Outlook 2007 connectivity to Office 365 ending in Oct 2017


Hey all. I wanted to give you a heads up on an upcoming deprecation in Office 365. On Oct 31, 2017, RPC/HTTP will be deprecated in Exchange Online in favor of MAPI/HTTP, a modern protocol launched in May 2014. Outlook 2007 does not work with MAPI/HTTP. This means that in order to continue email connectivity, Outlook 2007 customers will need to update to a newer version of Outlook or use Outlook on the web.


Additionally, Outlook 2010-2016 customers will need to ensure their version of Outlook for Windows is setup to support MAPI/HTTP. Minimum required versions are:

  • Office 2016 plus PU.2015.12
  • Office 2013 SP1 plus PU.2015.12
  • Office 2010 SP2 plus PU.2015.12
  • These updates can be accessed via the KB article located here

Additionally, customers may need to ensure their Outlook clients are not using a registry key to block MAPI/HTTP. Details about this registry key can be found in this KB article on our support site


The links here should have all the answers you need, but let me know if you have any other questions.

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If you are using Outlook 2007 for your email, you will lose connectivity (no more email access) after Oct 2017. No one wants to lose their email! Please view this Academy Live webcast for more details on why you'll lose connectivity and how to avoid this from happening.

Why not just add that ability into 2007? Instead of upending users who just don't want to upgrade.

Hey Mark,

MAPI over HTTP was released after the end of Mainstream Support for Office 2007. And by October 31, 2017 when RPC over HTTP is deprecated, Office 2007 will be out of Extended Support as well. Running ancient, out of date software has security implications for customers and is extremely challenging from a engineering perspective. That is why we commit to and publish our support lifecycle timelines before we even release a product, so customers are aware of this before they purchase.

proprietary software, gotta love the arbitrary decidions to just drop support. M$ at work again.

Hi Mark,


Here is the article that describe what Allen said - https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Office-2007-End-of-Life-roadmap-416c54d8-823c-4def-bb7a-6a9...


If you have more questions about how to change you view and you can ask here - https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Office-2007/bd-p/Office2007Retirement


@Allen Filush - Hi Allen - I have a loosely related question.  Does microsoft have plans to deprecate the Connect to Outlook functionality in SharePoint Online?  I vaguely remember something about this.  I would like to use this functionality to manage and share contacts with my team members.  If I connect a SharePoint Contact list to Outlook, the Outlook rich client provides a smooth entry point for adding contacts and accessing the core contact information.  I can then add custom columns to the SharePoint Online contact list which would allow me to add other information e.g. follow-up dates etc,.   I am hesitant to invest too much time in something that will be deprecated.

Hey Gregory. It hasn't been deprecated, it is still technically supported. Candidly though, we haven't invested in this functionality in several years. Have you considered simply adding them as contacts in your Global Address List, so that everyone can access them if they'd like?

Hi @Allen Filush - I haven't really explored how that (adding them as contacts to GAL) would work in our environment.  We have something like 500,000 person identities in our environment.   I often get requests related to this from small teams or groups that want to better manage and share contact information.  The contacts could be vendors, collaborators at other universities, people within state government that we work with, potential research partners etc.  

Thanks for your candid response, they are always the best!