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MSIX - The MSIX Packaging Tool (Preview) available for Windows 10 insiders
Published Mar 08 2019 02:04 PM 655 Views

First published on MSDN on Aug 06, 2018
The preview of the MSIX Packaging Tool has now been released and made it into the Store. Windows 10 Insiders both Slow and Fast Ring can download the package from the store and see what the future of packaging looks like.

Before we move on to the MSIX Packaging Tool, there's one more thing you should know. All sources and references needed to create an MSIX package are open source! And can be found on

on GitHub using the following link

And now, the MSIX Packaging Tool from Microsoft

As soon as your Windows 10 Insider Build is updated to a Version above 17700, you'll be able to download and install the tool from the Microsoft Store. A  direct link to the tool:

Current limitations

The MSIX packaging tool is still in preview and therefore not fully functional below are a few known issues and limitation:

    • MSI Packages won't install properly due an Argument issue in Targetdir


    • It will be possible to use a different (virtual) machine for Packaging, but at the moment packaging is currently only possible on the (virtual) machine you're running the tool on.


    • Customization possibilities are limited


    • Singing a MSIX package will not work out of the box

Shopping List

The prerequisites for the MSIX packaging machine are similar to an App-V Sequencing machine:

    • Virtual Machine


    • 2 Cores and GB of Memory or more


    • >60GB Disk Space


    • Ability to create Checkpoints


    • Internet Connectivity (preferable)

Preparing the Virtual Machine

    1. Install Windows 10 1803


    1. Get onboarded to Windows Insider Previews and Update till you reach a build >17700 (should be there right away)


    1. Download the MSIX Packaging Toolkit:


    1. Verify it starts properly


    1. Shutdown the VM and create a Checkpoint

Final Words

All statements above are based on the current build 17728. This blog post will be updated as soon as the final version is published.

Johannes Freundorfer, Ingmar Oosterhoff and Matthias Herfurth

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