Azure Marketplace new offers – March 23, 2022
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 119 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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Beauceron Cybersecurity Standard Platform.png

Beauceron Cybersecurity Standard Platform: Lay the foundations for an all-encompassing, automated, and adaptable cybersecurity awareness program with Beauceron Security. The standard package provides automation, reporting, engagement tools, and more to reduce your organization’s overall threat risk. 

CentOS 7.9.png

CentOS 7.9: Designed and optimized for production environments on Microsoft Azure, this CentOS 7.9.22 image from EuroLinux provides a secure and universal base system on top of which other appliances can be built and tested.


cloudSwXtch: cloudSwXtch from allows you to multicast on Microsoft Azure via a virtual network switch (overlay network with IGMP support). It enables a seamless IP-multicast experience on Azure without requiring any code changes.

DataRobot AI Cloud Platform​ for Microsoft Azure.png

DataRobot AI Cloud Platform​ for Microsoft Azure: Quickly build, deploy, and monitor

AI models at enterprise scale with DataRobot’s solution. The platform is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Azure and automates complex and repetitive tasks across the full data lifecycle.

Dolphin Social Networking + Support.png

Dolphin Social Networking + SupportThis offer from ATH Infosystems provides a virtual machine with Dolphin, an open source, white-label solution that helps with the development of social networking sites. Dolphin offers developers powerful tools to customize every aspect of their website and access source code, all from one single admin panel.

Fast Track VM-Based MQ Deployment.png

Fast Track VM-Based IBM MQ Deployment: This virtual machine-based solution from Vismaya provides a bundled instance of IBM MQ enterprise, which enables deployment of reliable business continuity mechanisms while safeguarding data from multiple environments.

Grafana with Prometheus on Linux CentOS 7.9.png

Grafana with Prometheus on Linux CentOS 7.9: This offer from Tidal Media provides an optimized image of Grafana with Prometheus on Linux CentOS 7.9. Grafana is a multiplatform, open source analytics app that enables you to create interactive, visual data models to analyze and predict user behavior.

Grafana with Prometheus on Linux CentOS 8.4.png

Grafana with Prometheus on Linux CentOS 8.4: This offer from Tidal Media provides a secure, pre-tested, ready-to-run image for secure and fast deployment of Grafana with Prometheus on Linux CentOS 8.4 into your Microsoft Azure environments. Query, visualize, and understand your data no matter where it’s stored.

Grafana with Prometheus on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.png

Grafana with Prometheus on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: Designed and optimized for production environments on Microsoft Azure, this Grafana with Prometheus on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS image from Tidal Media enables you to create multidimensional, visual data models. Analyze and predict user behavior with interactive web applications. Exponentially improve the quality and efficiency of your corporation’s internal communication with this ready-to-go intranet that’s designed to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online. creates a cost-effective and collaborative modern workplace.

Jupyter Hub for Data Science on Ubuntu Desktop.png

Jupyter Hub for Data Science on Ubuntu Desktop: This Ubuntu desktop-as-a-service solution from Ntegral provides a Jupyter hub for data science on Ubuntu 20.04. Hosted on Azure, this image comes pre-installed with popular tools for data exploration, analysis, and modeling.

Meeting Room Booking System (MRBS) + Support.png

Meeting Room Booking System (MRBS) + Support: ATH Infosystems provides an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS virtual machine that comes preinstalled with MRBS, a meeting room booking system. This scalable, secure scheduling solution with tiered levels of access and built-in IT support can help cut administrative costs.

Nedscaper 24_7 Managed Detect Respond.png

Nedscaper 24/7 Managed Detect and Respond: Simplify and strengthen your security operations with Nedscaper’s 24/7 Managed Detect and Respond service powered by Microsoft Azure Sentinel. This SaaS solution uses built-in AI to identify security threats quickly and accurately within your hybrid infrastructure.

One Spark Model.png

One Spark Model: Coherent’s solution allows you to quickly convert any Excel-based logic model into a functional API endpoint. Boost revenue and ROI by reducing development time and accelerating your product to market process using the Spark logic engine.

