Copilot : Minimum Licences ?

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We've heard that the minimum number of co-pilot licenses is 300, but I can't find this information officially on the Microsoft site.
I did see that you need the M365 E3 or E5 and not the M365 Business Premium (which is capped at 300 licenses maximum).
Who has official information (with a link?)



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@LUDOVIK DOPIERALA We've just been passed the same information:




It would be truly disappointing if Microsoft decided to cut out their "smaller" customers that don't need 300+ licenses at £10,000 - £16,000 per month (E3 / E5 @ 300 each) + an additional £9,000 for the £30pm per user copilot cost.


A minimum buy in cost of "general release" of £208,000 per annum is ridiculous.

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@BA_Max from where come this copy ? Do you have an official link ?

@LUDOVIK DOPIERALA This is something our IT consultant received from their account manager at Microsoft so I don't believe it's something published on their website currently - I believe it was included in the Partner FAQ.

I don’t see it on the part et faq
I hope It is a joke. I mean to excluding the CSP channel and SMB customers as well.


Yeah, I also heard this from my friends in Microsoft. It is not yet published on any of the official Microsoft forums. So let us wait for them to confirm. 


If true then this will be a big disappointment for small enterprises.

Our Microsoft confirm :
Only customer with EA can sale CoPilot
Minimum Licence : 300 licences

Later it will be available for small customer and in CSP contract


Do we have a timeline of when this will likely happen?

Also, another question I have is how do we DEMO the capabilities of Co-Pilot without having access to it as under a 300 seat organisation?



See attached....

Not sure what you mean by when ?

If you are a Microsoft Partner and approved to be part of the Co-pilot Partner Preview then the 300 limit does not apply.
This doesn't make any sense. Hopefully, they will remove the minimum requirement.
We want in on this!! :robot_face:
what are the steps to be approved to be part of Co-Pilot?
Secure AI provides similar capabilities to Copilot, for small organizations and teams - minimum number of licenses is 3.


Check out this page:

In particular, the "Microsoft 365 Copilot GA partner FAQ" link Step 3.