Discover the possibilities with Azure Percept for IoT solutions

Published Sep 21 2021 08:00 AM 1,157 Views

Experimenting with technology and applying it to new scenarios expands our skills, feeds our ingenuity, and stretches the limits of what’s possible—something we’re always doing here at Microsoft. Today, the intelligent edge is transforming business across every industry. As we evolve from connected assets to connected environments and ultimately, to entire connected ecosystems, Microsoft continues to invest heavily to accelerate innovation of edge AI. 


Azure Percept is an end-to-end, low-code platform that streamlines the creation of highly secure artificial intelligence (AI) solutions at the edge. The Azure Percept development kit includes pre-built AI models that can detect people, vehicles, general objects, and even products on a shelf. The best part is that this end-to-end, low-code platform for building edge AI solutions has almost endless possibilities for how it can be used across industries: manufacturing, retail, smart cities, smart buildings, and even transportation. From helping keep people safer during the pandemic by offering insights into pedestrian movement and density to helping keep your favorite products in stock and on shelves, there’s no end to the innovative use cases for Azure Percept. It’s even being used to help interpret sign language. 


Discover the possible ways you could modernize and transform your business and operations when you start using Azure Percept in your end-to-end IoT solutions. Read the full blog post for current use case examples and useful resources that show how others are already getting started with the Azure Percept dev kit. 

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