Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 123
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 103 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:



Airline Crew Analytics: Crew management is one of the most complex airline processes. ZeroG provides visualizations and machine learning applications for airline managers and crew to enable collaboration via an easy web user interface.


Alkira Cloud Services Exchange (CSX): Alkira Network Cloud offers global unified network infrastructure as a service. With Alkira, your company can deploy a global network for end-to-end and any-to-any connectivity across users, sites, and clouds.


ALM/Quality Center: Manage software testing and quality management with this unified and flexible application lifecycle management product by Micro Focus, which provides visibility across all enterprise projects.


Asset Insights for Transport and Logistics sector: Powered by IoT, AI, and machine learning, Mindtree's digital solutions help logistics companies optimize operations, predict failures, increase productivity, and reduce costs in fleet operations, warehousing, and driver safety.


Asset Performance with AVEVA: Combining operations management and asset performance technologies into one solution, AVEVA Insight delivers actionable information and AI capabilities to help improve asset reliability and operational performance.


Audix Insights: Audix Insights brings together key data on a single dashboard. By correlating IT asset information with financial information, you will have an unprecedented view of the financial state and health of your IT infrastructure.


BeProductive Suite: To help with Microsoft 365 adoption, MIGESA will identify use cases, train your team on tools, and contribute to the productivity of each person in your organization. This application is available only in Spanish.


BI Margins Electricity Commercialization: Developed for the electrical marketing sector, Kiteris’ solution provides you with a detailed margin analysis based on billing information and cost structure. This application is available only in Spanish.


bridge: Avatar: bridge is a revolutionary assistive technology solution for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. bridge Avatar powers instantaneous web interpretation, social media content, self-service kiosks, and visual announcements.


CentOS 7.4: This preconfigured image is provided by Cognosys for CentOS 7.4 on Microsoft Azure. CentOS 7.4 is a Linux distribution providing a free, enterprise-class, and community-supported computing platform.


CentOS 7.5: This preconfigured image is provided by for CentOS 7.5. This minimal CentOS 7.5 image comes with an auto-extending root file system and contains just enough packages to run within Microsoft Azure.


CentOS 7.6: This preconfigured image is provided by for CentOS 7.6. This minimal CentOS 7.6 image comes with an auto-extending root file system and contains just enough packages to run within Microsoft Azure.


CentOS 7.7: This preconfigured image is provided by for CentOS 7.7. This minimal CentOS 7.7 image comes with an auto-extending root file system and contains just enough packages to run within Microsoft Azure.


CentOS 8 with LVM: This preconfigured image is provided by for CentOS 8 with Logical Volume Manager (LVM). The LVM volumes and the file systems are automatically extended during boot if the OS disk is bigger than the default one.  


Contrast Security - DevSecOps for Modern Software: Use the Contrast application security platform to secure your apps in Microsoft Azure by assessing vulnerabilities, mitigating risks, and preventing attacks. Ensure security and compliance by embedding self-assessment and self-protection capabilities directly into your software.


Control Plane Secure Communications Agent: This free virtual machine facilitates secure communications between workloads managed by Control Plane and virtual network resources. DevOps engineers can benefit from this Microsoft Azure agent to enable secure communications.


COVID-19 Vaccine Pre-screening and Booking Assistant:'s vaccine assistant virtually guides patients through the entire vaccination process, including screening, scheduling, and follow-ups. The solution helps health systems prequalify individuals and facilitate deployment.


DeepTurnaround: Deployed on Azure Stack Edge devices, DeepTurnaround supplies airlines, airports, and ground service providers with automatically generated, reliable, and near real-time data of what happens at an aircraft stand.


Denodo Standard 8.0 (BYOL): Denodo allows you to integrate and deliver data from any location to any consumer in real time on Microsoft Azure. Denodo Standard unleashes the power of modern data virtualization to accelerate your analytics and data services.


DNS Server IaaS on Windows Server 2016: This preconfigured image by Virtual Pulse provides a Domain Name System (DNS) server on Windows Server 2016 that is ready to run on Microsoft Azure. DNS is a system that translates the domain names you enter in a browser to the IP address of the destination site.


DNS Server IaaS on Windows Server 2019: This preconfigured image by Virtual Pulse provides a Domain Name System (DNS) server on Windows Server 2019 that is ready to run on Microsoft Azure. DNS is a system that translates the domain names you enter in a browser to the IP address of the destination site.


