is this new logo for edge chromium?

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I'm getting used to the new edge logo. it's not bad at all. and I also understand Microsoft's marketing strategies.


whatever, Chromium Edge has solved the white flashing issue. that's why I'll keep using Chromium Edge even if logo is more terrible.


I believe Microsoft improve logo in the future.


@kevincrans wrote:

I think the user-base of Windows old is low, so I'm not concerned for the lack of interest from hackers on these OS. However, I'm also afraid the new Edge will replace the old Edge, it was the only browser which didn't had the 'Div that looks different on every browser'-bug and had exclusive features, Chrome couldn't compare to. that's why they either have to add it to Internet Explorer mode, or launch it as additional Windows feature, or it'll make a lot of users very angry including me. Besides, it had Aero, who wouldn't want that? However, it has lack of features new Edge does have, for example, when u zoom new Edge shows what your zoom level is while zooming. I do indeed think that icon looks to small. They should also have large tiles, like UWP apps.

Aero is awesome. the transparency/blurry effect on the UI is unique really

Google chrome has thousands of themes but none of them offer that.


we know that january 15th is the stable release date but that's far from "stable and full featured"


there are news like

that aren't so good


"OEMs will receive the new Edge as soon as it is ready as well so that it may be integrated directly into new Windows installations."

I can only speak for myself, But I find it so hard to believe all this hoopla for a silly Icon you click to start an app..... All I care about is if the App runs the way it is designed to run and has what I am interested in to use it, Period. It is just plain silly.....


Anybody remember Microsoft's experimental browser for Windows Mobile, called Deepfish? 


Now THAT was a stylized E.   :D





Check out this thread,
a user made an upgraded design that is a lot better


Agree with you, Dennis, 100%.


Microsoft live labs wow thats old xD
got shut down in 2010

@ChromeRefugee Just read wikipedia and found out the logo is ten times better than the Deepfish browser itself. Like who the hell needs Javascript :xd:. I'm sure it has it's benefits though. It looks cool.

My two cents

I don't like the new logo, not for the logo itself but taking a step back and looking at the theme of Windows 10 as a whole, and how the new logo just does not fit at all with the rest of it's line up regardless of how closely it can be made to look like an 'e'. I think the current basic theme of Windows 10 stands out as clean and unassuming, like the difference between looking at one of those color changing car paint jobs that was a fun and cool paint technology yet it typically looked like an ugly purple, and a matte black paint job with white racing stripes. Simple with a little flair but just enough instead of trying too hard to get your attention. Windows 10 theme is simple, but in it's simplicity it stands out against the competition because everyone is trying to do the same **bleep** thing.


If we MUST accept this new style of logo that just does not fit with the Windows 10 theme, then I also would strongly support the change that Tom above made, as many of the rest of you have, but only as an auxiliary vote to reverting to the style that really works.

I don't think they are going to change the logo, specially after the big announcement.

also they didn't ask our opinion for changing the logo of their browser, it was all a surprise, so what makes you think they are going to listen to us now.
This is particularly the design of these forums, feedback and suggestions from their user base. They'll do what they want to do, but I imagine if there's enough response from their user base they will listen as I've seen in at least seven other threads in this forum already about the User Interface.

@WLStudios I don't agree with you, because the purpose of this browser is multi-platform, so it's design doesn't need to be exclusive to Windows 10. Also it is not that different from the old Edge logo if you look at the Blue. I am more concerned about the Dark Theme being implemented by the Edge Insider pages and the Store. Adding Dark Theme to Bing would also make a difference in attracting audience to this Browser just like adding an invitation to Bing to open it in this browser like "Internet Explorer is trying to open a UWP App". That would be way more useful feedback than trying to change an icon that already does the job and isn't that, with a pinch of salt, far away from the modern GUI Icon style.

It's a company logo, i don't think they want opinion of non-Microsoft staff/employees for that.
they weren't looking for feedback/opinion for the logo in the first place.

also people in the forum don't even account for 0.1% of the Edge users, so even if all of us agree to change the logo (which never happens), it still won't be enough to make them change the logo, because they won't know the opinion of the rest of the 99.9%.

realistically speaking.
That is literally the entire purpose of this forum to collect feedback from the beta user base, regardless of the topic. That is literally the headline that draws people into this forum, so there's a nice little obtuse moment for you. It most certainly wasn't put here for you to berate other users for sharing their opinions.

Our 0.1% collection of users provides statistical representation of the user population, the population that bothers to make the effort to provide their opinions and ideas on the platform made for that exact purpose. When an organization conducts a statistical survey about America's favorite icecream, asking all three hundred million American's about their favorite icecream is an exorbitantly insurmountable task, which is why they take a survey of 100 randomly selected Americans as a sample for the rest of the population.
In a statistical study, the opinion of this .1% is the best representation Microsoft has of the other 99.9%.

So, what truly is YOUR purpose here?
looks like i need to quote myself again

"I don't think they are going to change the logo, specially after the big announcement.

also they didn't ask our opinion for changing the logo of their browser, it was all a surprise, so what makes you think they are going to listen to us now."
Microsoft provided clear guidelines, what kind of feedback they want and about exactly what parts of the browser.
they never asked for opinion to change the logo.
they do want to know about features, problems, erros, hangs etc, but not the logo.

@HotCakeX I agree that they aren't planning to change, but we are allowed to communicate with each other about the spiritual meaning of the logo. I do not see a reason an amount of opinions would be necessary to change Microsoft's opinion, since we are just talking about it. Microsoft wouldn't mind us giving feedback about the logo in this forum, so stating that they didn't ask for this is incorrect, Microsoft wants us to give good feedback and the best way to give good feedback is by learning from your less qualitative feedback, except it wasn't feedback, it was just an intend to get a conversation going on and isn't that where a community is for? Thank you both for your useful comments!

This thread was created by the OP to discuss the logo and if Microsoft really had a problem with me sharing the same opinion as the OP by the way with a few more supporting details as to WHY the new logo aught not be the new logo, then quite certainly they've had and would have to power to simply remove it from there forum.

Therefor making your efforts to present to me the futility of my bothering to state my opinion utterly futile and useless bickering. I mean what the hell were you doing not 10 posts before mine but sharing your own opinion about the logo, on both sides, saying you liked it, and then you didn't like it, and now you're bashing me because I say that I don't like it and why specifically I do not like it. Who the hell do you think you are to try and tell me I shouldn't bother to do the very thing you have already done and now changed your stance on twice? You've got the T-shirt, but now you don't want anyone else to have the T-shirt so you just burn all the other T-shirts?

Post your opinion, which you have had the opportunity to do, and no one tried to shut you down, so why can you not show me the same degree of dignity?

What does an opinion look like?


I like this or I don't like this.


This is why I like or don't like this.



What does the response to an opinion look like?


I agree or I don't agree with you on this subject


This is why I agree or don't agree with you on this subject



What I'm getting:


Your opinion doesn't matter on a forum that was designed specifically for obtaining your opinion.


Please. Save your breath.

@WLStudios Your opinion matters and I really like that you are standing up when you feel like your experience differs from the others. Keep in mind we are all humans and I also like to invite you to not let yourself be told as well as not to tell others differently than that your opinion matters. Microsoft probably wants us all to keep an eye out for points of feedback and this forum is a part of that. I'll back off now to not interrupt the experience and like to say to everyone, we are here to be a useful supportive community, not the opposite. I hope y'all have a nice day!