Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 121
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 99 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


Acumex Trade Management.png

Acumex Trade Management System: The Acumex Trade Management System streamlines the pharmaceuticals trading process. Optional AI support includes recommendations for negotiations, allowing traders to unlock value from large, complex product portfolios and multiple suppliers or buyers.

AI Chatbot for Hotels.png

AI Chatbot for Hotels by Book Me Bob: Book Me Bob, a line of AI-powered chatbots from Myma Digital Limited, helps hotels boost sales conversion, optimize costs, and enhance the guest experience. These bots are trained by hoteliers through thousands of questions and answers.

Artificial Solutions.png

Artificial Solutions - Teneo Conversational AI: Teneo is an integrated development environment that creates conversational assistants and extends the capabilities of the Microsoft Language Understanding (LUIS) AI service. Teneo features a graphical interface, a runtime engine, an analytics platform, and more than 30 language packs.

Atlas Elite.png

Atlas Elite: Atlas Elite accelerates trade by connecting corporate staff and financiers in a place where operations are automated and transaction processing time is reduced, with documents digitally signed and committed.

Audit360 SaaS.png

Audit360 SaaS: Audit360 transforms auditing with its intelligent reports, robust scoring, configurable workflows, and real-time updates. Let it open the door to digitalization and increase your audit efficiency by up to 70 percent.

Barracuda CloudGen Access.png

Barracuda CloudGen Access: Barracuda CloudGen Access lets you securely manage your remote workforce with instant provisioning of company-owned or employee-owned devices and unmanaged contractor endpoints. Establish access control across users and devices without the performance pitfalls of a traditional VPN.

Bell Network Archiver.png

Bell Network Archiver: TeleMessage's connector enables you to import and archive Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) messages from the Bell Network to mailboxes in Microsoft 365. This can help your organization stay compliant with governmental and regulatory policies.


Berrycast - Screen video messages: Berrycast can help you improve and clarify your communications with co-workers and clients around the world. With Berrycast, you can record and share videos, giving your messages a human touch and allowing you to relay thoughts faster than you can type an email.

Blackbaud CRM.png

Blackbaud CRM: Blackbaud CRM combines extensive nonprofit expertise with fundraising and customer relationship management software tools, integrated analytics, multichannel marketing, and data-mining services to help large nonprofits build stronger and more productive relationships.

Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT.png

Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT: Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT is an all-in-one fundraising and relationship management solution that can help you attract new supporters, engage with them according to their preferences, and expand their impact.

CentOS 7.png

CentOS 7: This preconfigured image from Cloud Whiz Solutions provides CentOS 7, a free Linux distribution that's functionally compatible with its upstream source, Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Charge Up.png

ChargeUp: Made for anyone who offers drivers access to electric vehicle charging points, the ChargeUp cloud-based software manages charging networks. ChargeUp offers 24-hour customer support for most of the standard types of charging points.


clinicgram (CE Type I Digital Health Platform): clinicgram uses digital imaging and AI algorithms to assist healthcare professionals in their assessments. It enables the efficient capture of non-radiological images (mobile clinical pictures) and associated metadata (clinical scales) through standard mobile devices.


CloudUCX: CloudUCX from Exactive provides cost savings with direct routing, helping your organization get the most out of Microsoft Teams. Exactive will guide you through migration and into a fully managed support service.

Comtrade eSession.png

Comtrade eSession: Comtrade's eSession, an electronic meeting management solution, caters to the needs of large corporations and state administrations. It enables electronic delivery of documents, simplifying procedures and helping board meetings go paperless.

CYBERhythm Cloud Detection.png

CYBERhythm Cloud Detection & Response Service: CYBERhythm, a multi-cloud cybersecurity detection and response solution, features automated onboarding, integrated threat intelligence, easily navigable dashboards, and a risk index.


EAM 4FACTORY: EAM 4FACTORY's preventive and predictive actions reduce the duration of production downtime resulting from the unplanned unavailability of machines. EAM 4FACTORY allows manufacturing companies to achieve full traceability of repairs and preventive inspections.


Egnyte Connect: Egnyte Connect serves as a central data hub and command console for IT administrators. It features enterprise file synchronization and sharing, VPN-less access, and integration with several Microsoft Azure services.

