Azure Marketplace new offers – June 9, 2022
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 107 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


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Autonomous Anomaly Detection.png Autonomous Anomaly Detection: Substrate AI's REST API-based solution for anomaly detection and predictive maintenance supports the training and prediction of events and severity in a time series. Developers can create a Swagger definition and a test interface in just a few clicks.
AvePoint Entrust for Microsoft 365.png

AvePoint Entrust for Microsoft 365: AvePoint Entrust enables your IT teams to align Microsoft 365 administration with your operational needs. AvePoint Entrust features role-based access control, tenant consolidation, centralized management, and container-level report charts for Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, Exchange, and OneDrive.

Controller Aviatrix Billing Unit Subscritpion.png Aviatrix Secure Networking Platform (Metered): Simplify VNET routing, multicloud networking, security, visibility, and automation with the Aviatrix platform. This offer is for metered pay-as-you-go billing. Customer IDs for the controller and copilot licensing will be provided after the offer subscription is complete.
Axway B2B Integration (B2Bi).png Axway B2B Integration (B2Bi): Axway B2B Integration offers a secure, API-enabled approach to electronic data interchange. The always-on service enables rapid onboarding of vendors and supports the latest regulatory standards, cutting operational risk and costs.
BHC3 AI Suite (US).png

BHC3 AI Suite (US): BHC3 AI Suite provides a portfolio of energy applications along with a platform for swiftly building enterprise-scale AI apps. Use its prebuilt and configurable apps for predictive asset maintenance, production optimization, well integrity, and more.


CertMon: CertMon actively monitors deployed TLS/SSL X.509 certificates for expiration, availability, and compliance. As a bot for Microsoft Teams, CertMon connects to hosts and verifies server certificates.

Cloud Governance for Microsoft 365.png

Cloud Governance for Microsoft 365: AvePoint Cloud Governance empowers users with self-service IT resources for provisioning, moving, or restructuring Microsoft 365 content, as well as lifecycle and permissions management. Accelerate Microsoft 365 adoption with automated service delivery.


CyberControl: With Ness CyberControl managed services, your organization will get cybersecurity protection with full-response capabilities. Ness CyberControl provides customers with unique managed solutions per desired silos.


Cycode: Cycode, a software supply chain security solution, provides visibility and integrity across all phases of the development lifecycle. Counter the tactics of attackers as they shift from targeting production applications to the DevOps tools and infrastructure that make them.

Engagy Designs.png

Engagy Designs: Engagy Designs runs in your Microsoft 365 environment, enabling you to customize your SharePoint environment to follow the visual identity of your brand. Easily add a seasonal intranet overlay or other themes to pique employee interest.

Iguazio.png Iguazio MLOps Platform and Feature Store: The Iguazio MLOps Platform allows enterprises to automate, accelerate, and simplify AI deployment and management of machine learning in production. Automated real-time pipelines support diverse use cases like fraud prediction, predictive maintenance, and recommendation engines.
Insights for Microsoft 365.png

Insights for Microsoft 365: Insights from Avepoint makes it easy to monitor Microsoft 365 permissions with tenant-wide security reports. Insights aggregates sensitivity data and activity data, helping you prioritize critical permissions issues.

ManageEngine OpManager - Professional Edition - 100 Devices.png

ManageEngine OpManager - Professional Edition - 100 Devices: ManageEngine OpManager delivers a unified approach to managing your distributed IT infrastructure. The end-to-end network-monitoring software provides advanced fault and performance management functionality across critical IT resources.

Netwrix PolicyPak.png

Netwrix PolicyPak: PolicyPak, now part of Netwrix, extends the policy management, security, automation, and reporting capabilities found in Microsoft Intune. PolicyPak comes with customizable policies that enable IT teams to solve today's desktop management challenges.

Open Data Blend Datasets.png

Open Data Blend Datasets: Open Data Blend from Nimble Learn speeds up the data acquisition and prep process. Get analytics-optimized open data sets from the United Kingdom and answer questions like "How is pharmaceutical Brand X performing with Drug Y compared to equivalents from the competition?"

