Azure Marketplace new offers - Volume 130
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 86 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:





[ui!] COCKPIT: Urban Software Institute’s [ui!] COCKPIT enables visualization of complex data from a cloud-based platform, such as [ui!] UrbanPulse. Choose from different visualizations, providing general information for the public, management decision aids, and customized applications for specific subjects.


Adstra Consumer Essentials: Adstra Consumer Essentials provides a comprehensive data set of more than 230 million US-based individuals, including data elements commonly used by marketers and advertisers. The proprietary data set is drawn from various sources including public records and a leading global risk/fraud prevention provider.


AITRICS: VitalCare from AITRICS is a risk-prediction system built on Microsoft AI services. VitalCare directly collects patient data, such as vital signs and lab tests, from electronic medical records and generates prediction scores for clinical deterioration and sepsis.


Alef Platform: Alef Education’s platform provides data analytics to help teachers focus on where students are in their mastery of a subject. Alef provides experiential learning that enables students to apply and transfer their newly acquired skills.


Algo Supply Chain Analytics Collaborative Platform: Algo’s advanced analytics solutions help companies operate highly efficient supply chains by using AI and deep learning to maximize revenue and profit while optimizing inventory spending. Business users can interact with Algo using chat functionality through platforms such as Microsoft Teams.


Apache Web Server with Debian 10: Cognosys provides this ready-to-run image containing Apache HTTP Server 2.4.38 installed on Debian 10 Linux. Apache includes software to handle multi-processing modes and support for SSL v3 and TLS via mod_ssl.


Apifon - Multi-channel Business Messaging Platform: With Apifon’s messaging platform, you can engage customers through their favorite channels, track the performance of your campaigns, and turn data into KPIs that help you increase your ROI.

atmaioConnectedProductCloud.png Connected Product Cloud: Avery Dennison’s platform creates, manages, and assigns digital identities to products, enabling end-to-end transparency for tracking, storing, and managing events for individual products from source to consumer.


Avnet IoT Connect and Smart Factory: Built on IoTConnect and Microsoft Azure, Avnet’s Smart Factory solution helps you monitor and track the production and performance on your factory floor. Gain real-time insights for all locations and integrate your data with supply chain management systems.


Awareness Platform: This solution from i5 B. V. provides ready-to-go professional learning focused on security and privacy to reduce risky behavior by your employees. With Awareness Platform, you can customize courses with a few clicks to match your organization’s policies.


BoxOps Platform: BoxBoat’s BoxOps is a DevSecOps service solution designed for software teams, enterprise operations, and IT staff who want to accelerate their end-to-end management of app deployment.


Chatbot Smart RH: SMART RH from Alexys Solutions is an AI-powered chatbot designed to serve internal collaborators seeking HR assistance for leave requests, work certifications, and more. Automate HR requests and free employee time to concentrate on high-value work.


CloudCover 365: Exchange Backup: CloudCover 365 from virtualDCS lets you back up and restore Exchange Online data, including email, calendars, contacts, and more. The browser-based portal integrates with Veeam Backup 365 and Azure Active Directory.


CloudCover 365:OneDrive for Business Backup: Back up OneDrive for Business data through a browser-based portal with CloudCover 365 from virtualDCS. CloudCover 365 integrates with Veeam Backup 365 and Azure Active Directory.


Complete Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365: Implement CloudCover 365 from virtualDCS to back up and restore Microsoft 365 data, customize retention plans, schedule backups, and more. The browser-based portal integrates with Veeam Backup 365 and Azure Active Directory.


COMtrac Investigation & Brief Management Solution: COMtrac provides a consistent approach to managing investigations. The COMtrac platform is a management solution for cases, evidence, and briefs that can be used for all types of investigations by private sector clients and government entities.


Connected Heavy Machinery: Improve operational safety and utilization of your plants with Equiprise’s cloud-based monitoring solution built on IoT technology. Connected Heavy Machinery connects your equipment and provides you with key performance data.


CRMSensor: Designed for retail chains, banks, healthcare providers, and convenience stores, CRMSensor is an Azure-based system that enables you to communicate interactively with customers. The solution includes an app for Android tablets and customized CRMSensor devices.