EPAM Decentralized.png

EPAM Decentralized Clinical Trial Platform: EPAM’s Decentralized Clinical Trial platform enables life science companies to move beyond traditional clinical trial models, with technical accelerators in the areas of e-consent, telehealth, IoT integration, and ePRO and eCOA mobile configuration.


Evocom: Evocom lets business users digitize task management and microprocesses. IT specialists use the connector for automation with Microsoft Power Automate or the development of specific process apps. This app is available in German and English. Additional languages may be available on request.

EXAScaler Cloud.png

EXAScaler Cloud: EXAScaler Cloud is a highly scalable parallel file system for data-intensive deployments. Based on the Lustre parallel distributed file system, EXAScaler Cloud is built for AI, high-performance computing, and other big data workloads.

Expense Management for Office 365.png

Expense Management for Office 365: DynamicPoint's EASYEXP365 is an employee expense management app that supports the Essentials and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It automates the entry, review, and approval of expense reports.

Fusion KTP.png

Fusion KTP: Fusion KTP provides corporate treasurers with an integrated modular platform for managing cash, risk, reporting, compliance, and accounting. More than 200 organizations use Fusion KTP to manage their global treasury operations.


hi-chart: Use hi-chart to create easy-to-read reports, presentations, and dashboards. The design and distribution of multi-page reports and dashboards with Microsoft Excel data is achieved via the hi-chart web platform or directly in Excel. This app is available only in German.

HIPAA-Compliant Geocoder.png

HIPAA-Compliant Geocoder: The HIPAA-Compliant Geocoder from Spatialitics transforms readable addresses to geographic coordinates, allowing healthcare providers to perform spatial analytics on the data and develop a better understanding of any number of clinical, strategic, or operational activities.


Indyco Enterprise Edition: Indyco is a suite for modeling, designing, and governing an enterprise data warehouse. By using a graphical formalism that can easily be understood, Indyco provides up-to-date documentation and breaks down the barriers of communication between IT and business teams.

IoT Service Hub.png

IoT Service Hub: IoT Service Hub from Hitachi Solutions Ltd. notifies workers of abnormalities in information gathered by IoT devices and stored in Microsoft Azure. This app is available only in Japanese.

IOTA Hornet Node.png

IOTA Hornet Node: This node is designed for use in the IOTA Tangle. IOTA is a distributed ledger technology with an architecture called Tangle. IOTA is designed to support frictionless data and value transfer with high scalability and no fees.

itracks Realtime.png

itracks Realtime: itracks Realtime from Interactive Tracking Systems is a platform built for focus groups and interviews. The virtual backroom allows stakeholders to observe the session and interact via video or text without biasing the research results.

Juno Intranet.png

Juno Intranet SharePoint Solution: Juno is a ready-to-go intranet based on Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. Offer your employees a pleasant digital work environment with more than 35 features and a continuously developing module structure.

Kanvas for Design.png

Kanvas for Design: Kleen Tex Japan's Kanvas for Design is a design simulator that can be customized for your company's products, services, and branding strategy. This app is available only in Japanese.


MagnifEye: MagnifEye is intended for public health organizations and manufacturers of lateral flow tests. MagnifEye is an AI-powered software product that improves test speed and accuracy by detecting difficult-to-read lines, including those not visible to the human eye.

NonProfit Power Up.png

NonProfit Power Up - Power Platform Accelerator: cloudThing's NonProfit Power Up accelerator can help your charity lower the cost and effort to build a Microsoft Power Platform solution. This solution can quickly unlock new functionality, such as gift aid management and constituent discovery.


OpenText EnCase Endpoint Security: OpenText EnCase Endpoint Security provides security teams with 360-degree visibility to validate, analyze, scope, and respond to incidents that originate in Microsoft Azure or involve endpoints in Azure.

Patient Data Hub.png

Patient Data Hub: Physicians and care teams can use the dashboards of CitiusTech’s Patient Data Hub to provide virtual care or remotely monitor patients for chronic conditions. Patient Data Hub offers payment options through integration of patient-generated health data.

PHP 7.3 on CentOS 8.0.png

PHP 7.3 on CentOS 8.0: This preconfigured image from Cloud Maven Solutions provides PHP 7.3.25 on CentOS 8.0. PHP is a fast and flexible scripting language commonly used for web development.

