Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 111
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 94 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


Ada Platform.png

Ada Platform: Using the power of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft HoloLens 2, Ada by Clirio Technologies combines terrain and survey data, engineering designs, and real-time computer graphics to display applied earth science data as 3D holograms.

AI DCap.png

AI DCap -Intelligent Document Processing Solution: Reduce data entry and manual steps by up to 95 percent in your document data extraction processes with MOURI Tech's intelligent data processing solution. AI DCap extracts a wide range of data from simple, complex, or unstructured documents using its AI algorithms.

AVEVA Unified Supply Chain.png

AVEVA Unified Supply Chain: Ensure the visibility of your supply chain with consistent access to data and easy integration to external business systems. AVEVA Unified Supply Chain's single source of knowledge allows enterprises to share information among diverse teams.

BIA Document Recognizer.png

BIA Document Recognizer: This BI4ALL solution designed for insurance, banking, finance, and medical businesses uses Microsoft Azure to recognize metadata from different types of documents. Use it to eliminate tedious rewriting and to automate data extraction.

BlockC Platform.png

BlockC Platform: Manage greenhouse gas emissions by tracking the entire production chain using blockchain technology. BlockC Platform covers direct and indirect emissions, as well as emissions related to electric energy consumption.


CalendarConnect: It might be cumbersome to use both Microsoft 365 and Google Calendar in your organization. Now you can bridge the gap with Forsyte's CalendarConnect, which connects Google Calendar to Microsoft Teams and syncs in seconds.

Capita Onboard.png

Capita Onboard: Capita Onboard is a digital screening and onboarding platform that provides an automated process for new hires so your business can avoid onboarding friction and reduce employee churn. Foster trust, confidence, and excitement about the new role to boost your new hire's motivation and commitment.

CentreStack Server.png

CentreStack Server: Create a cloud file server on Microsoft Azure with secure remote and mobile file access using Azure Blob storage or Azure File storage. Additional features include Active Directory integration, file locking, and single sign-on.

Clearance Price Elasticity Module.png

Clearance Price Elasticity Module: Churchill's AI helps determine the best markdown price reductions based on consumer demand. Its proprietary machine learning software measures the impact of clearance price changes on the consumer demand for an item by store.

Cloud Gateway Health Connect.png

Cloud Gateway Health Connect: Cloud Gateway Health Connect is a simple, software-defined networking service designed to provide connectivity to the United Kingdom's Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) and securely route low bandwidth traffic between the HSCN and any connected cloud environments.

Cloud SAAS Kit.png

Cloud SaaS Kit: CSP Control Center, also known as C3, is a cloud platform purpose-built for Microsoft cloud solution provider partners. The Cloud SaaS kit accelerates the setup of C3 SaaS solutions.

Cortex XSOAR.png

Cortex XSOAR: Integrating with a host of Microsoft Azure services, Cortex XSOAR is a security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) platform by Palo Alto Networks to coordinate and accelerate incident response across your cloud environment.

Credit underwriting powered by Machine learning.png

Credit underwriting powered by Machine learning: Monsoon CreditTech helps lenders harness the power of machine learning via its proprietary loan underwriting platform. Clients have seen a 30 percent reduction in delinquency rates and a 25 percent increase in approval rates.

Curiosity Search.png

Curiosity Enterprise Search: Curiosity is reimagining enterprise search to ensure teams have all their information at their fingertips. Using AI technology, it offers a fast and modern search experience across each team's information, including email, network drives, intranet, and CRM databases.


DataOS A Data Fabric for Complete Data Management: Remove complexity and future-proof your data ecosystems with this complete data management system by Rubik. DataOS enables frictionless access and data sharing in a distributed data environment. 

Deep Lens VIPER.png

Deep Lens VIPER for Healthcare Providers: VIPER enables cancer care teams, clinical trial sponsors, and trial coordinators to immediately and automatically match patients based on the genetic profile of their cancers to the best precision therapies and oncology clinical trials.