People Drowning Detection API.png

People Drowning Detection API: The Drownerizer API, also known as the People Drowning Recognition API or the People Drowning Detector API, uses AI to analyze images and detect people in danger of drowning. This can be used with security cameras on cruise ships and in other places where people may have higher risk of drowning.

Postgres Pro Enterprise Database 14 (VM).png

Postgres Pro Enterprise Database 14 (VM): This offer from Postgres Professional, the developer of Postgres Pro Database (a private PostgreSQL fork), provides Postgres Pro Enterprise Database 14 on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. Features include advanced table partitioning and a compressed file system.

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with XAMPP.png

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with XAMPP: This offer from Belinda CZ s.r.o. provides an image of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with XAMPP, a package that includes Apache web server, MariaDB, ProFTPD, PHP, and Perl.

Umbraco Heartcore Trial.png

Umbraco Heartcore Trial: Umbraco Heartcore, a headless content management system, provides a managed API to automatically expose content via a REST API. Developers will love its GraphQL API and Cloudflare-powered CDN, while editors will love its intuitive workflows and scheduled publishing.

Unstruk Data Platform.png

Unstruk Data Platform: Unstruk’s no-code platform lets you ingest, enrich, analyze, and visualize your unstructured data. Transform video, images, and 3D point clouds into assets that are easy to search and integrate into enterprise systems. The platform automatically extracts metadata and tags your files.

Video Coach (AI).png

Video Coach AI: Video Coach AI from Consensus helps your sales force deliver high-quality presentations by practicing pitches and receiving feedback from AI and humans. Video Coach AI integrates with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services and can support up to 100 different languages.

Wats - Package Offer.png

Wats - Package Offer: Wats, a collaborative solution featuring a multiplatform search engine, helps companies share business knowledge, enhance employee skills, and foster innovation. Simplified keyword search (synonyms and tags) enables teams to quickly identify the right expert or community to contact.

Zabbix Proxy 6.0.png

Zabbix Proxy 6.0: This offer from Zabbix provides Zabbix Proxy 6.0 on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. Zabbix is an open-source distributed monitoring solution that tracks the performance and availability of network servers, devices, services, and other IT resources.

Zabbix Server 6.0.png Zabbix Server 6.0: This offer from Zabbix provides Zabbix Server 6.0 on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. Zabbix is an open-source distributed monitoring solution that tracks the performance and availability of network servers, devices, services, and other IT resources.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

Application Archiving on Azure- 2-Month Implementation.png Application Archiving on Azure: 2-Month Implementation: Instead of building a data lake or implementing an ETL solution, let Lemongrass archive your organization's legacy apps in a low-cost storage environment on Microsoft Azure. This can reduce the cost of your legacy estate (SAP and Non-SAP) by as much as 90 percent.
Application Modernization- 2-Hour Workshop.png

Application Modernization: 2-Hour Workshop: This workshop from Southworks will help you figure out your organization's modernization pathway and where strategic quick wins lie. Southworks will lead discussions and an assessment to uncover objectives and determine areas of focus.

App Modernization Design- 18-Day Implementation.png

App Modernization Design: 18-Day Implementation: When planning a move to the cloud, don't leave your applications behind. In this engagement, Cloud Direct will help your team navigate modernizing your company's applications and devising an infrastructure strategy.

Azure Analytics- 1-Week Implementation.png

Azure Analytics: 1-Week Implementation: EASYTEAM, part of Constellation, will design and implement a unified solution on Microsoft Azure that befits your requirements (your choice of IaaS, PaaS, architecture, and sizing). This service is available only in French.

Azure Managed Services- 3-Month Engagement.png

Azure Managed Services: 3-Month Engagement: In this managed service, Zensa will monitor, secure, and optimize workloads on Microsoft Azure. Zensa will collaborate with your IT team on continuous refinement and enhanced services, including performance monitoring and OS patching.

