Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 139
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 69 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


AI Art Authentication Engine.png

AI Art Authentication Engine: Art Recognition's intelligent software detects art forgery. The AI is trained to learn the characteristics of different artists by using a database containing more than 100,000 images. Upload a photo of a painting via a protected web app and receive an encrypted certificate of AI analysis within seven days.

Anomali Match.png

Anomali Match for Azure Sentinel: Anomali Match continuously correlates all security event and log data from Microsoft Azure Sentinel and other sources against millions of globally observed indicators of compromise (IOCs) to expose previously unknown adversaries that have penetrated your network.

Blindspot Aris.png

Blindspot ARIS: Blindspot's ARIS uses natural language processing to classify incoming messages, prepare responses, and perform actions automatically. Organize your customers' queries and reduce your customer-support load.

Blindspot Optifit.png

Blindspot OptiFit: Blindspot's OptiFit, an intelligent software solution built on top of the Optimus 4.0 platform, searches through millions of loading plans to maximize loaded volume while considering cargo weight, dimensions, stackability, and safety constraints.

Blindspot Optimus 4.0.png

Blindspot Optimus 4.0: Blindspot's Optimus 4.0 is an algorithm-based engine that helps optimize a wide range of processes for large operations. Components include OptiRoute for transportation, OptiFit for cargo loading, and OptiPlan for workforce service.

Blindspot Optiplan.png

Blindspot OptiPlan: Blindspot's OptiPlan is an automated planning and scheduling system for workforce allocation. Sudden changes to production targets are processed within minutes when the new optimized schedule is recalculated with the Optimus 4.0 platform.

Blindspot Optiroute.png

Blindspot OptiRoute: Blindspot's OptiRoute system for transportation and logistics creates an optimized schedule within minutes while eliminating spreadsheets and manual work. Plot optimal routes for vehicle loading and unloading and efficient cargo handling.

CentOS Server 8.3.png

CentOS Server 8.3: This image designed by Ntegral provides a CentOS Server 8.3 distribution optimized for production environments on Microsoft Azure. Use it for workloads that include Node.js, web applications, or various database platforms.

CipherTrust Cloud Key.png

CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager v1.9.0: CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager reduces key management complexity and operational costs by giving customers lifecycle control of encryption keys with centralized management and visibility.

Confluent platform.png

Confluent platform - full-scale event streaming: This virtual machine offered by Linnovate Technologies provides Confluent Platform. Confluent Platform simplifies connecting data sources to Apache Kafka, building streaming applications, and securing, monitoring, and managing Kafka infrastructure.

Data Literacy as a Service.png

Data Literacy as a Service: Data Literacy as a Service from Decision Inc. is a scalable training platform to accelerate data literacy across your organization. Learning sessions are geared toward technology upskilling to drive usage and option.


Freshdesk-JIRA Connector: Use this app from IntegrateCloud to connect Freshdesk with JIRA. This will allow you to link Freshdesk tickets to JIRA issues and notify the JIRA team by sending comments through the Freshdesk ticketing system.

Healthcare Quality Gap Exchange.png

Healthcare Quality Gap Exchange: Value-based programs continue to expand as incentives move away from fee-for-service reimbursement. This transition requires healthcare providers to manage quality metrics. Gap Exchange assists providers with the task of identifying and providing recommendations for quality gaps in care. Face Match.png Facial identification and match: Face Match uses artificial intelligence-based models combined with computer vision principles to generate confidence scores (match percentages) of facial images. The solution can also tokenize images of faces and match them for payment processing. Signature Verification.png Signature detection and matching: Signature Verification uses AI and computer vision to accurately detect signatures in documents and images, and it cross-matches two or more signatures. Use it as a standalone solution through an API or as part of a digital onboarding and know-your-customer solution.

Infosys One Click API for Azure.png

Infosys One Click API for Azure: The One Click API automation solution provides a standardized, governed platform for teams to implement APIs. The solution works with Microsoft Azure API Management and several other products, including Apigee, Kong, and Mulesoft.

inVision System.png

inVision System: inVision System from Intelligent Wellhead Systems connects services, digitizes workflows, and adds engineered controls for the well completions industry. Use its intelligent workflows and automation to identify efficiencies in operations and streamline administrative tasks.

