*UPDATED* Dev channel update to is live


UPDATE 2:  Instead of releasing build 256 since it had problems last week, we decided to release a newer build this week.  All the notes for build 256 are still below, but additions from the newer build are also added to the bottom of each list with a NEW tag. 


UPDATE:  We're experiencing some trouble rolling out this week's update.  Since it's already Thursday, it's very likely we aren't going to have an update this week.  I'll update this post again when we're able to successfully release the build.  


Hello insiders, it’s another big week this week!  Today we’re releasing build to the Dev Channel.  Additionally, thanks to the release of the Beta Channel recently, we’re rolling out some big features to the Dev Channel for further testing before releasing them to Beta.  The most significant of those features is improved sync functionality with Edge mobile.  Mobile now supports syncing passwords and form fill data with the desktop version of Edge for both personal accounts as well as work and school accounts. 


Some other major new functionality includes:


  • Collections is now available in the Dev Channel!
  • Added a button on the address bar to access favorites, as requested by you: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Discussions/Top-feedback-summary-for-August-29/m-p/829765
  • Added support for Windows 10’s native Share functionality.
  • Enabled the built-in abusive ad blocker that was added to Chromium last year (for more information, see https://blog.chromium.org/2018/11/further-protections-from-harmful-ad.html).
  • Added the ability to export Collections to Word.
  • Added a management policy to use two separate site lists for IE mode and standalone IE instead of having them share the same list.
  • Enabled caret browsing in IE mode windows.
  • NEW: To try to prevent scenarios where the browser launches but no webpages will load, it will now attempt to de-elevate itself when it detects that it’s running with administrative privileges. 
  • NEW: Added UI to communicate that data cleared via Clear Browsing Data will also delete that data on other devices signed in with the same account. 
  • NEW: Added a management policy to go to an intranet site for a single word typed into the address bar instead of initiating a search. 


Stability fixes:


  • Fixed some issues where the browser is unable to load any webpages.
  • Fixed an issue where two-finger scrolling on the trackpad sometimes crashes the browser.
  • Fixed an issue where the browser crashes shortly after launching.
  • Fixed an issue where Edge will crash on startup when used in certain languages.
  • Fixed an issue where the browser will crash on Mac when signed in with a work or school account.
  • Fixed an issue where Netflix videos don’t play due to a "Missing Component" with error code M7354.
  • Fixed an issue where installing extensions from the Microsoft Edge extension store failed with the error “Package is invalid: CRX_REQUIRED_PROOF_MISSING”.
  • Fixed a crash when opening an Application Guard window.
  • Fixed an issue where webpages won’t load in an Application Guard window.
  • Fixed an issue where Tracking Prevention causes some websites to fail to load properly.
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to navigate forward/back using the swipe gesture in situations where navigation isn’t possible leads to broken scrolling.
  • Fixed an issue where the Read Aloud bar sometimes disappears unexpectedly.
  • Fixed an issue where two-finger scrolling on the trackpad occasionally stops working.
  • Fixed an issue where the first run experience doesn’t properly import data on older versions of Windows.
  • Improved the success rate of data importing from other browsers.
  • NEW: Improved reliability of Application Guard startup. 
  • NEW: Improved the success rate of importing data from Chrome. 
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where extensions were unable to be installed from the Microsoft Edge extension store due to a CRX_REQUIRED_PROOF_MISSING error. 
  • NEW: Fixed a crash during the first run experience. 
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where opening an IE mode tab sometimes leads to subsequent IE mode tabs that are opened after the first one crashing upon navigation. 
  • NEW: Fixed a crash when using Collections. 
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where websites sometimes hang when loading. 
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where the browser sometimes crashes after a webpage navigates somewhere. 
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where PDFs sometimes fail to load properly. 
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where attempting to delete multiple favorites or history items sometimes failed. 


Behavior changes: 


