Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 85
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 85 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


ABILITY DatenCockpit.png

ABILITY.DatenCockpit: ABILITY.DatenCockpit is a flexible framework for building a customized portal for your employees, customers, or vendors. Combine data from all your organization's systems and data sources, and tailor dashboards to your needs and working style.

APENTO Consultant Access.png

APENTO | Consultant Access: This managed service from APENTO grants consultants read-only access to the Microsoft Azure subscriptions of your choice, enabling them to perform tasks or deliver services. Azure Lighthouse delivers an overview of the granted access levels, and you can expand or revoke access at any time.

APENTO Managed Services for our Azure customers.png

APENTO Managed Services for our Azure customers: In this offering, APENTO will provide your organization with a fully managed enterprise-grade platform powered by Microsoft Azure. APENTO's highly automated approach can handle even the most demanding applications.


APISec: APISec uses smart bots to inspect and map API features, then creates custom security coverage using the Playbook framework (Security as Code) for OWASP top 10, business-logic, and role-configuration flaws. Continuously detect and report vulnerabilities early in the development cycle with APISec.

ARCHIBUS on Azure.png

ARCHIBUS on Azure: ARCHIBUS on Microsoft Azure centrally manages an organization's internal assets and facility-related business information in cooperation with IoT and other service solutions. This app is available only in Japanese. 


ArchiveMASH: Bluesource North America delivers ArchiveMASH as part of a fully managed migration service. Bluesource's dedicated migrations team installs and configures ArchiveMASH, then delivers the migration until all data has reached its destination.

Authentication Services.png

Authentication Services: Authentication Services provides enterprise-wide access, authentication, and authorization for UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS X systems by using an organization’s existing Active Directory infrastructure. This allows non-Windows resources to join the Active Directory trusted realm.

Azure Sentinel 24x7 Managed Zero Trust Service.png

Azure Sentinel 24x7 Managed Zero Trust Service: Infused Innovations' threat protection is a managed service that uses your Azure and Microsoft security licensing to deliver a zero-trust environment. Maintain security hygiene on all Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, and Android devices and stop zero-day attacks from spreading.

Bizdirect CMS - BizOptima.png

Bizdirect CMS - BizOptima: Bizdirect's cloud optimization services provide you with status updates of your virtual machines, enabling you to identify what is being overused, underused, or unused. Improve your return on investment with Bizdirect.

Bromcom MIS.png

Bromcom MIS: Bromcom is a cloud-based school management information system providing a comprehensive view of pupil and school performance. Bromcom covers attendance, behavior, examinations, assessments, and progress tracking. Features include parent and student portals, online payments, and more.

Call Recording Service.png

Call Recording Service: Touch Call Recording as a Service enables companies to meet important requirements, including compliance (MiFID, MiFID II, GDPR), documentation, dispute resolution, quality assurance, risk management, audit trails, and training. Boost productivity, add value, and deliver improved customer service.

CentOS 7.6 Free.png

CentOS 7.6 Free: This pre-configured virtual machine from Cognosys launches CentOS, a popular Linux distribution derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux and used by organizations for development and production servers.


CloudTime: CloudTime significantly reduces cloud costs by monitoring your cloud and automatically parking unused resources. Doing so for a just few resources can save thousands of dollars a month on Microsoft Azure bills with little time investment.


Connector: Connector helps companies fulfill their obligations with the Brazilian government, both at the municipal level and the federal level. Connector works with NFe, NFSe, and Reinf documents and is available in Portuguese and Spanish.


Contactable: PhoneAppli's phone book and business card management service help manage employee and customer information in the cloud by consolidating all contact information in one place. This app is available only in Japanese.

COVID-19 Remote Monitoring & Compliance.png

COVID-19 Remote Monitoring & Compliance: ConnectedLife offers a scalable COVID-19 remote monitoring, reporting, and compliance solution that supports the needs of healthcare workers, patients, patients' families, essential workers, and community volunteers.

Cronos Timetable.png

Cronos Timetable: Using artificial intelligence and mathematical models, Cronos Timetable quickly generates school schedules without teacher and class scheduling conflicts.

CyberGate SIP connect to Microsoft Teams.png

CyberGate SIP connect to Microsoft Teams: The CyberGate application server lets you connect a SIP H.264 video door intercom to Microsoft Teams. Enable Teams users to answer incoming intercom calls with two-way audio and live video and open the door for visitors.

Data360 DQ.png

Data360 DQ+: With automated capabilities across data governance, metadata management, data analytics, and data quality, Data360 empowers business and technical users to extract value from data like never before. Data360 makes it easy to identify the trusted data that matters most for your business.