Open Source Social Network + Support.png

Open Source Social Network + Support: This offer from ATH Infosystems provides Open Source Social Network (OSSN) with support and allows users to build websites and relationships in order to expand their professional and personal network. OSSN is a social networking software written in PHP.

Reltio Connected Data Platform.png

Reltio Connected Data Platform: This solution enables enterprises to onboard data from multiple sources — including transactions and interactions — to create a single source of truth. Load, validate, and manage your data to receive hyper-personalized experiences with Reltio Connected Data Platform.

Res.Q _ Machine Inventory.png

Res.Q | Machine Inventory: This offer from Resq Solutions provides management and maintenance teams with real-time insights into their machine-management process. It enables centralized tracking of all equipment by leveraging QR codes, NFC technology, and interactive dashboards.

Res.Q _ Skill Matrix.png

Res.Q | Skill Matrix: This cloud-based skill management solution from Resq Solutions provides management, human resources, and work study teams with real-time skill competencies for machine operators. The mobile app enables users to upgrade skills, conduct capacity studies, and more.

SlashNext Email Protection for Microsoft 365.png

SlashNext Email Protection for Microsoft 365: SlashNext augments Microsoft 365 security while detecting and removing attacks that evade traditional cybersecurity solutions. This comprehensive email protection solution stops 65 percent more threats than all other cloud-native email security services.


Snowflake: Snowflake’s centralized platform allows you to build a modern data architecture and support multiple workloads – from data warehousing to data lake to data science – while creating value from governed data in any cloud.

SOOS Core SCA.png

SOOS Core SCA: SOOS delivers an affordable, easy-to-integrate software composition analysis (SCA) solution that enables your whole team to: find, fix, and monitor known vulnerabilities; review open-source license usage; track tickets in Jira or GitHub Issues; and more.

Ubuntu Pro FIPS 20.04 LTS.png

Ubuntu Pro FIPS 20.04 LTS: Ubuntu FIPS is certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) with extra security capabilities that Canonical provides to enterprise customers, including those operating in regulated environments such as FedRAMP, HIPAA, and PCI.

Youredi Rapids Air Track & Trace Data Connectivity.png

Youredi Rapids Air Track & Trace Data Connectivity: Youredi’s solution automates and enables quick data connectivity and process integration which allows you to track your business-critical shipments across airlines. Simplify and centralize all your air freight logistics and needs.

Youredi Rapids Ocean Track & Trace Connectivity.png

Youredi Rapids Ocean Track & Trace Connectivity: This subscription-based solution from Youredi is a fully managed data integration service that will increase the operational efficiency of your shipments by connecting and tracking all stakeholders, trading partners and ocean liners with an automated and centralized system.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

AI Security- 4-Day Workshop.png

AI Security: 4-Day Workshop: In this workshop, the Robert Bosch team will utilize myriad Microsoft Azure services to help secure your organization's AI ecosystem against adversarial machine learning threats. The Bosch team will then collaborate with you to develop a use case to implement a high-level security architecture.

Anblicks Managed Services- 12-Week Implementation.png

Anblicks Managed Services: 12-Week Implementation: In this managed service, Anblicks' team of skilled engineers will develop and deliver an efficient cloud infrastructure strategy and plan of action by leveraging Microsoft Azure tools and technologies. Reduce total cost of ownership as you embark on your cloud journey.

Atout Stack HCI- 1-Week Proof of Concept.png

Atout Stack HCI: 1-Week Proof of Concept: With a focus on technical and budgetary requisites, the experts at PI Services will guide you through the fundamentals of Azure Stack HCI and demonstrate how you can benefit from data center modernization opportunities.

AwA - Ashore with Azure- 10-Week Implementation.png

AwA - Ashore with Azure: 10-Week Implementation: This consultation begins your journey to a modern cloud data analytics platform. Business Vision Consulting architects will analyze your data warehouse, develop a reference architecture, and migrate select data to Azure.

