Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 106
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 117 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


Alevate RTP.png

Alevate RTP: Based on Microsoft Azure, Serrala’s Alevate RTP (request-to-pay) tool connects to any source system to generate payment requests and delivers them via the customer’s online payment method of choice.

AlphaVAT from Tax Systems.png

AlphaVAT from Tax Systems: This cloud-based compliance engine by Tax Systems will transform your VAT return process. With best-practice workflows built into AlphaVAT, customers benefit from improved accuracy and shorter submission times.

Alstom Mastria - Digital Mobility.png

Alstom Mastria - Digital Mobility: Enabling mobility as a service (MaaS), Mastria by Alstom is a mobility platform for transport authorities and operators. It helps optimize traffic, reduce commuting time, and increase transportation capacity.

Appen Data Annotation Platform.png

Appen Data Annotation Platform: Providing faster data annotation at scale, the Appen platform combines human intelligence with machine learning technology to annotate all sorts of raw data, including text, video, images, and audio.


ARMIS: ARMIS is an AI-powered SaaS platform that transforms print circulars into online ads for brick-and-mortar retailers to increase online and offline sales. Create store-specific ads in a few clicks and monitor the results.

Asianux Server7 SP4.png

Asianux Server7 SP4: Developed by Cybertrust Japan, this enterprise-focused Linux distribution provides high-quality technical support and full compatibility with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. This application is available only in Japanese.

bGrid Smart Buildings.png

bGrid Smart Buildings: bGrid is a smart building solution that uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to communicate and connect with everything in your building while providing valuable data insights.


BIGDAT@Viewer: Available only in Japanese, this application allows users without advanced knowledge in statistical or multivariate analysis to visualize and analyze big data through an intuitive user interface.


Blue.GDPR: Securely anonymize personal data from documents, images, medical data, videos, and speech in just a few seconds. Make your data compliant with any industry-specific regulations, including GDPR, BDSG, CCPA, HIPAA, and CSL.


bounce2021offer: This is a digital platform designed specifically for schools to help them measure and continually monitor the well-being, behaviors, health, and perceptions of the school community.

Bunnyshell DevOps Platform.png

Bunnyshell DevOps Platform: Manage your Microsoft Azure virtual machines (VMs) using Bunnyshell, a managed cloud platform that automates all manual and repetitive tasks required for provisioning, deploying, and maintaining software stacks.

Cerillion Enterprise BSS-OSS.png

Cerillion Enterprise BSS/OSS: The Cerillion Enterprise BSS/OSS (business support system and operations support system) suite is a pre-integrated CRM and billing solution for fixed, mobile, cable, and multi-service communications providers worldwide.

CIS SUSE Linux 15 Benchmark L1.png

CIS SUSE Linux 15 Benchmark L1: This pre-configured image from the Center for Internet Security provides CIS SUSE Linux 15 Benchmark L1. The benchmark was developed to build, deploy, assess, or secure solutions that incorporate CIS SUSE Linux 15.

CLAPS Security.png

CLAPS Security: A software as a service solution by Midway Technologies on Microsoft Azure, CLAPS helps manage user security privileges and compliance requirements for your corporate endpoints and servers worldwide.

Closed Eyes Detection API.png

Closed Eyes Detection API: SnoozeDet is a closed-eyes-detection API meant for IT developers who are creating apps to detect snoozing car drivers, plane pilots, navigators, and others who may fall asleep on the job.

Cloudified Mediaroom.png

Cloudified Mediaroom: Mediaroom is an internet protocol television (IPTV) by MK Systems USA, known for operational excellence and large-scale multicast deployments. Cloudified Mediaroom is a hybrid cloud solution for media room operators.


COLIN: Developed by Intelogy, COLIN is an easy-to-use media management tool for government and commercial organizations that enables press teams to trace all incoming and outgoing communications both to media outlets and to the public.

CraftTalk Messaging Contact Center with AI.png

CraftTalk. Messaging Contact Center with AI: CraftTalk is an omnichannel contact center powered by a team of AI and human agents to provide quick and easy customer service via chat. CraftTalk enables full automation of up to 70 percent of requests in just two to three months.