Diffusion Real-time Platform.png

Diffusion Real-time Platform: The Diffusion Real-Time API Management Platform delivers centralized data management, optimization, and integration to simplify development, reduce infrastructure requirements, and speed time to market for corporate applications and systems.

Digital Patient Experience Manager.png

Digital Patient Experience Manager: Built for the healthcare industry, Digital Patient Experience Manager is a communications automation ecosystem that facilitates automated communications across patients’ preferred channels, including email, SMS, and voice. Automate care reminders and improve patient outcomes.

Docker CE with CentOS 8.0.png

Docker CE with CentOS 8.0: This pre-configured virtual machine from Skylark Cloud launches CentOS, a popular Linux distribution, configured with Docker CE. Docker is a set of platform-as-a-service products that uses OS-level virtualization to deliver software in packages called containers.

DRaaS Continuity Planner.png

DRaaS Continuity Planner: Storage Guardian's free disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) platform centralizes the preparation steps to help you plan, test, and communicate your organization's DRaaS solution.

Dynamic Demand Forecast in COVID-19.png

Dynamic Demand Forecast in COVID-19 and New Normal: Singular Intelligence offers its dynamic demand forecast and causal factors-based simulation solution to help users understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the consumer goods and retail industries. Get automated predictive insights, forecasts, alerts, and more.

Energy Master Platform.png

Energy Master Platform: With cost savings being critical for success and energy prices rising, multi-site corporations are challenged to reduce costs and reach sustainability targets. Energy Master Platform helps clients reduce consumption and costs while building strategies around carbon footprint reduction.


EntelliFusion: EntelliFusion cleans, shapes, stores, and secures operational data for analytics and machine learning. It is data-agnostic, scalable, and ensures data accuracy and response time performance to promote end-user BI tool adoption.


FACILITYtwin: FacilityTwin brings your facility to your fingertips, contextualizing asset maintenance and performance data in mobile and easy-to-use visual interfaces. Transform productivity, risk cost, and flexibility outcomes without interfering with your regulatory processes and systems.

Fata Morgana Benchmark.png

Fata Morgana Benchmark: Pocket Virtuality's Fata Morgana Benchmark offers simple benchmarking for the graphical subsystem of Microsoft HoloLens devices, graphics processing units, and the Fata Morgana rendering engine.


FlightPulse: Designed by pilots, FlightPulse is a fully configurable electronic flight bag application that puts key operational data directly in the hand of pilots. Unlock and consolidate disparate data to help pilots make informed, data-driven decisions.

GEM Winch by GEM System.png

GEM Winch by GEM System: GEM Winch is a universal modular system for the transformation, anonymization, and creation of data sets. Easily and intuitively decide which data will be included in a data set, which data to anonymize, and more. This app is available only in Czech.

Gorilla Expense.png

Gorilla Expense: Gorilla Expense provides complete visibility into your organization’s travel and expense spending, and it offers savings through automated expense management. Take the pain out of expense reporting with Gorilla Expense.

Industry Weapon MediaBridge for Azure.png

Industry Weapon MediaBridge for Azure: Developed for Industry Weapon’s CommandCenterHD Platform, the MediaBridge appliance provides a secure outbound connection to the Industry Weapon cloud application and handles the content distribution to digital signage devices in your internal network.

Jellyfin - Streaming Media Server on Ubuntu 18.04.png

Jellyfin - Streaming Media Server on Ubuntu 18.04: This virtual machine image built by Tidal Media Inc. launches Jellyfin Streaming Media Server on Ubuntu. Jellyfin delivers streaming media from your dedicated server to user devices via multiple apps.

koel - Music Broadcasting Server on Ubuntu 18.04.png

koel - Music Broadcasting Server on Ubuntu 18.04: This ready-to-run image built by Tidal Media Inc. for web developers contains koel Music Broadcasting Server on Ubuntu 18.04. With a web-based audio streaming service written in Vue on the client side and Laravel on the server side, koel provides flexbox and drag-and-drop functionality.

L Squared Digital Signage for Modern Stores.png

L Squared Digital Signage for Modern Stores: L Squared Hub, a content management system for corporate and retail communication, empowers organizations to deliver high-impact, media-rich content to customers and employees on any digital display. This app is available in English and French.


LandView: LandView tracks files associated with oil wells, acreage, payments, obligations, royalties, and division of interest. You can view this data in its reporting tools and title chain visualizer.

