How do you measure adoption success?

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How do you measure adoption success?

In the FastTrack Office 365 Adoption Guide, Microsoft lays out an end-to-end view of a successful Office 365 rollout. One of the key steps in the FastTrack deployment guide is defining what success looks like and defining measurable goals accordingly. Phase 3 of the FastTrack Adoption Guide - Drive Value involves resources and advice around measuring success.


As FastTrack indicates “driving adoption is a continuous cycle that doesn’t end after launch or measuring impact.” With that in mind, the metrics and resources discussed below are meant to be tracked over time to ensure continuous use and added value to the business.

Here are some of the Adoption Measurement Resources that can help guide you in defining success and tracking adoption after rollout.


1. Microsoft’s Measuring Success Guide


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2. Sample User Satisfaction Surveys – While quantitative metrics undoubtedly are a strong way to measure usage rates and ROI, qualitative end-user satisfaction surveys are another valuable way to collect information around adoption. User surveys are a means to gather quotes and more personalized evidence of the success of a deployment. Surveys also make end-users feel more involved in the solution process.


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Providing a clear picture of business impact, specifically related to ROI, can be a daunting task as Office 365 impacts many areas across the business. The resources above can help you think through both how to gauge adoption at an individual end-user level and on a broader scale understand how O365 is adding business value.


Want to learn more about adoption metrics? Check out these links:

·        New Office 365 Adoption Resources (Jim Dubois Webinar)

·        O365 Admin Center - Reporting Portal

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Thank you for ths update. Measuring adoption success gives a concrete and measurable insight in what adoption can mean for the business. Therefore, I'm also looking forward to the O365 adoption content pack. Any idea when this will be available for the public?


As I understand it, the adoption content pack makes it possible to combine usage with the Azure AD so that you can see which departments / persona's use or don't use certain scenario's / tools. This information can help a lot to focus (adoption) interventions on a specific persona. 

Hi Marlon,

We're still working on finalizing the content pack and are currently targeting to release it to all customers in a few weeks.

We'll share more information on Office Blog and the roadmap channels once available.



Hello @Maddie_Egan very good information about the measures for the satisfaction of the users


I hope to apply it soon :)



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so cool

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