Azure Marketplace new offers – January 11, 2023
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 136 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


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Alluvio by Riverbed.PNG

Alluvio by Riverbed: The Alluvio Unified Observability portfolio unifies data, insights, and actions to give IT teams seamless digital experiences and end-to-end performance. It includes visibility tools for IT infrastructure monitoring and managing digital experience and application performance.

ArcGIS for Retail.PNG

ArcGIS for Retail: Understand your retail business from a new perspective with ArcGIS for Retail from Esri. Use mapping, geographic information, and location analytics to build relationships with customers, drive success with market intelligence, and manage and optimize supply chain and logistics assets.

AudioCodes Live.PNG

AudioCodes Live: Remove the complexity from Microsoft Teams integration, unified communications (UC), and enterprise telephony with AudioCodes Live. This complete voice as a service solution provides a seamless, rapid, and cost-effective migration for high quality voice and video collaboration.

AutoQL by

AutoQL by AutoQL is an API-first solution providing easy self-service analytics for non-technical business users. It dynamically translates natural language into database query languages in real time so users can query databases in their own words or ask questions conversationally, with immediate results.

Blackshark's Orca Workflow Manager.PNG

Blackshark's Orca Workflow Manager: The containerized, convolutional neural networks contained in the Orca AI services provide fast, global-scale, accurate insights based on satellite and aerial imagery data sets. This pre-trained AI can easily integrate into analytics pipelines, providing fast, precise insights.

Blender Cloud Rendering.PNG

Blender Cloud Rendering: Deliver more detailed and complex 3D scenes without worrying about hardware limitations using Blender Cloud Rendering. With it, there’s no need to configure virtual machines or install on-premises infrastructure and handle licenses. Just sign up and render within five minutes.


cCloud: The cPacket cCloud Visibility Suite provides a range of packet data-based services giving always-on network intelligence for the entire Microsoft Azure environment. It has advanced processing features including filtering, traffic aggregation, and load balancing.

Concierge by CloudScope.PNG

Concierge by CloudScope: End users can create IT service requests in Concierge, eliminating the confusion of manual, email-based resource request processes and ensuring all requests are tracked and handled efficiently.


CONSENSUS CONNECT: Create a branded platform with personalized content for use with employees as well as external partners or customers using CONNECT. Use it to nudge behavior and increase content engagement, add a competitive learning element, and drive learning activities with its e-learning platform.


datastudio: Stream data from your operational sources or connect to IT sources in your data center with a simple drag and drop interface.

Debian 10 Server.PNG

Debian 10 Server: Bansir provides Debian 10 Server, a Linux-based operating system suitable for a wide range of devices such as laptops, desktops, and servers, with default settings for each package and regular security updates.

Debian 11.PNG

Debian 11: Bansir provides Debian 11, a Linux-based operating system suitable for a wide range of devices such as laptops, desktops, and servers, with default settings for each package and regular security updates.

Deltek Costpoint to Microsoft Active Directory.PNG

Deltek Costpoint to Microsoft Active Directory: RoboMQ’s Hire2Retire automatically synchronizes between Deltek Costpoint and Active Directory or Azure Active Directory, reflecting employee hires, role changes, and terminations in real time to free your IT team from manually creating and managing accounts.

eagle eye smart cooler.PNG

Eagle-Eye Smart Freezer: This smart freezer inventory detection kit easily and seamlessly connects to hundreds of mainstream terminals on the market, including horizontal freezers, vertical freezers, and air curtain cabinets to maintain inventory using dedicated camera image recognition.

eTransform clinical - HL7.PNG

eTransform Clinical - HL7: This solution from Efferent Health can ingest all HL7 dialects from disparate sources on premises or in non-federated cloud repositories and transform them in bulk into federated, elastic, and compliant FHIR objects. Data is stored in Azure Data Health Services and can be accessed on any device.

eTransform clinical CDA.PNG

eTransform Clinical CDA: eTransform Clinical CDA transforms consolidated clinical document architecture (CDA) data into elastic, compliant FHIR objects. Data is stored in Azure Health Data Services, for use in Microsoft Power BI, Azure Synapse, and Azure Machine Learning.

eTransform Imaging A.PNG

eTransform Imaging A: Ingest all medical imaging data from disparate sources and transform the datasets in bulk into federated, elastic, and compliant DICOMweb and FHIR objects using eTransform Imaging A from Efferent Health. Your cloud based VNA will be stored in Azure Health Data Services.

