Is security a blocker for IoT? Let's discuss!
Published May 24 2021 11:14 AM 1,408 Views

The Azure Sphere Team is doing Microsoft Build 2021 a little differently this year: we want to talk about blockers to success. We understand that security can sometimes be a blocker: either the lack of security prohibits connectivity and stymies opportunity; or stringent security limits innovation and reduces functionality. Either way, you might not be getting the value you want out of IoT technologies. Let’s talk about those needs and let’s go deep:


Join our customer roundtables for deep discussions with our IoT and security experts and let’s really examine the barriers to success for your industry, your line of business, and your role. Together we can identify the investments at the engineering level across IoT hardware, software, services, and security that will unlock productivity and opportunity for you and your industry.

  • We’ll talk about the developer experience and how we can improve the processes and time it takes to build secured IoT solutions from edge to cloud.
  • We’ll talk about how building the next generation of IoT devices and experiences strains the security available now and what customers have taught us needs to change.

Build is open to everyone, and you can still register here: Microsoft Build 2021


Add your voice, insight, and expertise to Build 2021. Come find us:

You’ll want to RSVP for the roundtables right away—seats are limited—it’s the best way for you to make direct connections with product team members.


There is IoT content for everyone at Build: check out our lineup!  We look forward to seeing you tomorrow and throughout the week!

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