  • Improved the contrast between active and inactive tabs and windows for better visibility.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong search provider keyword sometimes appears in the address bar when multiple search providers are installed.
  • Fixed an issue where downloaded files sometimes aren’t able to be deleted from the pop-up downloads UI.
  • Fixed an issue where the link to go to the site permissions Settings page from the Apps page context menu doesn’t work on Mac.
  • Fixed an issue where the Global Media Controls button that came from upstream Chromium is present even when there are no tabs with media on them.
  • Fixed an issue where the … menu in some Settings pages (for example, site permissions) opens offscreen.
  • Fixed an issue where the PDF toolbar sometimes doesn’t appear.
  • Changed the Administrator Mode popup to show in fewer scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue where the dialog to restart the browser due to diagnostic data settings changes appears multiple times during a single browsing session.
  • Fixed an issue where the active tab upon startup is sometimes a pinned tab instead of a new tab.
  • Fixed an issue where images sometimes don’t get saved when exporting a Collection.
  • Fixed an issue where images weren’t properly rendering in saved Collections.
  • Fixed an issue where first-run options are shown that don’t apply to the current user.
  • Fixed an issue where search engines changed by extensions aren’t properly shown in the address bar dropdown.
  • Fixed an issue where shortcuts to IE mode sites couldn’t be created on the Taskbar.
  • Fixed an issue where the download UI isn’t properly shown in an IE mode tab.
  • Fixed an issue where using multiple IE mode tabs in a single session sometimes leads to all the IE mode tabs after the first one not persisting settings set in the first one.
  • Fixed an issue where the Find on Page search box is too small for certain window sizes.
  • Updated UI in the F12 Dev Tools to properly show Edge’s UA string instead of a generic placeholder.
  • Fixed an issue where some strings in the F12 Dev Tools weren’t localized.
  • Fixed an issue where using the F12 Dev Tools in some languages displays everything in English instead of the selected language.
  • Fixed an issue where profile pictures for work/school account users sometimes are missing.
  • Fixed an issue where adding and deleting profiles sometimes leads to an extra profile being left over.
  • Fixed an issue where the API to determine if Windows is in S mode returns the wrong value.
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where the default search provider doesn’t change when the browser is changed to a language from a region that uses a different default search provider than the current one. 
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where the feedback screenshot editor’s crop tool doesn’t work with touch. 
  • NEW: Improved the number of places single sign-on can be used. 
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where resizing a window with an IE mode tab sometimes doesn’t resize the IE mode tab’s content properly. 
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where pages are unnecessarily re-translated if the translate popup is dismissed without changing any of the settings. 
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where the indicator to show that a page has been translated doesn’t appear during any of the subsequent translations if a page is translated multiple times. 
  • NEW: Fixed some inconsistent wording in the popup that appears when an update is available to install. 
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where feedback was unexpectedly getting submitted when the enter keyboard key is pressed anywhere on the feedback submission dialog. 
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where dragging products from certain websites into a collection sometimes results in some of the data not getting added to the collection. 
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where dragging an item into a collection sometimes breaks the ability to select items in that collection. 
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where reordering multiple items in a collection also reordered items that weren’t intended to be reordered. 
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where images from a collection sometimes don’t render properly when sharing them via email. 
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where highlighting text in PDFs sometimes doesn’t work properly. 
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where favorites icons weren’t appearing on the favorites management page. 
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where the window color sometimes doesn’t change when it loses focus. 
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where tab titles are sometimes hard to read on inactive windows. 
  • NEW: Fixed an issue where hovering over the tab close button shows an improperly sized button. 


Removed functionality:


  • Disabled via a flag the Global Media Control button that was recently added to Chromium.
  • Removed the prompt to restart Edge to install an update from Application Guard windows.
  • Removed the profile sign-in button on Application Guard windows.
  • Removed the default theme alert in the F12 Dev Tools.
  • Removed some non-functional context menu items from Reading View.
  • Temporarily disabled zoom functionality from the … menu when in Reading View.


As always, we appreciate all your feedback and suggestions, and we want to especially thank everybody who tried out the Beta Channel! 


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My says it's up to date.


Same here.

These are awesome updates. Those of us on Canary were able to dabble with these features (like collections) before they were promoted up too Dev this week.  On a side note that where the favorites icon button on the toolbar is, it can be hidden by putting your mouse cursor over it, and right clicking than "hide from toolbar" which will hide it from your address bar, but it won't hide the actual favorites bar or ability from the drop down menu (three dots) to access favorites. To reinstate it back on the address back just click the three dots on the right side of Edge, than Favorites, than "Show favorites button in toolbar."  The added button to the address bar is a great feature, but for those that don't need it or want it (such as already having favorites as a toolbar) you can hide the button away so you have both options to keep it or hide it and/or reactive it which is good. :)




No update here yet....





Nice changelog !

Oh and how about hiding the "folder" names in the Favorites Bar, like you all did for the other icons on the favorites bar...   And how about allowing us to choose the folder color..... Right click/choose a color....






@josh_bodner wrote:

UPDATE:  We're experiencing some trouble rolling out this week's update.  Since it's already Thursday, it's very likely we aren't going to have an update this week.  I'll update this post again when we're able to successfully release the build.  




Also same here, still is up to date@FXHKI 

@josh_bodner, looking forward to this update, when it rolls out.  I have the following 

Microsoft Edge is up to date.
Version (Official build) dev (64-bit)
So hope it'll be out soon.  Thanks!!!  Overall, I've been pretty happy with this new Edge browser.