HPC Accelerator.PNG

HPC Accelerator: Build and launch high performance computing (HPC) clusters in Microsoft Azure CycleCloud easily with the HPC Accelerator from Six Nines. It’s a user-friendly way to create clusters without a technical understanding of them or the CycleCloud API.

Isovalent Cilium Enterprise.PNG

Isovalent Cilium Enterprise: Designed for platform teams and leveraging the power of eBPF, Isovalent Cilium Enterprise combines network and runtime behavior with Kubernetes identity to provide a single source of data for integrated cloud native forensics, audit, compliance monitoring, and threat detection.

Juniper AIOps - AI for IT Operations.PNG

Juniper AIOps - AI for IT Operations: Simplify operations and optimize user experiences across wireless and wired access domains with Juniper AIOps from Marconi Wireless. It analyzes and consolidates data, observes the environment, and provides assessments based on overall quality of experience (QoE).

Mapped Independent Data Layer.PNG

Mapped Independent Data Layer: By automating the discovery, extraction, and normalization of data from building systems, sensors, devices, and vendor APIs, Mapped simplifies the integration process down to a single, standardized API, rapidly unlocking the value of data.

Neo4j Aura.PNG

Neo4j Aura: Aura enables lightning-fast queries and real-time insights, powering connected data use cases like fraud detection, recommendations, and knowledge graphs. Provision in minutes, scale on demand, and enjoy automated service upgrades with no maintenance windows.

OpsHub Integration Manager Community Edition.PNG

OpsHub Integration Manager Community Edition: OpsHub Integration Manager helps teams who want to sync data between popular application lifecycle management (ALM) tools without relying on expensive procurement to create a fully collaborative system.

Paycom to Microsoft Active Directory.PNG

Paycom to Microsoft Active Directory: Integrate Paycom and Microsoft Active Directory with Hire2Retire to automate employee onboarding, role-based access, and resource provisioning. This solution from RoboMQ automatically synchronizes data from both systems, freeing teams from manual processes.


Procesio: Procesio from Ringhel Team is a complete automation platform that enhances decision making, efficiency, agility, and innovation using data processing, systems integration, intelligent automation, and automatically managed infrastructure.


PROS Smart CPQ: PROS Smart Configure Price Quote (CPQ) automates selling by delivering performance quoting, a centralized product catalog with rich attributes, sales agreement management, and approval workflows. It’s a single tool to easily manage all selling scenarios, from basic to the most complex.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5.PNG

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5: Red Hat Enterprise Linux gives you the benefits of open source like community-driven upstream innovation delivered with enterprise-level support. This build from Ntegral features like Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) and mandatory access controls (MAC) to meet regulatory compliance.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1.PNG

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1: Red Hat Enterprise Linux gives you the benefits of open source like community-driven upstream innovation delivered with enterprise-level support. This build from Ntegral features like Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) and mandatory access controls (MAC) to meet regulatory compliance.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2.PNG

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2: Red Hat Enterprise Linux gives you the benefits of open source like community-driven upstream innovation delivered with enterprise-level support. This build from Ntegral features like Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) and mandatory access controls (MAC) to meet regulatory compliance.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.7.PNG

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.7: Red Hat Enterprise Linux gives you the benefits of open source like community-driven upstream innovation delivered with enterprise-level support. This build from Ntegral features like Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) and mandatory access controls (MAC) to meet regulatory compliance.


Splose: Providers can connect Microsoft Teams with Splose to automate telehealth appointments, eliminating the need to manually create meetings and share links. Efficiently onboard clients, accurately manage funding, get paid faster, and access real-time reporting.

SQL Server 2022 on Ubuntu 20.04.PNG

SQL Server 2022 on Ubuntu 20.04: Microsoft SQL Server on Ubuntu 20.04 is an enterprise relational database management system. This build from Ntegral comprises a database specifically targeted for embedded and enterprise-scale application.