Azure Migration Implementation- 10-Week Engagement.png

Azure Migration Implementation: 10-Week Engagement: In collaboration with your IT team, Zensa will migrate apps and workloads from your on-premises environment and other clouds to Microsoft Azure. This will include a proof of concept, a detailed gap analysis, and training plan recommendations.

Azure Virtual Desktop- 8-Week Proof of Concept.png

Azure Virtual Desktop: 8-Week Proof of Concept: Span will deploy an Azure Virtual Desktop environment for your company and offer guidance and training throughout the process. Span will provide step-by-step guides so you can test, build, and scale the environment.

Azure Virtual Desktop Implementation- 4-Week Engagement.png

Azure Virtual Desktop Implementation: 4-Week Engagement: Zensa will design and deliver a virtualized Windows and Office experience. Whether customers need Remote Desktop Services solutions migrated to Azure Virtual Desktop or require a fully native AVD implementation, Zensa will meet their needs and industry-specific requirements.

Azure Virtual Desktop Jumpstart- 3-Week Implementation.png

Azure Virtual Desktop Jumpstart: 3-Week Implementation: Ready to take on the Azure Virtual Desktop adoption journey? Steeves and Associates can guide you from start to finish. This offer will equip you with all the information you need via a discovery session, a workshop, and an implementation plan.

Building Cloud Capabilities (Workshop).png

Building Cloud Capabilities (Workshop): Microsoft Azure provides a host of business advantages, like democratization of IT and easy access to new services. In this workshop, Fellowmind will assess your organizational maturity and ensure a successful transition to Azure.

Data Analytics Strategy- 2-Hour Workshop.png

Data Analytics Strategy: 2-Hour Workshop: This workshop from Southworks will show you how to use Microsoft's data platform offerings to improve your business. Gain a rapid understanding of data analytics readiness and learn how to implement strategies that facilitate data-driven evolution.

Data Modernization- 6-Week Implementation.png

Data Modernization: 6-Week Implementation: Insight’s team of experts will help you quickly modernize your existing assets or adopt cloud-native approaches to data platform architecture by utilizing the power of Microsoft Azure services.

Building a Data War Room- 2-Month Implementation.png Data Warehouse Digital Transformation: 2-Month Implementation: Yunfu Digital Co. Ltd. will aggregate your enterprise's data and bring it to a Microsoft Azure datacenter, opening the door to data analysis and artificial intelligence. This service is available only in Chinese.


DevOps for SAP- 1-Month Implementation.png

DevOps for SAP: 1-Month Implementation: Getting the full benefits from running SAP on Azure requires more than an infrastructure migration. To unlock additional benefits, the next step is to innovate with DevOps for SAP. Lemongrass can help you make the transition.

Embrace Azure- 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Embrace Azure: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Alpha Data will review your company's Azure platform architecture, provide platform design and implementation support, build a DevOps framework, and create a strategy for managing workloads.

FinOps, SecOps, and CloudOps- 3-Week Implementation.png

FinOps, SecOps, and CloudOps: 3-Week Implementation: Through Zensa's cloud defense and optimization framework, Zensa will help customers efficiently operate their cloud solutions, optimize costs, and harden services.

FinTech Consulting Services- 1-Hour Implementation.png

FinTech Consulting Services: 1-Hour Implementation: Crossvale's Azure consultants will review, define, and implement cloud best practices to support your business objectives. Crossvale's U.S.-based consultants work with financial institutions coast to coast in delivering and maintaining cloud-based deployments of custom business applications.

Forecasting Machine Learning Model- 4-Week Implementation.png

Forecasting Machine Learning Model: 4-Week Implementation: Using Microsoft Azure Data Factory, AI Consulting Group will deliver a machine learning model for forecasting and budget optimization. Forecasting using machine learning incorporates changes to business levers and trends to enable accurate predictions for the coming months.

Healthcare Data Migration to Azure- 8-Week Implementation.png

Healthcare Data Migration to Azure: 8-Week Implementation: Let Tegria help your healthcare organization define and execute a strategy to migrate your electronic medical records to Microsoft Azure. Tegria will enhance security, simplify access, and set smart policies across your different environments with a single-identity platform.

