Support Tip: Office C2R installation is now tracked during ESP

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By Mihai Lucian Androne | Support Escalation Engineer and Eric Orman | Sr. Intune Program Manager


We recently released a new feature for the Enrollment Status Page (ESP) that will allow you to both track the installation progress for Office 365 Click-to-Run (C2R) and also configure and confirm that the ESP policy will be enforced for C2R installation if marked as a required application. This change only applies to Windows 10 October 2018 Update (version 1809) and later. Prior Windows versions will not have Office C2R installation enforced or tracked in ESP.


The impact of enforcing installation of C2R with ESP policy might cause your end user to remain in ESP longer and possibly could cause ESP timeout depending on the configuration. To avoid an app error, you may want to consider increasing the time specified in the Autopilot profile. Below, we share additional information on this new feature and how you can keep from having the ESP timeout delays for your users.


NOTE: Customers have reported a known issue and we also observed the same transient issue whereby existing ESP profiles might not show the new setting to configure which apps should block ESP. We are working on fix estimated to ship mid-December. In the meantime, if your exiting ESP profiles don’t have the new setting, then change the setting “Block device use until all apps and profiles are installed” from Yes to No then back to Yes. This is a workaround until the fix is released. 


The ESP (in preview) allows you to customize the device set up experience for your users, helping them to understand the status of their device related to policies that are going to be applied to their device or applications that are mandatory for their productivity.


There are situations where large applications like C2R will require more time to be installed completely on the device. The app installation time is not increased/decreased by ESP, but depends instead on network bandwidth and different device capabilities. We got an Apps (failed) when testing the new ESP and C2R experience ourselves, and it took a bit of time to troubleshoot the error. What we found was that we needed to change the default time-out configuration of 60 minutes. The behavior we saw in our testing looked similar to this:




Your end users may see this with other large applications that go beyond the ESP time period, or if you have many apps that need to be installed during the ESP time period. To keep end users from seeing this Apps (failed) screen due to this root cause, you can:

  • Increase the timeout setting “Show error when installation takes longer than specified number of minutes.” You can configure this setting to a max of 24 hours.
  • Use the new feature in ESP that allows you to select which apps are mandatory. Those mandatory apps will be tracked during ESP. You can test with different versions of the apps to see what works best within your network bandwidth and device capabilities.
  • Implement a combination of selecting mandatory apps and changing the timeout setting as needed.


To enable this, you need to:

  1. In Intune, choose Device enrollment →  Windows enrollment →  Enrollment Status Page (Preview)
  2. Choose a profile →  Settings
  3. Choose Yes for Show app and profile installation progress
  4. Choose Yes for Block device use until all apps and profiles are installed
  5. Choose Selected for Block device use until these required apps are installed if they are assigned to the user/device
  6. Choose Select apps → Choose the apps → Select → Save


Respond back on this post if you’ve got any additional questions on Enrollment Status Page app installation tracking and hope this helps you troubleshoot!


Post updated

  • 12/13/18 updated to refer to Windows 10 October 2018 Update (version 1809) 
  • 12/10/18 with a note about switching the setting from yes to no to yes again. Thank you for pointing out this behavior!


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I have noticed this too but had originally set the timeout value to 120 but failed with 3 apps assigned (Office c2r included). Will continue to test with higher values. In the ESP it indicates 0 of 1 apps installed even though i selected three from the list of apps which i assume it has determined it supports. I say that because i dont see the Intunewin wrapped apps available.. yet. 

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We have the same experience, increasing the timeout will not fix it for us. Only adding an app at the new "Block device use until these required apps are installed if they are assigned to the user/device"-setting and not selecting the Office suite is working, and acceptable for us.




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This option is not shown in my tenant when editing an existing profile, but only when creating a new profile.

Ran into this issue a few weeks ago, why have you not communicated this earlier?

For our environment, the enrollment status page (preview) worked fine for several months, but since last week we have the same problem as described above.
I have tried the workarround, and set the time to 180 minutes, but unfortunately, the same error message. (But when we check at both sides, both client and intune, then we see everything incl. C2R O365 well installed there. (green check marks in Intune.)
Hopefully this will be fixed soon.



 @Damien Sweeney - During ESP there are 2 parts where app installation can be tracked. Device setup and Account setup. Depending on how you assigned the apps, Device or User targeting, apps will be tracked in that specific step. For example if you have 1 app targeting All Devices and 2 apps targeting a User group, in Device setup you will see 0 of 1 apps installed and in Account setup you will see 0 of 2 apps installed. More info here.