Data Insights: The oh22 Data Insights solution provides consulting, development, and implementation of a custom enterprise data solution based on Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake, and Azure Data Factory.


Digital Customer Experience: The EY Global Digital Customer Experience solution utilizes Microsoft Dynamics 365 along with an innovative array of EY tools and services, from UX to market research and content writing. Respond to digital change, cut costs, and make your organization fit for growth.


Digital Process Integration Platform: PlanB. GmbH provides universal microservices for integration of your cloud-based digital services and applications. The PlanB. platform simplifies API management and integrates with on-premises systems, including ERP, CRM, project portfolio management, and manufacturing execution systems.


Digital Sales Services: Softtek enables digital sales from demand generation to e-commerce. Built on Microsoft Azure, Power BI, and Azure-based services, Digital Sales Services enables logistics, last-mile delivery, payments, and analytics.


DNA Z - Digital Banking Shrink-wrapped: DNA Z is an end-to-end digital banking solution for new or existing banks that is deployable on Microsoft Azure. The system includes a blueprint for bank policies and frameworks, fully mapped journeys, operating processes, mobile apps, and data analytics.


Docker CE with Debian 10: Cognosys has configured this ready-to-run image of Docker CE 20.10.4 on Debian 10 Linux. Docker Community Server is designed for developers and small teams looking to start with Docker and container-based apps. The image includes built-in orchestration, networking, and security.


Esker Order Management Automation: Order Management from Esker SA uses AI and robotic process automation to increase the efficiency of sales order processing. Customer service teams can electronically process and track faxes, emails, and orders with improved monitoring and accuracy.


Experian Open Data Platform: The Open Data Platform (ODP) gives you instant access to a customer’s financial information via Experian’s consumer and business credit information. You can easily create a picture of customer financial well-being to deliver new products and services.


GitLab Community Edition with Debian 10: Cognosys has pre-configured this ready-to-run image containing GitLab 13.9.1 on Debian 10 Linux. GitLab is a fast DevOps tool that provides a web-based method for managing Git repositories. GitLab includes wikis, issue tracking, and CI/CD pipelines.


Grafana with Debian 10: Cognosys has pre-configured this ready-to-run image containing Grafana 7.4.3 on Debian 10 Linux. Grafana is a multi-platform, open-source web application providing analytics and interactive visualizations.


Grafana with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: Cognosys has pre-configured this ready-to-run image containing Grafana 7.4.3 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Grafana is a multi-platform, open-source web application providing analytics and interactive visualizations.


Grafana with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: Cognosys has pre-configured this ready-to-run image containing Grafana 7.4.3 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Grafana is a multi-platform, open-source web application providing analytics and interactive visualizations.


HAProxy 1.8 with Debian 10: Cognosys has pre-configured this ready-to-run image containing HAProxy 1.8.19 on Debian 10 Linux. HAProxy is an open-source, high-availability server that provides TCP/HTTP load balancing and proxying.


IBM WebSphere Product Family on Azure Overview: The IBM WebSphere product family is a suite of enterprise Java application servers that enable enterprise Java workloads on Microsoft Azure. These servers run on Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift, Azure Kubernetes Service, and VMs.


Intelligent Data Platform: Powered by Microsoft Azure, the EY Intelligent Data Platform is a scalable solution to optimize data in real-time, generate rapid insights, enhance decision-making, and deliver greater business value. The platform supports risk management, regulatory reporting, governance, and more.


ioMoVo: ioMoVo offers you a range of storage, data exchange, and multimedia management options for cloud or on-premises storage. This solution from Practical Solutions Inc. provides secure access to your data and lets you interconnect multiple storage platforms.


ioMoVoS: An add-in for the Practical Solutions Inc. ioMoVo platform, ioMoVoS provides media services such as video indexing, analysis of media with machine learning, publication to external video platforms, and more.


IoT Ambient Conditions Intelligent Service: IoT Ambient Conditions Intelligence Service helps data center operators, manufacturers, and plant operators improve their performance and reduce costs by improving the operational ambient conditions and reducing equipment maintenance.


