HoloLens in Education


With the announcement of availability of Microsoft HoloLens in 6 additional countries, what do you see the practical application of this device in Education?



I once worked on a project for primary schools adopting Kinect for Windows as a sensor for body movement scanning. I shared this experience at the Microsoft TechEd conference in Australia 2013:


I am now looking at taking classroom teaching to a new level with the new Microsoft HoloLens. In my organisation we take education with fun and we are always looking at innovative and entertaining ways of engaging our students. This is why we love the HoloLens and its capability to create holograms with gestures, communicate with apps using voice, and navigate with a glance in a natural manner.


What's your experience or desire with Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality in Education?







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Will it be too heavy for children to wear?
Very good point. At more than half kilo of weight, the experience may be daunting for young pupils...
We were able to obtain a device and I did some demo workshops with the device on a Dutch Highschool (Higher Education). A lot of options come to mind such as practice test, real live scenarios (this school has a special faculty for CSI training), Health care (a great example is of course HoloAnatomy and the Heart simulator) but also collaboration on creating Mind maps.

There are so many parts of education that it could fit in and become useful.

Our computer science students loved the experience and were eager to get coding with it.


Will one hololens be able to interact with another?



In my limited experience the HoloLens is not too heavy for kids. My 5 year old, 6 year old, and 10 year old had no trouble wearing them. It adjusts to their head sizes and stays on.

There is initial fatigue for anyone. We are not accustomed to wearing something of that weight on your head. But like wearing a headband, you start getting use to it after a couple goes. Also at the current price points you most likely will not have each student outfitted with a set. The students will most likely rotate turns

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I am a graduate student at the University of Maryland University College finishing my final degree capstone project in Distance Education.  I am contemplating focusing on mixed reality using the HoloLens as the topic for my project.  It will propose changing the way we interact with knowledge in a Distance Education environment.  I think there is a great need for change and HoloLens seems like a good alternate.  I am interested in your feedback from your post.


Right now I am looking for content and model creation for the HoloLens.  What do you know about these?






My interest in the HoloLens is in the adult distance education field.   I know the the HoloLen has great potential in K-12 environments in face-to-face education where control can be ensured.  But your concerns are legitimate.  Certainly K level kids may struggle with the mass of the tool.  


I don't know what the final product will look like or what it will weigh but for adult distance education situations it is less of an issue.  As a first step I am just looking for an easier and more dynamic environment for presenting educational content.  It may still have significant printed content augmented with objects, motion and interaction.  It just seems like HoloLens would ease right into a visual presentation mode, even if in the early stages it is just a replacement for a computer.  None the less than the President of FaceBook just said that the smartphone may go the way of the do do bird in about 5 years.... well not exactly in those words of course.  But the interfaces continue to improve.


My concern about the Hololens is that the bulk will remain a hurtle as compared with some of the non-intrusive glasses I have seen.  There was a post about the 10 best AR glasses available and some had very reduced size and weight.  They looked like regular glasses on steroids.  I think that may impact the success of these devices in the long run.


I am completing my Master's in Distance Education this semester and am looking for good educational/augmented reality papers and resources.  So if you have come across any that may be of value, please advise.