Microsoft Intelligent Security Association partnership program for IoT security vendors
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Today we are thrilled to announce that the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association welcomes 5 new IoT security partners into our growing family of enterprise-grade security products. Through partnering with members of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, Microsoft is able to leverage their vast knowledge pool to help you defend against a world of increasing IoT threats in enterprise. These solutions protecting managed and unmanaged IoT devices in manufacturing, energy, building management systems, healthcare, transportation, smart cities, smart homes and more.

Azure Security Center for IoT's simple onboarding flow connects solutions like: Attivo Networks, CyberMDX, CyberX, Firedome and SecuriThings enabling you to protect your managed and unmanaged IoT devices,  view all security alerts, reduce your attack surface with security posture recommendations and run unified reports in a single pane of glass.


Learn more about the unique security offerings of each one of our new partners in their own words, and how they can easily be connected to Azure Security Center for IoT, for a single pane of glass, improving your entire IoT security posture.


Attivo Networks

Attivo Networks provides deceptively simple threat detection for organizations of all sizes. Innovative solutions deliver visibility, efficient detection, and adversary intelligence for understanding and derailing threats early in attack cycles. The Attivo ThreatDefend® solution works by creating a virtual landmine of deception-based decoys, lures, and redirections project throughout on-premises, cloud, and OT/ICS networks, and attackers reveal themselves with one small mistake. Attivo ThreatDefend® and Azure IoT Edge solution seamlessly deploy Azure IoT modules as decoys for early and accurate threat detection. Security teams can also use ThreatDirect® forwarders in remote IoT Edge devices from the Azure IoT Hub console and project deception at scale across the enterprise cloud, IoT, industrial, and medical networks to protect their entire infrastructure. When attackers target IoT Edge devices, attempting to conduct reconnaissance or move laterally, they will discover assets that appear identical to production systems. Any active observation will redirect the attack to the deception environment. The solution then raises an engagement-based alert that automatically notifies the Azure Security Center. Check out solutions for lateral movement, credential theft, Active Directory protection, endpoint, ransomware, and insider threats. For more information visit Attivo Networks website.   



CyberMDX keeps hospitals running smoothly with a solution that delivers visibility, threat prevention and analytics for connected healthcare assets. Our solution identifies, categorizes and protects connected medical devices to help ensure their resiliency, as well as patient and data safety. With CyberMDX, hospitals identify, assess, detect, and prevent potential cyberattacks with continuous discovery of medical devices, comprehensive risk assessment, and AI-based containment and response.

Coupling CyberMDX visibility and detection capabilities with Azure Security Center for IoT, healthcare organizations are equipped with unmatched cross-cloud and devices visibility, classification and incident response capabilities. CyberMDX delivers its granular Internet of Medical Things visibility into the single pane of glass in the Azure Security Center for IoT to provide continuous asset discovery and threat protection across device types and network layers. All on-premise hospital assets are auto-identified and classified by CyberMDX’s DPI and AI engine. The classified assets are then pushed to Microsoft Azure Security Center for IoT, with security recommendations and threat detection. The Azure Security Center for IoT dashboard is then able to provide a single pane of glass for on-premise and cloud healthcare assets, delivering comprehensive device context, supporting risk management and incident response efforts. For more information visit CyberMDX website.

CyberMDX dashboardCyberMDX dashboard




Funded by Norwest Venture Partners, Qualcomm Ventures and other leading venture firms, CyberX delivers the only cybersecurity platform built by blue-team experts with a track record of defending critical national infrastructure. That difference is the foundation for the most widely deployed platform for continuously reducing IoT/ICS risk and preventing costly production outages, safety and environmental incidents, and theft of intellectual property.

Through a unique understanding of IoT and OT protocols and networks, CyberX discovers and adds thousands of IoT devices, along with their attributes (Name, IP address, MAC address, Firmware/OS Vendor and Risk Score) to Azure Security Center for IoT through an integration with the Azure IoT Hub. In addition, CyberX detect threats in the network and integrates them into Azure Security Center for IoT. CyberX + Azure Security Center for IoT does all of this without requiring the installation of agents on IoT or OT devices.

Notable CyberX customers include three of the top ten US energy utilities; three of the top ten global pharmaceutical companies; a top five US chemical company; multiple government agencies including the US Department of Energy; and national electric and gas utilities across Europe and Asia-Pacific.

For more information visit CyberX website


CyberX dashboardCyberX dashboard



Firedome works with leading manufacturers to differentiate them with proactive, real-time cybersecurity on their device base. We offer an AI-based, software-only solution for autonomous threat resolution to establish device makers as security leaders in their space, while expanding market size and share, opening new revenue streams, reducing the risk of cyber-attacks and reducing operating costs across key functions. Smart device manufacturers for home IoT, IIoT and enterprise IoT can rely on Firedome’s dynamic, real-time endpoint solution to protect their device base, without the need for manufacturer intervention. The solution features an AI-powered software-only agent that works with all IoT operating systems and a 24/7 SOC team. Microsoft and Firedome’s strategic partnership combines Azure Security Center for IoT’s threat monitoring and recommendation service with Firedome’s real-time response capabilities. It will create a dynamic, end-to-end cybersecurity solution tailored for IoT device manufacturers with the combined power of both solutions’ AI-driven insights and cyber protection capabilities. This will enable customers to maximize threat awareness with both Microsoft Threat Intelligence and Firedome Detection and enjoy the peace of mind of Firedome’s real-time threat resolution of both known and unknown (0-day) threats. For more information visit Firedome website.


Firedome dashboardFiredome dashboard



SecuriThings enables organizations to maximize their operational efficiency by automating the management of their IoT devices, in one unified view. SecuriThings Horizon solves the two main IoT challenges faced by organizations when managing IoT at scale. The software-only solution provides both: Risk mitigation – detection of cyber-threats and other vulnerabilities, using endpoint protection capabilities; and Automated maintenance – identification of failures and configuration issues, as well as ongoing management of operations. The solution integrates with Azure Security Center for IoT to provide Microsoft's customers with real-time alert notifications on the cyber security and maintenance status of their IoT devices, in a single pane of glass, and one inventory for all their IoT devices. SecuriThings’ HORIZON has been deployed in major airports, universities, cities and large enterprises, and is already monitoring millions of devices globally. SecuriThings has established partnerships with leading system integrators, management systems and device vendors. For more information visit SecuriThings website.


SecuriThings Horizon dashboardSecuriThings Horizon dashboard


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To learn more about the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association for IoT security and become an IoT security member, check out our website.

To learn more about Azure Security Center for IoT visit our documentation page.


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