Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 114
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 89 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


Afinitis Pandemic - Sales Optimisation.png

Afinitis Pandemic - Sales Optimisation: Has your business been hit hard by the turbulence of COVID-19 trading conditions? This fully automated business intelligence solution from Afinitis 20:20 provides a powerful, easy-to-use framework to help you implement actions that will drive greater sales results.

AutoQL by Chata.png

AutoQL by Chata: AutoQL from Chata Technologies is an embeddable conversational AI solution that lets users query databases in their own words and immediately receive answers. 

Bizagi Digital Process Automation Platform.png

Bizagi Digital Process Automation Platform: Bizagi’s platform combines robotic process automation, digital process automation, and artificial intelligence. It can handle deep and complex process automation as well as simpler processes across the enterprise.

BlueSpice Mediawiki 3.1.12.png

BlueSpice Mediawiki 3.1.12: This image provided by Kobalt contains BlueSpice, an open-source MediaWiki enterprise distribution. BlueSpice features an intuitive layout, a WYSIWYG editor, page templates, user and administrator dashboards, and full-text search across articles and files.

Care Director.png

Care Director: Allscripts Care Director fills logistical gaps to help healthcare organizations achieve better patient outcomes, make plans actionable at the point of care, and ensure appropriateness of care across all settings. 

Cerebra Digital Oil Field.png

Cerebra Digital Oil Field: Flutura Decision Sciences and Analytics provides digital assistants from its Cerebra platform to aid decision-making, reduce production deferment, and enhance the profitability of oil fields.

Cerebra Plant Quality Diagnostics.png

Cerebra Plant Quality Diagnostics & Prognostics: This app from Flutura Decision Sciences and Analytics provides digital assistants to aid manufacturing plants in digital twin configuration, automated root cause analysis, and process simulation.

Cibersecurity Center Oesia.png

Cibersecurity Center Oesia: Available in English and Spanish, Oesía's framework provides a model set to international cybersecurity standards, such as ISO 27001, NIST, GDPR, and ISO 22301.

Citrix Workspace Standard.png

Citrix Workspace Standard: Citrix Workspace provides users with unified, secure, and reliable access to all apps and data on any device, whether they're in company offices, working from home, or anywhere in between.

CODA Footprint.png CODA Footprint Proactive Managed Security for MSPs: Start delivering proactive managed security services in minutes with CODA Intelligence's AI-driven SaaS platform,
CODA Footprint. The platform helps managed service providers prioritize response to risk scenarios based on vulnerabilities identified in customers’ digital assets.
Datadobi License.png

Datadobi License: Datadobi's solutions help customers migrate and protect data. DobiMigrate moves your file and object data to Microsoft Azure, and DobiProtect lets you keep business-critical NAS data on Azure to protect against cyberthreats, accidental deletions, and software vulnerabilities.

eCubeApps Free online forms.png

eCubeApps Free online forms: eCube Apps is a cloud-based business data collection and analysis solution that can be used for customer satisfaction surveys, field data collection, online registrations, opinion polls, and online examinations.

Effie Vision.png

Effie Vision: Available in English, Russian, and Ukrainian, Effie Vision helps retailers monitor their shelves and stock availability while also tracking the stock of competitors. Dashboards facilitate management decisions and planogram compliance.

Encoding Managed Service.png

Encoding Managed Service: Bitmovin's solution provides massively distributed cloud video encoding. Built for cloud or hybrid cloud implementations, the encoder offers virtually unlimited scalability and power.


eSiteview: eSiteview improves operational excellence and safety at industrial plants by making it possible to work remotely via a simple browser interface.


ExLookOnline: ExLook Online from BB System Co. Ltd. is an add-on service that makes in-house Microsoft Outlook information available on smartphones. This app is available only in Japanese.

G at P.png

G @ P: OPENTECH's G @ P solution is a modular system for automating the technical, logistic, administrative, and financial aspects of real estate assets. This app is available only in Italian.

Gitlab Community Edition With Ubuntu.png

Gitlab Community Edition With Ubuntu: This image from Cognosys contains Gitlab Community Edition with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. GitLab is an open-source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.

GO Intranet.png

GO Intranet: GO Intranet, built on Microsoft SharePoint, fosters collaborative employee experiences to help your organization thrive. Reach employees in their preferred language through robust multilingual capabilities, including automated social translation.

