Azure Marketplace new offers – February 23, 2023
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 112 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


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Adobe Journey Optimizer.png Adobe Journey Optimizer: Adobe Journey Optimizer is an agile and scalable application built natively on the Adobe Experience Platform on Azure. It orchestrates and delivers personalized, connected, and timely customer journeys across any app, device, screen, or channel.
Aerial Waste.png

Aerial Waste Detection API: This cross-browser REST API observes images of the ground or sea and detects the presence of garbage or waste, returning a confidence score, timestamp, tag ID, and tag name. Properly exposed and unobstructed JPEG photos at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 are recommended for higher accuracy.

Apache Airflow.png Apache Airflow, Packaged by Bitnami: This offer from Bitnami provides Apache Airflow, an open-source workflow management platform, on a ready-to-run virtual machine. Apache Airflow makes it easier to create, maintain, and test complex workflows by providing a platform to express and execute them as directed acyclic graphs (DAGs).
Binokula Instant.png

Binokula Instant: Tool for Sharing Microsoft Power BI Reports: Binokula lets you share Microsoft Power BI reports securely and at scale with your ecosystem of contacts: franchisees, subcontractors, clients, agencies, vendor partners, and others outside your company. Row-level security automatically limits the data available, so contacts will see only the information they need.

Bitnami Stack.png

Bitnami Stack for InfluxDB: This offer from Bitnami provides InfluxDB, an open-source time-series database, on a ready-to-run virtual machine. InfluxDB is a core component of the TICK stack (Telegraf, InfluxDB, Chronograf, and Kapacitor) and is designed to handle large write and read loads in real time.


C3: C3, a holistic platform and services solution from Neal Analytics, uses Microsoft platforms such as Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Azure Machine Learning to provide enterprise-scale AI, enabling companies to become more customer-centric, reduce churn, and optimize SKUs.

Crayon Voice.png

Crayon Voice Service for Microsoft Teams: Through Teams Direct Routing, Crayon Voice Service allows Microsoft 365 users and their organizations to operate Microsoft Teams as full-fledged PBX in the cloud. The service integrates with companies' Microsoft 365 productivity suite and features extensions that integrate with non-Microsoft products.

Cyber Incident.png

Cyber Incident Response Specialist Certification: CybergymIEC’s dedicated Incident Responder training program lets security specialists upgrade their skills. The training has been designed for personnel with a solid background in cybersecurity concepts and methodologies, as well as the basic principles of system and network security assessment and forensics.

Edge Module.png

Edge Module: Personally Identifiable Information Masking for Video: The PII IoT Edge Module from Neal Analytics enables organizations to protect personally identifiable information (PII) and adhere to regulatory compliance standards by redacting the faces of people in any input video. It then generates a new video where the faces have been masked.


EJBCA, Packaged by Bitnami: This offer from Bitnami provides EJBCA on a ready-to-run virtual machine. EJBCA is platform-independent certificate authority software that can easily be scaled out to match the needs of your public key infrastructure requirements.

FTP Server Advanced.png

FTP Server Advanced on Windows Server 2019: This offer from Tidal Media provides an image of Windows Server 2019 with an advanced FTP server intended to transfer files using FTP and FTPS. Search and edit files remotely, choose file transfer settings and permissions, and manage transfer ratios and quotas.


IntelliBonds SaaS Offer: IntelliBonds, an AI-powered SaaS platform, offers predictive credit risk analytics, trade idea generation, and portfolio optimization to fixed-income investors. A proprietary engine identifies bonds that are expected to outperform and suggests those as potential switches when rebalancing a portfolio.


IronCache: This hosted background-job solution from lets you run your containers with dynamic scale, detailed analytics, and dedicated customer support. Quickly run short-lived containers or containers needing to work across multiple days. IronCache can handle a one-off job or one that needs thousands of workers running in parallel.

Medxnote Pattern Match.png

Medxnote Pattern Match: Medxnote Pattern Match lets you turbo-charge your Microsoft Power Automate flows with regular expression (regex) support. Medxnote Pattern Match is deployed entirely in your own tenant and no information leaves it when you use it for regular expressions.