Suger Cloud Marketplace Platform.PNG

Suger Cloud Marketplace Platform: Suger Cloud Marketplace Platform is a complete solution for scaling your software as a service (SaaS) monetization on Azure Marketplace. It greatly reduces the time and effort needed to list, sell, and manage the lifecycle of contracts with self-service, no-code onboarding.

Tape Ark VTL SaaS.PNG

Tape Ark VTL SaaS: Mass ingest and virtualize tape backups to Azure with Tape Ark VTL from Global Data Analytics. Tape Ark efficiently migrates legacy tape data resulting in a digital twin of your physical tape collection. Services include an initial audit with QR coding, photography, RFID chip reading, and analysis.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.PNG

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is designed to be lightweight and updated at the time of deployment for ease of use, security, and stability. This build from Bansir includes support from its team of systems engineers.

Ubuntu 22.04 Minimal.PNG

Ubuntu 22.04 Minimal: Ubuntu 22.04 Minimal on Microsoft Azure is a premier Linux distribution for enterprise cloud environments. This build from Ntegral is an excellent virtual machine (VM) platform for all workloads that include Node.js, web applications, and various database platforms.

Ubuntu Minimal 20.04 LTS.PNG

Ubuntu Minimal 20.04 LTS: Minimal Ubuntu images tend to avoid security vulnerabilities and require fewer updates. This minimal build of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS from Bansir will minimize the overall bandwidth consumption, eventually reducing storage requirements.

Ubuntu Minimal 22.04 LTS.PNG

Ubuntu Minimal 22.04 LTS: Ubuntu Minimal 22.04 LTS is designed to be lightweight and updated at the time of deployment for ease of use, security, and stability. This build from Bansir includes support from its team of systems engineers.

Ubuntu Minimal 22.10.PNG

Ubuntu Minimal 22.10: Ubuntu Minimal 22.10 is designed to be lightweight and updated at the time of deployment for ease of use, security, and stability. This build from Bansir includes support from its team of systems engineers.

Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS (Confidential VM).PNG

Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS (Confidential VM): Ubuntu Server delivers services reliably, predictably, and economically. This build published by Canonical (the publishers of Ubuntu) is optimized for Microsoft Azure and suitable for Linux operations of any size.

VSFTP on Debian 10 Minimal.PNG

VSFTP on Debian 10 Minimal: VSFTP is an FTP server for Linux/UNIX operating systems with many extra features, including a small system footprint, the ability to handle virtual users, and bandwidth throttling. This image on Debian 10 Minimal from Art Group is preconfigured, ready to run, and always up to date.

VSFTP on Debian 11 Minimal.PNG

VSFTP on Debian 11 Minimal: Despite being small for speed and security, VSFTP on Debian 11 Minimal can handle many more complicated FTP setups. It can easily handle virtual IP configurations, virtual users, standalone or inetd operation, and more. It also includes bandwidth throttling and per-user customization.

VSFTP on Oracle 8.6 Minimal.PNG

VSFTP on Oracle 8.6 Minimal: VSFTP Server comes with authentication to prevent unauthorized file access and includes strong separation of privileged and non-privileged processes. This image on Oracle 8.6 Minimal from Art Group is preconfigured, ready to run, and always updated, reliable, and secure.

Windows Server 2019 with Print Server.PNG

Windows Server 2019 with Print Server: Belinda CZ s.r.o. offers Windows Server 2019 with the print server installed so you can easily define printing permissions and manage printers on your network centrally. Enjoy centralized control of print operations and easy monitoring and configuration.

WithSecure Elements via Connector for Microsoft Sentinel.PNG

WithSecure Elements via Connector for Microsoft Sentinel: WithSecure Elements is a unified cloud-based security platform that defends against every type of threat, from targeted attacks to zero-day ransomware. Its Microsoft Sentinel integration lets you correlate security events data from other sources.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

ACE Enterprise Foundation 12-Week Implementation.PNG

ACE Enterprise Foundation: 12-Week Implementation: Devoteam France will help you secure and accelerate your cloud journey with ACE Enterprise Foundation. This framework’s uniquely structured approach includes workshops, best practices, standardization, and automation to ensure security and compliance.