CrystalBridge – Automated Carve-out.png

CrystalBridge – Automated Carve-out: When parts of a company are divested and sold, data from different systems must be separated and transferred to a new system. CrystalBridge by the SNP Group helps execute your carve-out quickly and precisely.

CrystalBridge – Move Scenario Module.png

CrystalBridge – Move Scenario Module: Moving SAP to the cloud can be challenging. CrystalBridge by the SNP Group delivers reliable planning and transparency, visualizing the SAP landscape, creating optimal roadmaps, and simulating the effects of planned changes.


CyberPanel: This CyberPanel image provides a one-click installer to automatically install OpenLiteSpeed, LSCache, WordPress, PrestaShop, or Joomla. CyberPanel is a next-generation hosting control panel with a friendly user interface.

De-Identification Engine.png

De-Identification Engine: Transform sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII) into an analytics-ready dataset. Ensure privacy objectives while supporting open data initiatives for data within an organization, as well as externally.

DesktopReady - The Modern Desktop as a Service.png

DesktopReady - The Modern Desktop as a Service: This is a comprehensive desktop as a service (DaaS) solution designed by Anunta for small and midsize businesses seeking fully managed desktops that are easy to deploy, secure, and cost efficient.

EM.Connect - Retail.png

EM.Connect - Retail: This centralized facilities management solution helps run your retail locations centrally, improve air quality, and reduce costs. It combines the benefits of next-generation IoT devices, secure cloud architecture, and building automation.

Emergency Vehicles Detection API.png

Emergency Vehicles Detection API: Powered by artificial intelligence and cloud infrastructure, EmergDet is an API that detects and localizes the lit beacons of emergency vehicles (police, ambulances, firefighters) in photos. 

Enghouse Voxtron Communication Center.png

Enghouse Voxtron Communication Center: Enghouse Voxtron Communication Center offers advanced contact center features integrated with Microsoft Teams, including self-service, surveys, integrations with CRM, callbacks, outbound campaigns, and quality management.


Ensur: Built by Provoke, Ensur empowers organizations to aggregate essential alerts and notifications from their Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 solutions, allowing customers to monitor their crucial platforms 24/7.

EverSQL - Your Database Just Faster.png

EverSQL: Your Database, Just Faster: Start optimizing your SQL queries online for free. EverSQL focuses on optimizing your experience with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Aurora for MySQL, MariaDB, and Percona Server.

Face Blur API.png

Face Blur API: FaceBlurest detects and localizes human faces on a still photo and blurs them with confidence scores and timestamps. It is recommended for people-anonymizer apps, virtual tours, and more.

FairWarning User Monitoring for Office 365.png

FairWarning User Monitoring for Office 365: Combining machine learning and AI with best practices and managed services, FairWarning’s platform helps healthcare and enterprise organizations protect sensitive data, prevent insider threats, and comply with regulations.

FreeBSD 12.2.png

FreeBSD 12.2: Advanced networking, security, storage, and monitoring features have made FreeBSD the platform of choice for managing busy websites and pervasive embedded networking and storage devices.

GeoCloud HPC.png

GeoCloud HPC: GeoCloud is a reservoir simulation solution that provides access to unlimited computing power to improve oil recovery. The app is developed by Cegal, a global digitalization partner for oil and gas, renewables, and ocean industries.

GeoData For Business.png

GeoData For Business: GeoData for Business helps analyze the geographical areas of Mexico, providing demographic data including occupations, average monthly income, and socioeconomic levels. This application is available only in Spanish.


High-Five: This is a smart city Internet of Things solution to encourage children to walk or bike to school. Kids get an armband, and they can scan it at strategic places around the school. This application is available only in Dutch.


Hrvey: Integrating with Microsoft 365, Hrvey provides a hassle-free way to track vacation and sick days for all your employees with an automatically updated calendar in Outlook. Try the free starter plan.


HYPR: A passwordless cloud platform, HYPR unites your security program with corporate initiatives to drive business growth. Eliminate passwords and accelerate adoption of multifactor security across all channels.

