Copilot greyed out in Excel

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We've purchased the 300 licence copilot, I've assigned myself a licence and it's working in most apps as expected. However, in excel it appeared to be greyed out?


Works fine on the web version, just not the desktop app.


I'm on build 2310 of office.

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have you try to reconnect account into M365 Apps ?
doesn't work
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Have experienced this also. Several things we've done to help enable it...

  1. Open Outlook, Word, Powerpoint, or Excel, Account (which is in the lower left), Update License.



    1. Create a new Excel document and save it. Copy it into a Teams chat and send it. Open it again in the Excel app, not the browser.


    1. Open this link,
    2. Scroll down to the Apps.
    3. dgoodgolf_0-1701444606067.png


    4. Click Learn more under Copilot in Excel
    5. Click one of the blue “Try it” buttons.
    6. Close the browser version of Excel. Open the App version.


Hope one of those helps!

You need to save the file on OneDrive/Sharepoint first and when you have done that the copilot will work.