Windows 365 Cloud PC Healthcare Series
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Hi, my name is Juan Sifuentes, and I'm a Sr. Cloud Endpoint Technical Specialist, I'm part of an amazing team covering the HLS eastern region. This will be the main deck for the Windows 365 Cloud PC Healthcare Series, we will dive deep into advanced complex and strategic healthcare scenarios. The goal is to make this content available internally to our Microsoft peers, as well as to our customers and our partners externally.

If you have any recommendations, for a specific use case or scenario that is directly related to your organization where Windows 365 Cloud PC can innovate your user's productivity and remote hybrid experience, please feel to share on the comments below and we'll help you to prioritize them as they come.


Windows 365 Cloud PC Series agenda

1. Windows 365 Cloud PC Architecture Design Provisioning options


2. Management Design options for Windows 365 Cloud PC (Intune and Co-Management)


2.1. Deploy CM Client to Windows 365 Cloud PC Azure AD Joined (no CMG)


2.2. Deploy Co-Management Collections for Windows 365 Cloud PC


3. Windows 365 Personalized experience for mobile clinicians


3.1 Windows 365 unified experience (endpoint + cloud pc) desktop-client


4. Windows 365 Shared experience for dynamic clinicians

4.1 Windows 365 BootToCloud PC combined experience (endpoint + cloud pc) web-client

5. Windows 365 Strategic business scenarios (Contractors, Vendors, M&A, etc...)

6. Windows 365 Passwordless authentication options for Cloud PC

7. Windows 365 Security best practices for Cloud PC

7.1 Pro Tips for Windows 365 Configuration


8. Windows 365 Conditional Access Policies for Unmanaged devices connecting to a Cloud PC

9. Windows 365 Compliance ecosystem designed for clinicians (MIP, MCAS, MDE, Endpoint DLP)

[……. more to come]

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