Leni Pharma Portfolio Management.png

Leni Pharma Portfolio Management: Leni, an AI-driven solution from LTI, helps portfolio managers in the pharmaceutical industry assess the risk of ongoing clinical trials, simulate the success of future clinical trials, compare against competitor studies, and predict the probability of study success against a set schedule.

LTI Enterprise Privacy Rights Management Solution.png

LTI Enterprise Privacy Rights Management Solution: LTI's Enterprise Privacy Rights Management Solution (EPRMS) helps organizations manage consumer requests and meet regulatory timelines. It covers consumer consent, identification of personal data, and rules-based anonymization and deletion of customers' personal data.

LTI Mosaic Decisions.png

LTI Mosaic Decisions: Mosaic Decisions, LTI’s data analytics platform, harnesses your valuable data to generate actionable insights, which can then facilitate business transformation and enhance the quality and speed of your decision-making.

Managed Detection and Response.png

Managed Detection and Response: The Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service uses Microsoft Azure Sentinel to delegate detection and response to Open Systems AG's DevSecOps engineers, who are always available to contain threats.

Mixed report AI.png

Mixed report AI: To reduce the spread of COVID-19, EBILAB's web app helps restaurants and other retail spaces monitor and predict the number of patrons. This app is available only in Japanese.

Neo4j Enterprise 4.0 Causal Cluster.png

Neo4j Enterprise 4.0 Causal Cluster: Improve the throughput and processing of your workloads with a Neo4j 4.0 causal cluster. Neo4j is an open-source graph database platform that helps organizations make sense of their data by revealing how people, processes, locations, and systems are interrelated.

Neo4j Enterprise VM Version 4.1.png

Neo4j Enterprise VM Version 4.1: Deploy an instance of Neo4j 4.1 on Microsoft Azure. Neo4j 4.1 features more role-based access control and improvements to causal clustering, query planning, and memory management. Neo4j is an open-source native graph database providing ACID-compliant transactions.

Optimiz CentOS 8 Linux Web Server.png

Optimized CentOS 8 Linux Web Server: This image offered by contains an optimized version of CentOS 8 and PHP 7.4 for improved web server performance.

Pocket Work Mate.jpg

Pocket Work Mate: Companies can reduce turnover of part-time staff with better training and knowledge-sharing resources. Pocket Work Mate helps educate new staff members, automatically generating multilingual subtitles to uploaded videos. This app is available only in Japanese.

QR code generation service.png

QR code generation service: Ecoeffy's QR code app is designed for companies interested in implementing self-service platforms and incorporating barcodes, QR codes, or near-field communication (NFC) readers in their processes. This app is available in English and Spanish.

RSA Authentication Manager

RSA Authentication Manager RSA Authentication Manager, the on-premises solution behind the RSA SecurID Access hybrid platform, verifies authentication requests and administers authentication policies for enterprise networks.

Simio Manufacturing Process Digital Twin.png

Simio Manufacturing Process Digital Twin: Design and operate your factory with Simio's 3D process digital twin. Driven by enterprise data, it provides predictive and prescriptive analysis to improve the design and operations of complex systems.

Smart Retail.png

Smart Retail: Control IoT energy costs and reduce your organization's carbon footprint with Smart Retail. Through remote monitoring, Smart Retail obtains equipment data every 15 minutes, stores it on Microsoft Azure, and processes it with Microsoft Power BI. This app is available only in Spanish.

Sproute SPAN SD-WAN gateway.png

Sproute SPAN SD-WAN gateway: Sproute SPAN SD-WAN gateway helps reduce vendor management burdens; boost network capacity, performance, and availability; improve productivity and security; and enhance visibility throughout your organization.

SymbioSys - Distribution Management-as-a-Service.png

SymbioSys: Distribution Management-as-a-Service: Designed for distributor partner organizations, SymbioSys Distribution Management-as-a-Service helps insurance distributors manage registrations, hierarchies, agent movement, performance, persistency, advisor classifications and rating, incentives, payments, and contests and campaigns.

SymbioSys Contest-as-a-Service (for Distributors).png

SymbioSys Contest-as-a-Service (for Distributors): Based on consolidated data from all insurers, SymbioSys Contest-as-a-Service helps insurance distributors launch innovative contests to drive sales, promote products, improve revivals, and drive recruitment.

SymbioSys Incentive-as-a-Service (for Distributors).png

SymbioSys Incentive-as-a-Service (for Distributors): SymbioSys Incentive-as-a-Service for insurance distributors uniquely addresses the incentive needs of policy contracts, including life, annuity, pensions, property and casualty, and more. Ensure all your organization's advisors are well motivated to deliver results with SymbioSys Incentive-as-a-Service.