Office Seating Arrangement.png

Office Seating Arrangement: Office Seating Arrangement from AQL Technologies provides a real-time space-usage matrix for flexible seat allocation and scheduling. Monitor employee occupancy across the organization and create and manage productive hybrid schedules.

Openshift Local.png

OpenShift Local on RHEL 8.6 Server: This offer from Interduo Solutions provides OpenShift Local on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.6. OpenShift Local simplifies the deployment of a minimally preconfigured OpenShift cluster without the need for a server-based infrastructure. Create microservices and run images on a single-node OpenShift cluster.


Proventeq Content Productivity Suite: Proventeq’s Content Productivity Suite lets you seamlessly transition to an intelligent workplace. Using AI at scale to help you to understand your content landscape, gain actionable insights, and intelligently classify documents, the suite organizes and automates your data before, during, and after your migration project.

Qr Generator.png

Qr Generator: Made with business administrators and HR departments in mind, CloudCan's V-card application creates QR code badges for employees. QR codes can be created in JPG, PNG, SVG, and WebP formats. Customers using Active Directory can upload the files and generate batch QR codes.


ReconwithMe: ReconwithMe is an ISO 27001-certified vulnerability scanner. Use it to scan your digital infrastructure for vulnerabilities such as XSS, SQL injection attacks, missing headers, clickjacking, API misconfigurations, and other security issues.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.6 Minimal: This offer from Ntegral provides a minimal installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.6 on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. Red Hat Enterprise Linux has built-in security features such as Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) and mandatory access controls to help you combat intrusions and meet regulatory compliance.

Rocky Linux 9 Minimal.png

Rocky Linux 9 Minimal: This offer from ProComputers provides a minimal installation of Rocky Linux 9 on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. Azure Linux Agent and cloud-init are included, and Accelerated Networking is supported. Rocky Linux is an open-source operating system designed to be fully compatible with CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Service Lock Box.png

Service Lock Box: The Service Lock Box app lets system administrators, DevOps engineers, and developers safely store and manage passwords, IP addresses, domain names, and other important data.


Terra: Terra is a scalable and secure research platform jointly developed by the Broad Institute, Microsoft, and Verily to help biomedical researchers accelerate scientific discoveries. After you register in Terra from, you will link Terra to your Azure Subscription for all accrued costs.


Turium Ai Cloud Platform: Turium is an AI platform that allows anyone to build data applications without worrying about the underlying system. Elements include Fabriq, which specializes in systems integration and interoperability solutions, and Algoreus, a machine learning spawner that creates, trains, predicts, deploys, manages, and scales the machine learning lifecycle.


Ubuntu 22.04 with GUI: This offer from Ntegral provides a graphical user interface for Ubuntu 22.04. The desktop image comes preconfigured with an RDP-based remote desktop environment and LibreOffice, an open-source office suite that’s compatible with Microsoft Office.


Ubuntu 23.04: This offer from Ntegral provides Ubuntu 23.04 (Lunar Lobster) on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. Ubuntu is a premier Linux distribution for enterprise cloud environments. This virtual machine provides the latest features available in Ubuntu 23.04.


Ubuntu Desktop 23.04: This offer from Ntegral provides a fully managed Ubuntu virtual desktop environment with a graphical user interface for Ubuntu 23.04 (Lunar Lobster). As long as you have an internet connection, you can have the Ubuntu desktop with you, accessible through any device.

Valimail Enforce.png

Valimail Enforce: Automated DMARC: Valimail makes it easy to secure your domains at scale so you can achieve continuous protection. The application offers precision sending-service intelligence, unlimited SPF lookups, and contextual analytics.


Valohai MLOps Platform: Valohai, an MLOps platform, features smart orchestration, a knowledge repository, and a developer-first approach that ensures the freedom to use any languages and libraries. Integrating with existing tools is a breeze. Reduce reliance on DevOps resources and increase data scientist productivity with Valohai.

