Azure Logging and Monitoring for ISVs
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Microsoft Azure Monitor includes many logging and monitoring features that can help an independent software vendor (ISV) with gaining metrics to monitor their solution on Azure or on Prem.  In this set of three video presentations, I present your options and features.


Although these are not talking about any ISV-only features, they are ISV-focused - so while this content would certainly be helpful for you if you're not an ISV, you should be aware that is the lens through which I am presenting the content.


These videos include a English closed-caption-file reference, and are best viewed full-screen.  


Please let us know in the comments what you think, and if you have questions!  If you have an ISV-specific topic that you feel would be good for a 15-20 minute video or a small set of them, let us know! 


Also, we'd love it if you spent 60 seconds submitting feedback about these videos!  It really counts!  


Session 1: Overview - What is Azure Monitor

Session 2: Levels of Monitoring - App, Platform, Infrastructure

Session 3: Visualizations and Alerts

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