Forescout: Continuous Device Visibility and Control: Enabling organizations to reduce cybersecurity risk and operational risk, Forescout provides visibility and control of devices across cloud, datacenter, campus, industrial, and operational technology environments.


IT Business Management on Azure: ServiceNow IT Business Management enables you to create greater value from your initiatives and enable faster change across your organization. Plan, prioritize, and track work aligned to business objectives.


JupyterLab 3 - Web interface for Project Jupyter: Linnovate offers this preconfigured image containing installation of JupyterLab. JupyterLab enables you to work with documents and activities such as Jupyter notebooks, text editors, terminals, and custom components in a flexible, integrated, and extensible manner.


Kendis - Scaling Agile Platform: Kendis offers visual dependencies management and program increment (PI) planning for remote teams to identify dependencies, log risks, and set objectives. Kendis seamlessly integrates with Azure DevOps in few clicks.


Konfluence: AI-driven Predictive Analytics platform: Konfluence is a self-service data engineering platform that breaks down silos and simplifies data lifecycles. Enterprise users and software engineers can now get an aerial view of their data by using Konfluence on Microsoft Azure.


Legal Data Science Solutions: Legal Data Science analyzes administrative and judicial data using real-time data, Microsoft Power BI, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Cosmos DB. This application is only available in Brazil.


Logility Digital Supply Chain Platform: Logility's platform helps accelerate planning and execution from product design to customer availability, providing collaboration across the enterprise and trading partner network.


Loglook - Microsoft 365 log analysis and collection service: BEBE System’s LogLook collects and analyzes audit logs and visualizes the usage of Microsoft 365. This application is available only in Japanese.


Lumedic Alphalytics: Developed for mid-sized health systems, this predictive analytics solution uses machine learning to identify hotspots of denied claims and hidden denials from seemingly unrelated data.


Managed Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure: Arxus will guide you through a step-by-step journey to take advantage of all the benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop, resulting in a desktop solution matching your business needs.


MFA across operating systems, apps and clouds: The Thales Group understands that security is only as strong as your weakest link. Thales helps protect your access points with multifactor authentication (MFA) across all operating systems, on-premises and in the cloud.


MIFI: Safe E-invoices: MIFI is a secure e-invoice solution for Vietnam that helps businesses protect their data and comply with Vietnamese government requirements to use electronic invoices. This application is available only in Vietnamese.


Migesa Easy Logistics: Manage and monitor your truck logistics processes in real time. Easy Logistics helps solve the challenges of field delivery services and efficiently managing your fleets. This application is available only in Spanish.


MiSign Pro: Secure Digital Ink Solution and SDK: MiSign provides a solution to securely and electronically sign any document by using handwritten signature capture, digital signatures, or biometric data.


Nexus Repository OSS: Linnovate offers this preconfigured image containing Nexus Repository OSS, a free artifact repository from Sonatype with universal format support.


Noodle Factory AI Chat (for Learning & Education): Noodle Factory is an AI-powered chat platform that is ideal for higher education and corporate learning. Enable educators to instantly automate adaptive tutoring, mentoring, onboarding, and administrative tasks.


NuaraHR: This human resource management solution automates and streamlines your organization’s HR processes, including leave application, performance appraisal, time tracking, payroll, and expense management.


Nutanix Frame: This desktop as a service (DaaS) delivers Windows apps and desktops to users anywhere, on any device, with just a browser. Nutanix Frame is cloud native, multi-tenant native, and secure by design.


O2 Network Archiver: Get a copy of your employees’ mobile calls and text messages in Microsoft 365. Use TeleMessage's connector in the Microsoft 365 compliance center to import and archive messages and voice calls from the O2 U.K. mobile network.


OH!play Corporate: Digible Conteudo Digital offers this event and marketing solution for streaming music content, producing broadcasts, and managing corporate events. This application is available only in Portuguese.


OHS Base Image and JDK8 on OL7.4: Oracle America provides this virtual machine with an Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) base image and JDK8 on OL7.4 for customers requiring very highly customized deployments on Microsoft Azure.


OHS Base Image and JDK8 on OL7.6: Oracle America provides this virtual machine with an Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) base image and JDK8 on OL7.6 for customers requiring very highly customized deployments on Microsoft Azure.


OpenUtilities: Bentley Systems enables global utilities companies to embrace digital transformation with software applications. Bentley Systems offers two OpenUtilities solutions in Microsoft Azure: Digital Twin Services and DER Integration.


