[solved] Why can't we use Edge://Flags on Edge Android?

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Update: we can access Edge://flags on Edge Android now


Edge for Android is based on Chromium, so why can't we access the Chromium flags?

I tried Edge://flags , Chrome://flags , about://flags . none of them worked


why Edge on Android doesn't let user access the flags to modify the settings?


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holy cow I had no idea you couldn't. I've come to expect it from all Chromium based browsers. There's so much you can't change!
Yeah, also it's not just that, there are many useful URLs to access in a chromium based browser, you can get full list of them in here:
unfortunately I can access none of them on Edge on Android

@HotCakeX That's nice. I was also trying to do the same. I don't get any information anywhere but I do found some good Edge Flags that work on PC. Going to try them on Android as well.

Yes, some internal pages might work on Edge mobile too but in order to have more flags and features the Chromium version inside Edge mobile needs to be updated to a more recent one :)

Still waiting for the day when Chromium will be updated for Edge Android. 

I don't know what's going on, like do they not have enough developers working on the product or what, if there isn't enough people then Microsoft should hire more people, this is really unacceptable to have a super old browser for mobile, coming from a big company like Microsoft.

Totally agree with this. Edge on Android is a vital part of the cross device experience, and using a support old version of Chromium presents a lot of privacy, security and performance issues, not to forget about the new features added meanwhile. Some sites have also started to warn about the outdated Chromium version.

Yeah, that's be really awkward, but totally understandable, 1.5 years old browser, websites would be right to show these warnings, someone should make Edge developers working on mobile version understand that this is serious and needs more attention.