Microsoft 365 network connectivity test tool now with report sharing is released to preview


We’re excited to announce a new preview release of the Microsoft 365 network connectivity test tool at today.


This update builds on the existing features (network connection map, 20+ network connectivity tests) and adds a connection to your Microsoft 365 tenant so you can submit your test report to your administrator in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. The update also features a new, streamlined user interface and updated documentation.




The tool shows elements detected from your network perimeter in a map:




We are maintaining all the existing tests we currently run:

  1. Network backhaul distance from the user to the network egress
  2. In use Exchange Online service front door
  3. Comparative performance of Microsoft 365 customers near you
  4. Time to make a DNS request on your network
  5. Distance to your DNS recursive resolver
  6. Distance to y our proxy server if one is detected
  7. Your VPN if one is detected and evaluation of whether you are following split tunnel guidance
  8. Exchange Online service front door network latency
  9. Best Exchange Online service front doors for your location
  10. The in-use Exchange Online DNS entry
  11. SharePoint Online service front door latency
  12. SharePoint and OneDrive download speed
  13. Buffer bloat while under download load
  14. SharePoint Online service front door DNS entry
  15. Microsoft Teams media connectivity
  16. UDP Packet loss
  17. UDP latency
  18. UDP jitter
  19. TCP Connectivity tests to all required Microsoft 365 URLs
  20. Detection of any SSL break and inspect intermediary devices on Microsoft 365 URLs
  21. Traceroute details for each service front door for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Teams

Documentation for the tool and each of the tests can be found here:


NEW: Connection to your Microsoft 365 tenant and ability to submit test reports to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.


You do not need to sign in to run the tests and see results, but if you sign in you are then able to share test reports with your administrators, your account team at Microsoft, your coworkers, and with anyone using a deep link URL. Sharing with coworkers and with a deep link URL are controlled by the tenant administrator.


By default, the deep link URL sharing is disabled in but an Administrator can enable it.




Coworker sharing is enabled by default for but can be disabled by an administrator. Once you have shared the report, send the other user(s) a link to and ask them to sign-in.




You can review test reports that you previously ran while signed in by selecting the Reports node.




There is also a page showing the status of Microsoft’s global network and any issues impacting Microsoft 365.




Tenant administrators with the Report Reader role can view the network test reports under Health -> Network Connectivity (preview).




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There's a bug with the display - repeated testing shows only gray lines on the map and no icons

@Paul Andrew Just tested and confirmed that the map is not showing any icon.

Hi Ken, we will investigate. In the mean time, can you please try SHIFT-F5 to refresh the web page. Also try zoom in and out to see if the icons show at other zoom levels -- Paul

@Paul Andrew Tested again after clearing all cache. There is no icon even zooming out the map or changing the browser's zoom level.


EDIT: After the page was loaded in Firefox I switched to Chrome and left Firefox open in background, and when I switched back to Firefox an hour later the icons were there! However after I zoomed in/out and moved the map the icons did not update the locations properly and eventually disappeared again.


EDIT2: Attached 2020-09-16 18_39_03-Window.png showing the re-appeared icons in wrong position.

@Paul Andrew Which apps send back telemetry for 365 Connectivity? Our security people have got a bit upset after hearing client devices report back where they located :sad:. Can 365 network connectivity work in any meaningful way when Windows 10 location services are turned OFF? However, the security team are willing to discuss having Windows 10 location services ON if I can assure them about which desktop apps are returning telemetry and location is turned off for most Store Apps.

@Calum_L1 The location access information is documented at I'll call out that locations are approximated to 300m x 300m accuracy before the leave the client and they are aggregated only to city accuracy for reporting. Today this comes from OneDrive only, but we are expanding to other clients.


You can disable use of Windows Location Services for this even if it's enabled on the clients on the Admin Center network connectivity page -> Settings -> Location opt-in.


You can use the LAN subnet model with all Windows Location Services disabled and use that to correlate network measurements with your office locations. Read about configuring that at


Let us know if you have any other questions.





"By default, the deep link URL sharing is disabled in but an Administrator can enable it."

Please let us know how do we enable this currently can't share with external or Copy link grayed out.

@Paul Andrew 


I used this connectivity test often and I would like to be able to print the page on PDF to share it with customers or embed it to documentation. Currently when I try to print to pdf using Microsoft Print to PDF printer only the first page is printed. This does not happen on other websites and it seems it is because of the way the page is built.


Any chance to allow pdf printing for more than just the first page?





@TaniaSanchez can you please specify which page and tab you re having troubles with? Is it summary, details, reports, network health status, etc? Let me know and I'll try to repro this.


@Paul Andrew,


Thanks for your reply. It is the details page once you run the report. It seems when you try to print only the visible part of the page would get printed and not the full report.


The details page is ok because there is only one page so it seems everything fits fine.


Thanks for checking!



Hey There, are we able to share these reports with M365 Groups? Ideally we would like front line HD team members to help the user run the test on their machine and forward to a group for collaborative discussion. Currently it only seems that you can share to individual people.

@odetonoise You are correct this only supports individual users. Thanks for the feedback.



@Paul Andrew - is it possible to automate repeating run of the tool during day? 

@JosefVagner The tool has to be run manually from the web site We're considering future planning and it would be valuable to learn more about your scenario where you need this. Can you send me a private message to describe the need more?




@Paul AndrewI have now utilized the new tool for the first time and I like the overall usability.
But I'm missing one important, but simple feature. The naming of the reports.

I'm just having strange Office issues (no ProPlus client) at a customer and I try to figure out if there might be some connectivity issues. So I'm testing from different clients, domains and locations. Sometimes with the same user.

Unfortunately the only attribute to recognize different reports is the timestamp.
Therefore it would be nice to set a name for a report if you are logged in.