Interesting. Mine says it is still, and I wasn't aware of it updating. BUT I now have the favourites button, which I didn't before yesterday in, and a working Share button ... which only appears to share using Microsoft Windows 10 Apps, not e.g. the email client I actually use and have set as the default email program. It's as if the update silently happened at least in part but didn't change the version number within the program.


But still no middle-click on a favourite opening it in a background tab but leaving the favourites menu (and sub-menus) open for further clicks on more favourites. (And yes I'm going to mention that in my reaction to every release until that's added to Edge, or - as with Google Chrome - you say you're not going to do it or I conclude you're not ever going to do it and I uninstall Edge.)

@josh_bodner, with the Share button will we be able to change the mail program for example as we use Outlook and not the built-in mail app as we are an O365 tenant.  Also what about Microsoft Teams as an app to share with?

XX.X.XXX.1 can usually mean a minor revision fix like a bug or crashing issue. Google does it with their Canary. You'll see something like 78.0.3896.4 and you had 4 updates of 3896 (.4) that day. You may or may not even notice the reason for it. It could be mean anything but I usually found or saw it was logged as having to do with something like a bug or crashing bug or a possibly security weakness. That it called for an update of that version right away instead of the usual next day, week, month, and so on. For example lets say Canary (or Dev) comes out at 9 AM and everyone is complaining it's crashing on launch or this feature is giving them an error and the browser is completely unstable...the developers see it and know it's a must do fix to get the browser working again today or this week...they fix it right away...maybe even twice in one hour, and released the minor updates that is now a "1." or ".2" like 78.0.2XX.2. Instead of 78.0.2XX.0. Google Canary was doing that a few days ago with their Canary that it went up too .3 (I had three updates that date...I've seen go as far as .8) within two hours and the first two updates of that day were causing hanging or crashing of the browser.


Chromium itself (not Chrome) has one build released each day. Like today it's 78.0.3897.0 but it can have up to 40 revisions of that day's build a day by different developers (Chromium doesn't have an auto-updater unless you write a script or batch file and even then it doesn't always work...so it has to be manually downloaded/installed with each new build/revision). However Chromium is the "off the trunk" version that usually will be promoted to Chrome's next day Canary version and can be buggy and unstable as heck (even throughout the day). Example being on that specific day Chromium might be at 78.0.3896.X while Chrome Canary was updated that same morning too 78.0.3897.X. (I'm not sure how Edge is doing it with their Canary such if they're working with the latest day's build of Chromium and promoting it up to their Edge or instead have their own thing going on). Google uses an autobot system that uploaded/updates the Canary browser each day.



I know. My point was that the version number of Edge Dev on my laptop never changed, including the final .1. I had Edge sitting there on the Settings>About page, refreshing it every now and then looking for the expected weekly update, but it never showed itself doing an update, and at some point the favourites address bar button and the Share menu entry appeared that were supposed to come with the update from to 256.2, even though I never saw an update indicated and the version number remained the same after as it was before. Which is odd.

I'm not on Dev, so I'm not sure what build their on right now. Canary is pretty stable enough for me that I use that as my priority browser....if that becomes unstable (which has been almost no existent for me) I jump onto Chromium or lastly Chrome Canary and of course I still have the old Edge. That problem you mention could be a glitch or an error of updating the revised number or they simply corrected the issues at hand but kept it under the same build number. I don't know have Edge is working their uploads and build revisions. Good thing is Dev comes out once a week so whatever didn't show up or work out might (or will) in the next week version and one can always use Canary. 



It's happened again!


Edge Dev has been running, but underneath several other program windows I was actually using like Thunderbird and Firefox (which I use for normal browsing because Edge Dev doesn't keep the menu open when I middle click on favourites in favourite menus). Just brought Edge Dev to the front of the window stack, and some time since I posted before a 'Global Media Controls' button has appeared on the Address bar to the left of the Favourite button. That was NOT there earlier, but the version number still hasn't changed from what it has been for the last week. So that's at least two different silent updates that have happened today, with no indication of an update and no change in version number.

You can try uninstalling and reinstalling to see if everything that appear is still there or install on a second computer and compare. I know MS (like Google) has an auto updater. It's running in the background of your task scheduler and usually does a daily check if not hourly and it silently uploads any new updates. Maybe that can be it. Here is a picture from mine. "GoogleUpdateTaskUser" is Googles. MicrosoftEdgeTaskUpdateTaskUser is there and it describes that it does:




I believe I read online that Microsoft pulled this update since they were having issues getting the Dev Edge to update.

@josh_bodner Dev channel update to is NOT AVAILABLE:


Have you already forgotten how to do it?

@josh_bodner Still no update here!