Is that possible to add attachment in hyperlink formula?

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=HYPERLINK("mailto:"&G2&"?subject=Test Mail"&"&body=This is Test Mail","Send Emails")




I want add attachment. Is that possible?

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@Logaraj Sekar 

No, the mailto: protocol does not support adding an attachment.

@Hans Vogelaar ,


Is there any other way to add attachment? (Or) Suggest me any other way to send email with attach.


Using Excel 2016. VBA is Preferred.


In German Manufacturing, the technical word used to indicate an action(s} take accumulated blinks or blinks of the eye. From these movements, costs of manufacturing in time and money are determined.

All of us waste thurblicks on a variety of unnecessary actions such as “delete”, “Spam”, “Junk” &, “block sender”.

I receive 200 to 500 annoying emails a day, many of them day after day from the same advertiser.

I explained to the BIG M how to provide a quick delete email and preserve email in micro seconds.

They failed at every attempt.

Here is the logic if anyone can do it.

Outlook is organized in domains,

When one invokes it, all incoming fall into a date specific domain.

Generally, email of importance hover around 10%

The Date is defined a “Today”

Under the Wilbur Macro”

Of one day or a myriad of days, click only on those wanted saved,

Assume that we click only one item. This indicates “SAVE” on each item selected.

Any that are not selected go to “Potters Field” These are future blockers of incoming unwanted mail and stored. They may also be bloked in bulk.

Now only the save appear,

After Reading the Saves, any can be sent to Potters Field individually

After the Saves are done, they are sent to the “Afterlife”, If they ever come in again, they are automatically saved so they come up behind the last one already saved,

List cuts eliminates all junk everyday, saves conversations

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@Logaraj Sekar 

You can send any open workbook as attachment using the SendMail method of the Workbook object, for example:

Sub SendActiveWorkbook()
    ActiveWorkbook.SendMail Recipients:="emailaddress", Subject:="Monthly Report"
End Sub

If you want to add other files, you can use Automation to send a message using Outlook. For example:

Sub SendWithAttachment()
    Dim objOL As Object
    Dim objMail As Object
    Set objOL = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
    Set objMail = objOL.CreateItem(0)
    With objMail
        .To = "Someone"
        .CC = "Another"
        .Subject = "Monthly Report"
        .Body = "Please see the attached report"
        .Attachments.Add "PathAndFilename"
        ' Use only ONE of the following two lines
        .Display ' to inspect the message bedore sending it
        .Send ' to send the message immediately
    End With
End Sub