Tick Tock Clock Sync & Monitoring.png

Tick Tock Clock Sync & Monitoring: Tick Tock is a software-based solution for accurate time sync and infrastructure monitoring. It offers sync accuracy as low as 5-to-10 nanoseconds when using hardware timestamps and hundreds of nanoseconds to 5 microseconds when using software timestamps.


Tide: Tide is a cloud-based solution that delivers a centralized bordereau transformation, processing, and repository platform. It ensures that delegated authority data is received on time, in a complete, standardized, and contractually compliant format, and is stored in one location.

UltraBac Dynamic Replication to Azure.png

UltraBac Dynamic Replication to Azure: UltraBac's replication to low-cost Microsoft Azure storage provides organizations of any size with a powerful and simple-to-implement failover protection plan. Continuously replicate on-premises Windows servers to Azure for nearly instant disaster recovery failover.

Vuforia Expert Capture.png

Vuforia Expert Capture: Vuforia Expert Capture is an end-to-end augmented reality solution that drives transformational workforce productivity. It empowers front-line workers to deliver increased business value by always having the relevant procedural guidance to get the job done quickly, accurately, and safely.

WANdisco LiveData Plane for ADLS Gen1-Gen2.png

WANdisco LiveData Plane for ADLS Gen1-Gen2: WANdisco LiveData Plane enables organizations to continue to read and write source data during data migration. Accelerate the move to ADLS Gen2 with no scripting, coding, or business disruption.

Wragby Azure Managed Services.png

Wragby Azure Managed Services: Wragby Azure Managed Services provide peace of mind to enable you to focus on business operations while realizing your organization's digital transformation imperatives.

Ynomia Connected Jobsite.png

Ynomia Connected Jobsite: Ynomia Connected Jobsite converts worksites into digital warehouses, displaying the real-time location of building materials. Put critical location data in employees' hands to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Zaloni Arena.png

Zaloni Arena: Arena is an augmented data operations platform providing an active data catalog that enables self-service data enrichment and consumption. Arena is built with an extensible machine learning platform that improves and safeguards enterprise data assets.

Zepcam Bodycam Solutions.png

Zepcam Bodycam Solutions: Zepcam develops body camera solutions for police, law enforcement, military, public safety, public transport, and other industries. Capture video, audio, and GPS information with superior video quality, secure storage, and unique video management features.

Consulting services

Application Modernization- 2 wk assessment.png

Application Modernization: 2 wk assessment: Dimension Data will assess your applications and dependencies, then provide a report indicating your migration and optimization options and your application readiness to move to Microsoft Azure.

Azure Adoption 2-Wk Workshop.png

Azure Adoption 2-Wk Workshop: In this workshop, Green House Data will cover the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure and create a customized cloud adoption plan for your business.

Azure App Services- 4-weeks Implementation Service.png

Azure App Services: 4-weeks Implementation Service: With this implementation package, which is intended for organizations facing performance, scale, or security issues with their applications, ComtechRIM India Private Limited will provide assistance in migrating apps to Microsoft Azure App Service.

Azure Cost Optimization 3 Week Assessment.png

Azure Cost Optimization 3 Week Assessment: MAQ Software's assessment will help you track your Microsoft Azure resource consumption and identify opportunities to optimize costs, addressing underutilized resources, security, and reporting.

Azure Managed Security Services- 2 Wk Assessment.png

Azure Managed Security Services: 2 Wk Assessment: In this engagement, CyberProof, a UST Global company, will conduct a cyber maturity assessment for deploying a security operations center (SOC) platform on your Microsoft Azure environment.

Azure Modern Datamart- 1-Day Assessment.png

Azure Modern Datamart: 1-Day Assessment: Modernize your data mart with an assessment from Intuceo, whose consulting team will analyze your data warehousing goals, propose appropriate Microsoft Azure services, and create a plan to implement a data warehousing pilot.

CAF - Strategy,Plan & Ready- 1-Day Workshop.png

CAF - Strategy, Plan & Ready: 1-Day Workshop: FyrSoft's workshop will introduce you to the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, help you put together a cloud adoption plan, and establish or optimize your Azure environment.

CenturyLink AVS Migration Assessment 7 Days.png

CenturyLink AVS Migration Assessment 7 Days: This assessment from CenturyLink will provide a high-level indication of costs for an estate on Microsoft Azure VMware Solution, along with recommendations for right-sizing legacy environments ahead of a migration to Azure.

