Send-as and Send-on-behalf of for groups in Outlook
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Today, we are excited to announce the ‘Send-as’ and Send-on-behalf of feature for groups in Outlook, which brings you one step closer to turning your email into a great customer support solution. With the new ‘Send as’ and ‘Send on behalf of’ feature, members of the group can respond to conversations using the shared identity of the Group instead of their individual personal identity - without losing the personal, individual touch. Because sometimes, that’s just what you need. Like other groups in Outlook, members can read all messages sent to the group. But with this feature turned on, responses look like they come from the group rather than the individual. Here's what Send on Behalf and Send As look like from the recipient’s perspective:

Send on Behalf Send As
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If your business is looking for a lightweight, email-centric customer support solution, you’re in luck. This feature might be what you need. The consistent use of a single email address will help your customers develop recognition and trust—ensuring that your email messages are seen. This feature is particularly helpful in scenarios where you want to set up a group to connect with external customers. Collective knowledge of group helps resolve those customer inquiries faster and everyone on the team benefits from shared knowledge of the Group. Here are some example scenarios: 1. can be set as group to receive all customer support inquiries. When your customers send email to this group, any member of the group could respond to inquiry in a timely fashion without disclosing their individual identity. Subsequent responses from the customer also go back to the group, keeping all information in one place and making it faster for support representatives to respond to new inquiries. Additionally, because all of the group conversation history is available, other team members will be able to see that specific customer emails have already been answered to. The support team member would see the following: image The recipient (customer) would see the following: image 2. Some organizations may also want to use ‘Send as’ or ‘Send on behalf of’ for an internal group. For example, if you want all expense reports sent to a Billing department alias rather than bombarding a specific person. can be set up as a group to receive all your organization’s billing inquiries. Individuals who work in the billing department and are a part of this group can respond back as the Billing department identity. Sound like what your business needs? Learn how to turn it on. Allow members to send as or send on behalf of an Office 365 Group - Admin help Send email from or on behalf of an Office 365 group The Groups Team

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