Jenkins - Open source automation server.png

Jenkins: Open-source automation server: This image offered by Linnovate Technologies provides Jenkins, an open-source automation server that can be used to automate tasks related to building, testing, and deploying software.

JFrog Enterprise, Xray, and Pipelines.png

JFrog Enterprise, Xray, and Pipelines: JFrog Enterprise (SaaS) with Xray & Pipelines is a universal binary repository manager solution that empowers DevOps teams to improve their productivity, increase velocity, and deliver trusted releases from code to production.

Kinetica Managed App Bootstrap.png

Kinetica Managed App Bootstrap Ubuntu VM: This virtual machine offered by Kinetica provides Ubuntu 18.04 as a base operating system with the necessary binaries to bootstrap a Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service cluster provisioned during a managed app deployment.

Medical Chart.png

Medical Chart / Natural Language Understanding: This platform from Healthpointe Solutions gathers and normalizes structured and unstructured data throughout the healthcare ecosystem, providing a clinically enriched summary of key findings.

Meister OperateX.jpg

Meister OperateX: Made for factories and plant facility management, Meister OperateX is equipped with an asset-integrated data platform that visualizes device data and manages power usage to improve energy efficiency. This app is available only in Japanese.

Oracle Linux 8.3.0 Minimal.png

Oracle Linux 8.3.0 Minimal: This image, designed by Ntegral and optimized for production environments on Microsoft Azure, provides Oracle Linux 8.3.0 Minimal. Oracle Linux is application binary-compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


Phoenix: The Phoenix RISE student management system provides a complete curricula-agnostic solution for any K-12 school, with robust features in academics, administration, operations, and more.

pnop OS joke.png

pnop OS Apr.1,21 Joke edition: This image from pnop provides a lightweight EFI boot application intended to give your team a laugh. If you deploy this image, you can show joke messages from pnop in diagnostics after boot.

Predica Managed Cloud Optimizer.png

Predica Managed Cloud Optimizer: Are you sure you’re not overspending on your Microsoft Azure resources? Cloud Optimizer by Predica can help you quickly lower your cloud costs. You'll receive a monthly report with actionable steps to save money.

storm Cloud Contact Center.png

storm Cloud Contact Center Teams Integration: storm Teams Integration from Content Guru enables storm cloud contact center users to transfer phone calls to back-office subject matter experts on Microsoft Teams. Users can dial external numbers directly through Teams via a SIP trunk, an affordable and easy to-use mechanism to make calls.

Therefore Online.png

Therefore Online: Therefore Online, a cloud-based information management system, helps companies of all sizes streamline operations and boost productivity by automating core business procedures. Features include a digital repository, workflow automation, and business analytics capabilities.

Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 LTS (DaaS).png

Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 LTS (DaaS): This image offered by Ntegral provides a fully managed Ubuntu virtual desktop environment hosted on Microsoft Azure to support your development activities and business applications. The image comes with LibreOffice, Visual Studio Code, Firefox, Node.js, and Git.

Value Based Care.png

Value Based Care: HealthPointe Solutions’ Value Based Care provides cognitive AI-supported analytics, alerting, and workflow integration, helping practices manage value-based care programs. The solution offers prospective modeling capabilities across cost and utilization, risk adjustment, patient safety, and more.

Wendocs Service Platform.png

Wendocs Service Platform: Wendocs Service Platform from Beijing Huawen Yundao Technology Co. Ltd. helps companies speed up document production with data tools, document-processing APIs, and a template designer add-in for Microsoft Word.

Windows Server 2019 with Moodle.png

Windows Server 2019 with Moodle Learning System: This ready-to-run image offered by Virtual Pulse provides Windows Server 2019 with Moodle. Moodle is a free and open-source learning management system for teachers, students, and administrators.


Workspee: Workspee is designed to improve office communication and collaboration by connecting teams. Its perks and recognition feature spotlights employee achievement and offers discounts and freebies with participating businesses.

Zendesk-JIRA Connector.png

Zendesk-JIRA Connector: Use this app from IntegrateCloud to connect Zendesk with JIRA. This will allow you to link Zendesk tickets to JIRA issues and notify the JIRA team by sending comments through the Zendesk Support ticketing system.

