MS Edge stops displaying visual content

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During the last three updates of MS Edge Dev, I experience problem that Edge stop display/refresh visual content.

When I try change the browser size it turns to black.









But it still responding to change tabs, right click and other commands.
















Current version is 79.0.309.5 (Official build) dev (64-bit)


It seems not to be related to all web sites.
In one window where I browse only our internal web sitesThis problem never happened


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Same problem here, 

Started having the problem at 79.0.309.5 (Official build) dev (64-bit)


I've updated my Edge Chromium to 79.0.309.7 and I'm still having the same black window problem.


Resizing the window fixes the problem at that moment but the problem keeps reoccurring all the time.


Very, very annoying.




Still happening on current version 79.0.309.11.
Only one thing is to be displaying in such broken window is advertisement on youtube.

ms edge bug.PNG

 It is usually happening on czech pages.



Issue acknowledged in

  • Sometimes the browser will appear to not respond to any user input (clicking or scrolling in webpages doesn’t do anything, hovering over UI doesn’t make it change), but clicking on certain buttons still works (like the … menu). The cause of this is due to an error in the GPU process, and opening the browser task manager (right-click near the window minimize/maximize/close buttons or hit shift+esc on the keyboard) will open a window that will allow you to end the GPU process, which will fix the issue.