PHP 7.4 on CentOS 8.0.png

PHP 7.4 on CentOS 8.0: This preconfigured image from Cloud Maven Solutions provides PHP 7.4.13 on CentOS 8.0. PHP is a fast and flexible scripting language commonly used for web development.

Policies and Insights.png

Policies & Insights (PI) for Microsoft 365: AvePoint's Policies & Insights makes it easy to run tenant-wide security reports across Microsoft cloud services. Gain security insights and apply automated policies to Teams, Groups, SharePoint, and OneDrive.

PostgreSQL With CentOS 8.0.png

PostgreSQL With CentOS 8.0: This preconfigured image from Cloud Maven Solutions provides PostgreSQL on CentOS 8.0. PostgreSQL is an open-source relational SQL database management system.

Project Management Information System.png

Project Management Information System (PMIS): Cambay’s Project Management Information System (PMIS), developed using the modern frameworks of Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Power Automate, and Microsoft Azure Functions, enables organizations to execute projects seamlessly through an intuitive and engaging interface.

QuickBooks Computer.png

QuickBooks Computer Multi-User with Office 365 Applications: This offer from provides a preconfigured Windows 10 virtual machine with QuickBooks Enterprise and Office 365 software installed. A QuickBooks Enterprise license must be purchased separately.

Retail 7.png

retail7: The retail7 point-of-sale system is suited for cafés, delivery services, food trucks, and other small businesses. It works on mobile phones, tablets, and PCs, and its interface is customizable. retail7 is available in German and adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation.


SCMProFIT: SCMProFit is a supply chain logistics system that simplifies complexity and provides manufacturers with end-to-end visibility. It integrates with leading enterprise resource planning solutions and has served numerous organizations across industry sectors.

Senseye PdM.png

Senseye PdM - Predictive Maintenance on Azure: Through predictive maintenance, Senseye PdM maximizes machine effectiveness while minimizing operational costs, slashing unplanned downtime. Deployment is rapid, and actionable results are delivered within 14 days.

Social and Digital Data Screening.png

Social & Digital Data Screening: Farosian's Social & Digital Data Screening analyzes social media to flag high-risk job candidates or employees. Nurture an inclusive work environment with insights derived from Farosian's AI and machine learning.


Stackbit: Stackbit is an open platform for JAMstack, a web development architecture based on JavaScript, reusable APIs, and pre-built Markup. Users can easily build and edit JAMstack sites through an intuitive interface and deploy sites directly to Microsoft Azure.

StoreVue Inspection.png

StoreVue Inspection: Through IoT, cloud storage, video analysis, and mobile Internet technology, StoreVue Inspection helps retail store managers oversee branch locations, centrally manage store data, conduct inspections, and ensure food safety. 

SurePact Project.png

SurePact Project & Contract Risk Management SaaS: SurePact, a risk identification and mitigation solution for government and corporate contracts delivery, guards against cost and scope increases. SurePact's configurable workflows and pre-built analytics help track governance and compliance.

Time and Material app.png

Time and Material app for construction: The Time and Material app from CEM Business Solutions tracks project hours and equipment used for construction and other product development. It's especially useful for jobs with requirements that are expected to change.


TOPdesk: What if your customers could easily get answers to all their IT, facility, or HR questions in one place? TOPdesk’s enterprise service management software streamlines customer support so your teams can join forces and offer more value to your customers.

Turing AI Aerial Object Detection.png

Turing AI Aerial Object Detection: Turing Challenge's models use aerial images and satellite images to detect and classify objects. Monitor infrastructure, detect anomalies, and predict maintenance.

Valimail Enforce.png

Valimail Enforce: Modern phishing attacks bypass traditional filtering mechanisms but can be stopped by email authentication. Valimail Enforce utilizes cloud-native technologies to authenticate sender identity, preventing phishing attacks and protecting brands.

Verloop.png's platform allows businesses to automate customer support across channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and web browsers. At the heart of is a machine learning system that understands customer problems using natural language processing.

Virtual Desktop.png

Virtual Desktop: DJT Group's Cameyo platform enables the secure delivery of Windows and internal web apps from a browser to any device, without the need for a virtual private network. This makes it easier for organizations to support remote-work arrangements.


