.

Cloud Readiness Assessment.png

Cloud Readiness Assessment: 5-Day Assessment: Bespoke Services' cloud readiness assessment helps decision makers gain insight in their application modernization program using the data-driven technology of CAST Highlight. Identify cloud boosters and blockers as you prepare for your Microsoft Azure migration journey.

Cloud Security.png

Cloud Security: 1-Day Workshop: Cluster Reply's workshop on cloud security will help your organization assess and close gaps with Microsoft Azure native or third-party solutions and implementation. This will enhance load balancing, network optimization, and security.

Converge IT.png Converge IT M365 PASS: Protection and Security Support (PASS) is a managed service from Converge-IT that acts as an extension to your Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscription and provides continuous monitoring and offsite backups. This offer is available only in Dutch.
Datacenter Cloud Migration.png Datacenter Cloud Migration: 1-Day Workshop: In this hands-on workshop, Cluster Reply infrastructure experts will define your target architecture in Microsoft Azure and design a datacenter cloud migration strategy. Build a solution that is faster, easier to maintain, and more productive with the power of Azure.
Data Modernization in a Day.png

Data Modernization in a Day: 1-Day Workshop: This workshop, led by Objectivity’s team of experts, will help you understand the benefits of moving your SQL Server data platform to Microsoft Azure. A customized migration plan will set you on the right path.

Data Warehouse for Dynamics.png

Data Warehouse for Dynamics: 4-Week Implementation: Biztup's implementation offers a plug-and-play data warehouse solution hosted on Microsoft Azure. It will support your Dynamics 365 or Dynamics AX 2012 reporting requirements with Power BI visualization. 

Enable Microsoft Azure with CAF.png

Enable Microsoft Azure with CAF: 3-Day Workshop: Take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing with Objectivity's workshop covering the Microsoft Azure Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF). This service will help you define a bulletproof strategy for your cloud journey.

HAFN IT Azure Landing Zone.png

HAFN IT Azure Landing Zone: Aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany, this package from HAFN IT provides customers with an operational Microsoft Azure environment that includes basic governance, compliance, security, cost management, and change management features.

HAFN IT Identity Solution.png

HAFN IT Identity Solution: Aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany, this package from HAFN IT provides automated user management through Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

HAFN IT Managed Workplace Solution.png

HAFN IT Managed Workplace Solution: Aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany, this package from HAFN IT provides device operation services. HAFN IT will use standardization and automation to manage your Microsoft 365 environment.

HAFN Microsoft 365 Landing Zone.png

HAFN Microsoft 365 Landing Zone: Aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany, this package from HAFN IT provides standardization and automation to more efficiently manage customers' Microsoft 365 environments.

HAFN IT Teams Calling Solution.png

HAFN IT Solution with Microsoft Teams: Aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany, this package from HAFN IT provides customers with management of telephony services and Microsoft Teams environments. HAFN IT also offers the implementation of fully managed session border controllers.

Industrial IoT.png

Industrial IoT - Smart Factory: 1-Day Workshop: This workshop from Cluster Reply dives deep into the technology behind industrial IoT predictive monitoring and maintenance using Azure IoT Hub, Azure Databricks, and Azure Kubernetes Service. Decrease your operating costs and increase overall equipment effectiveness.

Managed SOC.png

Managed SOC and Incident Response with Azure Sentinel: CONTENT+CLOUD offers round-the-clock advanced managed detection and response services using Microsoft Azure Sentinel. Detect and eliminate cybersecurity threats and move your organization’s defenses from a reactive state to a proactive one.

Modern Data Warehouse.png

Modern Data Warehouse: 1-Day Workshop: This workshop is designed to jump-start your data modernization journey. Using big data storage and analytics, business intelligence, and Microsoft Power BI, Cluster Reply will demonstrate how you can quickly turn your data into actionable insights.

Modernize Open-Source Apps.png Modernize Open-Source Apps: 3-Week Assessment: This assessment from Lightstream is geared toward customers that have selected custom applications to be brought to the Microsoft Azure cloud. Create an adoption plan with a target reference architecture for modernizing .NET applications.
PaaS for SAP (2).png PaaS for SAP on Azure Implementation: This DXC offer provides seamless integration of SAP landscapes and swift migration to Microsoft Azure, while protecting your business from downtime and lost revenue. DXC can also add Azure infrastructure-as-a-service resell and account management.
Power BI Dashboard.png Power BI Dashboard: 5-Day Implementation: This offer from Antheon helps you build a Microsoft Power BI dashboard on Azure in just a week. By combining, analyzing, and presenting data the right way, your organization can make informed, business-savvy decisions.
Progressive CAF Audit.png

Progressive CAF Audit: 4-day Assessment: Progressive Infotech Pvt. Ltd. will help your company adopt Microsoft best practices and design and validate your cloud infrastructure following the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.

Razor Azure Cloud.png

Razor Azure Cloud Cost Optimization: 4-Week Assessment: Using Microsoft Azure Cost Management, nubeGo will rearchitect your Azure solutions using a cost-model analysis of your current infrastructure. nubeGo will then generate a roadmap for your organization’s desired future state.

SAP on Azure Assessment.png

SAP on Azure Assessment: 4-Week Proof of Concept: This proof of concept from Woongjin covers migration of on-premises SAP environments to Microsoft Azure in three steps: business definition, analysis and evaluation, and migration plan. This offer is available only in Korean.

SQL on Azure.png

SQL on Azure: 2-Hour Briefing: This briefing from Dimension Data, part of NTT, will introduce your leadership team to the benefits of migrating SQL workloads to Microsoft Azure. It will show them how to take advantage of the scalability, reliability, and agility of Azure to shape business strategies.

Swift Azure Cloud.png

Swift Azure Cloud Migration: 4-Week Assessment: nubeGo's assessment for small and medium-sized businesses helps them develop an end-to-end Microsoft Azure migration strategy with rapid rehosting of servers and data-driven designs.


Sycor's 4-Day Implementation of Azure Sentinel: Sycor will implement Microsoft Azure Sentinel, the next-generation security information and event management (SIEM) and security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solution from Microsoft. This offer is available only in German.

Veritas Backup Solutions.png

Veritas Backup Solutions on Azure: 2-hour briefing: This briefing from Dimension Data, part of NTT, will introduce your organization to a scalable cost-effective backup solution for Microsoft Azure. Using Veritas solutions on Azure, Dimension Data will help you manage your cloud data backups while minimizing backup costs.

Windows Virtual Desktop assessment.png

Windows Virtual Desktop: 1-Day Assessment: DigiTech offers a comprehensive pre-implementation assessment to help your organization design a Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) environment that’s suited for your business needs.

Windows Virtual Desktop Implementation.png

Windows Virtual Desktop Implementation: 5 days: Officeline will help you understand steps, benefits, and costs involved in implementing an Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) environment. Enable a modern, connected, and secure working environment for your employees.

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