Diagramics Interactive Kiosks.png

Diagramics Interactive Kiosks: Providing operational visibility for asset-intensive industries, Diagramics is a turnkey solution for visual information kiosks and smart displays used by remote, first-line, and field service workers.


edison365ideas - Innovation and Idea Management: Combining award-winning ideation, business-case, and portfolio-management modules, edison365ideas uses Microsoft 365 to crowdsource ideas from your employees, while giving them a voice and platform to raise their ideas. 

Employee portal.png

Employee portal: Share company information with your employees, including calendars, holidays, vacations, payroll, sick leave, courses, and certificates. This app is available only in Spanish.

E-PARTS Release 5.png

E-PARTS Release 5: E-PARTS is a modular customizable web-based platform by Key Technologies, which automates the creation of product information, technical catalogs, documents, and business information for complex equipment.

ES Parking.png

ES Parking: Designed by EXO, this smart parking solution offers the integration of multiple payment systems, real-time billing, citizen management, and mobile apps for towing cranes. This app is available only in Spanish.


FaktoryWize: Providing a real-time view into your shop floor operations, FaktoryWize by Websym Solutions streamlines manufacturing, improves efficiency, and increases margins.


Flightware - flight management of the drone fleet: What if the flights of a drone fleet were automatically managed, with minimal human intervention? Flightware is a simple and intuitive tool by Pentacomp for ordering missions of the unmanned aerial vehicles commonly known as drones.

GAV Tracking.png

GAV Tracking: Monitor printing activity with this print management software by Digital Net Solutions. Save resources by applying printing rules to limit color usage, encourage duplex prints, and set print quotas. This app is available only in Spanish.

Genpact Cora - Data Foundation.png

Genpact Cora - Data Foundation: This low-code and ready-to-deploy data platform helps businesses generate quality insights in a timely manner, covering common functions and industries, such as finance, supply chain, sales, insurance, and capital markets.

Gera let.png

Gera Let: Are you a direct sales company or a wholesale distributor working with multiple sales channels? Leave your sales operation management to Gera Let, which streamlines integration and enables customized offers. This app is available only in Portuguese.

GTreasury Treasury and Risk Management System.png

GTreasury Treasury and Risk Management System: This open-API platform provides extensive treasury and risk management functionality to optimize liquidity, maximize productivity, manage risk, and drive enterprise growth.

HireHunt for Talent Acquisition Professionals.png

HireHunt for Talent Acquisition Professionals: Reduce hiring time by up to 60 percent with HireHunt, an AI-powered recruitment solution by RightFoot. HireHunt helps automate the pre-selection and screening process while providing an outstanding personalized candidate experience.

HYAS Insight.png

HYAS Insight: HYAS Insight is a threat and fraud investigation solution that uses exclusive data sources and nontraditional mechanisms to improve visibility for analysts, researchers, and investigators, while increasing the accuracy of findings.

IN-D Insurance.png

IN-D Insurance: eMulya Fintech's health insurance claims processing solution extracts all financial and nonfinancial information from documents, then matches medical invoices, code discharge summaries, and prescriptions.

Innovation Ideas Management.png

Innovation Ideas Management: This Microsoft Power Platform-based tool by G&S Management and Systems allows you to collect ideas from your employees, evaluate them via workflows, and execute them in a simple and collaborative way.

In-Store Analytics.png

In-Store Analytics: Using Bosch video cameras, this app by Bosch Security Systems digitalizes the entire shopper journey, helping retailers make data-driven decisions relating to store design, fixture usage, merchandising layout, and store traffic.


IntelFinder: Sign up for a two-week free trial of this SaaS-based threat intelligence solution from Inteller. IntelFinder monitors a variety of sources to identify external and internal threats to your customers' business and IT security.