WebIZ: Envision’s WebIZ is a comprehensive immunization information system for state and local government public health agencies. Access to the application can be direct, via a browser-based interface, or indirect, via HL7 messages.


ZChatBot - chatbot for Microsoft Teams: ZChatBot helps IT and human resources departments streamline workflows and more quickly handle routine tasks, such as ordering a visitor pass, getting information about working hours and holidays, and referring to orders.

Consulting services

3-8 month implementation.png

3-8 Month Implementation: Decision Analytics: Make intelligent decisions, accelerate innovation, analyze trends, and forecast outcomes – all through data analytics and intuitive dashboards with CloudMoyo Decision Analytics. In this service, CloudMoyo will implement its platform to bring your data to life through visualizations.

Agilisys Data Platform Discovery.png

Agilisys Data Platform Discovery: 5-Week Assessment: Agilisys will help securely migrate your data to the cloud, enabling actionable business intelligence and insights. As part of this discovery and design assessment, Agilisys will work with you to provide a thorough and comprehensive review of your data estate.

AMOS for.png

AMOS for Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO): 1-Hour Briefing: Learn about the Atos end-to-end managed service for ARO, a Microsoft Azure service that integrates Red Hat OpenShift into Azure infrastructure and is jointly support by Microsoft and Red Hat. On top of ARO, Atos provides Atos Managed OpenShift (AMOS), a fully managed service.

App Innovation Migration.png

App Innovation Migration: 8-Week Implementation: Neudesic will deliver an in-depth identification and analysis of specific applications for migration to Microsoft Azure, complete with architecture design, migration plan, and subsequent migration. The deliverables include Azure service and architecture recommendations.

Application Modernization- 2-Day.png

Application Modernization: 2-Day Assessment: This application solution assessment from Spikes NV will determine the cloud readiness of your application infrastructure. The scope of the assessment will be determined during an intake call. The final report will include a high-level summary of the project background.

Azure App Modernisation Assessment.png

Azure App Modernization Assessment: 6 Weeks: Content + Cloud will review your application to determine how it can be rebuilt and rearchitected using a cloud-first approach with Microsoft Azure. C+C will also discuss security and compliance requirements and the current end-user experience.

Azure Cloud Migration Assessment.png

Azure Cloud Migration Assessment: 6 Weeks: Content + Cloud’s tools-based assessment provides a clear explanation of the options available to support your migration to Microsoft Azure along with expert recommendations and a high-level design. Get a migration plan with projected costs for your Azure subscriptions.

Azure Database Migration Review.png

Azure Database Migration Review: 2-Day Assessment: This assessment from Trivadis will check your environment and Microsoft Azure readiness with the Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit. The result is a complete overview of your SQL environment and prerequisites for your migration to Azure.

Azure Data Platform 8 week.png

Azure Data Platform: 8-Week Implementation: Implement your Microsoft Azure data platform and governance solution with Azure API Management, Azure Data Lake, Azure Databricks, and more. Get an operational data platform and the first data products available within the compliancy requirements of your company.

Azure ML (4) (Cognitive Machines).png

Azure ML: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Cognitive Machines will hold a detailed discussion with your team to identify your data-centric business transformation goals. Cognitive Machines will then develop a proof-of-concept AI product on the Microsoft Azure platform, with rich application interfaces using cognitive technologies. 

Azure ML (4) (Cognitive Machines).png

Azure ML: 5-Day Workshop: Cognitive Machines will educate your team about AI and analytics tools that can drive an improved business outcome. Get advanced analytics demos and examples for use cases similar to your business, advice on reference architecture, and best practices for implementing a data-centric transformation.

Azure ML (4) (Cognitive Machines).png

Azure ML: 8-Hour Briefing: Cognitive Machines will define an AI implementation plan detailing the data collection process, data cleanup procedure, algorithm selection, and hardware requirements. Cognitive Machines will document the assessment and provide a blueprint that can be used as a template for further development.

Azure ML (4) (Cognitive Machines).png

Azure ML: 10-Week Implementation: Cognitive Machines aims to enable small and medium-sized businesses to harness the power of AI. In this engagement, Cognitive Machines will define an AI implementation plan detailing the data collection process, price estimates, and more.