Patch & Asset: Heimdal Security safeguards both your remote and on-site employees by eliminating risks associated with outdated operating systems and apps. Remotely install Windows and third-party application updates.


Power BI Solution Template for QuickBooks Online: QuickBooks has discontinued use of an online connector, causing Microsoft Power BI to no longer authenticate with QuickBooks. Fresh BI provides a Power BI solution template to connect to QuickBooks Online.


Predictive Maintenance with AVEVA: AVEVA Predictive Analytics helps organizations increase returns on critical assets by supporting predictive maintenance programs. AVEVA helps asset-intensive organizations reduce equipment downtime, increase reliability, and improve performance while reducing operations and maintenance expenditures.


Recorded Future: Recorded Future reduces security risk by automatically positioning threat data in your Microsoft Azure environment and delivering it to Microsoft Azure Sentinel and Microsoft Defender ATP, empowering analysts to identify and triage alerts faster.


Rocket.Chat : Communication platform: Linnovate Technologies offers a preconfigured image that includes Rocket.Chat, a JavaScript-based web chat server built for communities and companies wanting to privately host their own chat service or for developers looking to build and evolve their own chat platforms.


ScoutAsia: ScoutAsia provides a customized dashboard that shows the latest updates on companies, persons, and trends and lets you perform a deep dive into past and present relationships among individuals and companies.


ServiceNow DevOps for Azure DevOps on Azure: ServiceNow DevOps ties your entire DevOps toolchain together with Microsoft Azure DevOps while delivering streamlined reporting, actionable insights, and automated control and governance. The Now Platform hosted on Azure is available in Azure regions in France and Singapore for highly regulated industries.


ServiceNow HR Service Delivery (ServiceNow DC): Boost productivity and give your employees the experience they deserve with ServiceNow HR Service Delivery. With ServiceNow’s solution, you can capture and utilize knowledge that resides across teams and individuals, provide a single place for employees to get help, and automate onboarding and transitions.


ServiceNow IT Asset Management on Azure: ServiceNow IT Asset Management lets you optimize hardware, software, and cloud costs while reducing risk. With this platform, you can automate workflow actions from a native configuration management database and simplify asset management across your organization.


ServiceNow IT Service Management (ServiceNow DC): ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) provides a modern, cloud-based solution that lets you consolidate your IT tools into a single data model, transform the service experience, automate workflows, gain real-time visibility, and improve IT productivity.


SHIELDrive (real drive): SHIELDrive is a cloud storage security broker that encrypts files and obfuscates filenames when files are uploaded. The app works via browser or as a Microsoft Teams app. SHIELDrive lets users manage their own unique encryption keys from creation to destruction.


SingleStore Managed Service: Get SingleStore's speed, scale, and capability without the headaches of installing, configuring, and maintaining software. SingleStore is a scalable SQL database that ingests data continuously to perform operational analytics.


Smarter 365 IP Solution: Deploy your modern workplace and business applications in 15 minutes without any IT-specific knowledge with Eshgro's Smarter 365 platform. This application is available only in Dutch.


Soapbox Engage: From fundraising to advocacy, PICnet provides online engagement tools. Join a community of changemakers who use Soapbox Engage to propel their organizations’ online engagement with their communities.


SpheraCloud: SpheraCloud operationalizes, scales, and optimizes integrated risk management strategies to identify, manage, and mitigate risk in the areas of environment, health, safety, sustainability, and product stewardship.


SwiftKanban: SwiftKanban by Digite is a lean, agile, and visual work management tool to improve your work continuously. Based on the powerful principles of the Kanban method, SwiftKanban combines workflow modeling and flow metrics.


TalkProcess forms: This business process mapping software collects process information digitally. The tool supports all project phases, including preparation, planning, communication, and information aggregation. This application is available only in Brazilian Portuguese.


TELUS Network Archiver: Integrated with the TELUS Canada mobile network, the TeleMessage connector in the Microsoft 365 compliance center imports and archives SMS and MMS messages from the TELUS network.


Teradici Azure Virtual Desktops for Manufacturing: Teradici Cloud Access Software, powered by PC-over-IP technology, provides secure access to graphics-intensive computer-aided design and other manufacturing applications, virtual desktops, and workstations running on Microsoft Azure.


Teradici Virtual Desktop: Federal & Public Sector: Teradici Cloud Access Software provides secure Microsoft Windows and Linux virtual desktop access to graphics-intensive and CPU-based productivity applications from Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack for the federal and public sectors.