Keycloak Container Image.png

Keycloak Container Image: This container image by Bitnami provides Keycloak, which is a high-performance Java-based identity and access management solution. Keycloak lets developers add an authentication layer to their applications with minimal effort.

Kheiron IoT Suite.png

Kheiron IoT Suite: This easy-to-design, simple-to-connect, and quick-to-deploy IoT suite on Microsoft Azure includes KHEIRON SP for end users and administrators and KHEIRON Studio for integrators. The platform is available in French and English.

KNIME Executor for Azure.png

KNIME Executor for Azure: KNIME Executors provide workflow execution for KNIME Server Large, utilizing a Microsoft Azure virtual machine scale set for elastic scaling and reliability.

Kollective ECDN for Software Delivery.png

Kollective ECDN for Software Delivery: Use Kollective for Software Delivery to accelerate your deployments of Systems Center Configuration Manager and automate processes to deliver applications to the edge of your network – all without having to invest in more hardware or infrastructure upgrades. 


Loyal: Loyal is an all-in-one consumer experience platform for improved care utilization among the nation's leading health systems and hospitals. Loyal offers a chatbot, live chat, provider search, scheduling, and database management.

Machina, the employee engagement platform.png

Machina, the employee engagement platform: This SaaS platform helps organizations measure and improve employee engagement through surveys, dashboards, events, content, challenges, wearables, and more.

MeVitae CV blind recruiting.png

MeVitae CV blind recruiting: There are more than 100 types of cognitive biases in the human brain. MeVitae by Oxiway provides bias-free hiring directly within your applicant-tracking software to help drive diversity in your organization.

MOHR, Cloud based HR system.png

MOHR, Cloud based HR system: Available in English and Arabic, this solution helps improve your HR operational processes. It offers employee self-service functionality and addresses the needs of legislative authorities in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

NEORIS HealthCheck.png

NEORIS HealthCheck: Get data from relevant media resources and institutions, such as Johns Hopkins University and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn about global compliance and prevention methods against new outbreaks. This app is available only in Spanish.

NetFoundry Zero Trust Networking Platform.png

NetFoundry Zero Trust Networking Platform: Instantly spin up high-performance, application-specific global networks at scale using NetFoundry’s cloud-native orchestration tools and APIs. With NetFoundry, you can eliminate the need for expensive private circuits, proprietary hardware, and traditional VPNs.

next-gen chat for enterprise customer care.png

next-gen chat for enterprise customer care: ngChat from is a next-generation chat platform for contact centers. ngChat features real-time speech-to-text, text-based conversational AI, natural language understanding, and edge computing with robotic process automation.

Profile Cluster Builder v5.1.png

Profile Cluster Builder v5.1: Profile Cluster Builder from Churchill Systems enables retailers to swiftly generate high-quality seasonal profiles. Profile Cluster Builder automatically generates profiles for retail seasonal indexes, size ranges, store clustering, and more.


retailPRO: Available only in Vietnamese, retailPRO connects manufacturers and distributors with retailers to foster more profitable business and better consumer engagement. retailPRO includes a mobile app and a web-based brand portal. An English version is planned for early 2021.

Robovision AI.png

Robovision AI: The Robovision AI computer vision platform enables clients to build, train, and run AI models. Its interconnected modules allow for easy integration and deployment of deep learning algorithms into a generic process flow.

SaaS Usage Service.png

SaaS Usage Service: This solution from Spektra Systems helps independent software vendors quickly set up their offers in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. It's composed of two web applications: a provisioning service and a publisher administrator console.


SNDBOX Ultrafast Malware Sandbox SAAS Solution: Powered by deep learning multi-vector detection technology, SNDBOX protects organizations from evasive malware and zero-day attacks. Its dynamic, static, network, and image-processing detection functions work together to provide accurate verdicts in under 60 seconds.


SPIN Analytics RISKROBOT pilot: RISKROBOT by SPIN Analytics helps banks make credit decisions and manage risk in a COVID-19 world where models behave very differently. RISKROBOT combines expert judgment with artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques on big data to produce predictive analytics.