AI and Machine Learning 4-Month Implementation.PNG

AI and Machine Learning: 4-Month Implementation: Available in Thailand, Fusion Solution will provide consulting and implementation for an AI and machine learning solution based on Microsoft technology like Azure Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, Azure Bot Service, and Azure Cognitive Search.

Application Modernization.PNG

Application Modernization: GFT Technologies will help your organization modernize its applications using Microsoft Azure to accelerate innovation. Moving apps to the cloud lowers costs, improves resiliency, and enables faster release of new features. This implementation is only available in Portuguese.

Application Modernization (On-Premises Apps to a Cloud-First Approach) 4-Week Migration.PNG

Application Modernization (On-Premises Apps to a Cloud-First Approach): 4-Week Migration: Available in Thailand, Fusion Solution will provide consulting and a proof of concept to migrate on-premises apps to a cloud-first approach, with an Azure DevOps implementation available at the end of the engagement.

Azure Arc Services Proof of Concept.PNG

Azure Arc: Proof of Concept: Available in Hungarian, the Azure Arc proof of concept from S&T Consulting demonstrates the benefits of hybrid and multi-cloud solutions firsthand. Solutions are designed at a small scale to be cost effective, but with all the features you need to make an informed decision.

Azure Arc-Enabled Data Service 4-Week Implementation.PNG

Azure Arc-Enabled Data Service: 4-Week Implementation: The SQL Managed Instance from AIS is an optimized, price-performance solution to help you easily manage SQL Server without tedious operational and maintenance tasks. This service is only available in Thailand.

Azure Cloud Migration 2-Month Implementation.PNG

Azure Cloud Migration: 2-Month Implementation: Exist Software Labs can help you navigate any migration scenario efficiently, addressing security challenges like regulatory and compliance violations, insecure APIs, data exposure, and cloud misconfiguration.

Azure Data Analytics 4-Month Implementation.PNG

Azure Data Analytics: 4-Month Implementation: Fusion Solution will provide consulting and implementation on the Azure Data Analytics platform, including training from a certified consultant for your internal team. This implementation is only available in Thailand.

Azure Enterprise Landing Zone 3-Week Implementation.PNG

Azure Enterprise Landing Zone: 3-Week Implementation: Digital Workout will set up an enterprise landing zone in Microsoft Azure that’s compliant with government policies. This implementation is only available in German.

Azure Machine Learning Framework 4-Week Implementation.PNG

Azure Machine Learning Framework: 4-Week Implementation: Available in Finland and Sweden, the Cloud1 machine learning framework includes Azure Machine Learning Operations as well as management methodology, automated environment establishment, and model refactoring and deployment capability.

Azure Machine Learning-Powered Marketing Campaign Recommendations 8-Week Proof of Concept.PNG

Azure Machine Learning-Powered Marketing Campaign Recommendations: 8-Week Proof of Concept: Drive more engagement and conversions from your marketing campaigns with Affine’s machine learning-powered personalized recommendations solution.

Azure Virtual Desktop.PNG

Azure Virtual Desktop: Provide secure remote work and the familiarity of Windows 11 with Azure Virtual Desktop from Information & Communication Technology. Available in Qatar, this scalable multi-session experience saves costs by using existing eligible Windows licenses.

RapidScale Azure Virtual Desktop 4-Week Implementation.PNG

Azure Virtual Desktop: 4-Week Implementation: RapidScale offers a fully managed Azure Virtual Desktop solution to give remote employees secure, seamless access to files, applications, and productivity resources across any device, from anywhere.

Cloud1 Azure Integration Platform 1-Month Concept Implementation.PNG

Cloud1 Azure Integration Platform: 1-Month Concept Implementation: Available in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, the Cloud1 Azure Integration Platform is a suite of cloud services enabling development, execution, and governance of integration flows.