Holo4Med Telemedicine Platform.png

Holo4Med Telemedicine Platform: Through a patient-monitoring portal and the use of Microsoft HoloLens2 mixed-reality glasses, the Holo4Med Telemedicine Platform enables remote support for patient care.

IBLook Telework support Attendance management.png

IBLook Telework support Attendance management: IBLook from BB System Co. Ltd. is an integrated presence management tool for teleworking that can be used in combination with Microsoft Teams. This app is available only in Japanese.

Industy 4.0 IIoT.png

Industry 4.0 IIoT and Automation for Manufacturers: The Upkip solution from Interconsult Bulgaria provides a comprehensive digital environment for monitoring factory utilization and the conditions of individual machines.

InfoTech Visitors Management System.png

InfoTech Visitors Management System (VMS): InfoTech's Visitors Management System (VMS) lets companies keep a record of all visitors who enter the office and different areas or departments. This app is built on the Microsoft .NET platform.

Interlake Archive on Demand.png

Interlake Archive on Demand: Interlake Archive on Demand consolidates the production phases of archive and distribution on Microsoft Azure. This app is available only in German.

Kleya, Welcome to Portugal.png

Kleya, Welcome to Portugal: Kleya's wide-ranging services are designed for retirees, investors, expatriates, and others relocating to Portugal. Kleya can facilitate home buying, registration with the local health service, acquisition of driving permits, and banking assistance. 

Klyck Sales Enablement China.png

Klyck Sales Enablement China: is a sales enablement platform that delivers measurable results, solves business problems, and enables sales teams to drive higher revenue.

Kong Mesh 1.1.png Kong Mesh 1.1: Built on top of Envoy and focused on simplicity, Kong Mesh 1.1 enables microservices transformation with out-of-the-box service connectivity and discovery, zero-trust security, traffic reliability, and global observability across all traffic, including cross-cluster deployments.
Logistia Route Planner.png

Logistia Route Planner: Logistia Route Planner considers the number of drivers, the number of addresses, the start and stop addresses, driver schedule, car volume, and many other elements to create ideal delivery routes.

LTI Vnspect.png

LTI Vnspect: LTI’s Vnspect is a platform for virtual inspection that helps insurers conduct pre-risk surveys, inspect and assess claims, and remotely review the quality of the repair work with real-time interaction between the claimant and repair vendor.

Matchbook Services.png

Matchbook Services - Integrate and Master Data: Matchbook is a SaaS solution that solves data quality problems by automating the process of matching records. With comprehensive data steward functionality and an intuitive UI, Matchbook gives you the ability to unlock the true value of your data.


MINISIS TDR: The MINISIS Trusted Digital Repository offers a step-by-step approach to long-term digital preservation, helping organizations store and preserve vast amounts of information with its archiving and cataloging functionalities.


MTM-Easy: Designed for industrial production departments, MTM-Easy is a cloud-based solution to calculate methods-time measurement (MTM) reference times based on icons. MTM analyzes the methods used to perform a task and sets a time for expected task completion.


myflexifile: The myflexifile app helps organize personal or business files, eliminating the risks of file transfers through a web platform with no capacity limit. This app is available in English and Spanish.

NComputing WVD.png

NComputing WVD Thin Clients for Raspberry Pi: NComputing’s simple-to-deploy and centrally managed Linux thin clients extend the affordability of Windows Virtual Desktop deployment. The RX-series thin clients are cloud-ready and optimized for Windows Virtual Desktop or Remote Desktop Services on Microsoft Azure. 

Nous A2Z.png

Nous A2Z - AWS to Azure Migration Accelerator: Nous A2Z is an intuitive, GUI-guided, full-stack migration accelerator tool. Use it to migrate storage, databases, virtual machines, and workloads from Amazon Web Services to Microsoft Azure at reduced risks, costs, and complexities.

Okera Secure Data Access Platform.png

Okera Secure Data Access Platform: Okera’s modular platform provides data lake access control, enabling large enterprises to use data resources responsibly and at scale. It consists of a data access service, a unified metadata registry, a secure policy builder, and an audit engine.

Overhaul Logistics.png

Overhaul. Logistics Risk Management and Visibility: The Overhaul platform connects global, multimodal supply chain ecosystems to provide overarching risk management and real-time visibility.

Oversee SaaS.png

Oversee SaaS: Oversee provides complete control over supply chain and production processes, workforce efficiency, inventory, and location tracking. This app is available in English, Latvian, and Russian.