Azure Monitoring Workshop.png

Azure Monitoring Workshop - 2 Days: The purpose of this offering from Newwave is to provide clients with a professional workshop that teaches them about the different services Microsoft Azure makes available for monitoring cloud workloads. Clients will learn how to increase efficiency and keep costs as low as possible.

Azure Sentinel Onboarding.png

Azure Sentinel Onboarding: 3-Day Workshop: Persol will explain the Microsoft Azure Sentinel service, install it, analyze and collect logs, and report the results in a hands-on workshop. This service is available only in Japanese.

BizTalk Migration.png

BizTalk Migration Service: 2-Week Assessment: This service from Communicate will assess and evaluate Microsoft BizTalk Server and consider a migration of the customer’s integration platform to Microsoft Azure. Communicate will identify and document the business integration needs, desired business outcome, pain points, and more.


Capgemini eAPM Assessment - 1 Week: Capgemini will provide an in-depth view into your organization’s IT portfolio. The assessment will deliver a business case that will summarize current-state costs, future-state costs, estimated savings, application waves/project timelines, implementation costs, and more.

Cloud4C Azure Lighthouse.png

Cloud4C Azure Lighthouse - Internal: Cloud4C offers the following managed services on Microsoft Azure: migrations; Azure IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS; SAP on Azure; and Azure Site Recovery. Expand your expertise with Cloud4C's Microsoft-certified engineers and 24-hour support.

Cloud Competence Center.png

Cloud Competence Center: 4-Week Assessment: Streamline the value flow from ideas to production in your Microsoft Azure environment. This quick start from KPMG will give you an overview and understanding of how your cloud strategy aligns to the specific needs of your team.

Cloud Migrate.png

Cloud Migrate: 2-Day Implementation: Tec Networks will perform a detailed cloud assessment and deliver a plan for the migration of your environment to Microsoft Azure. This implementation includes an analysis of virtual machines, a review of a lift-and-shift migration, and more.

Cloud Readiness Assessment.png

Cloud Readiness Assessment: 2-Week Assessment: NNIT will establish as-is and desired-to-be pictures through data gathering, interviews, and workshops. The service delivers short-term and long-term roadmaps. Build a secure, scalable platform that utilizes Microsoft Azure services to handle operational efficiency and more.

Computer Vision.png

Computer Vision in Action: 2-Week Proof of Concept: Solve your business problems by applying computer vision techniques on Microsoft Azure. Computer vision is the area of AI focused on automatically processing and analyzing images to understand what they contain. This service from Ilitia Technologies is available in Spanish and English.

Desktop360 VMware Horizon.png

Desktop360 VMware Horizon on Azure: 5-Day Proof of Concept: This proof of concept from Entisys360 shows how you can enable your workforce to work from anywhere. Deploying Windows Virtual Desktop on Microsoft Azure with VMware Horizon simplifies deployment and improves end-user experience for virtual desktops.

DevOps Assessment.png

DevOps Assessment & Migration Opportunities - 1 Week: Get an assessment by Invati of your DevOps environment, complete with an effort estimate for migration to Microsoft Azure DevOps or GitHub. Get comprehensive guidance on automation benefits and opportunities, unlock innovation, and more.

Digital Service Platform.png

Digital Service Platform: 3-Week Assessment: A Digital Platform from Communicate can release the potential that resides within your legacy systems as it collects, secures, and shares locked-in data. This platform design assessment will address Microsoft Azure API Management and more.

Enterprise System.png

Enterprise System: 4-Hour Assessment: ACW Solutions will help identify weak spots in your system with this assessment. ACW Solutions will evaluate your operation processes and compare them to industry best practices to expose risks and improve efficiency.

ePlus-Lighthouse PAL.png

ePlus-Lighthouse PAL: This offer will onboard customers to an ePlus-managed Microsoft Azure Lighthouse environment to enable Partner Admin Link (PAL). PAL enables Microsoft to identify and recognize partners who are helping customers achieve business objectives and realize value in the cloud.

Liquid Infrastructure Assessment.png

Liquid Infrastructure Assessment: 3-Week Assessment: Liquid Telecom’s Cloud Managed and Cyber Security Services team will partner with you to understand your organization’s strategic goals. Liquid Telecom will analyze your IT environment and outline the best way forward for your business in the cloud.

