GOOD NEWS: The new downloads UI asks to whether open or save the file before downloading it

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From Edge Canary version 86.0.613.0, there is a new downloads UI which asks you to whether open, save or to save as the download before downloading it which is a great feature as the user would now get the option to use the file once and not save it. I am thankful to the Edge engineering team for implementing this feature and making it look better from what I had suggested here. 


The images of new Downloads UI are as follows:


The new downloads UI.The new downloads UI.


The new downloads UI with Ellipsis Menu open.The new downloads UI with Ellipsis Menu open.


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@TheShaunSaw Glad you're enjoying it! Since it's in Canary, it's still in testing, but feel free to submit any feedback on it so far. :)


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@Deleted I didn't have it. version 86.0614.0 should I include something in the edge://flags

Looks great! Waiting to test it soon... :)


This feature is for now only available for Canary Channel users and is in CFR. You should wait as you will get this feature in a certain future update. 

@TheShaunSaw, this is great news. Thanks so much for the alert! (Had it been in any of the release notes from MS? I hadn't seen it.) This was the remaining feature I missed most in the new Edge (next would be the full inking capabilities on web pages, then I'm fully happy). I can't wait until it reaches the Dev and later channels (also looking forward to the new vertical tabs -- I think that will turn out to be a huge deal for me). Overall, the new Edge is turning out to be a much better browser overall than the Legacy version. Great work, MS. 

@Colin - Thanks for the lovely feedback! Yes, we did announce this in a couple of places. I'll share them so that you can keep an eye out there in the future, too.


1) We create a handful of informational tiles with each week's Dev release (and every ~6 for Beta) on our "What's New" page of the Insider website


2) Our feature owner wrote and published an article on this forum in the "Articles" section

Announcing the Open/Save as/Save and Delete prompts for downloads! - Microsoft Tech Community\


3) We also called it out in our weekly Top Feedback summary


Hopefully that helps! We're excited about all of our new features and want to ensure that we can effectively tell you all about them -- so to that end, please let us know if you have suggestions for different/additional announcement methods.


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What we just noticed is, that the option to open certain file types automatically is ignored:


In this case, if I download a JNLP file, it ask what to do. Is this a bug or by design?

Any update on this? We are experiencing the same issue.

@TravisCuttsSame here, we also suffer from this.... Any update?