Azure Hybrid- Azure Arc- 3-Day Workshop.png

Azure Hybrid: 3-Day Azure Arc Workshop: Bring the power of cloud-native resource management to your on-premises datacenters with Scopewyse's Microsoft Azure Arc workshop. Modernize infrastructure and govern all your virtual machines through a single pane of glass.

Bechtle Azure IoT Starter Bundle- 3-Day Implementation.png

Azure IoT Starter Bundle: 3-Day Implementation: Start your IoT journey with Bechtle's entry-level package that’s designed to work right out of the box. The solution will provide suitable sensors and create a Microsoft Azure landing zone so you can unlock the potential of your industrial machines with digital communication.

Azure Landing Zone Basics- 2-Day Workshop.png

Azure Landing Zone Basics: 2-Day Workshop: Dive into the possibilities and potential of Microsoft Azure Landing Zone in a workshop with novaCapta. You will learn tips and tricks as well as best practices for secure and scalable construction and operation of your cloud infrastructure. This service is available only in German.

Azure Landing Zone Starter Package- 5-Day Proof of Concept.png

Azure Landing Zone Starter Package: 5-Day Proof of Concept: Before landing, you need to get started. Baggenstos' starter package to your Microsoft Azure Landing Zone will lay the foundation to the future of your cloud environment and help identify current dependencies and devise a strategic plan based on your organizational needs.

Azure Network Foundation- 4-Week Implementation.png

Azure Network Foundation: 4-Week Implementation: Converge will help set up Microsoft Azure network systems and services that are secure and performant. The focus will be on services like Azure Bastion, Firewall, Virtual WAN, VPN Gateway that can be customized to support most third-party devices and appliances.

Azure Onboarding- 3-Week Workshop.png

Azure Onboarding: 3-Week Workshop (EN): In this proof of concept, the experts from Ivellio-Vellin k2 will assess your infrastructure and cloud readiness, then create an onboarding plan to Azure following Microsoft best practices. This service is available in German and English.

Azure Onboarding- 3-Work Workshop.png

Azure Onboarding: 3-Week Work Workshop (GM): Ivellio-Vellin k2's workshop will streamline your Microsoft Azure onboarding process by offering consultation, cost estimation, and detailed overview of the process while implementing best practices to facilitate fast and scalable deployments. This service is available in German.

Azure Purview- 4-Week Implementation.png

Azure Purview: 4-Week Implementation: Adastra Corporation will deploy a unified data governance solution by establishing Microsoft Azure Purview data catalog foundation in your environment. Key activities include data mapping, data classification, and data cataloging.

Azure Strategy and Planning- 1-Day Workshop.png

Azure Strategy and Planning: 1-Day Workshop: Orbit IT Solutions will design a plan to migrate your company's on-premises server infrastructure to Microsoft Azure. Orbit consultants will provide in-depth assessments of your IT infrastructure along with requirements for migrating to Azure. This service is available in German.

Cloud Migration- 6-Week Implementation.png

Cloud Migration: 6-Week Implementation: Cegeka will identify your current dependencies and critical workloads ahead of a full implementation, and then proceed with the bulk migration of your on-premises servers and applications to Microsoft Azure using Azure migrate.

Customer Insights & Synapse Deployment- 5-Day Workshop.png

Customer Insights & Synapse Deployment: 5-Day Workshop: In this infrastructure delivery engagement, the consultants from Agile Solutions will design a ready-to-go Microsoft Azure Advance Analytics Platform for your organization. Learn to harness your data to drive informed business decisions and automate customer-centric experiences.

Data Awareness- 1-Day Workshop.png

Data Awareness: 1-Day Workshop: Kin + Carta will show you how to treat your data as a product and effective ways to catalog, own, manage, and govern it. A blueprint describing how the Microsoft Azure ecosystem can support your data product roadmap will be provided.

Deploy Data Science for Business- 6-Month Implementation.png

Deploy Data Science for Business: 6-Month Implementation: In this implementation, Ekimetrics will help design, develop, and deploy a business-oriented data architecture for successful industrial solutions by leveraging the Microsoft Azure ecosystem. Learn how to operationalize data science to suit your business needs.