Cyber Essentials Plus Legacy Container 4-Week Proof of Concept.PNG

Cyber Essentials Plus Legacy Container: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Install your applications or run existing non-compliant servers using the Droplet converter from Bytes to isolate and protect vulnerable 16-, 32-, or 64-bit applications. This proof of concept is available in the United Kingdom.

Data Architecture 3-Day Proof of Concept.PNG

Data Architecture: 3-Day Proof of Concept: arelium will explain the advantages of different cloud approaches and create a prototype using the architecture that best fits your environment and needs. This proof of concept is only available in Germany.

Data Modernization 4-Week Proof of Concept.PNG

Data Modernization: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Gain critical business insights via data assessment, analytics, migration, and modernization in this proof of concept from Click2Cloud. This engagement will demonstrate how a modern solution can be built on Microsoft Power Platform using Azure.

Data Security 2-Day Workshop.PNG

Data Security: 2-Day Workshop: Learn the basics of data security with this introductory workshop from Cloudica about how businesses are protecting themselves from online threats with the newest solutions available from Microsoft.

Datacenter Migration 4-Month Implementation.PNG

Datacenter Migration: 4-Month Implementation: Ness Cloud offers tailored Azure migration services and can help you design a successful, time- and cost-effective cloud migration strategy for any type of workload such as development, QA, or finance.

Defend Against Threats with Cognizant's Azure Sentinel Security Services.PNG

Defend Against Threats with Cognizant's Services for Azure Sentinel: Cognizant’s flexible, scalable, and adaptable security operations powered by Azure Sentinel can provide your organization with a strong security framework that spans all security sub-domains.

Executive Order 14028 3-Day Workshop.PNG

Executive Order 14028: 3-Day Workshop: NTT Data will help you understand how Azure Active Directory addresses security requirements put forth by Executive Order 14028. Gain insight into apps used in your environment (even ones not sanctioned by IT) and understand how to prevent identities from being compromised.

File Migration to Microsoft Azure 5-Week Implementation.PNG

File Migration to Microsoft Azure: 5-Week Implementation: Cloudica offers experience-backed file migration for fully integrated end-to-end migration of files, documents, and digital records to Microsoft Azure from a variety of sources. This service is aimed at smaller companies looking for a cost-effective solution.

inTEC Azure Managed Service.PNG

inTEC Managed Service for Azure: inTEC delivers managed services for Microsoft Azure using comprehensive and robust tooling already available in the platform. Customers can maintain control over who can access their tenant, which resources they can access, and what actions can be taken.

Microsoft Azure Deployment 2-Day Workshop.PNG

Microsoft Azure Deployment: 2-Day Workshop: Understand the possibilities with Microsoft Azure and how it can help your business grow with this workshop from Cloudica designed for IT teams from medium-sized companies and larger corporations planning to expand cloud computing capabilities.

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure 2-Day Workshop.PNG

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure: 2-Day Workshop: Cloudica’s two-day overview covers the basics involved in planning, deploying, and maintaining an efficient cloud computing infrastructure. This workshop is designed for IT teams of medium-sized companies and larger corporations interested in expanded cloud adoption.

Microsoft Azure Server Infrastructure 2-Day Workshop.PNG

Microsoft Azure Server Infrastructure: 2-Day Workshop: This workshop from Cloudica gives hands-on experience for understanding Microsoft Windows Server infrastructure and integration with Microsoft Azure. It is intended to show the fundamental daily administration and configuration abilities required.

Cognizant’s Microsoft Purview Information Protection Services for Data Protection.PNG

Microsoft Purview Information Protection Services for Data Protection: Cognizant’s services protect data through its entire lifecycle, offering seamless, phased information protection rollouts to ensure data security and restricting external sharing of unprotected sensitive data.

Real Time Shelf Inventory Management Solution 6-Week Proof of Concept.PNG

Real Time Shelf Inventory Management Solution: 6-Week Proof of Concept: Affine’s six-week proof of concept provides retail customers with a real-time shelf inventory monitoring solution using CCTV video and Azure Machine Learning and Cognitive Services that ensures products are always available.

