No Dev channel update for 7/2/2019


We have decided not to publish a Developer channel update today, 7/2/2019.  Thursday, 7/4 is a national holiday in the US and all Microsoft offices will be closed.  We intend to update the Developer channel as normal on 7/9/2019.




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Thanks for the heads up :thumbs_up::cowboy_hat_face:


@Elliot Kirk Are you kidding? Browser does not show about half of the pages. It is impossible to use them and you postpone a fix for a week? Bravo, Microsoft

Have a great time everyone and happy Fourth of July for everyone.

Greetings from Madrid, Spain :spain: :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: :waving_hand:

Happy July 4th to Microsoft Edge team!

@Dead_Dad It's working normally here. Try reinstalling or sending a feedback through the smiley icon.

@RonDamon None. The problem is global in our community. But I suspect, as there is silence around, that the problem can only be with Cyrillic sites

@Dead_Dad I'm using Edge Chromium on my work Windows PC and personal Mac without any problem. Don't exaggerate too much! 

@thangldOk. Try to use this calculator about 1 min. Just move the sliders and press the button "Рассчитать" 2-3 times 

@Dead_Dad It's normal here. I clicked multiple times and with the slide in multiple positions as well.

Can you push a emergency one to solve the ALWAYS IN FRONT issue? My browser now takes over the screen and must be minimized to work on other apps. thanks
What version of Edge are you using, Dev/Can? I'm not having any issues at all with opening and using other apps. They all open in front of Edge Dev and Can......

The Always in front issue is in the Canary channel not the Developer channel.
I can confirm the same bug: after you click the "Рассчитать" button twice, the whole page dies.

This is on dev.

@ikjadoon e-e-e, this is my most frequently used page now)

Thank you