Oxycar: Oxycar is a SaaS mobility package that arranges carpooling between employees and includes tools for creating environmental and social reports to help with corporate social responsibility and carbon dioxide emission declarations.

Profit co SSO App.png SSO App: The app enables you to define objectives and key results at every level of your organization. integrates with Microsoft Teams, so users can check their results from within Teams. An active account is required to use this app.

Prosci Adkar.png

Prosci Adkar Change Management TPSOC: The Prosci ADKAR Model is a goal-oriented change management model that guides individual and organizational change. By outlining the goals and outcomes of successful change, the ADKAR Model equips your leaders to facilitate change and support your employees. 

Quasar IoT blockchain payments.png

Quasar IoT blockchain payments: QUASAR is a cost-efficient private blockchain solution that connects the Internet of Things economy with traditional financial systems. By providing digital wallets to IoT devices, these devices can make and receive payments with minimal transaction costs and at high speeds.

Riverbed Client Accelerator.png

Riverbed Client Accelerator: Riverbed Client Accelerator removes data congestion and latency to boost application performance, helping users get the most out of their enterprise application investments. 

Shift Claims Automation.png

Shift Claims Automation: Shift Claims Automation, built around Shift Technology's highly accurate AI decision engine, makes it easy for insurers to automate claims and accelerate claims processing and settlement.

Shift Claims Fraud Detection.png

Shift Claims Fraud Detection: Shift Claims Fraud Detection, an automated, AI-powered solution, flags potentially fraudulent insurance claims across all lines of business with a 75 percent hit rate.

smart city.png

Smart City: Smart City enables cities to digitize infrastructure by automating and integrating data from IT, OT, IoT, e-Gov, and SCADA systems. Through AI, Smart City provides city administrators with real-time data and video analytics insights to help them overcome challenges of urbanization and make their districts better for citizens.

Spectrum Spatial for Big Data.png

Spectrum Spatial for Big Data: Spectrum Spatial for Big Data runs natively within Microsoft Azure to create scalable, elastic services and provide address validation, geocoding, and spatial processing at scale.

Straatos BPM Platform.png

Straatos BPM Platform: Straatos is a cloud-based business process management platform that enables organizations to rapidly build and manage workflow solutions and business apps for their digital transformation needs.

Sunrise Surgical Care.png

Sunrise Surgical Care: Sunrise Surgical Care delivers clinical and operational efficiencies to the operating room, and it helps hospitals and other healthcare organizations support a single, continuous patient record. 

Syntropy Stack.png

Syntropy Stack: Syntropy Stack is a platform with programmable APIs that enables you to create encrypted connections with a few clicks and automate that by integrating the network configuration into your CI/CD pipeline.

Tricentis LiveCompare.png

Tricentis LiveCompare: Tricentis LiveCompare uses AI-powered impact analysis to compare your current SAP system with a proposed custom release or a standard SAP update.

Turing Computer Vision.png

Turing Computer Vision: Turing Computer Vision classifies objects and evaluates images and videos. Use cases include product quality assurance, personnel security, and thermal anomaly detection.

Turing Knowledge Mining.png

Turing Knowledge Mining: Turing Knowledge Mining offers automatic document processing, enabling users to extract important information from unstructured data and transform it into structured data.


Whistleblowing Service: Opentech's app based on the Globaleaks platform helps companies maintain compliance with stringent policies on confidentiality, digital anonymity, data retention, data protection, and data encryption. This app is available only in Italian.

Zetaris Cloud Data Fabric 9.1.png

Zetaris Cloud Data Fabric 9.1: The Zetaris full-stack data platform enables swift migration of legacy data warehouses and data lakes to Microsoft Azure Synapse.

Consulting services

Application and DB modernization.png

Application and DB modernization - 1-hour briefing: This free briefing from Nordcloud will discuss application modernization options, database modernization options, and the scale and automation advantages of Microsoft Azure. Whether you're rebuilding code or replatforming databases, Nordcloud can set you up for success.

Application Modernization in Cloud.png

Application Modernization in Cloud: 1-Week Briefing: If you're considering moving your apps to Microsoft Azure but are uncertain of what it takes to migrate, manage, and scale them, Adfolks can help. This briefing will cover the challenges and benefits of the cloud journey.

