IoT at Microsoft Build 2021

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It's hard to believe but it's this time of the year again when we get to connect and you get to learn at Microsoft Build.

For this edition, the way you will be able to engage with the IoT team will be even more intimate than in the past with a series of Product Round Table sessions, as well as 1:1 consultation. RSVP rapidly as seats are need be reserved for these ones.


If you were to only watch one session, we highly recommend you tune in Sam George's keynote: Building Digital Twins, Mixed Reality and Metaverse Apps. It will be played a couple times on Wednesday, May 26 | 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time and Thursday, May 27
6:00 AM - 6:30 AM PDT.




In addition to these opportunities to connect with the team, we will deliver some sessions.

Here is a list of all IoT sessions going on at Build this year:



Type of session

Building Digital Twins, Mixed Reality and Metaverse Apps

Sam George


Ask the Experts: Bringing Azure Linux workloads to Windows

Terry Warwick

Ask the experts

ConnectIoT data to Hololens 2 with Azure Digital Twins and Unity

Brent Jackson, Adam Lash

Learn live

Ask the Experts: Building Digital Twins, Mixed Reality and Metaverse Apps

Kence Anderson, Chafia Aouissi, Ines Khelifi, Christian Schormann, Simon Skaria, Scott Stanfield

Ask the experts

Build Secured IoT solutions for Azure Sphere with IoT Hub

David Glover, Mike Hall, Daisuke Nakahara


Round table: Simplifying IoT solution development

John Strohschein, Lori Birtley, Samantha Neufeld, Sarah Grover

Product round table

Round table: Azure Sphere: securing IoT devices and lowering your costs

Gregg Boer, Megha Tiwari, Rebecca Holt, Sudhanva Huruli, Vladimir Petrosyan

Product round table

Round table: Build connected environment solutions - Architecture patterns

Basak Mutlum, Chafia Aouissi, Christian Schormann, Ines Khelifi, Steve Busby

Product round table

Round table: Industrial IoT analytics with Azure Time Series Insights

Chris Novak, Ellick Sung

Product round table

Round table: Verfied Telemetry - enhancing data quality of IoT devices

Ajay Manchepalli, Akshay Nambi, Ryan Winter

Product round table

Round table: IoT semiconductor ecosystem: building and connecting secured devices

Joseph Lloyd, Pamela Cortez, Wellington Dureas, Bill Lamie

Product round table


For 1:1 consultation with Microsoft engineers, you can find the IoT ones on this page under the IoT tab:



As usual we will update this blog post with more content, pointers and resources.

Have a great Microsoft Build 2021!


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