Cloud Alignment- 4-hour workshop.png

Cloud Alignment: 4-hour workshop: Slalom Consulting will meet with your business and technology leaders to determine your organization's cloud maturity, business and IT alignment, and talent readiness. This workshop is a precursor to Slalom Consulting's Business Transformation enabled by Cloud (BTeC) engagement.

CloudStart CAF Landing Zone- 4-Wk Implementation.png

CloudStart CAF Landing Zone: 4-Wk Implementation: ANS Group Limited's CloudStart framework helps clients quickly configure a production-ready Microsoft Azure environment. ANS Group Limited will guarantee you end-to-end coverage and address any questions you have so you can migrate to Azure with full confidence.

Cognitive Services- 2-day Workshop.png

Cognitive Services: 2-day Workshop: In this workshop, Awara IT will focus on Microsoft Azure and solutions using cognitive services: voice and image recognition, text translations, smart search, and bots. Only basic Azure skills are required for the workshop, and it's suitable for any industry and any project scope.

Data Exploration- 1-Day Workshop.png

Data Exploration: 1-Day Workshop: This workshop from PGS Software will help companies define relevant use cases for machine learning and big data. PGS Software's data scientists and business analysts will provide guidance on Microsoft Azure data storage solutions, architecture options, and more.

Data Lake Starter Kit 1 hour Implementation.png

Data Lake Starter Kit 1 hour Implementation: In this free engagement, dataroots will implement a module for Terraform, an open-source tool for provisioning and managing cloud infrastructure, that deploys a complete and opinionated data lake network on Microsoft Azure in less than one hour.

DevOps on Azure- 2-Week PoC.png

DevOps on Azure: 2-Week PoC: Infopulse can help you achieve your strategic goals with Microsoft Azure DevOps Services. Infopulse experts will collaborate with you to implement a proof-of-concept project with an appropriate pilot application.

Fast & Smart - 2 weeks implementation.png

Fast & Smart - 2 weeks implementation: 4WARD's Fast & Smart implementation service makes it easy to switch to Agile work. This offer is available only in Italian and will involve Microsoft Teams, Remote Desktop Gateway, and Windows Virtual Desktop.

Industrial IoT- 1 day Assessment.png

Industrial IoT: 1 day Assessment: CloudPro's Microsoft Azure experts will examine your production setup and conduct a short interview with you, then devise a roadmap leading you to Azure IoT and helping you implement industrial IoT in your production environment.

Managed IaaS on Azure- 4h Assessment.png

Managed IaaS on Azure: 4h Assessment: akquinet AG's free assessment will take a deeper look into your Microsoft Azure infrastructure and come up with a managed infrastructure offer tailored to your resource needs.

Modernise your Data Platform- 2 Hour Briefing.png

Modernise your Data Platform: 2 Hour Briefing: In this free briefing, Data-Driven AI will consider your business goals and requirements, then advise you on how to transition to a modern, advanced analytics platform using Microsoft Azure.

Oracle Exadata to Azure 2-Week Assessment US.png

Oracle Exadata to Azure 2-Week Assessment US: Data Intensity’s assessment will enable organizations to build solutions on Microsoft Azure for their Oracle workloads. Data Intensity will consider what can be completed with each workload and how to further integrate Azure services.

Siebel to Azure - 1-Week Migration Assessment.png

Siebel to Azure - 1-Week Migration Assessment: Is your organization using Siebel for customer relationship management and considering alternatives? Speridian Technologies will analyze your Siebel system and provide a business case for migrating to Microsoft Azure.

Snowflake on Azure Consultation - 1 hour briefing.png

Snowflake on Azure Consultation - 1 hour briefing: In this briefing, Agile Solutions will describe the advantages of Snowflake when used on Microsoft Azure. Agile Solutions will also cover migration and Azure ETL (extract, transform, load) technology choices.

SQL Svr DWH Migration to Azure-10wk Implementation.png

SQL Svr DWH Migration to Azure-10wk Implementation: Brillio will assess business and foundation scenarios to set up a smooth migration from your on-premises SQL Server data warehouse to Microsoft Azure. After the assessment, Brillio will ensure business continuity and governance.

Transform & Harden- 6-Wk CAF Azure Implementation.png

Transform & Harden: 6-Wk CAF Azure Implementation: Six Degrees will implement the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure to ensure the right architecture, cost, performance, and security controls are applied to your environment. This will improve efficiency and reduce risk.

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