Azure Analytics Platform-8-Week.png

Azure Analytics Platform: 8-Week Implementation: In this offer, Reinsight will implement a secure, scalable, and future-proof analytics platform based on Microsoft Azure. The platform will be able to easily import client data from multiple sources into a modern data warehouse based on the data lake concept.

Azure API Management in a Box.png

Azure API Management in a Box - 4 weeks: Available in English and Norwegian, Sopra Steria's service provides an acceleration pack for establishing a Microsoft Azure API Management instance. Sopra Steria's script is based on Azure DevOps, YAML, ARM-templates, and the infrastructure-as-code principle.

Azure Cloud Ready Assessment.png

Azure Cloud Ready Assessment - 5 days: After interviews and roadmap sessions with stakeholders in your organization, RawWorks will help you define an IT roadmap toward Microsoft Azure. RawWorks will investigate your environment to define its strengths, weaknesses, and gaps.

Azure IoT and Digital Twin.png

Azure IoT & Digital Twin - 6-Week Proof of Concept: Kagool's free proof of concept using Microsoft HoloLens, Azure IoT Hub, and your IoT data will create a scalable, always-up-to-date digital version of your environment. Kagool will then produce a strategy roadmap and a total cost of ownership estimate for an IoT and digital twin solution.

Azure Migration- 4-Wk Assessment.png

Azure Migration: 4-Week Assessment & Recommendation: Let Preeminent Solutions help you plan your datacenter migration to Microsoft Azure. Engineers from Preeminent Solutions will assess your on-premises datacenter using Microsoft tools and give you insight into cost, migration methodology, and security configurations.

Azure Monitoring.png

Azure Monitoring: Reduce operational overheads and cloud complexity with this managed service from Infront. Infront will manage your Microsoft Azure assets under a model of least privilege and role-based access control so you can ensure high availability and save money through optimization.

Azure Stack Hub Migration.png

Azure Stack Hub Migration: 1-Day Implementation: This service from UKCloud will enable customers to migrate workloads and data from any platform or location (including on-premises environments) to Microsoft Azure Stack Hub using professional services and tools.


AzWatcher - Azure Security: 2-Week Assessment: To help you to improve your security posture, Eighty20 Solutions will review your Microsoft Azure environment(s) based on a number of frameworks and standards, then provide you with prioritized list of issues and recommendations.

BDO Digital Identity.png

BDO Digital Identity & Security Workshop: 1 Day: Every cloud implementation should use a well-founded role-based access model (RBAC). In BDO DIGITAL's workshop, you'll learn the basics of how to securely implement various authentication options. You'll also gain insight into Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

BT CAF Discovery Assessment.png

BT CAF Discovery Assessment: 4 weeks: BT Enterprise will review your organization's IT and managed services to gather information that will be used to develop a transformation strategy involving Microsoft Azure. The assessment will wrap up with a results document and a playback session with the BT lead.

BT CAF Strategy and Vision.png

BT CAF Strategy and Vision workshops: 4 days: This series of workshops from BT Enterprise will bring key business stakeholders, IT personnel, and application owners together to map out the benefits associated with a transformation involving Microsoft Azure.

Caloudi Migration Consultant.png

Caloudi Migration Consultant: Caloudi's migration consulting service will deliver assessments, insights, analysis, and recommendations to help you plan your cloud journey. Make a bold move to embrace cloud services and realize increased flexibility, security, stability, and mobility.

Cloud FinOps.png

Cloud FinOps & Analytics - 2-Week Implementation: In this engagement, Protiviti consultants will work with you to set up Protiviti's cloud FinOps solution in your Microsoft Azure tenant, which will provide visibility into cloud spending, usage, and chargeback metrics within a Microsoft Power BI dashboard.

Cloud Lab Service-Plan.png

Cloud Lab Service-Plan and implement: 2 weeks: Dun Yang Technology Co. Ltd. will enable instructors to establish a laboratory in a public-cloud Microsoft Azure environment. Afterward, the lab will be able to be rapidly set up for students or other invitees. This service is available only in Chinese.

Cloud Platform Optimization.png

Cloud Platform Optimization: 10-Day Assessment: Xavor Corporation's team of experts will analyze your databases and network to deliver a comprehensive audit and recommendations on security, workload performance, rightsizing, and cost-saving opportunities.

Cloud Ready - Assessment Workshops 4 weeks.png

Cloud Ready - Assessment Workshops (4 Weeks): B3's workshop series will adapt the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure to Nordic requirements and focus on how different laws apply to your situation. This service is available only in Swedish.