Retail POS Throughput Estimation 4-Week Proof of Concept.PNG

Retail POS Throughput Estimation: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Gain valuable insights into your sales and inventory data by digitizing point of sale receipts with Affine’s Retail POS Throughput Estimation Solution. This proof of concept provides a working system for digitizing and structuring customer receipts.

Secure Identities with Cognizant's Next-Gen Microsoft Defender for Identity Service.PNG

Secure Identities with Cognizant's Next-Gen Identity and Access Management Service: Enable secure remote work with unified multi-channel authentication and single sign-on with this solution from Cognizant. This managed service includes continues monitoring and security incident response.

Single Source of Truth 8 -Week Implementation.PNG

Single Source of Truth: 8-Week Implementation: Decision Point Analytics will help you identify and integrate data across multiple systems to create a single source of truth. Data is validated, adhering to all checks and balances at every stage of processing.

SQL Migration Jumpstart.PNG

SQL Migration Jumpstart: 3Cloud will assess your on-premises SQL Server environment and existing Azure landing zone before migrating to a new Azure environment built using data captured during the discovery and planning stage. Post-migration support ensures your team can take over ongoing management.

Sustainable Value Creation 2-Hour Assessment.PNG

Sustainable Value Creation: 2-Hour Assessment: Solita can help future proof your business by turning sustainability into a competitive advantage. This assessment will introduce you to solutions like Azure for integrations and Microsoft Sustainability Manager for recording, reporting, and reducing your impact.

SVA Workshop Azure Kubernetes Service Cost Optimization.PNG

SVA Workshop: Azure Kubernetes Service Cost Optimization: Available in German, this workshop from SVA will show you how you can noticeably reduce costs by updating your cluster infrastructure, application landscape, and related services using Azure Spot Virtual Machines.

SVA Workshop Infrastructure as Code on Azure - Bicep Basics.PNG

SVA Workshop: Infrastructure as Code on Azure - Bicep Basics: Learn the theoretical and practical basics for Bicep, a domain-specific language that makes it easier to deploy Azure resources. This workshop from SVA is only available in German.

Visualization as a Service 6-Week Implementation.PNG

Visualization as a Service: 6-Week Implementation: Tech Mahindra’s Data Visualization as a Service offering helps enterprises process large volumes of data in understandable and engaging formats to facilitate data- and insight-driven decision making.

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Application and Database Modernization Assessment

Application Modernization and Migration: 4-Week Assessment

Application Modernization: Accelerating Time to Market with Microsoft Azure: 12-Week Migration

AR Based Remote Assistance

Atroposs - Database Assessment Consulting Service

Azure Data Foundation: 1-Hour Briefing

Azure Infrastructure Design: 5-Day Assessment

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Backup and Disaster Recovery for Microsoft Azure: 1-Day Assessment

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Infosys Smart Water Solution

JD Edwards on Azure Cloud: 1-Day Briefing

Law Enforcement Message Switch/Justice Exchange


MapmyIndia Mappls Enterprise Digital Transformation Platform

MarkLogic Multi-Model Database - Developer Edition v. 11

Microsoft Azure-based Network Security: 1-Day Assessment

Microsoft Azure Deployment: 1-Day Assessment

Microsoft Entra Rapid Start

Microsoft Intune Deployment within Microsoft Azure: 1-Day Assessment

Mindbreeze InSpire

OpsHub Migrator for Azure DevOps

Pluto7 Planning in a Box - Insights to Actions for Inventory and Demand Planning

QoreStor (Object-Direct) 7.1.2

SAS Intelligent Planning Cloud Public

Smart Supermarket Solution


Syncberry Fin-Pro-Distro

TCS Service Level Enhancement Solution

Tengshuo Operator Three-Factor Verification V2

Tengshuo Operator Two-Factor Verification V2

Tengshuo Operator-Verified Network Duration V2

Tengshuo Operator-Verified Network Status V2

Threat Detection and Response

TimeFleX Solutions - Group Calendar for Exchange

Utilizing Infinxt VM Services to Automate and Enhance Cloud and Branch Office Communication

Zero Trust Digital Identity and Access Management: 4-Week Assessment

Zero Trust Security Platform

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