Azure Marketplace new offers – March 30, 2022
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 121 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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Aible Serverless Cloud AI on Azure.png

Aible Serverless Cloud AI on Azure: Aible's AI solutions help teams go from raw data to business value. Aible Sense improves AI by collecting only data changes relevant to AI training. Aible Explore delivers guided data exploration and augmented analytics. Aible Optimize uses predictions to align your strategy with tactical decisions.

Camanio SmartCare- The care platform.png

Camanio SmartCare Platform: Camanio SmartCare is a customizable service platform for caregivers that connects alarms and welfare technology in a unified interface. New innovations can be integrated through an open API. This app is available only in Swedish.

Debian 11 Minimal.png

Debian 11 Minimal: This offer from Tidal Media provides a minimal version of Debian 11. The preconfigured image is optimized for automated use at scale, with a tiny package set and a minimal security cross-section.

Drupal Azure AD Single Sign On.png

Drupal Azure AD Single Sign On: This module will allow you to set up single sign-on authentication between your Drupal site and Microsoft Azure using OpenID and the OAuth protocol. The module covers Drupal 7, Drupal 8, and Drupal 9.


EasyHour: EasyHour tracks approval workflows, expense reports, receipts, shared desks, and time worked by client, project, or task. Minimal configuration is required, and EasyHour supports customization.

External User Manager.png

External User Manager: Create access requests for guest users to Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 groups in one simple process with External User Manager from Solutions2Share GmbH. External User Manager can also help you improve adoption governance and compliance.

Grav CMS + support.png

Grav CMS + Support: This offer from ATH Infosystems provides Grav, an open-source content management system written in PHP. Grav's easy-to-use graphical interface allows even nontechnical users to augment articles and content. Grav uses a flat file database for its back end and front end.

HealthEM.AI Cohort Builder SaaS Offering.png

HealthEM.AI Cohort Builder SaaS Offering: HealthEM simplifies complex healthcare data using proven AI and machine learning models that support informed clinical decisions and predict future patient costs and outcomes.

innoSEP’s no-code Analytics Platform.png

innoSEP’s no-code Analytics Platform: innoSEP's no-code analytics platform unleashes the power of AI in your data-driven ecosystem. Users can build, deploy, and maintain their industrial AI apps through a visual interface, role-oriented workflows, and guided product modules.

Quantinuum H-Series Quantum Computer.png

Quantinuum H-Series Quantum Computer: This offer provides access to Quantinuum's trapped-ion quantum computers, which feature exceptional gate fidelities and all-to-all connectivity of qubits. The ability to perform mid-circuit measurement and qubit reuse enables algorithm writers to approach quantum computation in new ways.

Res.Q _ Fabric Inspection.png

Res.Q | Fabric Inspection: The Res.Q | Fabric Inspection module is designed to be used in fabric mills and factories to digitize inspection. An optional IoT component for this module enables the length of the fabric to be captured automatically in an inspection.

Res.Q _ Manufacturing Execution System.png

Res.Q | Manufacturing Execution System: The Res.Q | Manufacturing Execution System production-tracking module lets users monitor standard or unique production sales routes via QR codes.

Res.Q _ Skill Matrix.png

Res.Q | Skill Matrix: The Res.Q | Skill Matrix module provides managers, human resources departments, and work study teams with the real-time line performance and skill competencies of their machine operators.

Res.Q _ Smart Line.png

Res.Q | Smart Line: The Res.Q | Smart Line module helps industrial engineering teams digitize production line planning, line balancing, and symbolic layout.

Sinequa MACC enabled offer.png

Sinequa MACC-Enabled Offer: Sinequa's enterprise search platform combines a collection of analytical features into a unified whole that can scale across use cases. This offer entitles Microsoft customers with a Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment contract to purchase a Sinequa license using an Azure Marketplace private offer.


Split: The Split platform allows product and engineering teams to achieve greater impact from their software development work by deploying frequently, increasing the reliability of each release, and creating customer feedback loops.

Trujay Migration Wizard.png

Trujay Migration Wizard: Trujay's Migration Wizard is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that takes the headaches out of data migration and supports dozens of customer relationship management software products.

Ubuntu-18.x Linux Operating System.png

Ubuntu 18.x Linux Operating System: This offer from Ebes LLC provides an image of Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS. The system features a minimal set of drivers and startup scripts so boot time and runtime will be quick.

Ubuntu-20.x Linux Operating System.png

Ubuntu 20.x Linux Operating System: This offer from Ebes LLC provides an image of Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS with Python 3 and Java Runtime preinstalled. The system features a minimal set of drivers and startup scripts so boot time and runtime will be quick.