DevOps Automation Services- 8- to 12-Week Implementation.png

DevOps Automation Services: 8- to 12-Week Implementation: Anblicks will help implement Microsoft Azure-based DevOps automation services so you can reduce manual test time and integrate automated tests in your software development lifecycle. Optimize and streamline relationships between multiple tools and your IT operations.

Drishti AI_ML Platform Development- 3-Month Proof of Concept.png

Drishti AI/ML Platform: 3-Month Proof of Concept: In this proof of concept, SAVIC Technologies will collaborate with you to develop a single use case of the Drishti artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) platform using Microsoft Azure Data Lake. Learn how predictive analysis can increase profits and reduce wastage across your enterprise.

Drishti AI_ML Platform- 6-Month Implementation.png

Drishti AI/ML Platform: 6-Month Implementation: SAVIC Technologies will implement the Drishti artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) platform, which provides real-time visibility from systems to increase profits and reduce waste, with Microsoft Azure Data Lake.

Financial Branch of The Future- 4-Week Implementation.png

Financial Branch of the Future: 4-Week Implementation: Adastra's B2B/B2C platform implementation will help financial institutions design a secure, virtual branch on Microsoft Azure. Transform and personalize customer experience with a 24/7 ecosystem of intelligent technologies while increasing revenue and profitability.

Hybrid Cloud Security- 5-Week Workshop.png

Hybrid Cloud Security: 5-Week Workshop: Improve your security posture and allow experts from BlueVoyant to create a hybrid cloud security strategy that incorporates all your multicloud and on-premises assets using Microsoft Azure network security services.

IAM for Higher Education- 2-Day Discovery Workshop.png

IAM for Higher Education: 2-Day Discovery Workshop: Future proof your educational IT landscape with Condatis’ decentralized identity solution based on Microsoft Azure and Azure AD. Optimize and access digital transcripts, student enrolment data, and identity verification across distributed campuses.

Microsoft Sentinel- 5-Week Workshop.png

Microsoft Sentinel: 5-Week Workshop: Through advanced threat detection, investigation and incident response training using Microsoft Sentinel, BlueVoyant’s workshop will help discover and mitigate threats to your Microsoft 365 cloud, hybrid, and on-premises infrastructure.

Modernization Apps in Azure- 16-Day Proof of Concept.png

Modernization Apps in Azure: 16-Day Proof of Concept: DCube's offer, available only in French, will modernize your applications in Microsoft Azure and help optimize your data, accelerate your company's innovation, and deliver a stellar customer experience.

MSOC – A Cloud-Native Sentinel Platform- 4-Week Implementation.png

MSOC – A Cloud-Native Microsoft Sentinel Platform: 4-Week Implementation: Mindtree's consultants will identify and develop intelligent security operations within your organization's compliance strategy. Unleash the power of cloud-native solutions with Microsoft Sentinel and gain visibility into immediate threats and vulnerabilities across a hybrid cloud.

Public Health Analytics & Reporting- 2-Day Workshop.png

Public Health Analytics & Reporting: 2-Day Workshop: This offer by Catapult is designed to help public health agencies improve their crisis response by having access to an efficient health analytics solution. Using Microsoft Azure AI services an automated data aggregation framework will be deployed to quickly detect health trends and patterns.

Public Safety Analytics & Reporting- 2-Day Workshop.png

Public Safety Analytics & Reporting: 2-Day Workshop: Catapult’s workshop will utilize Microsoft Azure AI services to help criminal justice agencies automate intelligence reporting and flag data discrepancies for security analysts. An automated data aggregation framework will be provided so trends and patterns can be detected and distributed quickly.

Red Hat Ansible Automation on Azure- 3-Week Proof of Concept.png

Red Hat Ansible Automation on Azure: 3-Week Proof of Concept: In this proof of concept, the experts from Devoteam will support your organization's automation journey and implement complex use cases for the Red Hat Ansible automation platform on Microsoft Azure.