ITG MeasureSoft.png

ITG MeasureSoft: Organizations spend a lot of time trying to predict future cloud consumption. MeasureSoft by ITG provides all the information about your Microsoft Azure consumption in one place. This application is available only in Spanish.

IVIX Platform.png

IVIX platform: IVIX provides tax authorities technologies to improve tax collection and combat the shadow economy. By analyzing public data sources, IVIX can focus tax authorities' resources on the most promising cases.

JKIT Smart Factory (MVP1).png

JKIT Smart Factory (MVP1): JKIT Smart Factory is an IoT-enabled asset and environment monitoring platform to give live updates on a wide spectrum of measurements and environments, including factory spaces or production areas.

Kurvv ML.png

Kurvv ML: Targeting the manufacturing, logistics, plant, and capital equipment industries, Kurvv’s data science as a service enables business decision-makers to build machine learning models.

Legal documents lifecycle management.png

Legal documents lifecycle management: Designed by lawyers for lawyers, the ROKH Platform manages the entire lifecycle of legal documents, including drafting, negotiation, governance, signing, and archiving.

License Plate Blur API.png

License Plate Blur API: PlateBlurer detects and localizes vehicle license plate numbers in a photo and blurs them with confidence scores and timestamps. It is recommended for vehicle anonymizer apps, virtual tours, and more.

lims eusoft.Lab 10.png

lims eusoft.Lab 10: Available in English and Italian, this laboratory management SaaS application by Eusoft enables data analysis, improves laboratory performance, and supports business growth.

Logico Cloud.png

Logico Cloud: Available only in Spanish, this app by Alto Control centralizes all information needed to manage your products, including price lists, trading conditions, discount policies, stock management, logistics, finance, and customers.


mConnect: The Moodle Connect App by Skooler brings the rich learning management functionality of Moodle, a leading global open-source learning management system, into Microsoft Teams for a one-stop teaching and learning experience.

Mugato SaaS.png

Mugato SaaS: Mugato provides an overview of your entire IT infrastructure and extensive insights for your digital transformation projects. Prepare for cloud migration, optimize your IT operations, and find weak links in your security environment with Mugato.

MyService- ServiceDesk.png

MyService - ServiceDesk: Service Management Automation X (SMAX) helps meet all your service desk and IT service management needs. Increase employee and IT productivity by resolving issues faster with embedded machine learning and automation. Available only in German, is a personal time recording app that captures when an employee is coming, going, or taking a break. 

National Cartography.png

National Cartography: Discover new territories and reach isolated communities with National Cartography, a rich, standardized source of geographic information with high-resolution satellite images. This app is available only in Spanish.

NICE inContact CXone Agent for Microsoft Teams.png

NICE inContact CXone Agent for Microsoft Teams: Powering company-wide collaboration, this pre-built unified communication and contact center integration provides full contact center controls and synchronizes Microsoft Teams contacts.

OpenText EnCase Endpoint Investigator.png

OpenText EnCase Endpoint Investigator: Identify, collect, and analyze digital data for investigations that involve network-enabled devices and endpoints. Accurately investigate target information in Microsoft Azure and boost investigation power with cloud processing.

OpenText EnCase Forensic.png

OpenText EnCase Forensic: Identify, collect, and analyze digital data for investigations that involve physical access to the target device. Accurately investigate target information in Microsoft Azure and boost investigation power with cloud processing.

Physical Security Solution Health and Safety.png

Physical Security Solution: Health and Safety: Turning smartphones into temporary security devices, Guardian Zone bridges the communication gap between on-site security, law enforcement, staff, and visitors during an emergency.

Prokuria - sourcing and supplier management.png

Prokuria - sourcing and supplier management: Prokuria is an easily customizable cloud-based platform to automate sourcing and supplier management, helping procurement teams around the world deliver significant cost and time savings.


PST_CrewPro: CrewPro railroad crew management and rail crew scheduling provides real-time crew supply and demand matching, minimizes vacation bidding time, and allows for simplified travel accommodation scheduling.