USDM Cloud Assurance for SharePoint M365 E5 Rapid.png

USDM Cloud Assurance for SharePoint M365 E5 Rapid: USDM’s fast-start accelerator helps life science companies implement Microsoft 365 E5, SharePoint, and Azure Active Directory Premium P2. USDM's fully validated document repository with e-signature functionality is delivered in a matter of days.

Windows Server 2022 Core.png

Windows Server 2022 Core: This offer from Cloud Infrastructure Services provides a core version of Windows Server 2022. This minimal installation includes most, but not all, server roles. It has a smaller disk footprint and a smaller code base than the Standard edition.

Xfce GUI on Debian 11.png

Xfce GUI on Debian 11: This offer from Ntegral provides an image of the graphical user interface for Xfce on Debian 11. Xfce is an open-source remote desktop environment for Linux and Unix-like operating systems. The image comes preconfigured with LibreOffice, Visual Studio Code, Firefox, and Git.

Yalian Yunqi IT Intelligent Butler.png

Yalian Yunqi IT Intelligent Butler: This tool from Beijing Yalian Meixun Technology Development Co. Ltd., available only in Chinese, helps enterprises reduce costs and improve efficiency by integrating hybrid cloud asset management, security monitoring, and service components.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

add.AI Predictive Maintenance Model- Proof of Concept.png

add.AI Predictive Maintenance Model: Proof of Concept: Using Microsoft Power BI and other Microsoft services, ADD d.o.o. will deliver a proof of concept of a predictive maintenance solution to reduce the downtime of your production line and increase productivity.

add.AI Predictive Scrap Model- 10-Week Implementation.png

add.AI Predictive Scrap Model: 10-Week Implementation: Using Microsoft Azure IoT Hub and other Microsoft services, ADD d.o.o. will implement an AI solution to reduce scrap at your company. The solution will look for optimal resource utilization and predict failures at the machine level and at the product level.

Agency Modeling- 6-Week Implementation.png

Agency Modeling: 6-Week Implementation: Wavicle Data Solutions will implement Agency Modeling, a solution that helps insurers select agencies with a high likelihood of success. Agency Modeling defines successful distributers through profitability growth, loss ratio, and compliance.

Agir Digital Sobriety- 4-Week Workshop.png

Agir Digital Sobriety: 4-Week Workshop: In this workshop, available only in French, Keyrus will explain the data queried by CarbonScore. CarbonScore allows each employee to measure and act on the carbon footprint of their digital activities.

App Modernization with Azure and Power Apps- 2-Day Workshop.png

App Modernization with Azure and Power Apps: 2-Day Workshop: In this workshop, Softlanding will review one of your applications, map its features and functionality to Microsoft Azure workloads, and create a road map for modernization so you can meet your current and future business objectives.

Automated Data Pipeline Framework (Workshop).png

Automated Data Pipeline Framework (Workshop): During this workshop from Grid Dynamics, you'll learn how to apply best practices for CI/CD, including infrastructure as code, automated versioning, and artifact signing to your existing and planned Microsoft Azure data pipelines.

Azure Analytics- 1-Day Workshop.png

Azure Analytics: 1-Day Workshop: A workshop is a good starting point for becoming a data-driven organization. ADD d.o.o.'s workshop will cover Microsoft Azure data and analytics services, encompassing data ingestion, big data, AI, and business reports.

Azure Application Modernization Workshop.png

Azure Application Modernization Workshop: Asperitas Consulting will assess the current state of your application use case, then propose immediate and long-term solutions for your application architecture and business process, with optional implementation services.

Azure Cloud Consulting- 1-Week Implementation.png

Azure Cloud Consulting: 1-Week Implementation: CirrusLabs offers consulting services involving cloud strategy, application migration, readiness assessments, return-on-investment analysis, application portfolio assessments, and more.

Azure Cost Optimization- 2-Day Workshop.png

Azure Cost Optimization: 2-Day Workshop: In this workshop, novaCapta will explain the different billing models for your Microsoft Azure services and present optimization options for them. This service is available only in German.

Azure Kubernetes Service- 3-Week Implementation.png

Azure Kubernetes Service: 3-Week Implementation: VOLO will implement Azure Kubernetes Service so your company can reap numerous containerization benefits, such as portability, reliability, availability, reduced complexity, agility, and fast delivery.

Azure Migrate as a Service- 1-Month Implementation.png

Azure Migrate as a Service: 1-Month Implementation: Platinum Technology works with organizations to give them guidance throughout their cloud journey. In this engagement, Platinum Technology will help you migrate your on-premises infrastructure to Microsoft Azure.

Azure Secure Networking Workshop.png

Azure Secure Networking Workshop: During this four-day workshop from Inetum-Realdolmen, you will learn how to use Microsoft Azure network security services to better protect your cloud workloads from network-based cyberattacks.