Teradici Virtual Desktops for Game Developers: Game development demands high frame rates, low latency, and amazing responsiveness. Teradici Cloud Access Software enables game developers to work remotely, accelerate game production, and secure sensitive assets in Microsoft Azure.


Trial access to PII Vault for testing, validation: PII Vault was built for organizations that need to combine private data from different sources or use their production data in non-production environments. Anonomatic enables those sources to anonymize their data behind their firewall.


VERA: Validated Electronic Record Approval (VERA) is a software as a service application running on Tx3's Helios platform to control life science quality assurance data and standardize approval lifecycles without restricting core functionality.


VMware NSX - Cloud Service Manager: VMware NSX Cloud is a networking and security solution. The VMware NSX - Cloud Service Manager appliance provides a single-pane-of-glass visibility plane for managing your public cloud inventory.


VMware NSX - Policy Manager: The VMware NSX - Policy Manager appliance provides a single-pane-of-glass management endpoint to define and manage networking and security policy constructs for hybrid cloud workloads and services.


Windows Server 2019 with Filezilla FTP Server: This preconfigured image by Virtual Pulse provides Windows Server 2019 with Filezilla file transfer protocol (FTP) server. Filezilla FTP Server enables file downloads and uploads, server-client transfers, and connections from multiple computers.

Consulting services


AWS to Azure - 1-Week Assessment: can migrate your servers and databases quickly and safely from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Microsoft Azure. Relying on Azure Migrate or Azure Site Recovery, can offer near-real-time data replication.


Azure Cloud Foundation (ACF) - 1-Hour Briefing: With over 500 public cloud projects delivered, Nordcloud will help build a Microsoft Azure landing zone in alignment with the architectural approach and reference implementation of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure (CAF) Foundation.


Azure DevOps Services and 1-Day Workshops: Companies that can react quickly to change have a competitive advantage. Medium-sized companies can benefit from novaCapta’s detailed DevOps analysis and customized recommendations to address your business needs. This offer is available only in German.


Azure Infra: Quick Start 1-Day Workshop: Adfolks will help your technical and business leaders understand Microsoft Azure infrastructure solutions and service models and how to utilize these services during the cloud adoption journey.


Azure IoT: 3-Day Workshop: Lufthansa Industry Solutions will demonstrate how to build, configure, and test an end-to-end IoT solution using the Microsoft Azure command-line interface and Visual Studio Code. This service is available only in German.


Azure Security Check: 1-Day Assessment: Somnitec’s assessment helps optimize and secure your Microsoft Azure environment. Somnitech will help minimize risk, recommend security adjustments, and provide clarity about your existing Azure usage. This application is available only in German.


Azure Site Recovery: 8-Hour Assessment: ITsavvy complements your business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) strategies with a custom-built and custom-configured Microsoft Azure Site Recovery disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solution.


Azure SQL Migration 2-Hour Assessment: Are you looking for a database platform that scales as your performance requirements change? Primend can upgrade your existing databases to Azure SQL Server and configure all the necessary services and connections.


Azure VMware (AVS) migration - 1-Hour Briefing: Nordcloud can migrate your on-premises VMware workloads to Microsoft Azure fast and risk-free. Running on Azure infrastructure, Azure VMware Solution is a Microsoft service verified by VMware.


Azure-based Damage Detection - 8-Week Implementation: Affine enables defect detection and classification for the manufacturing and consumer packaged goods (CPG) verticals using Azure Cognitive Services and an automated machine vision detection framework.

Bechtle Managed Azure Sentinel - 1-Day CIO Workshop.png

Bechtle Managed Azure Sentinel - 1-Day CIO Workshop: Bechtle’s managed Microsoft Azure Sentinel service helps improve your company’s security. Bechtle will demonstrate a security information and event management cloud solution to modernize your security operations center.


Boost your Migration to Azure - 1-Week Assessment: Whether you choose a full-cloud or a hybrid scenario, provides a complete solution for a safe and easy migration to Microsoft Azure, predicting duration, feasibility, and costs.


Cloud Ambition - 3-Week Assessment: What is your cloud ambition? KPMG can review your current cloud strategy and define or optimize a cloud vision underpinned with a set of key performance indicators (KPIs). KPMG will also prepare and facilitate a Cloud Ambition workshop.


Cloud Applications - 7-Week Assessment: After an applications landscape assessment, KPMG will classify your applications, identify a migration strategy, develop business cases, and define a migration roadmap to Microsoft Azure.