Managed Detection and Response.png

Managed Detection and Response - CSP: Wortell offers a fully managed service for your business-critical Microsoft Azure environment. This package provides seamless Azure management access control via Azure Lighthouse for managed detection and response (MDR) cloud solution provider (CSP) customers.

Managed Ubuntu server.png

Managed Ubuntu Server - Linnovate Open Source SLA: Linnovate 24-hour support plans provide managers and enterprises the coverage they need to have a productive day at work. Enterprises, startups, academies, and government agencies can get professional support for Ubuntu Server virtual images on Azure, including security updates.

Migesa Remote Worker.png

Migesa Remote Worker Platform (free): 1-Week Proof of Concept: This service will enable a test environment of Windows Virtual Desktop infrastructure on Microsoft Azure. Migesa will also be able to provide supervision, administration, and technical support. This service is available only in Spanish.

Mortgage Compliance.png

Mortgage Compliance in Azure: 2-Day Workshop: Invati provides leading solutions for the mortgage-lending and loan-serving sectors. Get a hands-on workshop for your team on how to be compliant in the cloud. Learn about the basic steps of data governance, demand management, and data classification, customized for your organization.

MSBI FastTrack.png

MSBI FastTrack - 2-Hour Briefing: Automate the creation of SSIS packages to expedite project delivery, increase productivity, apply industry best practices, and reduce total cost of ownership. Learn how Elait has created the MSBI Fast Track application to drive the generation of single or multiple SSIS packages.

On-Premise to Online Consultancy.png

On-Premises to Online Consultancy: 1-Week Briefing: Tisski’s on-premises-to-online service can provide you and your organization with the support you need in making the move to Microsoft Azure. Reduce the cost of operations in comparison to on-premises hosting and keep your data safe online.

Piksel Group.png

Piksel Group Windows Virtual Desktop Assessment Workshop (2 Days): This workshop from Piksel will show how Windows Virtual Desktop can form a key part of your IT modernization strategy. Upon completion of the workshop, you will have a strong understanding of how your organization could benefit from Windows Virtual Desktop. 

Quadra Nubis 2 day.png

Quadra Nubis: 2-Day Azure Windows Virtual Desktop assessment: This assessment from Quadra will help you take advantage of Windows Virtual Desktop on Microsoft Azure. Benefit from enhanced user experience, lower costs, and greatly increased manageability while addressing security and compliance regulations.

Quorum Cyber.png Quorum Cyber - Professional Services: Quorum Cyber’s professional security services help your organization manage exposure to cyber-risk, increase resilience to business disruption, and achieve measurable returns on investment.
Solution Assessment App Innovation.png

Solution Assessment App Innovation: 1-Hour Assessment: ITCO will analyze your current architecture and, depending on the scenario, will recommend modernizing your architecture using Microsoft Azure services. ITCO will also accompany you during the design of applications.

Start with Azure Datalake.png

Start with Azure Data Lake: 4-Week Implementation: Connect and implement six different data sources from two different technologies on a Microsoft Azure Data Lake. Conclusion will enable automatic refresh of your data, automatic filtering using basic logging of data pipeline status, and implementation of Azure Databricks.

Stress test.png

Stress test: ITG Solutions will test your web application at the maximum load supported to check its robustness and reliability. This offering is available in Spanish and English.

The IT Optimization.png

The IT Optimization: Half-Day Workshop: This workshop from Neudesic is designed to help IT organizations drive quick wins and long-term strategies that reduce cost and increase customer value. Neudesic’s IT Optimization frameworks focus on unlocking savings and efficiencies from different areas of the IT organization.

Windows Virtual Desktop (Persol) 2 weeks.png

Windows Virtual Desktop: 2 weeks of verification support: For customers considering Windows Virtual Desktop, Persol will build a verification environment and provide verification support. Persol aims to build an environment and configuration that suits the customer's business. This service is available only in Japanese.

Windows Virtual Desktop Deployment.png

Windows Virtual Desktop Deployment: 1-Week Implementation: Fortevento offers a quick assessment of customer needs, current infrastructure, and cost estimates. Based on Fortevento's findings, a custom Windows Virtual Desktop deployment plan will be offered. Scope may vary depending on customer size and needs.

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