Let us Choose Download Location For each File Type separately in Edge insider browser

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Here are the file types Edge insider browser currently recognizes in downloads


Annotation 2019-10-19 131125.png


My suggestion is to let us choose a separate Download location for each file type.




  • I usually download games or movies (compressed files for games and video files for movies/series) that are big (>10GB) and in multiple parts. I want them to be saved on somewhere else other than C drive, such as my HDD drive for archieve.
  • I want PDF files to be automatically saved in Documents folder/PDF.
  • I want downloaded Image file be saved in my OneDrive/Pictures folder so they get automatically synced and uploaded to my OneDrive cloud space.
  • I want Audio files be saved in a Different folder where my music player program and Spotify watch those folders for music files (MP3, AAC etc).
  • I want unknown files (files with extensions other than those mentioned above) to be saved in the default download location so I can decide what to do with them later.
  • I want .exe files (programs) to be automatically saved in a different partition where the rest of my programs are.
  • And so on.


there is currently one global download location


Annotation 2019-10-19 131426.png



having to choose a download location and browse for a folder for each of them every time is not convenient, 


so, Please Let us Choose Download Location For each File Type separately in Edge insider browser.


also let Edge insider Sync these download location settings with cloud so Users won't have to apply all of these modifications Again after reinstalling browser or OS change, etc.



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@You are absolutely right HotCakeX . This is the best suggestion I have seen in a while.