CI_CD Pipeline on Azure- 3-Week Implementation.png

CI/CD Pipeline on Azure: 3-Week Implementation: VOLO will implement a CI/CD pipeline on Microsoft Azure for clients in any stage of solution maturity. This will open the door to a wide spectrum of automation advantages and business or IT solutions.

DC Migration- 2-Week Implementation.png

DC Migration: 2-Week Implementation: Alpha Data's certified professionals will discover, assess, and migrate your data to Microsoft Azure using proven methodologies and minimal to no business disruption.

DevOps Road Trip- 4-Day Workshop.png

DevOps Road Trip: 4-Day Workshop: In this workshop, white duck GmbH will help you understand and apply DevOps methodologies. Coaching will focus on application automation, operation, and monitoring. white duck also offers proofs of concept and can support you and your team in all phases of development.

DevOpsGroup Azure Cloud Managed Services.png

DevOpsGroup Azure Cloud Managed Services: DevOpsGroup offers on-demand platform support or platform operations engineering. For on-demand services, cloud engineers will diagnose and troubleshoot problems as they arise. For platform operations, engineers focus on improving the reliability, security, and cost-effectiveness of your apps.

Emission Control- 1-Day Implementation.png

Emission Control: 1-Day Implementation: In this offer aimed at the manufacturing, mining, and energy sectors, Awara IT will implement a non-volatile solution that works without being connected to electricity. The solution will indicate emissions and will transmit data on possible anomalies to Microsoft Azure.

Go 2 Kubernetes- 4-Weeks Implementation.png

Go 2 Kubernetes: 4-Week Implementation: Cellenza will enable your company to quickly adopt Azure Kubernetes Service to host your first cloud-native application. This offer is available only in French.

Industry Data Governance- 10-Week Implementation.png

Industry Data Governance: 10-Week Implementation: In this engagement, Tata Consultancy Services will implement a solution powered by Microsoft Azure Purview for unified data governance, master data management, data quality, and more.

Manufacturing Data and AI Pilot- 4-Week Implementation.png

Manufacturing Data and AI Pilot: 4-Week Implementation: Catapult's pilot involves a series of discovery sessions, followed by best practices workshops aligned to your business's specific needs. Next, Catapult will build out a data pilot. Deliverables include an executive brief, recommendations, and a road map for your next steps.

Microservices Platform Migration Workshop.png

Microservices Platform Migration Workshop: Learn about Grid Dynamics' microservices platform in this workshop. Grid Dynamics will speak about the ideas of modularity and the possibility of customizations, followed by an open discussion that will focus on your company's specific requirements.

Microsoft Sentinel- 1-Month Proof of Concept.png

Microsoft Sentinel: 1-Month Proof of Concept: Atea Finland Oy will deliver a proof of concept of Microsoft Azure Sentinel so your organization can benefit from centralized log management, automation, and threat analysis. This service is available in Finnish.

Microsoft Sentinel- 6-Week Implementation.png

Microsoft Sentinel: 6-Week Implementation: Insight will implement Microsoft Sentinel so you can enhance control and visibility over your company's IT security environment. This engagement includes a threat analysis review and a transformation road map.

MLOps Cockpit- 8-Weeks Implementation.png

MLOps Cockpit: 8-Week Implementation: Tata Consultancy Services will implement its MLOps Cockpit platform, which utilizes Microsoft Azure machine learning and Azure DevOps. MLOps Cockpit connects the dots between experimentation and production to make machine learning reusable, synergetic, and continuous.

Modernized Underwriting Solution- 10-Week Implementation.png

Modernized Underwriting Solution: 10-Week Implementation: Utilizing the AI and automation capabilities of Microsoft Azure, Tata Consultancy Services will implement an intelligent risk assessment platform to automate the traditional underwriting process.

Monitoring and Operations Management- 8-Week Implementation.png

Monitoring and Operations Management: 8-Week Implementation: VOLO will deliver continual monitoring and operations management for application performance, infrastructure, security components, on-premises databases, and more. VOLO's support team will manage alerts and notifications, provide troubleshooting, and perform log analytics.

Monitoring Integration Service- 4-Week Implementation.png

Monitoring Integration Service: 4-Week Implementation: VOLO's monitoring integration service for your on-premises and cloud apps includes a full cycle of setup and configuration for application performance, infrastructure, security components, databases, and Microsoft Azure platform services.

Policyholder Loyalty Modeling- 6-Week Implementation.png

Policyholder Loyalty Modeling: 6-Week Implementation: In this offer aimed at insurers, Wavicle Data Solutions will implement its Policyholder Loyalty solution, which will use data science to reduce earnings volatility, reduce lapse rates or improve renewal rates, and enhance retention campaign effectiveness.