Consulting services

App Migration.png

App Migration: 2-Week Assessment: Are you considering modernizing or migrating your legacy application to the cloud? In this engagement, Intellinet will assess a key application to understand migration viability and determine a path to Microsoft Azure.

Application Modernization Services.png

Application Modernization Services: Modernize legacy and on-premises applications with CloudMoyo Application Modernization Services. Tap into the latest technology and frameworks for improved performance, scalability, and maintenance.

Arbala Security.png

Arbala Security - Managed Azure Sentinel: Arbala Security provides ongoing management and monitoring for your Microsoft Azure Sentinel security information and event management (SIEM) solution, responding to attacks against your business.

Azure Architect as a Service.png

Azure Architect as a Service: 4-Week Assessment: Covenant’s architect as a service adds value to your team with the expert knowledge, resources, and structure you need to meet your business intelligence goals while saving your IT budget.

Azure Cloud Foundation.png

Azure Cloud Foundation: 10-Day Workshop: DexMach offers knowledge transfer and hands-on experience with running Microsoft Azure workloads using the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure and the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework.

Azure Data Pipelines.png

Azure Data Pipelines: 3-Day Assessment: Maintaining the infrastructure required to ingest, manipulate, and visualize big data is a challenging task. Emumba can show you how the Microsoft Azure data platform can help you drive powerful business insights.

Azure DevOps Accelerator.png

Azure DevOps Accelerator: 6-Week Implementation: Accelerate digital transformation through DevOps. delaware will introduce Microsoft Azure DevOps as a supporting tool for multicompetent teams creating applications.

Azure Economic Assessment.png

Azure Economic Assessment: 4 Weeks: The 3Cloud assessment delivers data-driven insights for Microsoft Azure migration, including an analysis, application prioritization, and reference architecture.

Azure Migration Workshop (CAF).png

Azure Migration Workshop (CAF): 5 Days: Xencia Technology Solutions’ Microsoft Azure migration program is aligned with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, enabling you to understand the various phases of your cloud adoption.

Azure Sentinel Scope Assessment.png Azure Sentinel Scope Assessment Workshop: 1 Day: Atos’ workshop for IT and cybersecurity managers and administrators will provide a scope assessment for Microsoft Azure Sentinel, a cloud-native security information and event management (SIEM) solution. 
Azure SQL Managed Instance.png

Azure SQL Managed Instance: 10-Day Implementation: Reliance Infosystems will migrate your on-premises SQL Server instances or SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines to Azure SQL Managed Instance without re-engineering legacy applications.

BizTalk 2020.png

BizTalk 2020 or Logic Apps: 1-Day Assessment: EnkayTech will provide guidance on whether to use BizTalk Server 2020 on Microsoft Azure, migrate your existing BizTalk implementation to Azure Logic Apps, or implement your solution using Azure Logic Apps.

CheckBot Image Recognition.png

CheckBot Image Recognition: 8-Week Implementation: Programmer will implement its application to automate and scale data extraction using Microsoft Azure Data Factory, Azure Storage, Azure Queue, Azure Blob Storage, and Azure App Service. This offer is available only in Brazilian Portuguese.

Cloud Discovery Workshop.png

Cloud Discovery Workshop: ThoughtSol’s workshop follows a defined and repeatable process, building on the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, Microsoft best practices approach to cloud adoption.

CloudMoyo Agile Application Engineering.png

CloudMoyo Agile Application Engineering: CloudMoyo’s application engineering services bring end-to-end technology and expertise to your business to accelerate application development, project delivery, and modernization of legacy applications.

CloudMoyo Agile Data Engineering.png

CloudMoyo Agile Data Engineering: Empowering you through your enterprise data transformation journey, CloudMoyo’s data engineering services help build data models to provide timely visibility into business-critical data with data management.

CloudMoyo AI and ML solutions.png

CloudMoyo AI and ML solutions: Make informed decisions and gain a competitive advantage in the market with intelligence, predictive analytics, prescription, and recommendation capabilities through AI and machine learning solutions from CloudMoyo.

CloudMoyo Platform-Driven App.png

CloudMoyo Platform-Driven App Engineering: CloudMoyo’s platform-driven app engineering services apply a platform and product mindset for engineering business applications. The CloudMoyo cloud-native apps are quick to deploy, and easier to manage and upgrade.

