Update 4: Using the Native Elgato Stream Deck Integration with Microsoft Teams
Published Feb 02 2023 06:40 AM 19.8K Views

Update 4:   The Microsoft Teams product group has re-released the Microsoft Teams and Elgato Stream Deck plugin integration!

* You can see my latest post with the update video as well as running with PowerPoint plugin by clic.... I have also added to that post a second video showing the use of Elgato Stream Deck mobile on my iPhone. 

The Microsoft Teams product group has posted and update to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap this morning with information about the release of the updated integration with the Elgato Stream Deck! I will continue to track and update as new information, including re-release, arrive. You can see the update on Microsoft 365 Roadmap by clicking here



Video is update 2 video. 


Microsoft just released a new official plugin for the Elgato Streamdeck which provides you a host of meetings actions at your fingertips. In this video, recorded using Microsoft Teams, I walk through the integration and its uses/benefits.


After watching the video head over to Delivering new webinar experiences with Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Community Hub and check out the directions to enable this capability for your own Streamdeck and Teams.


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