QuickBooks Analytics using Microsoft PowerBI.png

QuickBooks Analytics using Microsoft Power BI (Beta): Boost your QuickBooks analytics and reporting capabilities with QBETL, a data migration service with a Microsoft Power BI dashboard. QBETL automates QuickBooks desktop data synchronization with Microsoft Azure.


Quicklart: Developed by IBB Innovations using Azure Kinect DK, Quicklart is an AI video surveillance solution that detects suspicious human behavior, gun/knife threats, fighting, and fallen bodies, then notifies authorities in real time.

Quickstarts for SAS 9.4-Grid & Viya on Azure.png

Quickstarts for SAS 9.4/Grid & Viya on Azure: Quickstarts by Core Compete deploys a well-architected SAS platform into your Microsoft Azure subscription, enabling data scientists to discover more with SAS analytics.


Rookout: Dramatically reducing debugging time and time to resolution, Rookout lets developers and DevOps teams debug remote applications without adding code or stopping the application.

SAP M365 ArchiveLink Integration.png

SAP M365 ArchiveLink Integration: docuflow is a no-code solution by VersaFile that facilitates streamlining and automating time-consuming SAP processes. It provides seamless SAP archiving, linking, and process automation across your Microsoft 365 environment.

SAS Event Stream Processing Trial.png

SAS Event Stream Processing Trial: Analyze streaming data and uncover hidden insights with AI to drive real-time intelligent decisions. SAS ESP elevates SAS solutions to include streaming data in deep analytical assessments, case management activities, and workflows.

Scormium LMS.png

Scormium LMS: Developed by Sense4code, Scormium is a scalable, customizable, and user-friendly learning management system (LMS) for e-learning courses, student management, and course planning.

Scormium Studio.png

Scormium Studio: Scormium Studio is a cloud-based platform by Sense4code designed to facilitate the creation, distribution, and licensing of e-learning material. The content is securely saved in Microsoft Azure, where you can create, edit, or connect catalogs.


SensorMine: Maintaining mining equipment is one of the largest expenses for mine operators. The introduction of sensors and IoT capabilities to mining provides an easy-to-implement, low-cost, end-to-end predictive maintenance solution.

SepiaCMS - Multilingual Content Management System.png

SepiaCMS - Multilingual Content Management System: This multisite content management system by Sepia Solutions is more than a marketing website. It provides a platform with a wide variety of modules for portal management.

Shohoz Truck Rental.png

Shohoz Truck Rental: Powered by Microsoft Azure cloud services and Azure Machine Learning, this SaaS platform can make it easier for shippers, transporters, and brokers around the world to connect with verified truck owners and fleet operators.

Skooler Learning Tools.png

Skooler Learning Tools: This web app facilitates onboarding and management of Skooler installations. Skooler is a set of tools that integrates with Microsoft 365 to provide a full learning portal for K-12 schools and school districts.


SmartMailAI: SmartMailAI uses machine learning to train itself to respond to email inquiries with speed and accuracy. Newwave’s vision is to empower knowledge workers to focus on their more important work by automating email and chat inquiries.

SMX 365 Dual layer email security for Office 365.png

SMX 365 Dual layer email security for Office 365: SMX 365 delivers targeted, regional threat detection for enterprise and government organizations in Australasia. It is architected to deliver dual-layer security with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Defender for Identity.

Testportal for Higher Education.png

Testportal for Higher Education: Powered by the scalable infrastructure of Microsoft Azure and featuring seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, this leading examination platform enables you to conduct advanced online tests and proctored exams.

TigerGraph Version 3 (Enterprise Edition).png

TigerGraph Version 3 (Enterprise Edition): TigerGraph is a scalable analytics platform for creating big graph applications. It offers a native enterprise massively parallel processing database and GraphStudio, a visual software development kit.

TIM - Predictive Analytics with InstantML.png

TIM - Predictive Analytics with InstantML: Tangent Information Modeler (TIM) is a predictive model-building engine that automates the forecasting and anomaly detection process by analyzing time series data and generating accurate models.

TIS_RoboticBase on Azure.png

TIS_RoboticBase on Azure: Providing integrated robot and IoT infrastructure services, RoboticBase by TIS centrally manages facilities by not only linking robots, but also drones, IoT devices, cameras, and elevators. This app is available only in Japanese.

