The InPrivate and Guest indicators are rounded (again) in Edge Canary (79.0.307.0).

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Apparently this "bug" is caused by a new feature that Microsoft has added to the InPrivate indicator, now that indicator shows the number of InPrivate windows open:

InPrivate number.png


This is a feature that has been available in Chrome for quite some time.

 I guess in an upcoming build, the indicator will continue to show the number but will be rectangular again.

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Has a developer confirmed that this is indeed a bug? Because the InPrivate button is supposed to be square.

Hi @wario750@leopeva64-2_, we are still looking at various visual treatments for our browser interface.  We have made the InPrivate icon oval to match the Profile Icon, which is also round.  It seems like you feel that this is a bug, and that you prefer the rectangular treatment with rounded corners.  I don't want to put words in your mouth, so I would love to hear how you think the icon should look, and why you feel that way.  Thanks - Elliot

@Elliot Kirk It's quite simple, as far as everything is squared and not circular, we'll be always happy. Squares are MS's design signature and many of us love it because it stands out of the crowd in a world where everyone copies each other (cough cough Google cough cough Apple cough cough), so please consider this for the future

Elliot, can you please answer if you guys are planning on making the InPrivate icon blue?

@Elliot Kirk I agree with other opinions in this community, most of the interface is square so that indicator should also be square, as I say in the post, the indicator should continue to show the number of open windows and be rectangular again.




We have made the InPrivate icon oval to match the Profile Icon, which is also round.

The round profile icon is not displayed in the InPrivate windows.

@capital2040 In my opinion, it would look awful in blue, it wouldn't be consistent with the color of the toolbar.