Jenkins with Debian 10: Cognosys has pre-configured this ready-to-run image containing Jenkins 2.263.4 on Debian 10 Linux. Jenkins is a Java-based open-source tool providing continuous integration services for software development.


KeyScaler for Azure Sphere: Device Authority provides Sphere Security Automation powered by Keyscaler to enable end-to-end service offerings with enhanced security on Microsoft Azure Sphere.


LAMP with Debian 10: Cognosys has pre-configured this ready-to-run image containing a LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) stack on Debian 10 Linux. This image has been designed for enterprise customers who want to deploy a secure LAMP server. This image contains Apache HTTP Server 2.4.38, PHP 7.3, and MySQL Server 8.0.23.


Microsoft Teams VoIP Calling Solutions: Add a virtualDCS calling plan to extend your Microsoft Teams solution by enabling VoIP calling to non-Teams devices and telephones. virtualDCS offers a range of telephony services that integrate with Teams to meet your business requirements.


Modern Workplace: The EY Modern Workplace services provide integrated and secure solutions for collaboration built on Microsoft 365, Windows 10, and enterprise mobility. With EY, you can be confident of having the right strategy, technology, capabilities, and governance to fuel and sustain your work.


Mozzaz Digital Health Platform (SaaS): Mozzaz is a digital health technology company that specializes in interactive solutions for remote patient monitoring, active engagement, and virtual telehealth. The Mozzaz platform provides over 200 digital solution libraries based on clinically proven interventions.


NetFoundry Edge Router: NetFoundry Edge Routers provide zero trust connectivity between Microsoft Azure and any site, edge device, private/public clouds, and hybrid applications. Create orchestrated networks delivered as a service to replace VPNs and SD-WAN.


Nextcloud - The self-hosted productivity platform: Linnovate offers this self-hosted instance of Nextcloud Flow, enabling users to quickly and securely share files and folders. Nextcloud Flow features file access control, encryption, authentication, and ransomware recovery capabilities.


Online Cloud Backup for SharePoint: Back up SharePoint data through a browser-based portal with CloudCover 365 from virtualDCS. CloudCover 365 integrates with Veeam Backup 365 and Azure Active Directory.


Pachyderm Enterprise: Pachyderm is an enterprise-grade data science platform built on Kubernetes. Deploy a Pachyderm cluster on Microsoft Azure and deploy automated machine learning workflows at scale.


PCG Analytics: This service enables strategic decision-making and reporting for stakeholders inside and outside of a university. Built on Microsoft Power BI, PCG Analytics integrates with external data sources, provides role-based dashboards, and delivers comprehensive data analysis for non-technical users.


Project to Planner Sync - SaaS: PPM Works’ Microsoft Project and Planner Sync enables two-way task synchronization between Microsoft Project Online and Microsoft Planner. Give your executives the visibility they seek with this powerful tool.


Public Finance Manager: Public Finance Manager (PFM) is a blockchain solution that addresses long-standing issues challenging public finance management. PFM integrates with existing ERP systems and facilitates viewing and reconciliation of appropriation and management frameworks.


Python 3 with Debian 10: Cognosys has pre-configured this ready-to-run image containing Python 3.7.3 on Debian 10 Linux. Python is an open-source programming language with support for object-oriented programming, dynamic typing, and dynamic binding.


QStock Warehouse Management & Order Management: The QStock warehouse management solution runs on Microsoft Azure and integrates in real time with Sage Intacct. QStock offers inventory control, integrated shipping, lot and serial tracking, e-commerce support, commercial invoices, and more.


Restaurantintra: Restaurantintra is a SaaS-based sales reporting solution for restaurants. The software provides mobile-friendly interactions, support for multiple restaurants, sales analysis, reporting, and budgeting. This software is available in Finnish and English.


RiskIntegrity IFRS 17: RiskIntegrity helps insurers of any size transition from legacy accounting frameworks to the IFRS 17 standard. The solution integrates with existing infrastructure and supports credit insurers, reinsurers, life insurers, and non-life insurers.


