Getting help from Copilot what I can ask / prompt Copilot - opinions?


Making Copilot available to users is one thing, writing prompts is another. What are the plans to help users use a Copilot? For me, the simple question is, where can I get help from what I can ask the Copilot for?


Writing "Help" in the public preview Copilots gives me sometimes a well written text like this one in Power Automate: "Sorry, I couldn’t understand your question. Please rephrase it and try again. I’m able to answer questions that are about Power Automate and are written in English." and sometimes an error. Asking for help as a question like "What can I ask you?" gives the same message.


In some implementations of Copilot we have examples provided, but I can imagine that it quickly becomes frustrating when you try something and it doesn't work and you don't even know what you can ask for.


What do you think would be acceptable for end users?

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@Tomislav Karafilov  This was asked in their most recent AMA:

  • Q: Is there a formal Microsoft Copilot training site (or a "prompt ideas" function integrated w/ Copilot) to ensure we don't spend a fortune on Copilot only for employees to ignore it?
  • A: Hey Cody, we'll be releasing user guides in the future that can help with user onboarding, including prompt ideas.
As Copilots are mostly in Public preview or Private preview and based on customer feedbacks improving day by day , so hope to see full detailed documentation on GA like other Microsoft Prodcuts
As we start to work with more customers, I am getting requests for assistance to help with more complex or multi-turn prompts - has anyone seen a forum for sharing good prompts for doing more complex things like creating new documents using a source doc as a template but then using another document to complete it.

I'd love to find a forum for sharing Prompt Ideas that work in app like Word

As recommended by Microsoft, establishing a Center of Excellence (CoE) within your organization serves as an excellent starting point. CoE members gain specialized expertise tailored to your organization and the tools it utilizes. Additionally, CoE members can champion AI adoption, share best practices, offer helpful hints, and provide prompt assistance.

While I acknowledge that my answer may not be the most popular choice, considering the desire for swift delivery and onboarding, I firmly believe that creating a CoE represents a valuable mid-to-long-term investment for deploying Copilot for Microsoft 365 or Copilot.

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