New change: Download settings relocated





Microsoft Edge Version 82.0.431.0


These 3 options relocated:

  1. a button to open the downloads folder
  2. a button to clear All downloads history at once.
  3. Clear all


previously they were here:





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it isn't on my edge canary@HotCakeX 

Sorry, it didn't seem like a Controlled Feature Rollout thing but looks like it is

@HotCakeX this is not a new feature, they just moved those options from the bottom left to the top where it's more visible.

You're right, reworded the post :)

When I click on the Open downloads folder button, I get an error message, that no file is associated with this program (or something like that)







What is the error message saying?

my downloads folder is the default location in user directory and not getting any errors.



The error message is in the screenshot, but in French

Sorry I'm not French lol
we are talking in English here, aren't we?



"This file does not contain an associated application to perform this action..."


A default "program" problem, it would seem

Not sure what other parameters are set in your system that are having problem, but reproducing what you showed me in the screenshots, i still don't get error messages.








Surely a "default program" problem
But I don't have a problem under Windows, however

Open downloads folder button must be using Windows Explorer to open your desktop folder. do you have any alternatives to that installed?
also Windows event viewer should provide some more info about that error



It's good after re install Edge ;)

That's good to know