SymbioSys Sales Tool-as-a-Service.png

SymbioSys Sales Tool-as-a-Service: Designed for global insurance distribution needs, SymbioSys Sales Tool-as-a-Service empowers producers to manage the end-to-end sales process, abetting lead activity, collateral management, financial need analysis, product recommendation, and more.

UNpkl Network Traffic Control & Protection.png

UNpkl Network Traffic Control & Protection: UNpkl Network Traffic Control & Protection gives developers and security architects full visibility of their network traffic. UNpkl software installed on a virtual machine aids root-cause analysis in troubleshooting, forensics, and auditing.


Utilihive: Greenbird Integration Technology's Utilihive, a big-data integration platform, allows utilities to reduce their dependency on traditional system integrators who adopt expensive and lengthy integration practices.

VIPER for Biopharma.png

VIPER for Biopharma & CROs: VIPER from Deep Lens enables faster recruitment for cancer patients looking to take part in clinical trials. VIPER identifies the best-suited patients at the time of diagnosis by combining lab data, electronic medical records, and genomic data.


VisionAgro: Through built-in news channels and messaging tools, VisionAgro from Gregal Soluciones Informáticas supports communication between agricultural companies and farmers. This app is available only in Spanish.

Voice Recognition for proof of life.png

Voice Recognition for proof of life: VU Security's platform targeting government and financial entities offers biometric authentication based on voice detection. Through a user's phrase variation, the solution identifies users and generates vouchers for each operation.

Weaver - Financial Investigation Platform.png

Weaver - Financial Investigation Platform: Weaver from Cobwebs Technologies is a financial investigation platform. Weaver goes beyond the traditional static-risk databases and outsourced services to provide anti-money-laundering compliance as it pertains to accepting new clients, employees, and partners.

Webloc - Location Intelligence System.png

Webloc - Location Intelligence System: Webloc from Cobwebs Technologies automatically reveals and analyzes location-based data using interactive maps, helping security professionals, first responders, epidemiological research teams, and others quickly process information.

WeDeex Core Solution.png

WeDeex Core Solution: The WeDeex SaaS platform addresses the specific meter-to-cash business processes of utilities and energy retail providers in the French market, encompassing everything from energy supply management to billing.

Workhub - Intranet.png

Workhub - Intranet: Workhub from Digital Workhub is an intranet with more than 20 ready-made features. It's designed for quick installation through Microsoft SharePoint Online. Workhub is available only in Portuguese, but English, Spanish, and French options are coming soon.


ZoomCharts Drill Down Visuals: Data Visualization Software Lab's touch-driven custom visuals enhance data exploration when using Microsoft Power BI. The ZoomCharts Drill Down PRO Visuals bundle includes nine unique visualizations.

Consulting services

ACP Infrastructure Modern.png

ACP: Infrastructure Modern Assessment - 4 days: ACP IT Solutions’ assessment provides an initial analysis of your IT infrastructure and recommendations for the successful outsourcing of your workloads to Microsoft Azure. This offer is available in German and English.

Azure Data Platform Jumpstart.png

Azure Data Platform Jumpstart: 2-Week PoC: Support data growth and drive innovation by migrating on-premises Microsoft SQL Server instances to the Microsoft Azure data platform. Seepath’s Azure Data Platform Jumpstart helps kick off modernization programs and recommends the right migration approach for your situation.

Azure Function CIO.png

Azure Function CIO: 1-Hour Implementation: ITCO will help you accelerate and simplify your end-to-end application development experience by implementing Microsoft Azure Functions for you. Get role-based serverless computing and solve complex orchestration problems.