Vehicles Lit HeadLights Detection API.png

Vehicles Lit HeadLights Detection API: LightsLitDet is a cross-browser REST API that detects and localizes vehicles’ lit headlights in an input photo with a confidence score and timestamp.

Vendavo Pricing Intelligence.png

Vendavo Pricing Intelligence: With an annual margin improvement totaling more than $2.5 billion across companies in various industries, Vendavo powers the shift to digital business, unlocking value, growing margin, and accelerating revenue.

Voicy Conversational SMS.png

Voicy Conversational SMS: Voicy is a two-way conversational text message solution that interacts with customers and automates customer service. Empower your customers to resolve their queries and generate orders automatically.

Wavefront Container Image.png

Wavefront Container Image: This pre-configured image from Bitnami provides Wavefront, a high-performance streaming analytics platform for monitoring and optimizing your environment and applications.

Workspace Booking for iOS & Android.png

Workspace Booking for iOS & Android: Workspace by Add-On Products can help you return safely to the office by automating new procedures, such as blocking off desks, pre-booking workspaces, viewing floor plans, finding team members, and tracing contacts.


WorkyBe: WorkyBe by Servissoft helps manage your team efficiently. Colleagues can see their own assignments and to-do lists on the calendar monthly, weekly, and daily.

Consulting services

2 Week Application Migration Implementation.png

2-Week Application Migration Implementation: Newt Global Consulting offers end-to-end application migration for small and midsize businesses to migrate (lift and shift) on-premises applications and databases to Microsoft Azure.

10 hours cloud readiness assessment.png

10-hour cloud readiness assessment: Vaporvm offers 10 hours of free consulting services in data analytics and DevOps on Microsoft Azure, legacy application modernization, or cybersecurity to show how you can solve your business problem with Azure.

Application Modernization 10-Day Assessment.png

Application Modernization: 10-Day Assessment: Catapult can simplify the process of moving your applications to Microsoft Azure through a variety of workshops where you discuss current and future goals, map your objectives, and discover risks.

Azure App Modernisation Assessment 6 Weeks.png

Azure App Modernisation Assessment: 6 Weeks: Many existing applications can be enhanced significantly by moving them to a cloud-first architecture. Content+Cloud will review your current application to determine how it could be rebuilt using Microsoft Azure.

Azure Cloud Catalyst 4-Wk Imp.png

Azure Cloud Catalyst: 4-Wk Implementation: Start your journey to the cloud with Azure Cloud Catalyst, an agile delivery approach by Datacom Systems. The cloud adoption framework is the basis for a well-governed and secure cloud platform.

Azure Migrate Service - 4-Week Assessment.png

Azure Migrate Service - 4-Week Assessment: Advania Finland’s four-step assessment program is designed to help transfer your existing workloads to Microsoft Azure, leading to faster time to market and lower total cost of ownership.

Azure Migration 1-Week Assessment.png

Azure Migration: 1-Week Assessment: Trying to decide if you’ll get value by moving your apps or infrastructure to Microsoft Azure? Artic will work with your team to determine the time, effort, and cost for your organization to migrate to the cloud.

Azure Security Model Design 8wk Implementation.png

Azure Security Model Design 8-week Implementation: Protiviti will help you understand how Microsoft Azure security services fit into your wider organizational security model, how your company could utilize each service, the cost implications, and the scope of service.

Azure Synapse Analytics 1-Day Assessment.png

Azure Synapse Analytics 1-Day Assessment: In the Azure Synapse Analytics assessment, FyrSoft's experts will review your current data platform and provide a roadmap on how to successfully implement a modern data warehouse and data analytics infrastructure.

Azure Synapse Analytics 1-Day Workshop.png

Azure Synapse Analytics 1-Day Workshop: Azure Synapse brings together approaches of data lakes and data warehouses in a service, providing limitless analytics. In this workshop, FyrSoft will teach you how to create an analytics pipeline.