For the Intunewin wrapped apps, I assume you refer to Win32/EXE apps. These apps, are not installed/tracked like traditional store/LOB apps. They are being installed via Intune Management Extension agent(used for PS scripts also). This means that if you push a Win32 app to a user, this will be tracked via Account setup. Considering the example above, now you will have 0 of 3 apps installed, however that 3rd app is not actually the Win32 app, is the Intune Management Extension agent which is going to be installed in order to leverage the installation of the Win32 app later. 


@Bas Peeperkorn - On the existing profile where you don't see the option to select the required apps, can you click on No for Block Device use until all apps and profiles are installed and then click Yes ? Check my GIF 

Does this fix the issue?



@Eelco_W When it fails, the option to Try Again doesn't show up for you ? I expect that if Office C2R did not install fast enough and ESP timed out, but after some time, you see C2R reported as installed in Intune portal(green check mark), if you click Try Again, setup to continue(if C2R was the only app that was required and failed). Check my screenshot ⬇screen.png





Thanks MihaiLA for your options,


For our users I would like to get rid of the error message (failed). (Of course I can disable the enrollment status page, but I found the page useful) Before around 26 November (from Microsoft side) something has changed, the roll-out was completed within 30 minutes. Then it suddenly failed without changes to the configuration. After reading this article I tried 180 minutes, but that did not help against the "failed" message. I have tested the try again button, but it remains the same story. (Check both sides, client and intune and we see everything incl. C2R O365 well installed.)

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Still doesnt seem to work. I increased the time to 1440hrs and even set the option to block until office is installed. I left it running all night and its still trying to install.


If i set it to 180 or something it fails.




@Eelco_W@Adeel_mattamy1575 The behavior that you are experiencing looks similar. If O365 C2R is the only app you require via ESP and that fails, I would strongly recommend you to open a support incident with us. It would be interesting for us to look more into this issue and provide you our assistance.

However, if you require multiple LOB apps during ESP, I would recommend you to check them one by one. Maybe is not O365 C2R that fails, ESP doesn't inform you exactly which of the applications failed. 

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@MihaiLA Hi thanks for the response. Yes O365 is the culrprit, as soon as I unassign it, it passes fine.


Seeing that this is a new feature, I've had difficulty in the past getting the proper support through regular support incidents..

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One thing I noticed. When I assign office 365 the enrollment status shows 2of2 apps that need to be installed. 


It always gets stuck at 1of2 installed.


Can you tell me what the other app it is that is installing?


When I unassign office there is 0 apps that need to be installed.


The extra application you see during the enrollment is the Intune Management Extension. I think this (invisible) app is necessary for the rollout of powershell scripts and the preview Win32 app.

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@Eelco_W ok thanks. It still doesnt make sense why its stuck... I even checked the registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\OfficeCSP and its showing the status as 0 (Completed).


Yet im just sitting on the enrollment status page till it times out and fails. The OS will show its installed when I click continue anyway.

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see the comments. Other people are still having the issue so I know its not me.


Hopefully its fixed soon..

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After much troubleshooting, I can confirm this only works on 1809. Please reflect this information in the article. Thanks.

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This option is not shown in my tenant when editing an existing profile, but only when creating a new profile.

Ran into this issue a few weeks ago, why have you not communicated this earlier?

I ran into this issue also, but it is just a UI issue, probably caused by image caching. You can use this option on existing profiles, but sometimes if it is the first time opening the existing profile you have to back out then enter again until the setting becomes visible. 

 @Adeel_mattamy1575 thank you for the reminder. The post has been updated. For other comments - we are working with our service engineering team to investigate the timeout behavior. Thank you for your patience!
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I'm testing this (Windows 10 1809 Hybrid join) and got stuck to 0/1 apps installed. Required apps didn't include Office 365 and Device management show that all required apps are already installed. Try again didn't help. Does it check the policy every time I hit "Try again"? So if I disable the function, I can continue to desktop?

@Petri, per Mihai, yes, if you click try again the policies will be re-checked and if apps are installed it should pass the ESP. 

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@Intune Support Team  Any feedback on when this will be fixed for Win v1803?  I'd like the ability to either 1) Have the ESP not track Office C2R or 2) Have it understand that it installed correctly like it does for Win v1809.  We've opened a support case and we have a deadline for an Autopilot deployment in a few weeks.

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how so we know what apps under Account Setup is it trying to install?
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@MihaiLA  I have two apps, one in Device setup and another app in Account setup based on the LocURI.

But, The OOBE screen for Device SetUp always shows apps as 1 of 2 and gets stuck. It is considering both device and user context apps in Device setup step. Could you please let me know if this is a known issue or there is a way to fix this.

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