VDE Messaging Service.png

VDE Messaging Service: Technical service employees, system administrators, or programmable logic controller (PLC) engineers can create smart integrations with the Van Doren Messaging Service. The service is equipped with a web API, so any state-of-the-art application can use this service to send messages to end users.

Ventory Flat Rate.png

Ventory Flat Rate (Standard Offer): Ventory, a field inventory management solution, enables enterprises to keep tabs on their inventory in difficult-to-track locations. Enterprises use Ventory to improve their bottom line by reducing wastage, improving efficiency, and eliminating shrinkage.

Ventory POC.png

Ventory POC: Ventory, a field inventory management solution, enables enterprises to keep tabs on their inventory in difficult-to-track locations. Enterprises use Ventory to improve their bottom line by reducing wastage, improving efficiency, and eliminating shrinkage.

Ventory Standard (user-based).png

Ventory Standard (User-Based): Ventory, a field inventory management solution, enables enterprises to keep tabs on their inventory in difficult-to-track locations. Enterprises use Ventory to improve their bottom line by reducing wastage, improving efficiency, and eliminating shrinkage.

Windows Server 2016.png

Windows Server 2016 with Easy Squid Proxy Server: This offer from Virtual Pulse provides Windows Server 2016 and Squid, an open-source proxy server, on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. Squid's ability to operate in reverse proxy mode means it can reduce document access time and bandwidth consumption.

Windows Server 2019.png

Windows Server 2019 with Easy Squid Proxy Server: This offer from Virtual Pulse provides Windows Server 2019 and Squid, an open-source proxy server, on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. Squid's ability to operate in reverse proxy mode means it can reduce document access time and bandwidth consumption.

Windows Server 2022.png

Windows Server 2022 Minimal Azure Edition: This offer from Tidal Media provides a minimal installation of the Azure Edition of Windows Server 2022 on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. The Azure Edition is built with high-level security options that meet demanding IT needs.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

1-Day.png 1-Day Azure Design and Planning Workshop: Kraft Kennedy's licensing and deployment workshop for legal, financial, and professional services firms includes education about Microsoft Azure, and it aims to identify pain points, business needs, and desired outcomes. Kraft Kennedy will also review your current environment and your plans for cloud-based infrastructure.
Azure Landing.png

Azure Landing Zone Deployment: EchoStor will determine your cloud initiatives and design an Azure landing zone strategy that meets your business needs and provides multi-account architecture, identity and access management, governance, data security, network design, and logging.

Azure Virtual Desktop.png

Azure Virtual Desktop: 1-Month Implementation: Infosys offers end-to-end services covering the design, implementation, and management of Azure Virtual Desktop. To begin, Infosys will identify use cases and validate prerequisites, then design and size Azure workloads before the build and configuration stages.


Backup and Disaster Recovery: 2-Day Workshop: Cloudica's workshop will give IT professionals in-depth training on backup and disaster recovery systems used with Microsoft Azure. In addition to the fundamentals, Cloudica will examine planning, implementation, and management.

Data Analytics.png

Data Analytics: 24-Week Data Workload Implementation: This service from Iteris will focus on architecture design, environment assembly (organization and security), construction of data pipelines (real-time or batch), DataOps based on Azure DevOps, report design using Microsoft Power BI, and machine learning models. This offer is available in only Portuguese.

Data Culture.png

Data Culture: Niteo will implement Microsoft Azure resources and tools, including Azure Active Directory, Azure Data Factory, and Microsoft Defender for Cloud, so you can ensure your company's data is complete and reliable. This service is available only in Portuguese.

Data Lakehouse.png

Data Lakehouse Implementation: JourneyTEAM’s Microsoft-certified data engineers will build a solution that harnesses the power of Microsoft Azure technologies and provides a foundation for your data analytics.

Data Security.png

Data Security on Azure: 2-Day Workshop: Cloudica's workshop will show participants how to create and maintain a secure environment on Microsoft Azure and how to to identify and respond to potential security threats. This workshop is intended for business owners, IT professionals, executives, and other personnel who need to know the ins and outs of data security.