RiskIntegrity LDTI: RiskIntegrity helps insurers of any size transition from legacy accounting frameworks to the Long-Duration Targeted Improvements (LDTI) accounting requirements. The solution integrates with existing infrastructure and supports credit insurers, reinsurers, life insurers, and non-life insurers.


Rocky DEM 4.4: CrunchYard's Rocky DEM 4.4 System is a Microsoft Azure-based VM that provides a suitable environment for users to run Rocky DEM simulations with single or multiple Nvidia GPUs. Rocky is installed and configured on the chosen VM along with Nvidia CUDA drivers.


SimplificaCI: The SimplificaCI platform helps organizations facilitate internal communications across multiple channels, making your company more productive and profitable. The solution integrates with desktop, mobile, calendar, and email communications. This solution is available only in Portuguese.


SkyHive Enterprise: SkyHive Enterprise drives rapid workforce transformation by delivering real-time, skill-level insights into internal workforces and external labor markets, identifying future skills, and facilitating individual-and company-level reskilling.


Union Benefit and Project Timesheet Tracker: Simplify your union payroll with the Data Pros Timesheet app, built on Microsoft SharePoint and the Microsoft Power Platform. This automation software integrates with popular payroll systems and calculates union benefit payments, insurance, USL&H, and more.


UtilityWave: UtilityWave delivers the required capabilities to tackle the challenges of multiple legacy systems, IoT devices, and a dynamic energy grid. UtilityWave utilizes Microsoft Azure to provide a scalable platform on which utilities can build digital energy services.


Veritas APTARE IT Analytics: Quickly deploy Veritas APTARE IT Analytics for reporting insights into your hybrid cloud storage environment. This BYOL version provides the visibility enterprises need to identify underutilized IT resources they can repurpose to achieve significant cost savings.


Volunteer Management System: Web Synergies’ iVolunteer is an end-to-end volunteer management system that is designed to help not-for-profit organizations increase efficiency, reduce costs, expand community outreach, and enable effective fundraising.


Wordpress with Debian 10: Cognosys has pre-configured this ready-to-run image featuring WordPress 5.6.2 on Debian 10 Linux. WordPress is an open-source CMS that provides a templating system for content publication. This image includes MySQL Server 8.0.23, Apache HTTP Server 2.4.38, and PHP 7.3.


Consulting services



1-Day Smart Maintenance Envisioning Workshop: HSO will guide you on the journey from preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance by using Microsoft Azure AI. After reviewing your business objectives, HSO consultants will brainstorm solutions to define the strategy needed to drive your desired business outcomes.


Advanced Analytics Discovery: 10-Week Workshop: The Advanced Analytics Discovery program from Peak Indicators will architect and deliver a blueprint for your organization to deploy a solution on Microsoft Azure using services such as Azure Machine Learning, Azure Databricks, and Azure Synapse Analytics.


AI & Advanced Analytics Services: 10-Week Proof of Concept: Tiger Analytics will help you drive planning and optimization of brand investments to improve sales, customer acquisition, customer insights, product analytics and more. The data engineering service includes the design and development of an ETL pipeline using Azure Machine Learning services.


Azure Advanced Analytics: 10-Week Implementation: Peak Indicators will work closely with your data science teams to deliver a pilot analytics solution built on Microsoft Azure. The engagement will focus on a use case defined with your stakeholders, development of a solution, and deployment of data science experiments and models.


Azure App Modernization: 2-Week Implementation: Softlanding’s engagement covers the benefits of Microsoft Azure and highlights Azure services that will help you modernize your applications. This offer includes guidance and deployment assistance for your developers to update on application to use Azure.


Azure Application Migration: 1-Week Assessment: PetaBytz's cloud migration team will help your business get started using Microsoft Azure or optimize your current implementation. The service includes guidance on infrastructure, migration strategy for apps, and a high-level roadmap for migration planning.


Azure Automation: 4-Hour Assessment: In this free assessment, akquinet AG will explore the possibilities for you to automate tasks using automation tools on Microsoft Azure. This service is available for either an existing Azure tenant or a planned environment.


Azure Migration: 10-Week Implementation: Cybercom Group’s Cloud Migration Practice will onboard you and your applications on Microsoft Azure to enable further growth. Cybercom will migrate and modernize your digital estate.