Infrastructure Services- 12-Month Implementation.png

Infrastructure Services: 12-Month Implementation: In this managed service, certified engineers from Realistic Computing Inc. will monitor, evaluate, and proactively improve Microsoft Azure infrastructure operations to keep your environment available, optimized, and secure.

IoT Platform on Office 365- 1-Month Implementation.png

IoT Platform on Office 365: 1-Month Implementation: To improve efficiency and guard against device failure, Fujisoft will link data from Microsoft Azure IoT to Microsoft 365 services, including Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Power Platform. This offer is available only in Japanese.

IT Consulting- 1-Hour Implementation.png

IT Consulting: 1-Hour Implementation: Would you like to migrate an on-premises system to Microsoft Azure? BFI will advise and support you in the process, or carry it out on your behalf, if you prefer. This offer is available only in German.

Managed Public Cloud Operations- 10-Week Implementation.png

Managed Public Cloud Operations: 10-Week Implementation: Let Cloudeon, part of Devoteam, handle the technical back end so you can focus on your core business. Cloudeon's team will provide tools for your company's Microsoft Azure environment and will work to ensure availability, security, efficiency, and performance.

Managed SOC and SIEM- 10-Week Implementation.png

Managed SOC and SIEM: 10-Week Implementation: Make security a fundamental part of your company's digital transformation with a managed SOC and SIEM service underpinned by Microsoft Sentinel. Logicalis cybersecurity experts will monitor your environments to detect and analyze threats.

MDR Service- 1-Year Implementation.png

MDR Service: 1-Year Implementation: In this service supporting remote work and endpoint protection, Cipher will provide alert monitoring, threat hunting, and deployment of various protective solutions, including behavior sensors.

Microsoft Sentinel- 2-Day Proof of Concept.png

Microsoft Sentinel: 2-Day Proof of Concept: In this proof of concept, Cloud Direct will allow you to experience Microsoft Sentinel and see the benefits it can bring to your organization. Cloud Direct also will provide analysis of security requirements mapped to Microsoft Sentinel.

Azure Sentinel- 12-Hour Workshop.png Microsoft Sentinel: 12-Hour Workshop: Over a series of five workshop sessions, Etek International will deploy and configure Microsoft Sentinel, conduct threat hunting jointly with your company, analyze results, and deliver a road map for improving security posture. This offer is available only in Spanish.


Migrate SAP on Azure- 2-Month Implementation.png

Migrate SAP on Azure: 2-Month Implementation: Confidently move your SAP systems to Microsoft Azure with the expertise of Lemongrass. Lemongrass has successfully migrated more than 16,000 large enterprise SAP systems of varying complexities, versions, and criticalities.

ML-Based Personalized Marketing for Trade- 4-Week Implementation.png

ML-Based Personalized Marketing for Trade: 4-Week Implementation: Using Azure Machine Learning, Azure Data Factory, Microsoft Power BI, and other Microsoft services, AI Consulting Group will set up an ecosystem to deliver real-time insights and recommendations for your trade business.

Operate SAP on Azure- 2-Month Implementation.png

Operate SAP on Azure: 2-Month Implementation: Lemongrass will handle SAP on Azure workloads for your organization, install Lemongrass Cloud Platform for automation, retrofit an existing landing zone, and install additional tooling for a secure managed service on Microsoft Azure.

Oracle Exadata Migration- 5-Day Implementation.png

Oracle Exadata Migration: 5-Day Implementation: EASYTEAM, part of Constellation, will migrate your Oracle Exadata to Microsoft Azure so you can realize security, performance, and availability benefits. This service is available only in French.

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mDMP: Data Management Platform for Retail

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Nuwave: Operator Connect Accelerator

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PISO Manager (BYOL)

Privacy Query Platform

QLARM: Smart Industrial IoT Cloud Platform

Replicate and Recover


Run:ai Atlas Platform


SnappyFlow Poller Appliance


Tulip Vision powered by Azure Custom Vision


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