Cloud Transformation.png Cloud Transformation: 3-Day Assessment: This cloud transformation assessment from Quadra Nubis is aligned with the Microsoft Cloud Assessment Framework for Azure to help you assess workloads, check the compatibility, evaluate costs, and deploy tooling.
Database Migration to Azure.png

Database Migration to Azure: 5-Day Implementation: Reliance Infosystems offers migration of on-premises SQL Server to Azure SQL Database or SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines at a very low risk, without re-engineering legacy applications.


Human360: 1-Day Implementation: Reliance Infosystems will implement its human resource management application for organizations of all sizes. Human360 uses Microsoft Azure App Service and Azure SQL Database to deliver speed, scale, efficiency, and 99.9 percent uptime.

Machine Learning Proof of Concept.png

Machine Learning Proof of Concept: 5 days: Verne will identify data sources, define business problems to predict, identify variables, and execute a deployment in Azure Machine Learning Studio with a base algorithm. This service is available only in Spanish.

Mainframe Modernization.png

Mainframe Modernization to Azure: 3-Week to 6-Week Assessment: Mphasis will assess your company's current mainframe landscape and provide a modernization plan to migrate to Microsoft Azure with proprietary tools as well as Azure ecosystem services.

Microsoft Identity.png

Microsoft Identity: 3-Day Workshop: To bring the Microsoft 365 security and Azure Active Directory vision to life, Avaleris will develop a strategic plan to protect identities while giving users the freedom to collaborate.

Mphasis - Azure Data Platform.png

Mphasis - Azure Data Platform 10-Week Assessment: Mphasis will provide a blueprint for a data platform on Microsoft Azure, deploying such tools as Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Azure Data Lake. 

Mphasis - Azure DevSecOps.png

Mphasis - Azure DevSecOps: 10-Week Implementation: Mphasis will build your end-to-end enterprise-scale DevSecOps foundation with deep automation, including process, frameworks and Microsoft Azure automation.

Mphasis - Hybrid Managed.png

Mphasis - Hybrid Managed Service: 10-Week Implementation: Mphasis will provide you with a consistent, integrated, intelligent, and unified cloud operations experience to run enterprise transformation programs at scale.

Mphasis - XaaP.png

Mphasis - XaaP: 8-Week Assessment: As part of the everything as a platform (XaaP) assessment, Mphasis will evaluate your cloud economics, inventory analysis, operational models, and business value streams to accelerate your organization’s journey to Microsoft Azure.

Product Engineering services.png

Product Engineering services: CloudMoyo will help you build viable, scalable, and high-performance products, providing technical skills in product engineering, and addressing technology-disruptive competitors and tight deadlines.

SAP on Azure Assessment.png

SAP on Azure: 2-Day Assessment: If you are running SAP workloads, Atmosera can provide you with a complete SAP environment assessment and and detailed plans to deploy, run, and manage your SAP environment on Microsoft Azure. This will help you optimize workload performance.

Security and Threat Check.png

Security and Threat Check: 3-Day Workshop: Bringing the Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure security vision to life, Avaleris will develop a long-term strategic plan for cloud security and provide visibility into immediate threats across email, identity, and data.

TIS Azure Vmware Solution Integration.png

TIS Azure Vmware Solution Integration: 10-Week Implementation: TIS Co’s services will extend your VMware foundation to Microsoft Azure, helping you take advantage of VMware’s application compatibility and Azure's scalability. This service is available only in Japanese.


TradeOffice: 10-Week Implementation: Reliance Infosystems’ TradeOffice platform provides a unique trading experience for capital market operators using Microsoft Azure App Service and Azure SQL Database.

Virtual App and Desktop.png

Virtual App & Desktop: 1-Week Implementation: Upper-Link will help deploy your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or remote desktop service (RDS) with Windows Virtual Desktop to enable you to quickly respond to the needs of remote employees in a secure environment.

Windows Virtual Desktop Readiness POC.png

Windows Virtual Desktop Readiness Proof of Concept: eVri, a partnership between Shiftz and 2commit, offers you the opportunity to try out Windows Virtual Desktop for one month, which will provide centralized application management for your IT department and mobility for your employees. 

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