Azure plus GitHub DevOps.png Azure + GitHub DevOps Adoption Quickstart 2-Week Implementation: The GenUI Azure + GitHub DevOps Adoption Quickstart is an engaging two-week collaboration with the skilled team at GenUI. Expedite your transition to Microsoft Azure and GitHub DevOps, accelerate your development team, and rocket ahead of your competition.
Azure Implementation.png

Azure Implementation: Migrate to Azure in 7 Days: Kloudily is Linktech Australia's cloud deployment and migration platform for Microsoft Azure. For organizations with up to 250 users, Linktech will migrate you to Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure in seven days.

Azure Migration- 4-Week.png Azure Migration: 4-Week Implementation: Artic Consulting will work with your team to ease your organization's migration to Microsoft Azure. This offer includes discovery, migration, and configuration of workloads, documentation, maintenance best practices, and more.
Azure Migration Assessment 2 Week.png

Azure Migration Assessment 2 Weeks: This free assessment from Nexio combines Microsoft Azure tooling with Nexio's vast migration experience. Allow Nexio to assess your server environment to provide valuable insights for planning your migration.

Azure Optimize 2-week.png

Azure Optimize 2-Week Implementation: Datavision will analyze, make recommendations for, and optimize the management of your costs for services hosted on Microsoft Azure. This offer is available only in Spanish.

Azure Orbital GSaaS Support Services.png

Azure Orbital GSaaS Support Services: This offer is for current and new AMERGINT customers who operate satellites or access satellite data and are looking to utilize Microsoft Azure PaaS or take advantage of Azure Orbital, a fully managed cloud-based ground station as a service (GSaaS).

Azure Sentinel Managed Service.png

Azure Sentinel Managed Service: 4-Week Accelerator: Using a risk-based approach, Ascent Solutions will prioritize your SIEM deployment and scope and deploy Azure Sentinel in your environment. Take a targeted approach to your monitoring strategy focusing on credible threats and vulnerabilities.

Cloud Security Protection.png

Cloud Security Protection: 1-Hour Assessment: Get this free assessment from Acer Information Services about how its Cloud Security Protection service can enable your enterprise to protect cloud resources and prevent illegal intrusion.


Colibri - 5-Day Assessment: COLIBRI’s cloud architectural review provides a thorough assessment of the current cloud environment and operational processes that drive your business, followed by a report of recommendations and outcomes.

Computer Solutions East.png

Computer Solutions East 3-Day Azure Cloud Workshop: Computer Solutions East offers a three-day cloud optimization and consulting service to help organizations realize the full potential of migrating data and infrastructure to Azure.


CoreStack’s Cloud Governance 5-Day Workshop: CoreStack’s five-day workshop is designed to help clients better understand their cloud environment and build comprehensive governance plans to harness the power of Microsoft Azure.

Data Consulting Workshop.png

Data Consulting Workshop - 6 weeks: In this envisioning workshop, Sonata Software will identify the right data management platform to enable you to take advantage of Microsoft Azure data capabilities and achieve your digital transformation goals.

Data Platform Advanced Security.png

Data Platform Advanced Security 1-Day Assessment: Available in English or German, scieneers GmbH's assessment will evaluate your company's data platform for security strength and best practices. Afterward, you'll receive a list of recommendations for enhancing security.

Digital Front Door.png

Digital Front Door: 10-Week Implementation: In this offer, Persistent Systems will implement a digital platform built on Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare for all phases of patient interaction and care delivery. Two major components of the platform are a mobile experience for patients and dashboards for agents.

Economic Analysis for Cloud.png

Economic Analysis for Cloud: 4-week assessment: Leaven, part of Computer Concepts Limited, will investigate cost-reduction opportunities for your company and convey the economic considerations of a migration to Microsoft Azure. The analysis will provide qualitative and quantitative information to support business cases.

Intuitive OCR-ML.png

Intuitive OCR-ML Document Digitization: 6-Week PoC: In this engagement, Xoriant will deliver a proof of concept of Xoriant Smart Capture, an intuitive document digitization solution based on Microsoft Azure and using Azure Cognitive Services and Microsoft Power BI.