Data Strategy.png

Data Strategy and Road Map: 3-Month Implementation: Is all data within your organization fully utilized? If you find it difficult to answer that question, Cmotions can help. Cmotions will inspire you with best-practice use cases and determine which ones align with your business objectives before undertaking a phased approach to lay a solid data strategy and to roll out its implementation. This service is available only in Dutch.


ESG Data Estate: 2-Hour Workshop: Slalom's workshop will identify the next steps in your company's environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data strategy, then help you create an automated, repeatable, and auditable process that fits your organizations needs.


GBM Data and AI Consulting Services: GBM will handle your project needs, bringing extensive experience and customization opportunities. GBM offers services in migration, data warehousing, advanced analytics, machine learning, AI-based solution development, and Microsoft integration.


Global 24/7 Managed Service for Azure: In this managed service, Just After Midnight's team of experts will safeguard your mission-critical applications built on Microsoft Azure. Just After Midnight's certified engineers work across three continents and possess expertise in leading platforms such as Sitecore, Drupal, and Umbraco.

Managed Services.png

Managed Services for Microsoft Entra: DXC's managed services for Microsoft Entra involve design, delivery, and operational support encompassing Azure Active Directory, identity governance, workload identities, Entra permissions management, and Entra Verified ID.

Migration to Cloud.png

Migration to Cloud Backup: 5-Week Implementation: Cloudica will help your organization move its data storage and backup system to Microsoft Azure. This will enhance scalability, improve data security, and save money.


Modernizing Financial Planning & Analysis with Crux Intelligence: Crux Intelligence is an AI-driven data visualization tool from Fractal, the parent company of Neal Analytics. In this engagement, Neal Analytics will develop a migration and data modernization road map, then stand up the required Azure services and infrastructure. Experts from Fractal will then implement Crux Intelligence.


OpenAI Services on Azure: 4-Hour Workshop: Futurice's workshop will inspire your team with an overview of OpenAI services available on Microsoft Azure. Learn about use-case scenarios and technical capabilities, with an agenda customized for attendees' level of technical understanding. Content can cater to business decision makers, technical decision makers, chief marketing officers, data scientists, or developers.


SIEM as a Service: 1-Day Workshop: TechniData's workshop will cover threat detection and show you possible uses of Microsoft Sentinel with intelligent AI. Data connectors will be set up, along with playbooks, and TechniData will handle configuration. This offer is available only in German.


Solo Event Manager: 6-Week Deployment: Solo Network will implement Solo Event Manager and Microsoft Sentinel so your company can enable IT security automation and orchestration. This offer is available only in Portuguese.

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Fieldforce Reporting Software

Holm Security Scanner Appliance

Hotel Automation Cloud

Hybrid Meeting Room Solution

Ipsotek Airport Computer Vision SaaS

Managed Service for SAP on Azure Environments

MCPS: Serverless Managed Integration Platform

Microsoft Azure Consultation

Microsoft Azure Deployment: 2-Hour Briefing

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure: 2-Hour Briefing

Microsoft Intune Deployment: 2-Hour Briefing

Migrator for Healthcare

Mindbreeze InSpire 10M

Multi-Cloud Threat Check: 3-Week Assessment



.NET App Modernization: 2-Week Code Review

Network Security: 2-Hour Briefing

OpenText Documentum Connector for Microsoft Power Automate

Order Right: Intelligent Replenishment Optimization for Retail

Pellerex Managed API Service

Pellerex Managed Identity Service

Pellerex Managed Payment Service

Permission Checker Extension for SharePoint

Q Analytics

Redis Enterprise on Kubernetes for AKS

Rierino Headless CMS

Rinna (Part-Time Job)

SAS Energy Cost Optimization

Securing Identities: 3-Day Assessment

Server Infrastructure: 2-Hour Briefing


Sopht: GreenOps Platform

SymphonyAI Retail | CPG: Store Intelligence

TCS RevenuePrime

Thentia Cloud


Varuna Solution

Virtual Human
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