Codec Azure Managed Service.png

Codec Azure Managed Service: Let Codec complement the skillset of your IT team by managing your Microsoft Azure environment. Codec will provide assistance with governance, cost management, change control, and security.

Data Hub implementation four weeks.png

Data Hub implementation: Four weeks: In this engagement, Anchormen will implement Anchormen Data Hub so your organization can accelerate data projects by up to eight times. Anchormen Data Hub is powerful, scalable, and based on Microsoft Azure reference architectures.


Datashield Managed Azure Sentinel Security Services: In this service, Datashield will provide around-the-clock management of Microsoft Azure Sentinel, with incident validation and remediation, continuous active hunting, detailed investigations, custom playbooks, and more.

DevOps Maturity Assessment.png

DevOps Maturity Assessment: 2-4 Weeks: Using tools, interviews, and stakeholder workshops, Contino will benchmark your organization's DevOps maturity. Customers will receive gap analysis reporting, a definition of baseline metrics, and other deliverables.

Enterprise Cognitive Search.png

Enterprise Cognitive Search: 1-Day Workshop: Brillio's free workshop will showcase its enterprise search modernization framework and consider the complexity of participants' search environments. Brillio will also convey the capabilities of Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services.


E-Schooling - VDI: 5-Day Assessment: Nubiral's offer, available in Spanish and only for customers based in Mexico, will involve implementing Microsoft Azure Lab Services. This will allow customers to provide on-demand access to pre-configured virtual machines to support students and work environments.

FastTrack Workshop.png

FastTrack Workshop: 2 Days: This workshop from Onrego will determine your business goals and digital transformation drivers. Based on your goals, Onrego will focus on organizational readiness, cloud adoption planning, and gap analysis.


LiveCloud: 1-Week Implementation: After a preliminary assessment, Processor Informatica S.A. will migrate your on-premises workloads, databases, and virtual machines to Microsoft Azure. This will be followed by a workshop and a knowledge transfer session. 

Local to Cloud IaaS Migration.png Local to Cloud IaaS Migration: 4-Week Implementation: In this implementation, OfficeTechHub will migrate your local network to private and secure Microsoft Azure infrastructure. OfficeTechHub will offer your organization ongoing support, management, and maintenance.
Mainframe MIII- 10-week Assessment.png

Mainframe MIII: 10-Week Assessment: Atos can help you extract savings from mainframe budgets that can be used for modernization efforts. The Atos mainframe modernization framework accelerates Microsoft Azure consumption and reduces risks commonly found in traditional modernization projects.

Managed Cybersecurity Operation Center Service.png

Managed Cybersecurity Operation Center Service: PhakamoTech's managed cybersecurity service using Microsoft Azure Sentinel and Azure Lighthouse will provide continuous threat detection, vulnerability lifecycle management, and security data source architecting and configuration.

SimpleAz - WVD.png

SimpleAz - Windows Virtual Desktop Proof of Concept: 6 Weeks: Experience Windows Virtual Desktop with this proof of concept from Eighty20 Solutions. Eighty20 Solutions will enable your users to validate the capabilities of Windows Virtual Desktop and evaluate if it's the right solution for your organization.

Suri Cibersecurity Assessment.png

Suri Cybersecurity Assessment - 4 Weeks: With a four-week cybersecurity assessment, Suri Services will help your company evaluate and strengthen IT security. Suri Services also will provide a path to adopt Microsoft Azure. This service is available only in Spanish.

Suri Infrastructure Assessment - 4 Weeks.png

Suri Infrastructure Assessment - 4 Weeks: Is your company looking at digital transformation? An assessment from Suri Services will help businesses of all sizes optimize resources and adopt Microsoft Azure. This service is available in Spanish.

Windows Virtual Desktop - 1 Week Implementation.png

Windows Virtual Desktop - 1-Week Implementation: Deliver a productive virtual desktop experience with this offer from Brio. Brio will implement Windows Virtual Desktop so your users can access your environment anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Wragby's wC1000 Custody.png

Wragby's wC1000 Custody: 10-Week Implementation: In this engagement, Wragby Business Solutions & Technologies will implement its wC1000 solution designed for asset custodians and the financial services industry. wC1000 utilizes Microsoft Power BI and various Azure services to provide rich analytics and drive efficiency.

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