Azure Windows Virtual Desktop 6-Wk POC.png

Azure Windows Virtual Desktop: 6-Week Proof of Concept: With Windows Virtual Desktop, you can deploy and scale your Windows desktops and apps on Microsoft Azure in minutes. Inviso will help you quickly unlock the full scope of Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure.

BC Best Practices for Azure 1-Day Workshop.png

BC Best Practices for Azure: 1-Day Workshop: In this workshop, you will learn how to build a resilient business continuity practice. Sayers will take you through six established best practices, and you will learn how to apply the power of Microsoft Azure to each practice.

BrillioOne Supply Chain360 2-Wk Free Assessment.png

BrillioOne Supply Chain360: 2-Week Free Assessment: Brillio will help implement a digital experience solution centered on key Microsoft Azure IaaS/PaaS components, such as Azure Data Lake Analytics, Azure Synapse, Azure Cosmos DB, or Azure Machine Learning.

CAF Quickstart - 6 Day Workshop.png

CAF Quickstart - 6-Day Workshop: The Cloud Adoption Framework Quickstart engagement ensures the success of your platform and application modernization journey by designing your cloud architecture correctly, right from the beginning.

Chmura Krajowa-Road to Cloud 3-week assessment.png

Chmura Krajowa-Road to Cloud: 3-week assessment: In this three-week assessment, Chmura Krajowa will work with you to develop an efficient migration plan for your organization's move to Microsoft Azure, reducing the required time and impact of migration processes on your business.

Cloud Adoption Framework 6 week Implementation.png

Cloud Adoption Framework: 6-week Implementation: Inviso Corporation's free implementation uses the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), Microsoft's best-practices approach to Azure cloud adoption, to provide insights on how to create a reliable, auditable, and flexible governance framework for your organization.

Cloud Desktop (powered by Windows Virtual Desktop).png

Cloud Desktop (powered by Windows Virtual Desktop): ITON offers Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) technology as a managed service on Microsoft Azure. This service is available only in Dutch.

Data & AI Discovery Proof Of Concept in 3 weeks.png

Data & AI Discovery: Proof of Concept in 3 weeks: Learn about relevant AI use cases and what benefits they can offer your employees, customers, products, or operations in Cegeka’s Data & AI Discovery proof of concept. Deliverables include a tailored machine learning model stored in Azure SQL Database and visualized in Power BI.

Data Analytics in Azure 4-wk POC Canada.png

Data Analytics in Azure: 4-week Proof of Concept Canada: Skip the learning curve and take advantage of Inviso’s professional services to quickly unlock the full scope of data and analytics on Microsoft Azure. Invisio will work with you to define a functional proof of concept that can include connections to source data, Power BI modeling, and more.

Defender for Endpoint MDR Managed Service.png

Defender for Endpoint MDR Managed Service: The managed detection and response (MDR) services provided by ITC Secure use Microsoft Azure Sentinel and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint to deliver preventative protection, post-breach detection, automated investigation, and response.

Dynamics NAV & BC on Azure 1-Day Assessment.png

Dynamics NAV & BC on Azure: 1-Day Assessment: Learn about the benefits of migrating your Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central applications from on-premises servers or costly third-party datacenters to Microsoft Azure in this free one-day assessment from Korcomptenz.

Leveraging Azure for BC-DR 1-Hour Briefing.png

Leveraging Azure for BC/DR: 1-Hour Briefing: Learn how to take advantage of the power of Microsoft Azure and third-party Azure Marketplace solutions to meet your organization's business continuity and disaster recovery needs in Sayers' free one-hour briefing.

Microsoft Azure Governance - 1-day workshop.png

Microsoft Azure Governance - 1-day workshop: Available only in German, Bright Skies Ltd's one-day workshop is designed to raise your awareness of security, cost management, and compliance in your organization's Microsoft Azure environment.

Microsoft Dynamics GP on Azure 1-Day Assessment.png

Microsoft Dynamics GP on Azure: 1-Day Assessment: Learn about the benefits of migrating Microsoft Dynamics GP from on-premises servers or costly third-party datacenters to Microsoft Azure in this free one-day assessment from Korcomptenz.