IoT Kickstart.png

IoT Kickstart - 7-Day Proof of Concept: Is your business using fragmented data to try to stay on top of a global workforce, tackle downtime, and optimize business processes? This proof of concept from Codit can define a basis for your IoT strategy and demonstrate the capabilities of Microsoft Azure IoT technology.

Landingzone Accelerator.png

Landing Zone Accelerator (5-Day Implementation): Get a Microsoft Azure environment deployed in days instead of weeks or months in this offer from CloudNation. With CloudNation's onboarding program, you'll quickly be ready to migrate your workloads or build cloud-native solutions.

Lumen AVS Migration.png

Lumen AVS Migration Implementation: 4 Weeks: Lumen's implementation provides clients with a quick and economical way to move on-premises workloads to Microsoft Azure. Lumen offers different services based on the needs of your business. Choose from an assisted migration, an at-scale migration, or a proof-of-value migration.

MS AzureCognitiveService CIO.png

Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services CIO: 1-Hour Implementation: Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services is a family of AI services and cognitive APIs to help you build intelligent apps. In this offer, ITCO will assist your company in implementing Azure Cognitive Services so you can benefit from enhanced insights and automation.

Onevinn MDR.png

Onevinn MDR: This offer from Onevinn provides managed detection and response services using Microsoft Defender and Microsoft Azure Sentinel. Let Onevinn's dedicated team of experienced cybersecurity analysts protect your company from modern attacks and threats.

Power BI Consulting Service.png

Power BI Consulting Service: Using Microsoft Power BI, IN4U & Company will standardize your organization's unstructured business intelligence data. This service, available only in Korean, can be customized to any industry's needs.

Power Platform Consulting Service.png Power Platform Consulting Service: In this service available only in Korean, IN4U & Company will use the Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Azure services to enable wholesalers to quickly identify trends and changes in distribution environments. 
RestoreVision 2-week.png

RestoreVision: 2-Week Implementation: In this engagement, available only in Spanish, Datavision Digital will implement its RestoreVision solution, which is compatible with Microsoft Azure virtual machines. This will connect you to Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery to safeguard against system failure, natural disasters, and human error. 

Sitecore Migration.png

Sitecore Migration: 8-Hour Technical Assessment: AKQA will provide a free technical assessment for customers in Australia and New Zealand who are looking to migrate their Sitecore Experience Platform and Sitecore Experience Commerce instances to Microsoft Azure.

Windows Virtual Desktop- 1 Hour.png

Windows Virtual Desktop: 1-Hour Briefing: This free briefing from Communication Square will convey the benefits and costs of setting up Windows Virtual Desktop. Communication Square will determine your company's environment footprint and business needs, then plan a strategy for your situation.

Windows Virtual Desktop- 1 Week.png

Windows Virtual Desktop: 1-Week Assessment: Communication Square's assessment will help customers plan a deployment of Windows Virtual Desktop via Microsoft Azure. An Azure-certified consultant will review results of the assessment tool and provide recommendations.

Windows Virtual Desktop- 2 Weeks.png

Windows Virtual Desktop: 2-Week Proof of Concept: This proof of concept from Communication Square will create a Windows Virtual Desktop demo environment. An Azure-certified consultant will then provide access to your users to test the desktop and application virtualization experience.

Windows Virtual Desktop- 4 Weeks.png

Windows Virtual Desktop: 4-Week Implementation: Communication Square's implementation will let customers utilize desktop virtualization and application virtualization through Windows Virtual Desktop. Clients who have completed Communication Square's related assessment or proof of concept will be eligible for a discount.

WVD Security and Compliance.png

WVD Security & Compliance 1-Day Assessment: Wintellisys will perform a complete security and compliance check of your company's Windows Virtual Desktop environment. A report with action items will be generated for each managed Windows Virtual Desktop tenant.

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