Cloud Cost Control - 10-Day Assessment: KPMG’s cloud cost management maturity assessment focuses on people, process, technology, and governance. By evaluating current cost management activities, KPMG will advise on the optimal ways to run workloads in Microsoft Azure.


Conversion / 4: 10-Week Implementation: All for One Group offers a unique subscription for SAP S/4HANA conversion, which includes Microsoft Azure infrastructure, fully managed services, support, and upgrades. This service is available only in German.


Data Modernization & Visualization: 2-Week Implementation: Adfolks offers rapid deployment of data modernization and Microsoft Power BI. Built on Microsoft Azure data technologies, Adfolks has designed a BI/ETL reference architecture for advanced analytics and machine learning.


Datacenter Migration: 6-Week Implementation: Arxus delivers datacenter migration using a programmatic approach. Arxus’ Microsoft Azure Migration Program provides architects, engineers, and a project manager from Arxus’ Fast Track for Azure team.


Developer Velocity Assessment: 2-Day Assessment: Arxus will assess your application team on the four most crucial elements of DevOps: lead time, implementation frequency, failure rate, and recovery time. This assessment will shed light on which tools can provide improvement.


Energy control: 4-Week Proof of Concept: SYNNEX’s Forest Movement combines an Azure-powered Internet of Things (IoT) solution and expert consulting services to help organizations control their energy use, cut costs, lower their carbon footprint, and become more sustainable.


FinOps: 1-Day Assessment: FinOps teams combine IT and finance functions. AG Tech will conduct an assessment to discuss how your cloud financial management needs could be addressed with FinOps practices in Microsoft Azure.


Hosting Transformation Strategy: 6-Week Assessment: Aligning application needs with technology demand and business requirements, CS Technology (Australia) will develop a hosting transformation strategy to deliver a financial model, business case, and roadmap to Microsoft Azure.


IAM - initial analysis processes: 1-Day Workshop: End the confusion with countless usernames and passwords for your employees. The All for One Group will work with you to optimize and automate your identity lifecycle management. This service is available only in German.


Kudelski Security 5-Day Cloud Security Assessment: The Kudelski Group will help you understand the business and technical risks of moving to Microsoft Azure and identify vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, while defining security requirements, controls, standards, and policies.


Managed Services: 30-Minute Implementation: Modality will establish a link to your tenant using Azure Lighthouse to provide a range of Microsoft Azure management services while you maintain control.


Migesa Cloud Infrastructure Discovery: 3-Week Assesment: Migesa will review your inventories, capabilities, and dependencies in preparation for migrating to Microsoft Azure. You will get a roadmap to reduce costs and maximize security. This service is available only in Spanish.


Migrate to Azure - Proof of Concept - 2 Weeks: Hitachi Solutions will help you understand Microsoft Azure to accelerate your cloud transformation journey, giving your organization a competitive advantage. You will also learn how to align IT infrastructure with business goals.


Migration Expert: 10-Week Implementation: The All for One Group will migrate your encrypted emails from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange supported by Azure Active Directory. Your emails remain protected even after the migration. This service is available only in German.


Nordcloud Azure optimized capacity - 1-Hour Briefing: Save on your cloud costs when you buy through Nordcloud. Cloud capacity experts will deliver improved public cloud control and lower total cost of ownership to your business, ensuring quality performance and high cost efficiency.


Sogeti eAPM Assessment 1 Week: economic Application Portfolio Management (eAPM) from Sogeti, part of Capgemini, is an analysis tool with a graphical visualization layer to provide an in-depth view into an organization’s entire IT portfolio.


Sogeti EMP Managed Services 1-Day Assessment: Sogeti, part of Capgemini, offers its Enterprise Portfolio Modernization (EPM) initiative, a suite of services that aligns application lifecycle and modernization capabilities with Microsoft Azure to offer a modern end-to-end approach to digital transformation.


Virtual desktop enablement - 1-Hour Briefing: To support your organization’s remote work, Nordcloud can help with migrating to Windows Virtual Desktop in Microsoft Azure. Provide the familiarity and compatibility of Windows 10 with the new scalable multi-session experience.


Wintellect App Modernization - 2-Week Assessment: Wintellect can move your legacy line-of-business applications to the modern web and desktop, then add the power of Microsoft Azure with modern DevOps processes, advanced security, and easy-to-configure backup and disaster recovery services.

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