Migration of Sage on Azure 1-Day Assessment.png

Migration of Sage on Azure: 1-Day Assessment: Learn about the benefits of migrating Sage from on-premises servers or costly third-party datacenters to Microsoft Azure in this free one-day assessment from Korcomptenz.

Migration to Microsoft Azure 1-day Assessment.png

Migration to Microsoft Azure: 1-day Assessment: Learn about the business advantages of migrating to Microsoft Azure in this one-day assessment from Transition Technologies - Managed Services Sp. z o.o. Deliverables include a tailored plan addressing the benefits, cost, and next steps for your cloud journey.

Oracle TCO Transformation 3 week Assessment.png

Oracle TCO Transformation 3-week Assessment: Data Intensity's offer combines the power of 20 years of Oracle design, implementation, and management of Oracle RDBMS and E-Business Suite (EBS) experience with a focused software license services practice to define your customized Oracle workload migration path to Microsoft Azure.

SAP to Azure Migration 5-Day Assessment.png

SAP to Azure Migration 5-Day Assessment: Businesses need to consider dependencies as they migrate on-premises workloads and applications to Microsoft Azure. FyrSoft's five-day assessment will provide you with a comprehensive report containing system architecture on Azure, cost, and a high-level migration plan.

Sepia - Azure Suite.png

Sepia - Azure Suite: Sepia Solutions offers a five-step process to move your services to the cloud and deploy Microsoft Azure packages. Sepia Solutions will provide you with value-added services, starting with a free assessment.

Sepia - Security Suite.png

Sepia - Security Suite: Sepia Solutions offers a four-step process to ensure that your enterprise security is a top priority. Let Sepia Solutions secure your data, your people, and your enterprise.

Sitecore Migration - 2 Week Technical Assessment.png

Sitecore Migration - 2 Week Technical Assessment: AKQA's Sitecore to Microsoft Azure offer provides Sitecore XP and Sitecore XC customers with a technical and cloud migration readiness assessment through a series of onsite or virtual workshops and Q&A sessions with AKQA's Sitecore, Microsoft, and Azure architects.

SQL Server Migration Implementation 10 Days.png

SQL Server Migration: 10-Day Implementation: Open Sky Data Systems' SQL Server migration implementation is a continuation of the company's one-day Technical Analysis assessment. Migrate your servers, applications, databases, and workloads to Microsoft Azure for increased security, enhanced performance, and more.

The Atlas Framework 2-Hours Assessment.png

The Atlas Framework: 2-Hour Assessment: Atlas is a comprehensive set of infrastructure tools for jump-starting development projects, designed to accelerate the delivery of business functionality on Microsoft Azure. Learn about the benefits Atlas and Azure can offer to achieve your business goals in this free two-hour assessment.

Threat Protection Review 5-day assessment.png

Threat Protection Review: 5-day assessment: Silversands Ltd will use Microsoft Cloud App Security in its five-day Threat Protection Review assessment to identify business risks, then recommend next steps to maximize value and validate your current configuration of Microsoft services.

Web app modernisation (CAF) 1-hour briefing.png

Web app modernisation (CAF): 1-hour briefing: Futurice Oy's free briefing covers the main points of using the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and Azure services to modernize web applications. Learn about cost savings, reduced technical complexity, increased business agility, and more.

Windows Virtual Desktop - 1Wk Implementation.png

Windows Virtual Desktop - 1-Week Implementation: Adfolks offers a one-week implementation of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service in the cloud that delivers multi-session Windows 10, Office 365 ProPlus optimization, and support for Remote Desktop Services.

WVD Adoption Accelerator 8-Day Implementation.png

WVD Adoption Accelerator: 8-Day Implementation: Softcat's WVD Adoption Accelerator is designed to get you up and running with Microsoft's Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) service. Learn about the productivity and flexibility advantages WVD offers with a pilot deployment to test in your own environment.

WVD Fastrack 4 Week Implementation.png

WVD Fastrack: 4-Week Implementation: This implementation from Howell Technology Group will provide all the tools necessary to successfully implement your move to Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). The WVD Fastrack program includes consultation, assessment of your existing environment, design, and implementation.

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