Azure Sentinel: 2-Week Implementation & Maintenance: Softlanding will provide you with a high-level view of your security infrastructure by deploying Microsoft Azure Sentinel, hardening your Microsoft 365 environment, and configuring baseline security reports.


Azure Synapse Analytics: 5-Day Implementation: Softlanding will provide you with a strong foundation to analyze big data using Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics and create reports built on Microsoft Power BI. This service includes data ingestion, design of data lake and data warehouse, and data cleansing.


Azure Windows Virtual Desktop: 6-Week Proof of Concept: Stay ahead of the curve by utilizing Practical Solutions Inc.’s professional services to quickly unlock the full scope of Windows Virtual Desktop on Microsoft Azure. Practical Solutions will develop a conceptual proof of concept and deliver a roadmap for deployment.


Build Up with Azure: 5-Day Assessment & Propositions: Indacon offers a remote engagement to build up or integrate your solutions on Microsoft Azure. Indacon will identify how you can migrate or optimize environments and will define a roadmap to provide you with immediate benefits in cost, performance, and security.


Cloud Adoption Framework: 6-Week Implementation: Practical Solutions Inc. (PSI) will highlight the best practices, key value, and benefits of Microsoft Azure cloud services. PSI will walk you through the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework, guide you through adoption, and identify key cost-saving opportunities.


Cloud Services for Azure Lighthouse: Practical Solutions Inc. (PSI) will support your Azure-based cloud services using Microsoft Azure Lighthouse. With Azure Lighthouse, you maintain control of your Azure tenant while PSI has the access required to support you.


Containers with OpenShift on Azure: Implementation: Uni Systems provides consulting and assistance for you transition to a container-based architecture for DevOps using Red Hat OpenShift on Microsoft Azure. The engagement includes assistance in establishing DevOps practices, configuring CI/CD pipelines, cluster optimization, and more.


Data Governance: 10-Week Implementation: Exelegent will implement security and information governance capabilities in your healthcare organization by using Microsoft Azure Information Protection, cybersecurity frameworks, and industry best practices.


GitHub and Azure DevOps: 2-Day Workshop: Brainscale will highlight features of GitHub and Microsoft Azure DevOps to help participants decide which developer collaboration platform suits their needs. This workshop includes an overview of DevOps fundamentals and industry practices, as well guidance on migrating from older source control platforms.


Migrate to Azure: 4-Week Implementation: Foghorn Consulting experts will help you migrate to Microsoft Azure and manage your cloud operations. Foghorn provides expertise in cloud engineering, site reliability, performance optimization, and other services to improve your ROI and accelerate DevOps efforts.


MOQdigital Azure Migration: 2-Week Implementation: MOQdigital will migrate your virtual machines to Microsoft Azure IaaS. This service is aimed at customers who want to migrate workloads in a secure manner and establish a repeatable process for server migration using Microsoft best practices.


Mphasis EON Quantum Computing: 5-Day Assessment: Mphasis’s assessment helps enterprises perform a structured analysis to determine if using quantum computing is a relevant approach for solving your specific business problem. Mphasis will evaluate software, hardware, and algorithm requirements for you.


Mphasis EON Quantum Computing: 5-Day Workshop: Mphasis’s hands-on workshop helps enterprises create a roadmap for using quantum computing to solve business problems in machine learning, optimization, and simulation.


Mphasis EON Quantum Computing: 6-Week Proof of Concept: Mphasis will create a proof of concept to establish a business case for a quantum computing solution to solve your critical business problem. This offer is led by Mphasis’s team of experts in quantum computing, data science, and Microsoft Azure.


Smart Meter Analytics: 8-Week Implementation: Neudesic will process, validate, and prepare smart meter data for visualization and analysis on a hybrid cloud architecture that utilizes on-premises Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Power BI with Microsoft Azure HDInsight.


VoIP Networks Cloud9 Promotion: VoIP Networks will act as your one-stop vendor for all facets of your telephony and networking technologies. This offer includes a central point of contact for all common carriers to maintain existing services or coordinate activation of new ones.

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