Dev channel update to is live


Hello insiders!  Today we released build to the Microsoft Edge Dev Channel.  There were quite a few fixes and additions this week that we believe are significant enough to mention: 


New features and behavior: 


  • Added the ability to mark up screenshots with ink.
  • Prevented extensions that are banned from the Chrome extensions store from being installed.
  • Added messaging to better help users for some cases when Internet Explorer mode fails to start.
  • Added the ability to import settings from the original version of Edge.
  • Added additional text to identify when a window is InPrivate or Guest.


Fixes for improved reliability and stability:


  • Fixed a crash when pressing Tab.
  • Fixed a crash when pressing F6.
  • Fixed an issue where the Downloads page sometimes didn’t render.
  • Fixed an issue where Netflix was slow when playing 4K video.
  • Fixed a crash when installing extensions.
  • Fixed a hang when playing certain types of videos.
  • Fixed some hangs when opening Application Guard windows.
  • Fixed an issue where the popup blocker would sometimes fail to work in Internet Explorer mode.
  • Fixed an issue where Read Aloud sometimes fails to start properly.
  • Fixed some issues where opening certain PDF files sometimes failed.


Fixes for improved behavior: 


  • Fixed an issue where SafeSearch couldn’t be turned on.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting all text in a PDF didn’t work.
  • Fixed an issue where the Apps page occasionally shows duplicate entries.
  • Fixed an issue where languages were getting added to edge://settings/languages when they shouldn’t have been.
  • Fixed an issue where PDF form fields sometimes don’t appear properly.
  • Fixed an issue where tab icons are occasionally the wrong color.
  • Fixed an issue where address bar icons are occasionally the wrong color.
  • Fixed an issue where certain icons weren’t displaying correctly in certain countries.
  • Fixed an issue where the correct start page wasn’t appearing in some countries.
  • Fixed an issue where Application Guard windows sometimes didn’t display in the proper language.


As always, thanks for being an insider, and keep sending us all of your valuable feedback and suggestions! 


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@josh_bodner videos aren't working well on twitter... video and audio syncro is broken and rendering isn't ok.



@josh_bodner Cheers for the update!


Was this icon change intentional? 🧐 I seem to have gotten the Edge icon without the green "dev" banner.






when are going to fix the favorites bar folder behavior?


If I open a folder and the mouse cursor is not fully above the favbar, I can't move to another folder directly.




edge 1.png




The mouse cursor has to be like this, example:


edge 2.png

I just checked mine and I have the green banner on edge dev...


@josh_bodner  How does "Added the ability to mark up screenshots with ink." work exactly? What I mean is, does Edge dev has a builtin screenshot functionality having inking abilities now and if so where do I find this functionality. I did a quick search for it and nothing stood out to me. 


I can confirm Twitter videos have severe performance degradation on (but the 4K 360 bug seems to be fixed on YouTube?). Edge dev on the left

77.0.3860.5 Chrome dev on the right


Ah! Maybe the icon switcheroo is a weird bug on my end.


(but that Twitter video bug is 100% real and is happening on all my machines)

Mine's the same as before but I wish it changed because I don't like the green stripe at all.

@savuialex I'm on Windows 10 1803, but perhaps a bug related to this upcoming change. Once it's out of dev, the stable build won't have any stripes or unusual colors, most likely.


The actual Chromium Edge Dev executable has the correct icon, but just the taskbar icon is off. Not a serious bug, but it's made me wonder if the stable build isn't too far away? Microsoft is using Chromium 77; meanwhile, Google will release Chrome 77 Stable on September 12th. I wonder whether Edge canary / dev / stable will follow Google's release schedule. Just yesterday, both dev builds aligned:


Chrome stable: Chromium 76

Chrome dev: Chromium 77

Chromium canary: Chromium 78


Edge stable: ??

Edge dev: Chromium 77

Edge canary: Chromium 77




@ikjadoon I hope this is intentional. The "dev" banner is kinda ugly and as a dev, I already know what branch I am using; there is no need to see it on my taskbar.

The latest update has fixed the problem with the Lastpass extension becoming corrupt when updating Edge Dev.


The newest update also has a nice minor change to the InPrivate icon that makes it easier to see.


inprivate edge icon.png


Another nice minor change with version is that opening "managing printers" now defaults to the modern Windows 10 Printer and Scanners instead of the classic printers section from Control Panel.


@jeffbrown66 For me, LastPass and Norton Safe Web have been fixed for the last couple of updates or so...

Netflix still crashes the browser when trying to play any video (regardless of 4k)

How can we prevent videoes on sites from automatically playing. in the regular edge you could go to advanced etc. in settings and stop them, but can't find anywhere in current settings on this Edge version to do that? @josh_bodner 

@josh_bodner  How do we stop videos from auto playing on sites. On the usual Edge we could go to settings .. advanced and there was setting to stop them playing, can't find that in this version of edge.

@Sdfendor  I'm trying to figure out the same thing. I really could use this feature but I'm not even sure how to use it. 

Well, then I am not sure what happened. The two prior Edge Dev updates before corrupted Lastpass and required a repair to work properly.



how did you do the space between apps in taskbar ? i use win10