SAP on Azure- 2-Week Proof of Concept.png

SAP on Azure: 2-Week Proof of Concept: Quadrant Resource's proof of concept will help your enterprise develop a cloud strategy to migrate SAP workloads to Microsoft Azure, and it will demonstrate significant business opportunities in enhanced agility, automated administration, lower costs, and higher availability.

SAP on Azure- 8-Week Implementation.png

SAP on Azure: 8-Week Implementation: Quadrant Resource will customize a plan for your company to migrate SAP workloads to Microsoft Azure. This will involve an initial meeting, a review of your current landscape, a full proposal, an installation stage, a migration, and comprehensive documentation.

Secure IoT_OT Services- 1-Year Implementation.png

Secure IoT/OT Services: 1-Year Implementation: Capgemini will provide monitoring and manage your organization’s security posture using Microsoft Sentinel. Deliverables include continual monitoring for threats, incident response playbooks, trend analysis, and robust reporting.

Secure Your Identities and Access- 6-Week Proof of Concept.png

Secure Your Identities and Access: 6-Week Proof of Concept: In this proof of concept from Vorstone, you will be able to secure your identities and access in a Microsoft 365 environment while providing flexibility to users and reducing IT support costs.

Secure Your Privileged Identities- 3-Week Proof of Concept.png

Secure Your Privileged Identities: 3-Week Proof of Concept: In this proof of concept from Vorstone, you will be able to secure your high-privileged identities, provide just-in-time privileged access, and manage, control, and monitor access to your organization's important resources.

Security Operations Center- 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Security Operations Center: 4-Week Proof of Concept: In this proof of concept, Informatika will help your organization optimize cybersecurity using real-time threat intelligence and Microsoft Sentinel. You'll go from reacting to incidents to applying analytics to proactively managing cyber threats.

Solution for ISVs to Migrate to Azure - 6-Week Implementation.png

Solution for ISVs to Migrate to Azure: 6-Week Implementation: Redapt, formerly known as Attunix, will help independent software vendors adopt Microsoft Azure so they can stay nimble and competitive. Redapt has extensive experience with migrating ISVs to Azure.

Sovereign Nations Trusted Foundation- 3-Week Implementation.png

Sovereign Nations Trusted Foundation: 3-Week Implementation: In this service for sovereign nations, Coppei Partners will develop a cloud road map and build an Azure landing zone. This is not intended to be a complete integration solution.

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Advantech Managed Service for Azure

Alpha Data Smart Support: Managed Services

Application Migration for ISVs: 3-Week Assessment

Architecture Audit of Existing Solution: 3-Week Assessment

Azure Active Directory Verifiable Credentials: 1-Hour Briefing

Azure Cloud Economics: 5-Day Assessment

Azure Cloud Migration: 2-Week Assessment

Azure Migration: 6-Week Assessment

Azure Solution Assessment: 2-Day Briefing

Bell Cloud Maturity Assessment and Strategy: 3-Week Report

BetterCommerce Multichannel Order Management

BetterCommerce Multichannel PIM

Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer (IWO)

Cyzag MX Live Logbook

Device Identity-as-a-Service


Dive Simulation Platform

Eternity Data Plan: 5-Week Assessment


Framework for Securing a Cloud: 3-Week Briefing

Genetec Autovu

HappySignals IT Experience Management Platform

Headless E-Commerce (B2B and B2C)

HSO Cloud Readiness: 2-Week Assessment

IAM for Success: 7-Day Assessment

Infinity AppLens: 2-Week Assessment

Integrated Health Platform (IHP)

intelliOpen: 2-Week Assessment

Ivanti Neurons Zero Trust Access Gateway

Log4j Security Team Response: 4-Day Assessment

Luminate Demand Edge

Mandiant ICS/OT Security HealthCheck: 4-Week Assessment

Microsoft Azure Migration: 2-Hour Briefing

OPSWAT Private SDP Gateway

Retail Insight - AvailabilityInsight

Retail Insight - WasteInsight

SAP on Azure: 3-Day Assessment

SAP on Azure: 3-Hour Briefing

Schlumberger Agora AI Choke Setpoint Optimization

Schlumberger Agora Gateway + Agora Data Explorer

Schlumberger Agora Rod Lift Advisor

Scuba Analytics

Sectra Education Portal

Secure Your Azure Subscription: 2-Week Assessment

Security Audit of Existing Solution: 3-Week Assessment

Smart Device Connectivity

Spyglass Cloud Security: 6-Week Assessment

teamplay Dose

teamplay Insights

teamplay Mammo Dashboard

teamplay Protocols

teamplay Usage

teamplay X-Ray Dashboard

Telit OneEdge Solo IoT Edge Management Platform


vArmour Application Controller for Microsoft Sentinel

VTION Digital Analytics


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