Windows Server IoT 2022 now generally available
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Dedicated-purpose devices have fixed functionality and are built to perform a pre-defined set of tasks. When this is the case, you can license Windows Server IoT 2022 with special dedicated use licensing terms. (Prior versions were referred to as Windows Server for Embedded Systems or Windows Storage Server).  With Windows Server IoT 2022, customers can continue to securely run their workloads, enable new hybrid cloud scenarios, and modernize their applications to meet evolving business requirements.  Windows Server IoT is an integral part of the Azure Edge Devices and Windows for IoT stack.




What is new in Windows Server IoT 2022?



Security has always been a cornerstone of Windows Server IoT. With security top of mind for our customers, we are introducing numerous security enhancements in Windows Server IoT 2022. In this release, customers can take advantage of multi-layer security with Secured-core server and secured connectivity. Secured-core server means our hardware partners have provided hardware, firmware, and drivers to help customers harden the security of their critical systems. It allows IT and SecOps teams to apply comprehensive security broadly in their environment with Secured-core server’s advanced protection and preventive defense across hardware, firmware and virtualization layers.

Secured connectivity in Windows Server IoT 2022 adds another layer to security during transport. The new release adds faster and more secure encrypted hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS), and industry-standard AES-256 encryption with support for server message block (SMB) protocol.



Customers are choosing a hybrid and multicloud approach to digitally transform their businesses. They can now take advantage of cloud services with on-premises Windows Server IoT 2022 by connecting with Azure Arc.

Additionally, in Windows Server IoT 2022 customers can take advantage of the File Server enhancements such as SMB Compression. SMB Compression improves application file transfer by compressing data while in transit over a network. Finally, Windows Admin Center, a tool loved by admins, brings modern server management experience such as with a new event viewer, and gateway proxy support for Azure connected scenarios.


Application platform and containers

Customers who upgrade to Windows Server IoT 2022 can take advantage of scalability improvements such as support for 48TB of memory and 2,048 logical cores running on 64 physical sockets for those demanding Tier1 applications. In this release, customers can also take advantage of advancements to Windows containers. For example, Windows Server IoT 2022 improves application compatibility of Windows containers, introduces HostProcess containers for node configuration, supports IPv6 and dual stack, and enables consistent network policy implementation with Calico.





New licensing options now available

Windows Server IoT 2022 follows different licensing and distribution policies than Windows Server 2022. It’s only licensed through the OEM channel under special dedicated use rights.

Fixed-function appliances using Windows Server IoT 2022 will be dedicated to specific information or transaction processing, aggregating data from downstream ‘things’ and analyzing it on-premises at scale; maintaining databases that are too big to transfer to the cloud; serving as a gateway to enterprise IT infrastructures; or leveraging Azure in hybrid scenarios with cloud-native apps managed by Azure IoT Edge.


Microsoft offers six Windows Server IoT editions. The table below can help you identify which one may be right for the specific solution you want to deliver or build.   


What type of application 


A dedicated server with Active Directory integration (file, print, networking services) or those requiring a connected keyboard, monitor or mouse to perform its dedicated purpose. 

Windows Server IoT 2022 Standard

A turnkey solution for highly virtualized datacenters or cloud environments that can consolidate several complex functions into a single server appliance. The solution may require Storage Spaces Direct.

Windows Server IoT 2022 Datacenter

A dedicated file server appropriate for Network Attached Storage, Storage Area Network Gateway or another storage solution.

Windows Server IoT 2022 Storage Standard

A small storage solution (for 50 users or less) that does NOT require network infrastructure services (file, print, etc.) or a connected keyboard, monitor or mouse.

Windows Server IoT 2022 Storage Workgroup

A specialized telecommunications application such as PBX, IP PBX, Automated Attendant, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or teleconferencing.

Windows Server IoT 2022 Telecommunications


Note that we will no longer have an Essentials version for Windows Server IoT 2022. You can learn more about the other available versions of Windows for IoT here.


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