Sogeti OneMigrate- 3-Month Implementation.png

Sogeti OneMigrate: 3-Month Implementation: Sogeti’s end-to-end solution consisting of OneMigrate and OneNative will automate and optimize your application migration to Microsoft Azure. Maximize resources while minimizing costs with this managed service.

Virtusa’s Cloud Adoption Framework for Migration- 8-Week Pilot Implementation.png

Virtusa’s Cloud Adoption Framework for Migration: 8-Week Pilot Implementation: Virtusa’s implementation to fast track your cloud transformation journey based on the Microsoft CAF framework will enable a seamless migration of your enterprise applications, data, and workloads to Microsoft Azure.

Windows 365 Cloud PC- 10-Day Advanced Implementation.png

Windows 365 Cloud PC: 10-Day Advanced ImplementationThis advanced implementation by Predica helps you start using Windows 365 Cloud PC on Microsoft Azure, a secure way to stream your computer in the cloud – access your desktop, apps, settings, and content at any time on any device.

Windows 365 Cloud PC- 7-Day Quick Implementation.png

Windows 365 Cloud PC: 7-Day Quick ImplementationThis quick implementation by Predica helps you start using Windows 365 Cloud PC on Microsoft Azure, a secure way to stream your computer in the cloud – access your desktop, apps, and content at any time on any device.

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Azure Extensions for Dynamics CRM

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Azure Virtual Desktop Solution Connected Workspace Consultation: 1-Hour Assessment

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Azure VMware Solution (AVS) - BCDR: 11-Day Assessment

Azure VMware Solution for Disaster Recovery: 5-Week Assessment

Azure VMware Solution for Energy: 4-Week Assessment

Azure VMware Solution for Enterprise and SMC: 4-Week Assessment

Azure VMware Solution for Manufacturing: 4-Week Assessment

Azure VMware Solution (AVS) for Media and Communications: 4-Week Assessment

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Bluetooth Mesh Mobile Platform

CibusCell: Profitable Hydrogen

Cigent Plus

Cloud Adoption Digital Strategy: 3-Week Assessment

Cloud Migration: 4-Week Assessment

Cloud Migration: 6-Day Assessment

Cloud Security Posture: 1-Week Assessment

Cloud Transformation Fundamentals: 2-Hour Briefing

CloudBolt v9.4.6.1

Competitive Edge for Energy: 2-Week Assessment

Competitive Edge for Enterprise and SMC: 2-Week Assessment

Competitive Edge for Manufacturing: 2-Week Assessment

Competitive Edge for Media and Communications: 2-Week Assessment

Competitive Edge for Retail, Construction & Transport: 2-Week Assessment

ConnectedViews Live Streaming


Data Discovery for a Data Platform: 4-Week Assessment

Difenda MDR (Managed Detection Response) for IoT & OT

Digital Inclusion and Accessibility: 1-Hour Briefing

External IAM: 5-Day Assessment

Hybrid Azure Connectivity & Distributed Network Architecture: 1-Week Assessment

IAM Student Passport: 2-Hour Briefing

Introduction to Zero Trust: 1-Hour Briefing

it.XIA - Cross Information Application Solution

izidocs Document Management Solution

JetPatch Manager (version 4.1.2)

Joshua Cyberisk Vision

Katonic Data Science & MLOps Platform

Kovrr - Quantum Platform

Mandatory Reporting

MDR for Endpoints

MDR for OT/IoT

MDS Managed Extended Detection and Response (MxDR) for Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Sentinel Smart Ingestion: 4-Day Assessment

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing as a Service

Modern Workplace Cloud Storage | Easy Intune Storage

NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome

ORTEC Multi-Resource Planning

Private 5G Wireless Network

ProActive SOC Services (PSOC)

Rise Up for Microsoft Teams

Shaping Education with Data-Driven Insights: 2-Week Assessment

ShareMe QMS

SOC 24x7 Monitoring with Microsoft Sentinel

The Drug Diversion App from LogicStream Health

UST PACE Illuminate

VAST Services

Windows & SQL Server Migration: 10-Hour Assessment

ZF Autonomous Shuttle

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