Using Microsoft Teams Free Edition for Private Collaboration around Healthcare and More
Published Nov 02 2018 05:41 AM 4,034 Views

I spent this past week up in Michigan following the passing of my mother in law. Prior to her passing my wife’s family had numerous needs around collaboration and coordinating care, coverage, document sharing and more. While traditional consumer social sites provide easy to use infrastructure for such sharing they don’t necessarily do so in a manner that is secure and respectful of the need for privacy during such times. This got me thinking about the use of Microsoft Teams for such instances. Teams provides a secure landing area that is ideal for coordinating care coverage, sharing medical documentation, sharing images and more. Best of all it does so in an environment that respects the family privacy and while giving real-time family chat and more. With the ability to handle up to 300 people for free in a Team as well as providing Office web app access Teams really is the ideal environment for such use cases.

In this edition of Michael on the Go I discuss the use of Microsoft Teams free edition by families to facilitate communications and collaboration in a secure environment that respects user’s privacy. Additionally, I provide resources to help get you and your loved ones ramped up and running.


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